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By: Peter Lap

With Post-natal expert Peter Lap. Peter waffles on about everything related to Post-Natal health and exercise. I answer any question listeners send in and regularly have great, expert, guests on. From exercise, diet and mindset all the way down to the smaller things (such as congratulating you for not yet having thrown your tantrum throwing toddler out of a window) Not suitable for kids :)

Post-partum running (Interview with Jessica Marie Rose-Leggio) "from the vault" and peanut allergies!
Last Sunday at 3:00 PM

 In a first I'm going "back to the vault" this week!

I've had a lot of questions about going back to running post-partum and that made me decide to do the "unthinkable!" and let you guys enjoy the interview I did with's Jessica Marie Rose Leggio.

This was one of the most enjoyable interviews I've done over the past 3 years and Jessica is the go-to person to answer most of the questions you've put to me recently so there is no point in my reinventing the wheel. Sit back, and enjoy!

Body pillows during pregnancy are bad for you? Learn how to breathe and Gisele Bündchen.

This week I'm answering some more of your questions and emails,

Will using a bodypillow during pregnancy really lead to greater diastasis recti and hip problems?

Why learning to breathe properly is the single most important thing you can do for your post-partum recovery.

I'm also talking about "doming" again

And finally, why Gisele Bündchen is NOT the person you want to compare your body to when you're post-partum (I can't believe I have to say this but someone asked if I could give them a t...

A better way to a healthy diet. Interview with Rebecca Washuta.

This week I have the pleasure of talking to Rebecca Washuta.

Rebecca is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in weight loss and habit formation. She has been featured in a tonne of magazines and news segments and is a great person to talk to about how to take practical steps towards a healthier diet.

We discuss many, many things including;

What the Big 3 formula for creating healthy meals and snacks is.
How if you are hungry within 2-3 hours after eating a meal that means your meal isn't...

My top 3 tips to a speedy post-partum recovery, and more in a Q&A

This week I'm answering some more of your questions and emails, covering a rather wide variety of subjects.

What are my top 3 tips for a successful, and fast, post-partum recovery?

Why resistance training for your upperbody is key if you want to recover post-partum. (And why there is a lot of it in the HPNB program)

The importance of "dynamic training" rather than the standard "up and down" type of training you see in most post-partum programs.

Email if you have any questions or...

Peri-Natal mental health is about more than just post-partum depression. Interview with Dr Kat Kaeni.

This week it's the 200th episode and I'm  over the moon to be joined by Dr Kat Kaeni.

Dr. Kaeni is a perinatal psychologist in California where she provides perinatal mental health and perinatal mood & anxiety disorder counseling to people who are trying to be pregnant, are pregnant, had a loss of pregnancy or are dealing with a difficult birth or postpartum adjustment.

Her amazing podcast, Mom & Mind, has received over half a million downloads and is heard in 86 countries.

Dr. Kat has been featured in Parents, The New York Times, P...

The psychology of healthy change. Interview with Heather Hausenblas, PhD

This week I'm delighted to be joined by Dr Heather Hausenblas

Heather has a PhD in the science of health psychology.
She is a health psychology expert, international award-winning scientist, public speaker, and best-selling author.

Her research focuses on how our health habits effect our well-being. In particular, how our diet, exercise, sleep, and supplementation effects our overall health.
And, to top this off, she's ranked in the top 1% of the most influential scientists in the world.

Dr Hausenblas obtained her PhD from Western University in Canada. Was a faculty member...

How to raise Tech-healthy humans. Interview with Daniel Sih

This week I'm delighted to be joined by Daniel Sih.

Daniel is an award winning author and productivity expert and has written a tremendous book called "Raising Tech-Healthy Humans".

It's a practical handbook to help parents reset their children's tech-habits and give them a great start to life.

If you're concerned about your kid's social media/phone/tablet habits then this is the interview to listen to!

We're talking about many things including;

How to get an 8-year old off a tablet is a different process from teaching...

