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The program infuriating both liberals and conservatives alike... Fighting for your Freedom and Liberty, the Two Principles that Made Our Country Great.

The National Government Bully
Last Sunday at 7:28 PM

The National Government bullies both the states and the people.

How does "Voluntary Servitude" help cement the national government's power?

Is it time for We, the People, to stand up against tyranny?

The first step to freedom is deciding you want it in your life.


Will We Leave A Better Country For Our Children?

Are we "guarding" our country against tyranny or endorsing it?

Who answers to whom? The individual to government or government to the individual?

Why some people don't let facts change their minds.

Are we now refusing medical services based on political views?

COVID Questions That Aren't Being Asked

The unconstitutional Presidential war-making powers.

What have we learned about mask use in our country and around the world?

Why are studies finding that the vaccinated are still catching and spreading COVID?

What is America?

The Aristocracy of Government

The Government Aristocracy: we let it develop and it's up to us to fix it.

Has our country been taken over in a silent revolution of governmental control?

Wars are no longer about conquering land and people. They are about money.

How to recognize Controlling People in your life and what to do about them.

What Goes Around Comes Around

We have "conditional truth" in our country today and it isn't a good thing.

Supporting an unconstitutional "War on Terror" has resulting in many of those same defenders being bitten by it.

The Republicans claim to be for limited government yet their actions do not reflect their rhetoric.

Calling for less Democrat government and more Republican government is not the answer to our problems.

The Modern Day Loss of Respect and Civility

Respecting others even when you have political differences.

What are "Rights" and how are they generally defined?

Infrastructure spending and the redefinition of words.

Supporting politicians and others is not an "all or nothing" exercise.

Living Under Freedom Instead of Fear

You have a birthright to your freedom in this country.

Don't allow fear to be used to control you nor convince you to give up your freedom.

CDC admits test cannot tell the difference between COVID and Influenza.

Why doing your own research is important to ensure you live by the truth.

Biden Trying to Turn the Tables on Republicans

Biden claims the Democrats aren't trying to defund the police.

States settle lawsuit over opioids with pharmaceutical companies.

Creators and their Creations - who is in charge?

Libertarians want you to be free to seek your own happiness.

Another Step Towards Total Control

Biden is pressuring social media to ban anyone not conforming to the official government pronouncements.

Why you should be seeking out the truth no matter what it might mean to your personal agenda.

The continued reckless spending by the national government is going to bankrupt our country.

Why it's important to keep and defend the principles of personal freedom and liberty even when all those around you are not.

Racism: Another Route to Power and Money

Is it time to finally drop the failed idea of government schools?

How are power-hungry people using racism as their personal payday?

Is it possible for racism to exist, much less prosper, in a truly free country?

Tucker Carlson: the latest victim of spying on the American people.

Celebrating Freedom on Independence Day

We officially became traitors to the King of England on Independence Day.

Three important points to remember on Independence Day.

How does the Declaration of Independence speak to us in relation to government today?

Do we have a problem with a nobility in American politics?

The Two Major Non-Majority Political Parties

The shrinking percentages of the Democrat and Republican political parties. 

You cannot give ground nor make exceptions for freedom because those are the very exceptions that will be used against freedom in other ways in the future.

The evasion of responsibility is too high in our country.

Too many people don’t know the basics of freedom and liberty, the basics of human interaction and motivation, not even the basics of economics.

Superficial Holidays and Other Government Nonsense

Juneteenth - The new federal holiday that means nothing. 

Repealing the unconstitutional Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

Abolishing the ATF - another hollow action of the federal government.

Another example of Biden's hypocrisy: is he lying or just suffering from old age?

Government Rules Are Not People Rules

No matter what politician is in office, we need to demand loyalty from them to the American principles of personal freedom and liberty.

Biden is dropping steel tariffs but raising lumber ones. Who is in charge in this Administration?

Is the answer to America's problems to be more like China? Biden and the G-7 certainly think so.

The Constitution restricts government but not the people. What applies to government does not apply to the people.

Waking The Lions of Freedom

The COVID hype is starting to fall apart all around us.

The United States Federal Government has been caught spying on world leaders again.

Do the intelligence agencies run this country? What information do they have on our elected politicians?

The democracy of the free market is much more precious than the democracy of the vote.

The Real Solution For Our Country

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the question of a reporter's Rights.

Why is it that taking away more of our freedom seems to always be the answer to government-created problems?

Is the Deep State running our mainstream media now?

President James Madison's veto of an infrastructure bill as unconstitutional.

Freedom Solves Many Problems

Don't let other people's freedom frighten you.

Drug crime brings about violence in our country.

Drug freedom would remove the violence plaquing our neighborhoods.

Repealing Prohibition II

The Infrastructure Boondoggle

What is the solution to the Israeli and Palestinian question?

The Biden Administration is paying off more cronies using "infrastructure" as an excuse.

Does tyranny already exist within the United States?

Freedom made our country great and we need to get it back.

The Poison of Racism

Republican tyranny is just as wrong as Democrat tyranny. 

Is adding more poison of racism to existing racism the answer to healing in our country?

If you want to remove stress from your life, drop social media for a month.

Are we making wise decisions that will restore our freedom?

Freedom: Accept No Substitutes

Repealing an unconstitutional Mask Mandate that never should have been implemented in the first place.

Fight back against the one-sided national news organizations.

Should we be working for "reform" or "freedom" from tyranny?

Libertarianism is the answer to our Big Government troubles.

Your Freedom Should Be Non-Negotiable

America is supposed to be a beacon of freedom to the world.

Negotiating over your freedom leaves you the loser every time.

