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Sydney Marmion and Bridget Bowhay talk with animal welfare groups in a raw, unscripted format about the work they do, struggles they face, and the lives that are saved along the way.

How Cats Made America: Feline Lifeline

Homeless cats living outside are subject to many risks including viral diseases, traffic, and predators. Ralph Carbone decided he wanted to give these at-risk animals a second chance.

Ralph Carbone, Director of Feline Lifeline, joins us today to share his decades of experience and to communicate how important felines are to our society.

Feline Lifeline's mission is to give homeless cats a chance – not after they are taken to a public animal shelter, but while they are still living on the streets.

Topics Include:
- The ph...

Stories Funding Rescue: A Pathway to Hope

In today’s fast-paced world, our attention spans are shorter than ever. Trying to compete in the marketplace of attention is daunting, leaving many rescues feeling unheard.

Amy Hofer, Founder and President of A Pathway to Hope, joins us today to discuss the critical role narrative writing plays in the success of their fundraisers.

A Pathway to Hope is a rescue dedicated to the rehabilitation and adoption of abandoned dogs and cats with a focus on special needs cases.

Topics include:
- The transformation of A Pathway to Ho...

Code Red List: Dallas DogRRR

Stray overpopulation in Texas is a huge challenge. Looking at the state of animal welfare in Texas, Patti Dawson and her team knew they had to do something.

Dallas DogRRR supplies food, shelter, rehabilitation, and medical care for animals in need. Their mission remains focused on saving those facing the greatest odds.

Patti Dawson, President of Dallas DogRRR, joins us today to discuss the challenges rescues face in Texas and how they are tackling them.

Topics Include:
- Collaborations with different rescues
- How Hurricane Harvey transformed...

Do More with Us: Samantha Marmion of CUDDLY

Worrying about finances makes the difficult work of animal rescue even more challenging. As tragic as it is, saving a life or not saving a life often comes down to dollars.

CUDDLY was founded to help put money in the hands of rescues and shelters. CUDDLY is the only crowdfunding platform built specifically for animal welfare organizations worldwide.

Samantha Marmion, director of shelter engagement at CUDDLY, joins us today to talk about how CUDDLY is helping animal welfare organizations thrive.

Topics Include:
- How CUDDLY connects rescues to...

Animal Crimes in COVID: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc

Animal shelters have a lot on their plate, which forces them to abandon cases with less probability of success.

This is where Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBAR) comes in. They are a no-kill animal shelter that beliefs in giving animals a second chance.

Megan Brinster, executive director of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, joins us today to discuss how RBAR is making a difference.

Topics Include:
- RBAR's origin story.
- Adoptions during COVID.
- Community-based animal welfare.
- Keys to becoming a successful rescue.
- Transparency...

Smoke Screen Science: Humane Research Australia

Animal testing is rampant in the US and abroad, particularly in universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Animal testers claim their methods are necessary to keep the public safe, but is this true in our modern age?

Rachel Smith, CEO of Humane Research Australia, doesn’t think so. In fact, Rachel believes non-animal methodologies produce better outcomes for humans.

In today’s episode, Rachel pulls back the curtain on the animal testing industry and shares how we can take action to stop it.

Topics Include:

Animal testing in educ...

Unpacking Authenticity: All Pet Voices

Standing out in the age of social media isn’t easy. It takes commitment and consistent follow-through to build and serve an audience.

Chloe DiVita and Jessica Shipman, co-founders of All Pet Voices, know how to leverage content to grow their influence.

In today’s episode, Chloe and Jessica share tips for getting seen online. They discuss working with influencers, growing their own businesses, and why authenticity wins in today's media landscape.

Topics Include:

Simple tips for better SEOEngaging your audience without sacrificing authenticityLeveraging Instagram to grow your audi...

Hidden Hollywood Magic: Animal Tracks Inc.

The exotic pet trade is still a serious problem in the United States, particularly in LA where wealth and superstar status is used to purchase animals illegally.

While having a monkey in your house may seem cool, the reality is typically quite different.

When owners become overwhelmed or animals get injured, they have nowhere to turn given the animal's illegal status.

That’s why Animal Tracks Inc. was founded in 2008. Animal Tracks is a hands-on sanctuary for exotic animals in the greater LA area. Brittany James joins us today to...