Let's talk vaginal health! Interview with Beth DuPriest PhD

This week I am delighted to be joined by Beth DuPriest PhD

Vaginal health expert Dr. Beth DuPriest, is the Chief Science Officer at Vaginal Biome Science

Dr. DuPriest is a former Professor of Biology and Division Dean and has been involved in research related to developmental origins of health and disease for over twenty years. 

Her PhD in Integrated Biomedical Sciences through the Dept. of Physiology & Pharmacology and post doctoral work through the Dept. of Pathology were completed at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Her work has been focused on both women’s a...

Stretching, back pain and diastasis recti..A big Q&A!

This week I take the time to respond to your questions.

We've had some great podcast guests on this month and you've sent in a few emails on the back of it which I will answer.

So what am I talking about;

Is diastasis an adaptation and can we just ignore it until you feel there is an issue?

Is muscle activation something that you should focus on at all?

Why I use different language than Antony does.

Should you REALLY never stretch or is that...

Post-partum back pain and how to fix it. Interview with Physical Therapist David Jeter

This week I have the pleasure of being joined by David Jeter who is an awesome physical therapist. We're talking post-partum back-pain and the benefits of physical therapy and exercise generally.

We discuss many, many things including;

What is post-partum back pain and what causes it?
Is surgery THE solution?
Why is post-partum backpain soo often ignored by both the medical community and those suffering from it?
Why are people not aware just how effective physical therapy is to deal with back-pain?
How the PT community is doing a terrible job...

STOP STRETCHING!! Is stretching doing more harm than good? Interview with Yogi Aaron

This week I have the pleasure of being joined by Yogi Aaron!

Aaron is the Co-Owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica where he leads The Yogi Club Yoga Teacher Training Immersions year-round for students from all across the globe. He's also a podcast host and author. 

More importantly, he's a great podcast guest who explains his ideas very clearly and talks a lot of sense! You're going to LOVE this episode.

Amongst the many things we're covering are;

What the function of muscles actually is and why s...

Do we need a new approach to dealing with Diastasis Recti? Interview with Antony "The Physiodetective" Lo

This week I have the pleasure of being joined by Antony "The Physio Detective" Lo.

You'll have heard me mention Antony before, he is one of my favourite people in the post-partum fitness space, he clearly gives things a lot of thought and knows how to communicate his ideas extremely well

Obviously he's also remarkably well qualified.
Antony is a physiotherapist from Australia that works at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports, and Pelvic Health treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

Antony is also the founder of My PT Education, an e...

Help your children deal with BIG emotions and stop the shouting. Interview with Child Behavior Specialist Laura Reardon

On this week's episode I am joined by Laura Reardon

Laura Reardon is a certified Child Behavior Specialist, she is trained as an Emotion Coach, Childhood Anxiety Coach, and Parent Coach, and she’s the founder of Laura Reardon Coaching.

Laura helps parents who feel frustrated, worried, and unsure how to respond when their kid reacts to their big emotions like anger and anxiety and their big behaviors like lashing out and shutting down.

We talk about a wide-range of things.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
Can it be taught?

Being stressed is not required! Stress management for mums. Interview with stress coach for mums Elizabeth Andreyevskiy

On this week's episode I am joined by Elizabeth Andreyevskiy

Elizabeth is a stress coach for moms. She is the host of Emotionally Healthy Legacy podcast and a mom of 4.

Elizabeth is super passionate about mental health and emotional wellness in motherhood. She helps overwhelmed moms reduce the mental stress so they can respond with patience and calm towards their kids. She teaches proactive ways to be less stressed, prioritizing moms needs without guilt and ways to regulate emotions when feeling triggered.

We talk many things to do with...

How to be successful at dealing with stressfull situations and emotions. Interview with Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider

 On this week's episode I have the pleasure of talking to  Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider.

Gina is the author of Frazzlebrain: Break Free from Anxiety, Anger, and Stress Using Advanced Discoveries in Neuropsychology (Central Recovery Press, March 2022).

She is a licensed psychotherapist, executive coach, and corporate trainer. She serves as codirector of Schneider Counseling and Corporate Solutions.

Dr. Schneider is a coping skills expert with more than 25 years of experience helping people regulate difficult emotions and conflicts. Dr. Schneider is certified in Neuroscience for Clinicians through PESI and Critical Incident Stress De...

