The Sports Bar Podcast

40 Episodes

By: Barrington Oaks Sports

Alex & Scott do exactly what you do at the bar every week: debate sports topics and drink beers. The only difference is, they are wearing mics. Enjoy the quick-hitting banter of your favorite sports topics and maybe grab a cold one with them.

Ep. 84: March Madness Appetizer + Mid-Major Tournament Picks
Last Tuesday at 4:10 PM

Alex & Scott discuss some college basketball as the calendar has turned to March (4:21), bring back a Wahler of the Week (23:23) and introduce a "NASCAR Quote of the Week" segment (20:37) before Alex makes his picks to win in three of the mid-major conference tournaments taking place this week (28:39).

Ep. 83: Stream of Consciousness

Alex & Scott are back together and ramble about everything from college basketball (4:15) to gambling (16:17) to NFL QB changes (34:18) and a bunch of random things along the way.

Ep. 82: New Bloods in College Basketball + Did UCF Upgrade?

Alex and Scott discuss which college basketball teams people should pay attention to in the absence of the "Blue Bloods" at the top of the polls (7:35), Urban Meyer steps in it...again (48:17), did UCF actually improve its coaching situation? (54:17) and more.

Ep. 81: Super Bowl LV + Halftime Show Complainers + Daytona 500

Alex and Scott discuss Super Bowl LV and the defensive performance of the Bucs (2:19), way too early look at next years NFL contenders (18:14), a "Get off my Lawn" about SB Halftime complainers (30:42), some NASCAR talk ahead of the Daytona 500 this Sunday (41:41).

Ep. 80: NCAA Football Returns + Super Bowl Preview

Alex & Scott return (a little later than usual) to discuss the announcement that EA Sports is bringing back its college football video game (1:16), our #1 storyline for Super Bowl LV (17:41), Alex's favorite prop bets (30:32) and the only predictable aspect of college basketball is its unpredictability (38:53).

Ep. 79: NFL Championship Sunday + Women in Sports + Lot J in Jax

While Alex deals with COVID, Scott intros the show and discusses the importance of empowering women in sports (2:16) and why Lot J failing in Jacksonville should have nothing to do with the viability of the Jaguars (7:13) before Alex joins to break down Championship Sunday (16:55) and give his thoughts on college basketball (47:44).

Ep. 78: Urban to Jax + NFL Championship Weekend

Alex & Scott scratch out another episode, diving into the Urban Meyer hire for the Jaguars (1:51), what they took from the NFL Divisional Round (24:16), thoughts on Championship Sunday (27:22) and more.

Ep. 77: Is Parity Possible in CFB? + NFL Divisional Playoffs

Alex & Scott discuss the College Football National Championship and whether or not this was Nick Saban's best Bama team (3:33) as well as if there is a chance for more parity in the sport going forward (11:22). Plus, Alex with a very sad "Cold as Ice" (32:54), key questions surrounding each NFL Divisional Round matchup this weekend (49:52) and "Talking Hockey" (1:12:20).

Ep. 76: CFB Playoff Reactions + Best NFL Wild Card Storylines

Alex and Scott return to discuss the College Football Playoff Semifinals, including what went wrong with Clemson (4:32), why we're excited for this championship game matchup (12:45) & more. Also, our favorite storylines from each NFL Wild Card playoff matchup (39:31) and much more.

Ep. 75: Are the Steelers Fixed? & Other Important End of 2020 Questions

Alex and Scott come together one final time in 2020 to discuss the Steelers, AFC depth, NFC prospects & more NFL (7:57), should Kyle Trask be playing in the Cotton Bowl (51:30), news and notes from late December college basketball (59:16) and more.

Ep. 74: CFB Playoff Committee Probs + Bowl Season Preview + Trevor to Jax?!

Alex and Scott sit down to discuss the "broken" College Football Playoff (2:52), the best matchups of bowl season (19:54), a Wahler of the Week twofer (43:14) and the prospects of the Jaguars getting the best Christmas present of the year from the Jets (49:23) and more.

Ep. 73: Noles Are Back! (Kind of) + Conference Championship Weekend

Alex and Scott talk about Florida State finally playing another game and winning (3:25), the McKenzie Milton transfer news (9:01), college coaching carousel winding up (16:12), look at the conference championship weekend matchups (28:30), NFL "Three Downs" (1:01:27) and more.

Ep. 72: College Football 'Bracket Busters' + Trustworthiness of New Playoff Teams in NFL

Alex rejoins Scott to discuss the BYU-Coastal Carolina and if that could lead to a change in college football scheduling going forward (5:57), how there is finally excitement surrounding Conference Championship Saturday (19:31), early season college basketball observations (34:35) and which potentially new NFL playoff teams are capable of making a run (50:03).