Be Like a Pit bull: Fiona Animal Refuge Of Hidalgo

How animals are treated can vary widely from culture to culture.

When Dottie Cross discovered the desperate need for animal welfare reform in Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico she could not turn a blind eye.

Nearly a decade later, Dottie and her team have transformed the relationship between animals and the community in Hidalgo.

In this episode, Dottie shares how she has been able to raise funds, build a shelter, and work with a network of volunteers to save thousands of animals in Hidalgo and surrounding areas.

Topics Include:<...

Finding Your Voice: Parish Paws

Animal discrimination in rescue centers is a big problem.

That’s why Megan Everett founded Parish Paws. Parish Paws is on a mission to help animals and rural shelters succeed and live their best lives.

Megan joins us today to discuss the importance of community education, how to do transport the right way, and the sad reality of euthanasia in the US.

Topics Include:

Megan's journey to finding her voice in rescueHow Parish Paws helps pet ownersThe painful reality of euthanasiaDiscrimination against Pitbulls in 2021Reopening after CO...

Dog Abuse in Laboratory Testing: Beagle Freedom Project

Animal testing is a billion-dollar industry that uses legal loopholes to physically and mentally torture animals.

That is why Melissa decided to become an Animal rights advocate and start her nonprofit. Beagle Freedom Project does everything from rescuing test subject animals to tackling legal battles.

Melissa McWilliams, President and Founder of the Beagle Freedom Project, joins us to share her insights into the billion-dollar animal testing industry.

Topics Include:

Melissa's motivation to become an animal rights advocate.Dirty secrets of the animal testing industry.Emotional rehabilitation for test...

​​How Response Shows Respect: Lola's Lucky Day

Operating a rescue efficiently is tough. That’s why Lola’s Lucky Day runs their nonprofit like a business. By putting the right systems in place, this small Houston-based rescue has homed 7500+ dogs since 2015. Larissa Gavin, President and Founder of Lola's Lucky Day, joins us on the podcast today to share how she does it.

Topics Include:
- How Larissa transitioned from business to rescue.
- The importance of responsiveness.
- Helping pets stay in homes by offering free spay and neuter and other simple medical services.
- Being an uplifting, posi...

Rescuing Through the Tears: IF By Innergy

Stephanie Hanson is a member of The Dallas Animal Commission Board and the founder and director of IF By Innergy, a nonprofit that provides services to underserved communities and works to combat the dumping of dogs, animal abuse, and lack of education.

Topics Include:
The backstory of IF By Innergy. Dealing with emotions as a sensitive individual in animal rescue. Monitoring and dealing with animal abusers. Euthanization. What the US can learn from other countries in terms of progressive animal services and laws. Screening potential adopters. Educating people instead of demeaning them. CUDDLY’s collaboration with IF...

Kinder Cat Relations: Stray Paws Animal Haven

Today we are joined by Joseph Federico, co-founder and executive director of Stray Paws Animal Haven. SPAH is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit, trap and release focused organization. They use industry best practices to target and work to minimize community cat overpopulation from its root.

Topics Include:
Stray Paws Animal Haven's backstory. What the trap and release process is like. How SPAH is changing the mindsets of people regarding stray cats. How COVID helped SPAH refine their business processes. State laws for poisoning cats. Why TNR is better than euthanizing strays. And other...

It Takes a Conversation: Brandywine Valley SPCA

Today we are joined by Jennifer Jenkins who is the operations manager of Brandywine Valley SPCA. Founded in 1929, the Brandywine Valley SPCA exists to end animal suffering and to involve the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals.

Topics include:
When a rescue should stop taking new animals. Animal welfare norms in Southern and Northern states. The “quick to judge” temperament of people on social media. Setting boundaries and taking time for yourself. Why rescuers should stop pushing prospective adopters away. Navigating through different phases of Covid. Jennifer’s experience as a black woman in ani...

Shelters in Crisis: Key to Lion's Heart

Athena Danae joins us today from Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue, an organization with a mission to help save the lives of animals that are in shelters or abusive and neglective situations and give them a chance in life while educating the community on animals.

Topics Include:
The origins of Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue. Quality over quantity in rescue. How Athena stays motivated despite the difficulties of animal welfare. Athena’s process for making tough choices when a life is on the line. The vital role temporary fosters play for rescues. Managi...

