The Yolanda and Cornelius Show

10 Episodes

By: Tri Fold

The Yolanda and Cornelius Show is a Christian Perspective on Hot Topics surrounding our community with emphasis on personal and leadership development. This show is informative, inspiring, and entertaining. Now let's see what everyone is YACING About. The Yolanda and Cornelius Show.

Overcomer's Prayer Broadcast
Yesterday at 2:36 PM

We discussed the attempted assasination of former President Donald Trump. We talked about the passing of Richard Simmons, Psalm 18 read by Pastor Yolanda Walker, and prayer by Pastor Cornelius Hill.

Last Friday at 3:01 PM

The show featured Yolanda and I talking about Dreams and Visions. One of the other highlights was the crazy days that we celebrated. She had to mention "National No Clothes Day."

How Stella Got Her Grove Back discussion part 1
Last Thursday at 5:48 AM

The Women's Church Network Radio Broadcast is a ministry podcast of the Yolanda and Cornelius Show. Yolanda discusses How Stella Got Her Grove Back and the need for companionship and a vacation.

Ron and I share a Lesson
Last Wednesday at 6:35 PM

This is another great Lesson from Ron! He is confident about sharing! I love listening to him!

Overcomer's Prayer Broadcast, "We claim the Victory?"
Last Wednesday at 12:30 PM

Yolanda thanks the listening office for praying for her and the show. She shares a devotion out of Psalm 18: 30-35. She shares personal testimony of going through and claims victory for her life and the listerners in Jesus Name!!!

Bible Study at Ephesian July 3 2024!

This is one of our Bible and Book Studies at Ephesian! We are studying the Red Sea Rules!

Overcomer's Prayer Broadcast

This is our devotion and we are praying for the Yolanda and Cornelius Show and all those who at time who feel like their in darkness in Jesus name. Jesus is our light and he shines in darkness.

The Fun-Friday Show "July 5!"

This show discusses my trips from state to state sharing the word and wisdom of God with His people. Another show point was the National Days for the Weekend. Thirdly, what is a "Work-a-holic?" We both agree that I am a one of those.

Funday Friday

Discussion of Marriage when a Sister and Brother has been married for 10 years and find out their Brother and Sister. Sin thas we are snacking on. Pastor Pranks his church and congregants begin to run out as well. Yolanda and Cornelius discuss culturally music that played a role in sin that dwells in lives of its listeners.

Honoring the Life of Pastor Gary Ross Hill

Pastor Cornelius Hill shares him reflection on his Biological Father who inspired him in ministry.