National Pride is not about what our governments can accomplish with money taken from the taxpayers.

Has America been silently conquered by our employees in government?

Obvious Liberal News Bias

CNN has been reporting news from a liberal angle. In other news, the sun came up today.

How a steady diet of negative news can be damaging to your health.

Unclogging the court system would reduce the number of violent criminals receiving bail.

Why do some people look at government as their religion?

Gun Control Through Proclamation

Executive Orders are and always have been, unconstitutional. So why do we keep allowing Presidents to issue them?

Biden's end-run around the Constitution by bankrupting non-compliant gun manufacturers.

Individual freedom reigns over both the government and the "collective."

What kind of freedom do people come to this country to experience?

The Science of Numbers

If you want to know the COVID truth, look at the cold, hard numbers. 

You can refuse to participate in the "woke" game.

Texas has "reopened" and the media was completely wrong about their predicted apocalypse.

What is behind this massive push for vaccination? Money.


COVID Vaccine Immunity for Manufacturers

Gun violence is in the news. Prohibition of guns works no better than prohibition of drugs.

Can you trust the government to tell you the truth about COVID vaccine side-effects?

Can you trust the drug manufacturers to tell you the truth about COVID vaccine side-effects?

Why is everyone surrounding the COVID vaccine held immune from lawsuits except the people receiving them?

Defining and Defending American Freedom

Immigration is an issue that never seems to go away. How can we solve it once and for all?

How the United States is constantly under pressure to conform to the rest of the international community.

We are ultimately responsible for the fate of our beloved America... we need to act like it.

We need to stand up to the evil "woke" people and defend their victims whether we agree with them or not.

Political Party Problems

Congress is passing another bloated COVID relief payoff.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are using COVID to give our tax dollars to their friends.

When do you stop living your politics and start living your principles?

The two-party system is starting to crack as the public gets more tired of them.

The Parasite Called Government

Why should the people show respect for the government if it isn't going to respect the people in return?

We need to kill the parasites infecting our country and not the host.

A free market in organ donation would save lives.

Instead of freeing other countries, should other countries be freeing the people of the United States?

The Big Tech Boogeyman

Why are conservatives hypocritically calling for more government regulation of "Big Tech"?

If Big Tech set out to ruin Donald Trump and the Republicans, it failed miserably.

Why do we have this never-ending parade of mythological phantoms in our country?

Fully Informed Juries legislation has been introduced in Tennessee. What is it and why do we need it?

Making Government Agencies Raise Their Own Money

More and more people are starting to realize their principles align most closely with those of libertarians.

The fallacy of the United States being "one people".

Why you should have a choice in what you want your tax dollars going to fund in our government.

The Ted Cruz situation and another COVID stimulus swindle.

Don't Be A Pawn For The Political Elite

To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche: don't become that which you are trying to fight and defeat.

How the Political Establishments are using their followers to keep themselves in power.

Why fixing our system of voting is vitally important in our country today.

No matter how chaotic things get in our society, trust in yourself and never give up the fight for your personal freedom and liberty.

Handling Political Dissent

How a political party handles dissent is a good indication of their core beliefs about government in our country.

How living by libertarian principles is the ticket to a better, more peaceful life.

Sorcerers and Science - how to distinguish between the two in our world today.

Protecting your country from those who want to steal and loot.

US Government Admits to More Illegal Spying on Americans

How Executive Orders are unconstitutional and how We, the People can make them legal if we choose.

The Defense Intelligence Agency admits to unconstitutionally spying on Americans without warrants.

The criteria for search warrants in America and how the government is not meeting it.

In addition to term limits for bad politicians, how about term limits for the bad legislation they leave behind?

The New Boss Same As The Old Boss

Biden started off his first day as President issuing unconstitutional Executive Orders... much like all Administrations have since George Washington.

How liberals only defend private business decisions when they're banning conservatives and other liberal agenda items.

Blind and unquestioned acceptance of government policies and dictates only leads to more tyranny.

Why a federal government works better in the United States than the present national one.

Protesting Trump or His Policies?

How the government secretly taxes your money without you realizing it.

Why I don't defend Trump as much as people think I should.

Do we really need a bunch of government nannies telling us how to live?

Protesting people or elections, which should we be doing?


The Scourge of Political Parties

Was the Capital overrun by Anti-fa or Trump supporters... or both?

If Trump had Reagan's personality, he would have been easily reelected.

Political parties and their sole business of revenge.

Your political "friends" are not your real friends.


Mask Hyperphobia

Why are some people hyperphobic over mask use when the numbers don't back up their fears?

Why defend a mask-carry law and not defend a gun-carry law?

Our children are learning to bully and intimidate others from watching their parents and the news.

How the government has ensured that you cannot hold anyone legally liable if you have an adverse reaction to a COVID vaccine.

The Christmas Truce of 1914

The electrical utilities and the free market.

The America your grandparents knew versus our America today.

The Christmas Truce of 1914 and why it's important to us.

If you're tired of government and the constant fighting, you can choose not to participate.

Is Trump's Worst Enemy, Trump?

The Texas Supreme Court lawsuit and why you don't want it taking these cases and making these decisions.

Why did Trump lose his reelection bid?

Why did Reagan endure four years of personal and political attacks and still have a landslide reelection?

The opportunity to ensure your children are educated in personal freedom and liberty.

Fight Tyranny in All Forms

Why we should start referring to some Republicans as "Socialist Republicans".

The conservative surprise when government tyranny comes to their towns and businesses.

Why do the followers of the COVID Cult excuse and even defend the actions of their leaders?

Are Executive Orders constitutional? Are health mandates allowed under state constitutions?