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The Universe Next Door seeks to answer your questions on the meaning of life, worldview, and the existence of God.

A Letter on the 'Christ is King' Trap
Last Wednesday at 6:00 PM

Join us next Tuesday as we continue our series: "Are you sure you know what that verse means?"

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Abraham's Promise: 'As' the Stars in Heaven? [Series Pt. 2]

In the second part of the "Are you sure you know whats that verse means?" series, Nick Shalna presents a prominent ancient Jewish view of God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 15. What does it mean to be made "as" the stars in heaven? Is this simply quantitative and a reference to numerical value, or is there something more? How should we understand being made "heirs of the cosmos"?

Most recent episode on Babel:

How Were Stars Viewed in the Bible?

Trans Visibility Day vs Easter: Which Resurrection will you Recognize?

If you are under the impression that Trans Visibility Day took place on Easter Sunday this year as a coincidence, we hope your mind is changed by the end of this episode.  What does this day represent? How should Christians react and not react? 

Responding to the Trans Movement:

The Marxification of Education:

The "He gets us" Campaign:

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What definitely DIDN'T Happen at Babel (Response to Kristi Burke) [Series Pt.1]

In the first episode of the "Are you sure you know what that verse means" series, Nick Shalna responds to a video from a popular Youtuber on the story of the Tower of Babel. What really happened in Genesis 11? Why does God say let "us" go down? Is this story just a myth? Why is context so important when interpreting the Bible?

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Kristi Burke's Video on Babel:

Are You Sure You Know What That Verse Means?

Join us next week for a brand new series on rethinking some popular interpretations that may not capture the full meaning of what the original author and God intended for a passage!
What does it mean to be "As the stars in heaven"?
Did Joshua really make the sun stand still in the sky?
Is David and Goliath more than simply a heroic story?

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Did the Israelites view the Stars as Angels?

Former-Psychic: Communicating with Spirits, Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Demons | Jenn Nizza

Have you ever wondered what psychics actually do or where they get their information? Are Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards real?  Is it possible to communicate with the dead or with demonic forces? What is Automatic Writing? What does the Bible have to say about these issues?
Nick Shalna has a conversation with Jenn Nizza, a former psychic who is now a Christian believer, on how spiritual warfare plays out in the life of a psychic versus the life of a Christian.

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Why Does Jesus Say 'You are gods'?

What is going on in Psalm 82 when "Elohim" judges the "Elohim"? Is the intended meaning that God is judging a group of human leaders, or is there something much more significant in this chapter? Why does Jesus quote this passage to the Jews who are charging Him with blasphemy in John 10:35 before they try to kill Him? How do respected reformed scholars James White and John Piper interpret this passage and where does Nick Shalna disagree with them?

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Were Stars Viewed as Angels in the Bible?

It's common for us to read our modern scientific findings into the text of the Bible, but what did the ancient Israelites actually believe about cosmology and the formation of the earth? Did they believe the stars were fiery gas balls millions of miles away, or did they believe they were divine beings? How would a view of a smaller and more compact universe affect the way they looked at culture and meaning? If they had something wrong about science, does that diminish the view of inspiration and inerrancy?

Thursday night event details at Mosaic church...

Former-Psychic Interview Coming Tomorrow

The interview with Jenn Nizza, a former psychic now a Christian believer, will be released tomorrow afternoon!
Are Tarot card readings real? Do psychics get their knowledge from demonic forces or are they experts at deception? What about crystals and Oijuia boards? Does demonic possession still exist and are witchcraft spells real?

In the meantime, check out our most recent episode:

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Q&A: Original Sin, Slavery, Trump, Morality, War in Heaven

Check out this month's Q&A and send in your question for next month to

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Child Damnation:

How Original is Original Sin?

Why Romans 9 is so Highly Debated:

Is Jesus the Visible God in the Old Testament?

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