Stop exercising when "doming" and " Intermittent fasting increases risk of death by 30%"???????

On this week's episode I answer a question about "doming" of the stomach during exercise.

 Should you "STOP IMMEDIATELY!", as so many physios tell you to? Or could there maybe be more than 1 type of doming/reason for doming and can you "push through"?

Is it really as black and white as some "post-natal professionals" tell you it is?

Also this week, from the tremendous source of news that is the Daily Mail (yucky);
A study that shows Intermittent Fasting comes with a 30%(!!!) increased chance of death??

Remember t...

Intermittent fasting, Keto diet and High studies. And Magic Bullets!

 On this week's episode I talk about 3 studies that came out recently;

"Intermittent Fasting decreases the chances of Alzheimers". I get on this before Michael Mossley decides to quote it in his next Daily Mail article.

"Keto diet increases pancreatic cancer survival" One for all the "keto-fans" out there.
and "High salt intake increases stress-response". We all know too much salt is bad for us but could it really make you more stressed?

But I begin by talking "magic bullets"!

Stretch or strengthen? And muscle soreness after exercise, a sign of fitness?

 On this week's episode I answer the, seemingly age-old, question;

Should you stretch post-partum or should you strengthen?

And is it good news if your muscle hurt after exercise or does it mean you're not very fit?

And, a slight rant about the "best personal trainer in THE WORLD (or just your town)" nonsense that is always popular on websites and in the press.

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Here's why you're not getting the results you're hoping for

On this week's episode I explain the main reason why you're not getting the results you're hoping for from your fitness routine or diet.

Over the years I've had many conversations with clients about this. Whether it's a middle-aged executive wanting to lose weight, a recently post-partum woman wanting to fix her back-pain and diastasis recti or a tennis player wanting to improve her rotational balance, the main reason for them not getting the results they are after, in the time-frame they want to achieve them in, is the same.

The importance of managing...

Exercise does NOT work when healing diastasis recti!!! (???) The importance of good science and reading studies properly

 On this week's, admittedly rather dry, episode I talk about an email someone sent me with a link to this study.
The conclusion of the study "A weekly, postpartum, supervised exercise program, including strength training of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, in addition to daily home training of the pelvic floor muscles, did not reduce the prevalence of diastasis."

The conclusion the person who sent me the study drew from this was that exercise does not work to heal diastasis recti. Now though that might seem a similar conclusion to what the study c...

Stop overthinking your diastasis recti..and stop being scared!

On this week's episode I talk about what I believe is one of the biggest problems in your post-natal recovery; Fear. And especially "The fear of making things worse".

By far most of the emails I get refer to this in one way or another.

"What if I make my diastasis worse?"
"I am told I can't do X exercise because my stomach will rip open"
"The physio told me not to lift anything, including my toddler"

The fitness industry, especially the post-partum fitness industry, is selling you this...

Diastasis, Yoga and Pilates. Why you should take probiotics and does dieting make it impossible to lose weight?

 On this week's episode

Can you do Yoga and pilates when doing the HPNB program/when you have diastasis?

Probiotics, why I take them and why you probably should as well.

Can dieting lead to it becoming impossible for you to lose weight?

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Diastasis; The Depth of the gap is more important? And "Does diastasis cause digestive issues?"

On this week's episode

"The depth of the gap is more important than the width!" is a common phrase you hear these days from "diastasis recti professionals" but is it actually true?

Can diastasis recti cause digestive issues? One "diastasis specialist" claims it could "because muscles aren't working properly and you need muscles to move food through the digestive tract". Let's talk about this a bit because a LOT of women have digestive issues post-partum and, obviously, a lot have diastasis as well. But are they linked??


"The poor don't exercise anyways", "Plan your training around your time of the month?" and much more

On this week's episode I talk about the corporate day that I attended which was a bit of an eye-opener with regards to some things.

But first;  A lovely statement I heard from a  wellness/healthcare provider when asked why they charge soo much and their "pay in installment" option is soo much more expensive since that means women with less money can't afford their rehab package; "Poor people won't do the exercises anyways"....and their explanation was actually worse than that sounds!

