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The Matt Cave Episode 81
Last Monday at 2:00 AM

The NFL is back!! I breakdown the rookie QBs performances, centered on Zach Wilson. I make a few observations about the other games across the NFL, too! THE CURSE IS BROKEN! BYU finally gets a big W! Big XII news AND a BOMBSHELL in the LCS!

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The Matt Cave Episode 80

FOOTBALL!!! So there is that, and early LCS roster rumors for big names, and speaking of big names, there is movement and tectonic shifts happening in the streaming world! This and more so listen now!!

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The Matt Cave Episode 79

Welcome back football!! Week 0 is here which means we are almost to meaningful games again! I talk about the rookie QBs again, state of Utah QBs performances, preview week 1 for Utah and BYU, Big 12 expansion talk and so much more! Listen now!!

The Matt Cave Episode 78

It's the NFL 2021 Season Preview episode! I also talk about the rookie class of QBs, and the mess of a QB situation at BYU. I then talk about the three representatives for NA at Worlds and another year, another BAD Madden game. Also, POKEMON NEWS!

The Matt Cave Episode 77

This week is mostly about football! My bird's eye view of the landscape of College Football. My CFP prediction. A review of the rookie QBs making their debuts in the NFL. Roundup of the LCS playoffs and my prediction of the final slot for World's. I forgot to talk about Back4Blood Beta! I am sorry!!!

The Matt Cave Episode 76

Hello Spelunkers! This week I review the Olympics, a soccer bombshell, preview the seasons of BYU and Utah football, review the Jazz offseason thus far. The tailspin at Activision Blizzard continues and New World gets another push back. All of that and more on The Matt Cave!

The Matt Cave Episode 75

Welcome back, Spelunkers! This week I recap MLBs trade deadline, the NBA Draft, NBA Free Agency and conference shakeups in the NCAA! Playoffs are set for the LCS and I have a bone to pick with the review of Pokemon Unite!

The Matt Cave Episode 74

Hello yet again, spelunkers! The Olympics are happening and the USMNT is in trouble ALREADY! I talk about that, MLB trade rumors, Madden ratings for a couple of rookies and a little soccer! There is LCS talk and my review of Pokemon Unite!

The Matt Cave Episode 73

Hello Spelunkers! This week I talk about what I omitted from last week: Euro 2020 and Copa America! I also talk about the MLB Trade Deadline and what I expect to see as well as my review of Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin and Dragon Quest Builders 2!

The Matt Cave Episode 72

I am BACK!! NBA, MLB, NFL, BYU, LCS and the FIFA announcement! I talk about all of this and more! Listen now!! At the beginning I did say that I would talk about soccer and I COMPLETELY FORGOT! I will next week I SWEAR!!!!

The Matt Cave Episode 71

The Jazz season is over... and I am not mad! I talk about that and the rest of the NBA Playoffs. MLB continues to get in it's own way. College Football is considering expanding and Madden has promised changes!

The Matt Cave Episode 70

Sorry about the weird audio! I am trying to figure it out! This week I break down the Jazz's loss to the Clippers, the ailing Nets and sweeping Suns! The NA LCS continues to be an embarrassment and the first two days of E3!!!!

The Matt Cave Episode 69

The NBA Playoffs are going pretty much as I have expected thus far! Baseball is having substance issues, again. A huge trade has appeared in the NFL and it doesn't make sense to me. The LCS is back, and it is not looking very good... And my anticipated titles for E3!!

The Matt Cave Episode 68

Happy Memorial Day, Spelunkers! This week it's the NBA Playoffs, crazy fans, trade talk in the NFL, LCS moves and video game talk about some news around E3!

The Matt Cave Episode 67

The NBA Playoffs are here! I do a quick overview of the first games and then an in depth, panic proof breakdown of the Jazz! More baseball talk, because I know you love it and a wrap up of MSI and a quick World of Warcraft vs Final Fantasy XIV!

The Matt Cave Episode 66

The NBA Playoffs are set! Who is number one? I think we know... The NFL schedule is out. Ok. Some baseball talk, what I think the Rockies should do and what I want the Rockies to do for their future. A quick MSI update and some video game talk! 

The Matt Cave Episode 65

Hello, Spelunkers! This week I do my best to explain what the NBA's Play-In Tournament is all about, who will be in it and who the winners will be! I express concern over the Jazz for this final week of the season. I talk baseball and bid farewell to a Hall of Famer that tortured my Cubs for too many seasons. I review Outriders and New Pokemon Snap and MLB The Show 21! I wrap the show up with a rant about the current problem with Twitch!

The Matt Cave Episode 64

My NFL Draft Mega-sode!!! Each team's top storyline, broken down as only Matt can! All state of Utah draft picks and signing detailed and what to look forward to this month for video game releases! Follow me on Twitch!

The Matt Cave Episode 63

Hello again Spelunker! This week I talk about the NBA, the Jazz and their inexcusable performance against the Timberwolves. The NFL Draft is this week! YAY! More baseball talk and a fond farewell to Jeff Kaplan!

