The Rabbit Hole

40 Episodes

By: Dan Rodo, Ammar Abdul Raheem, AmmarOriginals, Danocracy

Dan & Ammar met in high school where they weren't really friends but 10 years later have connected and are kinda friends now... Not best friends though, not yet. On this podcast you'll find a mix of funny stories, fun show segments & games and lighthearted takes on current issues. Hosted by Dan & Ammar, this show promises to be as diverse and fun as their personalities while highlighting the good in the world.

Do you feel like you are NEVER enough? 🤏
Last Thursday at 10:08 PM

Imagine this... By some miracle, talent, hard work, you make it.. Like you really make it, you get to go to your favourite cities and perform to sold out crowds.. 30,000 people every night chanting your name, and all those 30,000 go home every night thinking will they ever be on your level. Dan talks about Post-Concert Syndrome™️ A feeling where you go home at night and ask yourself will I ever be that "successful"?

17 controversial topics you might actually agree with 🤝

Ahhhh sometimes you just gutta shoot the shit, and bring in funny debates to the world’s most serious problems. Agree or disagree, we wanna hear your takes on these topics.

6 ways to be more "Lucky" in Life 🍀

This guy Dan really has had the worst luck this week, and he doesn't know if he's gunna catch a break or not. We look into it how to change your luck around and what makes some people so lucky. a quick likkle pod today 'cus Charlie got stung by a bee.

A light conversation about death 🍭

Not the lightest topic, but why does death have to be so scary? Maybe there’s some beauty in it… afraid of it? or just a part of life? whatever your relationship is with it, we discuss it and keep it light. ❤️‍🔥 Lighthearted death vibes ❤️‍🔥

moral dilemmas 🤷‍♂️

I’m pretty sure I incriminate myself a good 2-3 times this podcast.. but we talk about some ethical dilemmas that end up revealing a little too a lot about ourselves.. if you’re listening to this by yourself, dive deep into what would you do in these situations.

What's your Superpower 🦸‍♂️

Yo, just get deeeep with yourself and really find out your superpowers. Today we explore what some of our greatest strengths are and also our weaknesses. It makes for a good honest podcast, and a conversation you should have with yourself or friends too

Are You Motivated After Failure? 🌱

There’s a feeling of motivation you get after failure.. it’s almost this tiny sense of relief that something didn’t work out and you can go pursue you other ideas.. no? Just me?

6 Tips to be Present 👨🏻‍💻

Bro, being in the ‘present’ is unmatched vibe. That happiness that comes over you is something else, and today we talk absolutely it just that, how to achieve presence. Well.. Dan teaches us while Ammar, the most present man on Earth, listens to how.

Dan's Dating Tell All 💁🏻‍♂️

ok... maybe not a tell-all but on this episode we come for Dan and ask him all about his dating life - the good, the bad and the ugly.

She's a 10 but...

Hello, this is Ammar, I don't mean anything I say, I love everyone, most everyone, please... On behalf of Dan & I, You're all 10's 😬

9 outdated things that shouldn't exist anymore

Rating Instagram Quotes 📱

I swear Instagram is allll video, but sometimes you catch a nice quote on Insta and you save it. These are a few of the ones we've saved and we've come back to rate them. What are some saved quotes that resonate with you? Tag us, @Danocracy @AmmarOriginals

Living at Home in your 30s.. A debate 🎭

6 reasons why people come & go in your life 🏃‍♂️

Can Forgiveness ever be bad? 🧪

Dan & Ammar discuss forgiveness

7 unfair things in life we just need to accept 💁‍♀️

Growing up wearing girls’ shoes as a boy👟

Today we take you back... Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day dreams of Nostalgia from the greatest eras of all time.

9 things we all hate 🙄

ok maybe we don't ALL hate the same things but here are a few that might just make you hate us...

why do we care what people think? 😬

No matter how much you say it, we all do go through, we care what people think about us... Maybe it's not such a bad thing? maybe it's toxic 🤷‍♂️ Let's talk about it.