Ep. 71: CFB Playoff Drama + Jaguars Fire Dave Caldwell

Scott is without Alex and dives into the College Football Playoff Rankings and where the drama lies despite no one losing last week (9:35). Also, Colin McQuillen joins to discuss the Jaguars finally moving on from GM Dave Caldwell (23:11) and other NFL franchises who could be making changes at HC and QB (41:11) and more.

Ep. 70: Dabo's Problem + College Basketball Preview + NFL Headscratchers

Alex rejoins Scott this week to break down the drama surrounding the Florida State-Clemson game and what Dabo's problem is (1:51), a preview of college basketball with storylines that we're excited for (20:02), a bonus "Turkey Trifecta" for Thanksgiving (48:45) and analysis of some of the headscratching moments from the NFL weekend (57:15).

Ep. 69: NBA Draft + Panic Meter for NFL Playoff Contenders

Alex is out, so Scott addresses the overabundance of binary discussion in college athletics (1:32), three college football observations (9:57) and is joined by Keith Manze & Mike Yazigi of the Dimes on Duval Podcast to discuss CP3 to the Suns (18:10), NBA Draft outlook (26:41) and which NFL playoff contenders should be worrying (46:26).

Ep. 68: Upside Down Big 10 + Pros & Cons of Super Bowl Contenders

Alex & Scott return after a week off to look at the college football landscape, including what in the world is happening in the Big 10 (14:23), if the ACC or SEC is more likely to get two teams in the CFB Playoff (9:18), the return of Cold as Ice & Wahler of the Week (29:50), the reason for an against the top Super Bowl contenders in each conference (37:25), as well as nuggets on NASCAR, MLB & The Masters (1:09:27).

Ep. 67: Big Ten Over/Under-reactions + Predictable/Unpredictable NFL Teams

Alex & Scott return to break down Florida State laying an egg at Louisville (2:14), Three Downs from the college football weekend (20:21), Over/Under-reactions from week one of Big 10 action (27:30), which NFL teams are predictable and unpredictable (46:04), thoughts on the end of the World Series (1:00:35) and more.

Ep. 66: Noles Win! + Big Ten Storylines + NFL Trends

Alex returns to join Scott this week as they discuss what Florida State's winning performance vs. North Carolina means for the team's outlook going forward (1:35), storylines to watch as the Big 10 starts its season this weekend (20:49), what makes this World Series matchup fun (39:51), NFL teams trending up/down (51:47) and more.

Ep. 65: Storylines Take Shape in CFB + NFL "Tank for Trevor" Contenders

Scott is without Alex, but the show is as loaded as ever. Scott gives his thoughts on the NBA Finals (4:23) and Florida State showing signs of life (15:14). Then two guests: Bodz joins Scott for Three Downs on college football (20:21) and Colin McQuillen looks at the NFL candidates to replace their head coaches and/or QBs (58:16), plus some thoughts on what the Jaguars plan going forward should be (1:35:44).

Ep. 64: Noles Win + CFB Three Downs +Life in the Middle in the NFL

Alex & Scott are back discusses Florida State's first win on Saturday (2:09), Three Downs in college football talking SEC West, the best TE in the country & more (12:15), which of the 2-2 NFL teams are playoff contenders (36:43) as well as MLB playoffs (53:33), NBA Finals (57:12) and much more.

Noles Are Terrible + SEC Joins the Fray + NFL Good, Bad & Ugly

Alex & Scott are back talking about where Florida State goes from here after it's embarrassing loss to Miami on Saturday night (3:12), observations from the SEC's first weekend back and more in CFB (23:31), the good, the bad and the ugly from Week 3 NFL (44:18), MLB playoffs (1:03:24) and NBA Finals (1:10:19) and more.

Ep. 62: Big 10 is Back + Assessing 2-0 & 0-2 NFL Teams

Alex & Scott discuss the news that the Big 10 will indeed play football this fall and what that means for the College Football Playoff (2:52), Florida State's biggest issues without its head coach this weekend (22:55), the best 0-2 team and the worst 2-0 teams in the NFL (53:24) and more.

Ep. 61: FSU Instant Reaction + Around the CFB World + Overreaction to NFL Week 1

Alex & Scott break down the first full football weekend of the season, starting with an instant reaction from Florida State's loss to Georgia Tech recorded after the game Saturday (4:57), key moments from around the college football landscape after Week 2 (23:45), five NFL teams who people are overreacting too after week 1 (47:30) and more.

Ep. 60: The Full-Fledged Return of Football!

Alex and Scott talk football this week, including their surprise teams to watch in the ACC & Big 12 as those two conferences kick off this week (8:51), a Group of Five team to watch (27:28) and in the NFL two teams that may take the next step (38:58) and two that are candidates to disappoint (48:15), as well as the return of the Turko Trifecta (32:25) and more.