The Unprotected Fox: Foxes Journey Sanctuary

Today we are joined by Jennifer Everett, co-founder and caretaker of Foxes Journey Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating others on the proper care of foxes, while creating a comfortable environment for them to thrive.

Topics Include:
The origin story of Foxes Journey Sanctuary. The harsh reality of fox fur farms in the US. The domestication of foxes. What everyone needs to know before they adopt a fox as a pet. Having foxes in the home with cats and dogs. How misleading representations of fox ownership on social media has catalysed the problem...

The Workable Rescue: Austin Bulldog Rescue

Brunie Drumond joins us today from Austin Bulldog Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of unwanted English Bulldogs. Austin Bulldog Rescue works to educate pet owners on responsible dog ownership and to educate the public on the English bulldog breed.

Topics Include:
Compassion fatigue in the animal welfare community. The importance of branding in rescue. Unique issues for English and French bulldogs. The ethics of dog breeding. Common barriers when adopting bulldogs. The utility of pet insurance. Standout shelters in the state of Texas. And much more...

Resources Mentioned:

The Endangered Pilot: Pilots to the Rescue

Michael Schneider joins us from Pilots to the Rescue, a nonprofit aviation organization with a mission to transport animals and people at risk. PTTR supports a network of trained volunteer pilots to complete transport rescue missions.

Topics Include:
The benefits of aviation transports in comparison to road transports. Differing animal welfare norms and laws across the United States. The origin story of Pilots to the Rescue. The logistics of aviation rescues. The special story of Jelly the blind golden retriever. And much more...

Resources Mentioned:

Award Winning TNR: Wonder Paws Rescue

Paulina Claura and Patricia Lara join us today from Wonder Paws Rescue. Located in Southern Florida, Wonder Paws Rescue is a network of community volunteers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties with a shared mission of helping to find permanent, safe, and loving homes for animals in South Florida.

Topics Include:  
Working as a mother-daughter duo. Cat rescue in South Florida. Foster-based cat rescues. Misconceptions of shelters in Florida. The tension between accessibility and justice for owner surrenders. How CUDDLY empowers small rescues to do big things. Fostering to adopt when looking for a...

Just Keep Swimming: Fetch Foster and Rescue

Today we are joined by Amber Newell. Amber is a true foster hero and board member of Fetch Foster and Rescue, a Wisconsin-based organization that specializes in transporting dogs from overpopulated Texas shelters to northern states.

Topics Include:
The state of animal welfare in Texas. Animal transports during COVID. Living through the Texas Winter Storm. Tips for fostering multiple dogs at once. Reflections moving into a post-COVID world. Differences in pet culture between southern and northern states. The importance of financial transparency for rescues. Puppy mills in Wisconsin. And much more...


The Happy Stray: Stray Dog Foundation of India

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Ujwala Chintala, founder of the Stray Animal Foundation of India. A Florida-based organization, Stray Animal Foundation of India makes miracles happen in the lives of stray animals in India by bolstering the animal foster and adoption system to match stray animals with loving homes.

Topics Include:
Managing a rescue remotely. Animal welfare culture in India. How the recent trend of importing breed dogs has affected animal rescue in India. International animal transports. Advice for new fosters and rescues. And other topics...

Resources Mentioned:<...

The Enthusiastic Yes: Betsy Banks Saul

Bridget and Sydney are joined by social entrepreneur Betsy Saul. Betsy is the co-founder of Petfinder, Chairman of the Petfinder Foundation, founder of 911FosterPets, and founder of Heal House Call Veterinarian.

Topics Include:
Destigmatizing owner surrenders. The origins of Petfinder. Focusing on wins as an animal welfare organization. The enthusiastic yes in relationships and in life. Community fostering, and the community-based nature of animal welfare. The pros and cons of the corporatization of veterinary clinics. How our current veterinary system sets up many vets for failure. How Heal House Call Veterinarian is aiming to...

Breaking Ground for a Breed: Pit Bull Second Chance

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Cindy Mabardy of Pit Bull Second Chance, a foster-based pit bull rescue in West Virginia, to discuss the misguided stigmatization of pit bulls and what  Pit Bull Second Chance is doing about it.

Topics Include:
Shelter conditions for pit bulls. Where stigmatization of pit bulls originates. Pet culture in West Virginia. Community-based animal welfare approaches. The pros and cons of facility-based and foster-based rescues. Establishing trust within an animal welfare organization. How to get involved in animal welfare in your area. The magical power of pepperoni t...