Have you ever been caught watching P*rn *NSFW* 📬

This ain't safe for work or for Dan's mom, today we're talking P*rn and all it's dangers. Get your letters in and fill those mailboxes baby boys.

What's your travel style? ✈️

Daddy! Daddy wasn't there... to take me to the fair.. To change my underwearrrrr.. Daddy...

Why you need to be spontaneous

We’re not saying move across the world, we’re just saying that a little spontaneity here and there, learning to be more spontaneous and go with the flow can significantly change your life for the better. Until then, we off to Mexico baby!!

A deep dive into "THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS"

Why do I feel blahh for no reason? 😐

Welcome to a little therapy session, a little vent, some preventative and proactive therapy. We've all had that feeling of blah, maybe for a little while, maybe for a long time. We dive in and see how to turn around a blah feeling and bring out the excitement and opportunity within.

7 unpopular opinions you'll agree with

Today we do what we love to do, go down the trash that is Reddit and see what opinions we uncover.

are you responsible for your loneliness

It's all good to feel lonely some times, it's important to know how to be happy alone... But what happens when it gets out of hand and spirals into a chronic illness??

10 APPAULING Facts that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The world is an appalling place filled with weird facts.. Yet somehow our fights with our brothers will always be the weirdest.

Are dating apps toxic 💔

Happy Valentine's Day to all you single and coupled ass homies... We talk our experiences as two single men with a podcast.

Are BASS PRO Hats a Red Flag?! 🚩

Yo, Bass Pro hats are actually such a good deal.. Comfy, cool, lets people know you love fishing, and that maybe you're part of the patriarchy? All for 5 bucks, let's discuss...

9 things you need to hear today 🌱

Just... 9 simple reminders, but we get into it... and we also get into lawnmowers... It is what it is

Someone tried to cancel us, Do you agree?!

Ammar, the healthiest man on earth, comes back to Canada after a little quarantino across the world. But mainly we talk about the dangers of Cancel Culture™️ and people that think their opinion is right, their opinion is gospel, and everyone else is part of the racist patriarchy.

Ammars Medical Emergency! (LIVE STORY)

This morning I (Dan) got a call from Ammar who had a health scare while working overseas. He is currently stuck in a hotel for 10 days and he shares all the details on what is going on right now.

20 things we all do but never admit publicly 🤥

We're really holding our breath so that strangers don't think we're out of breath... 🤦‍♂️

How to feel proud of yourself 🍆

There ain't no shame in being proud ion your accomplishments, from 9 to 5's, being a creator online, to weird internet niches. if you feeling proud, go ahead and share that shit. Your future self will be happy you did.. or cringe 🤷🏻‍♂️

Good F'ing Bye 2021 ✌️🖕🤙 Our best & Worst

lol, just talking and chatting about our favourite and best moments of the year as well as them hilarious shit times. Stay powerful Kings & Queens.

Our PERSONAL tricks for Life's tough moments

We've been in our fair share of sticky situations in our life... Here's a few lessons we've learned along the way.

Is Life easier if you're attractive 💁‍♀️

I mean obviously it is... Or is it? Today we play a little game of conversation starters, stick around to the end to see which rabbit hole this conversation takes us to...

7 things you need to STOP doing to yourself 🛑

Stop making yourself feel small. On this one, it's a calmer conversation about some very dangerous thoughts and actions we do that belittle ourselves. Sit back, enjoy this one and be big.

Why the Friendzone™️ is so Toxic 🧪

The Friend Zone, a crappy name for a toxic place fuelled by bad communication and selfishness...

The Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Conspiracy

We know that a lot on Instagram is just an illusion, it ain't real life... But does it get deeper and darker than that? Are there ulterior motives to Kim K and Pete with the D? Are the people you're following really that aesthetic? And Is there a website that would expose all of this?