I talk ergonomic chairs and keyboards Vs exercise.
Why yo...

Many more questions answered; Weight loss, F45 classes, the many kinds of diastasis recti and Belly dancing to train your core?

 On this week's episode I repond to more questions that came in on the back of last week's episode.

I mentioned diet and how to do it. I go into a bit of depth about how my approach to weightloss is different depending on the clients and their starting point. Personalising your approach to diet is the key to success, whether you want to lose weight or get healthier.

I also talk a bit about the many variations of diastasis recti and why no two cases are generally the same.

Are F45 classes s...

Will your stomach "rip open" when you exercise with diastasis recti? Cycling with DR? Experts who lie to sell you stuff and more questions answered

On this week's episode I answer some of your questions.

Can you cycle with diastasis recti?

Is diastasis recti really permanent? Answer, as you are likely to know; it is not! And if an expert tells you this then they are lying to you. So let's talk about lying experts a bit as well.

Will your stomach "rip open" if you exercise with diastasis recti?

High Intensity Interval Training with diastasis recti, is it safe?

Decaffeinated coffee yay or nay?

And what weightloss is sustainable and how...

Maximise your social impact on this world. Interview with Philantrophy expert Sharon Schneider

Have you ever questioned whether your day to day actions align with your values?
Do you give to charity but wonder if there's more you can do to have a positive impact in the world?  Not by giving money but by making those small changes in your life that will have an overwhelmingly positive impact, much more so than donating some money here and there,

Are you keen to teach your children just how they can make the world a genuinely better place?

Well then you are in luck!
This week I have t...

Your child can be a wonderful public speaker! Interview with Brenden Kumarasamy

In this week's episode I have the pleasure of talking to Brenden Kumarasamy about an essential skill that most children, and adults, are not actually taught in school!

Public speaking and effective communication is essential for anyone who wants to get anything done in life and yet it is a skill not taught in schools or indeed at home.

You might know Brenden from the Mastertalk YouTube channel. He has coached CEOs at the highest level and is one of THE go-to people to talk to about this sort of thing.


How micro-habits and short meditations can change your life. Interview with Kelly Smith

In this week's episode I am delighted to talk with Kelly Smith.

Kelly is the host of the Meditation Mama podcast and the guided meditation podcast Mindful In Minutes.
She’s also the founder of a virtual meditation school called Yoga For You
And she has the best voice in the business!

We are talking about micro-habits. Small changes you can make to your daily routine that will have an immediate impact on your health.

She also explains that you don't nee...

How to find the PERFECT diet. Interview with Brian Keane

 In this week's episode I have the pleasure of talking with personal trainer, author, podcast host and all-round-good-guy-and-happy-chappy  Brian Keane.

You might, or should I say "should", know Brian from the Brian Keane podcast ( which is one of THE top nutrition podcasts in the UK) and his social media presence. He is one of my favourite people in the health and fitness world at the moment as he never tries to sell you a shortcut, is always truthful and is very generous with his knowledge and expertise.

We are talking "the PERFECT diet".


A journey through the American healthcare system. Interview with Drs May and Tim Hindmarsh

In this week's episode I am talking to the dual Dr couple May and Tim Hindmarsh about everything American Healthcare.

They are both extremely experienced healthcare professionals and bring an excellent insight into the inner workings of a very complex system.

They also both, very kindly, gave an hour and a half of their time to talk about many things including;

The enormous profit disparity between a preventative approach and medical treatment.
The rising cost of healthcare.
The benefits of the US system compared to other systems, (Yes there...

The pelvic floor, yes its important but do you know HOW to do your pelvic floor exercises??

 In this week's episode we are talking Pelvic Floor with the amazing MaryEllen Reider.

MaryEllen is the co-director of Yarlap, the wellness device to treat urinary incontinence and improve sexual performance and experience through muscle control. MaryEllen spends a lot of time researching and finding out what’s new in the pelvic floor world and the social media realm. 
She strives to empower women through their pelvic floor muscles. She enjoys getting to know her customers through social media and speaking events, and inspiring people about why the Kegel exercises and Yarlap are so important. 