Educate, Activate, Empower: Mission Pawsible

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Prudence Barber, founder and director of Mission Pawsible. They discuss how the solo rescue framework can help save more lives, the underappreciated value of branding in animal welfare, why you need to run your rescue like a business, and much more.

Topics Include:
Why you need to make it easy for people to donate to your cause. Distributing the responsibility of rescue through a network of solo rescuers. The gifts of rescuing an animal. Holistic approaches to animal care in shelters. Creating a healing center for rescue animals...

Deliver a Mighty Punch: Spring Branch Rescue

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Kali Cabrera, founder of Spring Branch Rescue in Houston, Texas. Starting as a Facebook page connecting local pet owners, Spring Branch has evolved into a foster-based rescue completing animal transports to the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Idaho, and Canada.

Topics Include:
Pet culture in Peru where Kali grew up. Microchipping pets and keeping your info up-to-date.
What to do if you find a stray dog. Matching the right pets to the right families. What Kali has learned transporting animals from Houston to the PNW and Canada. Leadership styles...

Making Rescue Personal: MatchDog Rescue

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Lisa Gilbert and Guinevere Gartland from MatchDog Rescue, a New Jersey based rescue whose mission is to match the right dog with the right family and the right family to the right dog.

Topics Include:
Transporting dogs from Southern Texas and abroad. The nuts and bolts of developing a transport program. Tips for effectively leveraging social media and growing your online presence as a rescue. Authenticity and honesty in rescue. Building a network of volunteers. Creating volunteer opportunities for children and families. And other topics...


Big Goals, Big Dreams: Southern Cross Animal Rescue

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Sharley Hamm of Southern Cross Animal Rescue to discuss how simple solutions such as heartworm prevention and spay and neuter programs could make a big impact on animal welfare in the Southern US.

Topics Include:
How investing in technology empowers us to do animal welfare better. Prioritizing the adoption of older dogs. Transporting animals to northern states. The problem of heartworm is southern shelters. Why older dogs are a better adoption choice than puppies for many people. And other topics.

Resources Mentioned:

Question Everything: Human Animal Support Services

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Kristin Hassan of American Pets Alive! to discuss reimagining the animal welfare system to better meet the needs of animals and communities.

Topics Include:
Questioning our current shelter system. Human Animal Support Services (HASS). Focusing our limited resources on the optimization of our largest shelters. Integrating our largest shelters with social services agencies such as hospitals. The relationship between housing restrictions and pet surrenders. Destigmatizing pet surrenders. The silver linings of COVID. The future of animal welfare. Daring to do things differently, and much...

The Business of Dog Meat: Soi Dog International

Bridget and Sydney are joined by John Dalley to discuss the dog meat trade in Asia and how activists can effectively intervene to create change and save lives. John Dalley is the Co-Founder and President of Soi Dog International.

Topics Include:
Understanding the supply and demand of dog meat in Asian countries. Effective and ineffective interventions. Why activism needs to focus on changing norms and laws. Misconceptions westerners have about the dog meat trade. The infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Fundraising scams. And much more...

Resources Mentioned:
Soi Dog...

Failure is Not Defeat: Austin Pets Alive!

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Dr. Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive! to discuss pioneering comprehensive, innovative programs to save the animals most at risk for euthanasia.

Topic Include:
Transitioning from veterinary care to animal rescue. The lack of animal welfare education in veterinary school. Early experiences at a shelter with an 85% animal death rate. Interventions that can successfully reduce shelter kill rates. Managing limited funds as a rescue. Defining success in animal welfare. Building a team and delegating tasks. Lessons learned from COVID, and much more...


Love Them Now, Love Them Forever: Love Connection Dog Rescue

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Sydney Nicole Maggio of the Love Connection Dog Rescue, a 501(c)3 foster-based rescue whose founders have been saving dogs and making loving matches for over ten years.

Topics Include:
How Sydney got involved with animal welfare. Common rescue problems in Arizona. Spay and neuter initiatives. Vacation fostering. Fostering to adopt. Collaboration between like-minded rescues. What success means for Love Connection Dog Rescue. The importance of training and socializing for every dog. And much more...