Ep. 59: Former FSU FB Lonnie Pryor + Coast to Coast

Alex & Scott are joined by special guest Lonnie Pryor, an FSU fullback from 2009-12, to discuss his fandom, his career, the new direction of FSU football and more (33:05). Before that, they go Coast to Coast, hitting on quick topics in college football, the NFL, NBA, MLB and more.

Ep. 58: Baseball Mid-Season Report + COVID Tailgating

Alex & Scott return to look at some of the best storylines in MLB at the halfway point in the season (4:24), rip into what the AP Poll did on Monday (30:58) and break down the feasibility of Florida State's tailgating rules and what it might look like this fall (40:17).

Ep. 57: NBA Round One Betting Lines + Football Fix

Alex & Scott return to discuss round one of the NBA playoffs and which series betting lines Alex would consider (5:26), and tackle a variety of football topics including preseason polls, the new MNF booth and more (33:29).

Ep. 56: Big Ten Cancels Football + FSU Hoops Continues to Rise

Alex & Scott return to discuss the breaking news of the Big Ten canceling fall sports (5:21), Florida State owning the number one college basketball recruiting class in the country (30:28) and more.

Ep. 55: Having to Pick Between Sports to Watch + Will College Football Ever Look the Same?

Alex & Scott return to discuss the return of the NBA and how they're picking between what to watch on tv these days (2:58), why some of the majoring scheduling changes in college football may not be temporary (18:28), segments (47:41) and more.

Ep. 54: We Had Fun Watching Sports...and Hope They Stick Around

Alex and Scott return to talk about the return of MLB and what stood out from opening weekend (0:42), what the Jamal Adams trade says about the state of the two franchises (14:32), concerns about MLB going forward and what football can learn (35:46) and what we would risk it all for Lou Williams-style (54:01).

Ep. 53: Baseball is Back + NFL Procrastinates + Final Quarantine Draft

Alex & Scott are joined by recurring guest Colin McQuillen to discuss what they are most interested in with Major League Baseball starting this week (9:00), why the NFL needs better time management skills (28:07), a final Quarantine Draft on what they did in the time without major sports (47:53) and more.

Ep. 52: NBA Bubble Life + Sports Foods Quarantine Draft

Alex & Scott open with a discussion of how bizarre the NBA Clean Site activities have been so far (3:38), why the college football season is "on ice" (30:54), the Sports Bar Ticker hits NASCAR + NFL news (39:13) and a Quarantine Draft of best foods to enjoy in a sports environment (51:18).

Ep. 51: Mahomes Deal + Big Week for Baseball + F*** You Guys Draft

Alex & Scott discuss the Patrick Mahomes contract and what concerns they have with it (1:54) + why this next week may decide if we get more sports back (13:59) + a Quarantine Draft of guys we love to hate (49:35).

Ep. 50: Cam Newton + We Have Schedules! + Best Holiday/Sports Combos

Alex rejoins Scott as they celebrate birthday week with a fun show looking at how the Cam Newton signing has exposed bad Patriots takes (8:02), NBA schedules & MLB agreement providing some positivity (25:30), and a Quarantine Draft of the best sports/holiday pairings in the spirit of no MLB on Fourth of July this year (37:48).

Ep. 49: The Intersection of Sports & Real World + Bodz on NASCAR & College Football

Scott opens solo about how sports have lost their escapism qualities over the last few months, especially with what we saw at Talladega this week (3:31) then Andrew "Bodz" Bodziony joins to discuss how NASCAR has grown over the last few months (34:18) and what the perspective of football looks like in the fall with the surge in players testing positive for COVID-19 (18:27). In honor of Alex's absence, Scott does a solo Quarantine Draft on the "Best Things to Take Off Work For" (50:31).

Ep. 48: How Stable is NBA Return + Does MLB Need to Start Over

Alex & Scott look at the factors that have flared up threatening the NBA's return at the end of July (12:34) + what sports fans think owners are/vs. what they actually are (29:12) + if MLB is actually better off not playing this year (37:30) + Quarantine Draft is back looking at drinking games (48:06).

Ep. 47: Back in the Saddle + Former Miami punter Brian Monroe

Alex & Scott are back after a week off, and tease all the good sports news coming up + an interview with former Miami punter Brian Monroe (9:28) about his time with the Canes, how he became a kicker, life South Florida as a college student & more.

Ep. 46: Is the NFL Draft Unfair + What Made The Match II Great

Alex & Scott return to discuss the recent comments by Jim Harbaugh on the fairness of NFL Draft rules (14:53), the Match II and what it did so well that golf and sports in general should adopt going forward (34:50) and more.

Ep. 45: We Watched Sports! + 1010XL's Taylor Doll

Scott & Alex are back and in a better mood because they watched live sports over the weekend. What they hope this past weekend means for other sports going forward (6:10), plus guest Taylor Doll from 1010XL's "Helmets & Heels" joins to answer a "Six Pack of Questions" (25:17) and participate in the Quarantine Draft of "Gut-Punch Sports Moments" (56:20).