Can diastasis recti be healed whilst your still breastfeeding? Of course!..and some other stuff.

In this week's, nice and brief,  episode I answer the question whether you can heal diastasis recti whilst you're breastfeeding.

For some reason some healthcare professionals don't understand how breastfeeding impacts the body, but it DEFINITELY doesn't make your muscles stop working like muscles!!

Also, again, diastasis recti is not "for life and you will always have to maintain it".

And finally; "21 day challenges to heal diastasis recti"? Oh, just please don't!

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The many benefits of baby massage! Interview with Helen Thompson

 In this week's episode I am talking Baby Massage with Helen Thompson.

Helen Thompson has her NNEB (UK) Nursery Nursing qualification and has worked with babies and children over many years.

She also has qualifications in Infant Massage and Tummy Time and has experience in areas including Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym.

She supports first time mums through her wonderful podcast, First Time Mum's Chat, which comes out every Wednesday at 22.00 GMT, and is passionate about helping parents through their journey as new parents.

We are talking a...

Running as post-partum exercise. Why it's a terrible idea and The NHS sucks, it just does.

In this week's episode I talk about running as post-partum exercise and why it's not the best idea in the world.
Here's the previous episode I refer to when talking about the interview I did with Jessica Marie Rose Leggio

I also talk about my pet peeve with the NHS website and diastasis recti. In short, they are full of s**t when they say that " The separation between your stomach muscles will usually go back to normal by the time your baby is 8 weeks old. "


Knee pain with diastasis recti? Relaxin and diastasis recti And "plastic food bowls cause cancer!"

 In this week's, nice and brief, episode I talk about some of the basics of post-partum exercise such as "how diastasis recti can cause knee-pain."

I also touch on the idea that diastasis recti can not be healed, or is more difficult to heal, when you're still breastfeeding "because of Relaxin".

The role of Relaxin on post-partum recovery has not been established AT ALL but this "wisdom" is now doing the rounds on all the support forums.

I also  highlight a very important thing that last week's guest (Court Garfoot) pointed ou...

PCOS, everything you always wanted to know..including how to REALLY manage it. With Court Garfoot

 In this weeks episode I am joined by Court Garfoot and we're talking everything PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Court is a nutritionist and specialises in hormone imbalances including PCOS and Endometriosis.
She is also very eloquent and knowledgable so she is just the ticket when you want to talk to someone about this sort of thing.

We went over loads including some of the most important questions;

What is PCOS and what it is not?
The 4 different kinds of PCOS????
What REALLY causes PCOS?
Why does the NHS a...

Post-partum Anxiety. Often ignored and misdiagnosed. Why? And how can you overcome it? With Allison Lieberman

 In this weeks episode I have the pleasure of talking to post-partum anxiety expert Allison Lieberman.

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, postpartum anxiety expert, mom of 2, and 2x postpartum anxiety survivor.

She is the co-founder of Rooted in Harmony Counseling, a California-based group therapy practice dedicated to helping moms with anxiety, relationships, and parenting.
She is the host of The New Mama Mentor® Podcast and creator of The New Mama Mentor® Signature Program

In other words, she is THE person to talk to about post-partum anx...

Let's talk migraine headaches and how to say goodbye to them...for good!

 In this weeks episode I have the pleasure of talking to Susannah Juteau

 Susannah Juteau, MSc, CLT, RD, is a registered dietitian who specializes in headache and migraine nutrition for women. She has a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics from McGill so she definitely is the person to listen to!

We are talking about many things;

The difference between headaches and migraines.
How a migraine is MUCH more than
How common post-partum migraines really are (MUCH more common than you might think)
Why "1...

The importance of the basics. "This exercise feels too easy" and "how bread makes you fat!"

 In this weeks episode I am talking about the importance of getting the basics right.

I had an email where someone asked how to tighten up the bit below her bellybutton and when I mentioned exercises that could help (such as the TVA leg raises that are part of the HPNB program) she said "Yes, I can easily do them and they don't help".
This reminded me of the importance of getting the basics right. In this case, it means exerting enough pressure on the legs to make sure the TVA kicks in properly.