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We Highlight All The Programs Beyond The VA

The H-Train Show-Josh from DD214 joins us
Last Tuesday at 4:50 AM

Interview of the week- We talked to Josh Graham with DD 214 Fightwear about the release of their Soul Armor Jiu Jitsu Gi, the names on the inside of the Gi are the names of our nations fallen soldiers What the? – We broke the rules, and talked about politics and our troops pulling out…

The H-Train Show- Nutrition Coach Natasha Bruegger with First In Nutrition

Interview of the Week- We had a pretty hard hitting conversation about the obesity epidemic hitting the veteran population, we dont take care of ourselves and she can help with that. What the ? – The battle of the Josh’s. I love this story! I want to know- Rob and Roddy had a heated discussion…

The H-Train Show- Jordan Daniels- Team Rubicon Joins Us

Interview of the Week- We talk with our longtime friend and veteran advocate Jordan Daniels with Team Rubicon about their disaster response. What the?- our new favorite video is Rub Some Bacon On It. It will be a hit fo sho I wanna Know- We talk to our favorite VSO Matt Hayes about burn pits…

The H-Train Show- Griff with Combat Flip Flops

Interview of the Week- It was touch and go for a second, but we got em, We talk to Griff from Combat flip flops, we are finding a recurring theme here from all the veterans we talk to. What the? – its all over the news, the Army officer that was confronted by to Virginia…

The HTrain Show- RCPT joins us

Interview of the week- AIRBORNE….. STAND IN THE DOOR. We are Joined by David ” Skyshark” Munoz ( who looks suprisingly young) with the Round Canopy Parachute Team  THIRTY SECONDS!!! What the? – We talked about the ten Marines that gave their life off the California coast when their vehicle sunk I want to…

The H-Train Show- Bryant from Row Oar Die

Intview of the Week- We had an incredible conversation with Bryant and the boys who are rowing across the Atlantic Ocean with Row Oar Die What the – We had our special guest with the Challenge Athlete Foundation I want to Know- We had a little back and forth with the listening audience about active…

The H-Train Show- Nick Palmisano from Ranger Up

Interview of the Week- We talk to Nick Palmiscano the owner of Ranger Up and Diesel Jack Media, He has some powerful truths for the Veteran population What the? – We had a few stories from our listeners for todays what the… a rat stuck in a storm drain, garfield phones washing up on…

The H-Train Show- Tony Knight sound engineer joins us

Interview of the Week- Tony Knight ( not day) Talked us through all about being a sound engineer, and talked way over Robs head. What the? – We had a few different very important articles, inculding sea slugs that are like Deadpool, and the meteor that might be plane poop I wanna Know- We talked…

The H-Train Show- Pro Boxer Seth Rodenbaugh joins us

Interview of the week- We talk with Pro Boxer, Army Veteran, and Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Seth Rodenbaugh and he tells a truly heartwarming story of his hopes for veterans. What the?- H tells us about an app he found that allows  us to put emotion into pictures of our lost relatives I want to…

The H-Train Show- West 38 Moto Dusty Wessels

Interview of the Week- We had one of our most listened to and interactive interviews with Dusty Wessels of West 38 Moto. A Navy Veteran who now teaches off road motorcycle riding and tours. What the? – Surprise surprise, a Marine invents edible Crayons. I want to Know- We talk to Swiss about working in…