Resources Mentioned:

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The Puppy Guru: Mutt Scouts

Bridget and Sydney are joined by The Puppy Guru, Victoria Shaffer. Victoria is the Head of Outreach for Mutt Scouts, a non-profit based in Los Angeles and San Diego, whose main goal is to rescue dogs in need and find their forever home.

Topics include:
Victoria’s animal rescue journey. Becoming a Mutt Scouts coordinator. Earning the title of "Puppy Guru". Tips and tricks for raising puppies and saving money for rescues. Working with individual rescuers and organizations in Mexico. How COVID affected adoptions and what the new normal may look like. Funding, donations, and tr...

Because They Matter: Second Chance NYC

In today's episode, Bridget and Sydney are joined by Denise Diaz, the Director of Operations at Second Chance Rescue NYC. Their mission is to reduce animal overpopulation in shelters, rescue and rehabilitate critically injured and neglected animals, and connect the community to services that enable animals to remain in their homes. With the help of over a million supporters, Second Chance Rescue NYC is able to move on average over 1000 animals from homelessness to safety every year.

Topics include:
How SCR started as a small dream in 2009 and blossomed into the organization...

Save Who We Can: Saving Animal Lives 24/7

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Megan Driver, founder of Saving Animal Lives 24/7, to discuss all things rescue, from the adoption process to compassion fatigue, and much more.  Saving Animal Lives 24/7 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing the mistreated, loving the abandoned, and saving the injured.

Topics include:

Getting involved in kill sheltersHow  COVID affected the rescueTaking owner surrendersReceiving updates after surrendering a petThe adoption process and adoption feesHow to say no to peopleHandling stress when making life and death decisionsAnd other topics...

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The Danger's of Founder's Syndrome: Soi Dog International

Bridget and Sydney are joined by John Dalley to discuss how his passion for animal welfare led him and his wife to establish the Soi Dog Foundation, an organization committed to solving Phuket, Thailand's stray dog problem.

Topics include:

Why education is the solution to Thailand's stray dog problemSterilizing stray cats and dogsHow the 2004 tsunami impacted the Soi Dog FoundationFundraisingExpanding beyond PhuketOvercoming founder’s syndromeBuilding an organization that will outlive youAnd other topics...

Resources Mentioned:
Soi Dog Foundation –

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Embrace Your Fear: Ozzie and Friends

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Nancy Jimeno to discuss recovering from dog bites, building a tight-knit team that you can depend on, being of service to animals and people, and much more.

Topics Include:

The origins of Ozzie and FriendsRescuing dogs from MexicoDancing with fearThe gifts of rescueThe special bond between pets and adoptersChoosing to do the right thingAnd other topics...

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Website –

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Preserve the Human Animal Bond: Pasco Animal Services

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Spencer Conover of Pasco Animal Services to discuss how he and his team brought their shelter's animal success rate from 25% to 95%, what they've learned from focusing their attention on keeping animals out of shelters rather than what to do when they come in, the power of education and community engagement, and much more.

Topics Include:

How Spencer transitioned from sports journalism to animal welfareSeeing the need and becoming a cat personLeadership in rescueExperimenting with different programs and offeringsHow COVID revealed a new way to do rescueCommunity...

Believe in Goodness: Apollo's Arc

Bridget and Syndey are joined by Cara Dallamora of Apollo's Arc Animal Rescue to discuss what it means to be a no-kill rescue, collaborating with other shelters, and how to keep a positive attitude when facing challenges as a rescue.

Topics Include:

The story of Apollo and Apollo's Arc Animal RescueTaking in owner surrendersThe Hero Hound Program–matching veterans with the right dogsCOVID adoptions being surrendered as people return to workDefining no-killNavigating and communicating adoption feesCollaborating with other sheltersAnd other topics...

Resources Mentioned:

Want to co...

Pet the Dogs: Philly Bully Team

Bridget and Sydney are joined by Jessica Graaf to discuss discrimination against pit bulls, rescuing dogs from dogfighting rings, foster-based rescues versus facility-based rescues, and much more.

Topics Include:

Breed-specific legislationDogfighting rings in the SouthWhat to do if picking up a stray dogCUDDLY's collaboration with the Philly Bully teamThe Shelterluv tool for file organizationBoundaries and self-care in rescueA shoutout to Zoe's House RescueAnd other topics...

Resources Mentioned:
Rescue Crush:

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