The Matt Cave Episode 62

Spelunkers! This week it is about the usual, with a sprinkle of something from left field! The Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, the playoff race in the NBA, NFL Draft musings, rough start for my World Series picks AND a Super League!? Big week!

The Matt Cave Episode 61

This week it is about Baseball, the NFL Draft, the Utah Jazz and my recap of the Mid Season Showdown in the LCS (Hint: I was right). Spelunk on by and give it a listen!

The Matt Cave Episode 60

We have an intro! MUSIC TOO!? This podcast is growing up! I talk about Baseball being back, of COURSE the records that the Jazz keep toppling, the Mid Season Showdown in the LCS and the month ahead for video games!

The Matt Cave Episode 59

Hello Spelunkers! I have passed the final course and will be graduating with my degree! Shorter episode again this week with talk about Zach Wilson's silly arm strength, the mega trade that happened hours before Wilson's pro day, the Mid Season Showdown and the Utah Jazz!

The Matt Cave Episode 58

Hello, Spelunkers! This week is MADNESS. March Madness is upon us! Is your bracket perfect? Yeah, mine neither. There is Free Agency talk in the NFL, update about the Jazz and what I want them to do in the trade and buyout markets and a video game chat!

The Matt Cave Episode 57

Shorter episode this week, Spelunkers! I talk about the Jazz, Drew Brees retirement, Taysom Hill's future, Zach Wilson rumors, and March Madness! There also is talk of the Spring LCS Tournament, and video game news surrounding XBox!

The Matt Cave Episode 56

It's All Star week in the NBA and that means drama! I break down the Jazz vs LeBron/national media standoff. I talk about a rule in the MLB that I had no idea existed. Then there is the LCS and my stressful month.

The Matt Cave Episode 55

Hello, spelunkers! This week there is the BYU Football schedule, more Jazz talk, what is going on with ESPN and the FCS!? The import rule for the LCS is discussed and POKEMON NEWS!!!

The Matt Cave Episode 54

Carson Wentz has been traded and the Eagles are trying to clean up their salary cap, I break that down along with why everyone is saying that the NFL Draft starts at pick number 2! I talk the Jazz, a little baseball, some hockey and recap the LCS! Then it is mini announcement season from Blizzard and Nintendo!

The Matt Cave Episode 53

Hello Spelunkers! Shorter episode this week where I cover the drama in Houston with the Texans, the weirdness surrounding Zach Wilson and more talking about the NBA! There is also LCS, Destiny and some Mario!

The Matt Cave Episode 52

It's the Super Bowl review! I also talk about the Jazz, a trade in the NBA, a BIG signing in the MLB and some game announcements!

The Matt Cave Episode 51

Welcome! Today it is about a crazy NFL offseason that is starting early! I talk about the Jazz, Nets and LeBron as well as reminding you all of my genius when it comes to the LCS!

The Matt Cave Episode 50

NUMBER 50! Where I talk about the championship games, the disrespect of the Utah Jazz by the NBA and national media, and the LCS Lock In tournament!

The Matt Cave Episode 49

NFL Divisional Round madness! MEGA TRADE in the NBA! My thoughts on the Jazz and why they are looking better. LCS Lock-In Tournament and Star Wars video game news AND a new Pokemon game!!

The Matt Cave Episode 48

Happy New Year Spelunkers!! I am BACK with an NHL Preview, LCS preview, NBA update and my early impressions of Cyberpunk!!!

The Matt Cave Episode 47

The LCS has finally changed its format! I try to explain it in a way you can understand... The CFP is set, and nobody cared. I tell which bowl games are actually worth watching and breakdown the NFL's playoff picture. Patience is a virtue, gamers. AND what is going on with Sports Illustrated!?

The Matt Cave Episode 46

The Eagles just can't do anything right... I talk about them and the Fighting Taysoms along with some college football talk. CALM DOWN GAMERS. I tell you why they need to calm down in regards to Cyberpunk 2077. And The Game Awards happened this past week!! I recap and talk about the awards and my thoughts on them!

The Matt Cave Episode 45

This is it, the last straw for BYU. I detail my problems with the program and what I want to see change. There is also NFL talk and a game review!!

The Matt Cave Episode 44

This week is mostly about the NA LCS and the roster moves! TSM got their man, but at what cost? I rage against the Eagles and Doug Pederson, as well as against the College Football Playoff Committee. Thank you for listening and follow me on the socials! @themattcavepod and The Matt Cave Podcast on Facebook and Instagram!

The Matt Cave Episode 43

This week I talk about Taysom Hill's first start. How disappointed I am in the Eagles and a LOT of TSM. 

The Matt Cave Episode 42

This week I talk about the big things that happened in the NFL. I break down the Heisman race and speak on the Top Ten. League of Legends free agency is set to begin, what are the major rumors floating around North America? I'll tell you! AND my review of Destiny 2: Beyond Light!