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By: John Johnstone - Performance Coach

John Johnstone from Football Mindset hosts this podcast for professional footballers. He believes that your inner game drives your outer game and that you will never solve an inner game struggle with an outer game solution. What is the difference mentally between those who play at the top level and those who don’t? How do players overcome setbacks and deal with the abuse they often suffer after a poor performance? Success leaves clues, these podcasts will deliver lessons and stories you can learn from and apply to your own game to help you reach the top. JJ is very op...

MENTAL MONDAY! The Super League and Jose Mourinho
Yesterday at 6:00 AM

As much as JJ talks about the potential of the new European super league and Jose Mourinho's sacking

He delivers a serious message at the end about what you need to do as a footballer to deal with the noise and drama that goes with being a footballer at times

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If you are going to worry about anything this week, worry about this!
Last Monday at 6:00 AM

In an ideal world, you wouldn't have any worries heading into the new week

But if you are going to have your worries, worry about what JJ talks about in this episode

Let's start the new week strongly


What I see in you
Last Friday at 6:00 AM

Ever wondered what JJ sees in you as a professional footballer?

If so, make sure you listen to this episode.

It comes from a document he created 4 years ago when starting out on his football mindset journey 

However, more important than what JJ sees in you is what you see in yourself

What do you make of it?

Is positive thinking fucking you up?
Last Thursday at 6:00 AM

'It is all about positive thinking'

This is something that you hear so often in football

But is it true?

JJ thinks that positive thinking can actually be a hindrance as times as opposed to a help and he reveals why in this episode

Do you agree with him?

3 things you can learn from my garden exploits

Over the past few weeks, JJ has turned into a young Alan Titchmarsh and has been doing up his front and back garden

But what are the lessons he has learned from this that can help take you and your game to the next level?

Listen to this episode to find out

Did you play poorly on Saturday?

Did you play poorly on Saturday?

If so give this episode a listen as JJ tells a story about a client's performance on Saturday and why he wasn't shocked that he never played to his best in the match

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What to do if you are struggling with your inner game

JJ openly talks about times in the past where he has struggled with things and what he found got him the quickest and smoothest results to change the situation that he found himself in

You can use the advice he provides in this episode for your own journey as a professional footballer

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Would you benefit from working with a mental skills coach?

Have you ever wondered if you would benefit from working with a mental skills coach? Or what signs would indicate that you would benefit from working with one?

If so this is the episode for you!

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What has Jesse Lingard proved?

Over the last couple of years, Jesse Lingard has had a tough time of things both on and off the park

But since moving on loan to West Ham from Man United in January he has scored 6 goals and has 3 assists in 8 games

So what did his revival show you as a fellow professional footballer?

How do you maintain a certain performance level?

When you are bang in form what do you do to give yourself the best chance of the performance levels in the next match being just as good as the last match?

JJ talks about this in today's episode after Football Mindset just did its best-ever month in March

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How to perform with more composure

Something that all the top players have in abundance is composure

But how can you go about playing with more composure in your game?

JJ reveals his beliefs around composure and what you can do in order to create more in your game

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Tuchel on Werner and strikers struggling to score goals

If you are a striker this episode is not to be missed

JJ thinks it is the best episode for strikers that he has done

It will save you hours of hard work if you were about to do what Timo Werner done

As always any feedback is appreciated 

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What is the greatest game you have seen?

Over the years JJ has been to hundreds if not thousands of games as a fan and today he decided to ask you what is the greatest game you have witnessed whilst telling you his own answer

Infact, you may even say he has cheated as he names two

So what is the greatest game you have witnessed?

5 things you can learn from FM most successful month

On 14th July 2017 JJ took on his 1st ever professional footballer as a client

Fast forward to March 2021 and he has grown his stable to working with 21 clients a month

But what were the 5 things that helped him do that and how can you take those things and apply them to your career?

Listen to find out 

Try this if you are struggling with where you currently are

When you are struggling with where you are at it easy to focus on working harder on the training park, doing extras or eating better

But will that help you deal with your situation in the best way possible?

Listen to this episode to find out


Scotland and must win matches

JJ watched the build-up to Israel v Scotland on Sunday night and there was one thing in particular that really done his nut in about how the press and former professionals had build up the game

They had built it as a must win

2 games in to a 10 game campaign and there was a must win match

Crazy isn't it?

Is there a lesson in there that you can use to help you and your football going forward?

The truth about trying to solve a confidence struggle only on the training field

Have you ever tried to solve a confidence struggle by only working harder on the training field?

In today's episode, JJ reveals the truth about doing that...

Do this to create more confidence

Information does not equal implementation

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What does your best feel like?

Have you ever thought about that before?

If not listen to this episode to find out why JJ thinks it is essential that you do in order to go on and play at your best

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Jamie Carragher - Dealing with new signings in your position

This episode was requested by a listener who wanted to know more about how Jamie Carragher used to deal with Liverpool signing new players to replace him in his position

With JJ being a big fan of Carragher as a player and pundit he uses quotes from a podcast Carragher done with Alastair Campbell which reveals his approach to dealing with new signings

What do you make of how Carragher approached it?

Does this help you perform with more freedom?

So many teams are stumbling towards the finish line of automatic promotion and play-off spots

So many players in those teams are struggling to express themselves in a way that they were previously

JJ believes a lot of that is down to not playing with as much freedom which is what he discusses in today's podcast

Remember if you haven't already picked up your copy of Master your Confidence: The Elite footballer's guide to high performance you can do so by clicking here

How has lockdown been for me?

This week marks a year since Boris Johnson ordered everyone to stay at home

JJ thought that meant 4 weeks in the house and then he would be back out and about at games and watching his clients play

A year later that is obviously not the case

But how has he found it and what has happened for Football Mindset throughout that time?

Listen to this if you are a player who's league starts back today

Use this simple tool to set realistic expectations in your 1st game back today

Better expectations will help you with your confidence and belief levels

Unrealistic expectations have the ability to kill your confidence before a ball is even kicked

Try this when asking your gaffer for more minutes

This one is for the subs who are coming on from the bench and getting minutes but would like to get more minutes

If you can't do what JJ has invited you to do in this episode, maybe that is the reason you are not currently getting the minutes that you want?

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Are inspired by Steve Finnan's journey?

From non league football to Champions League winner

If Steve Finnan's journey doesn't inspire you very little will in JJ's eyes 

Success leaves clues

You are not a footballer

You might be reading the title of this thinking... wtf?!?!

But have a listen and let JJ know your thoughts on it

It is a topic that he is planning on going into deeper with his clients and this episode is the 1st step in helping him make sense of his own thoughts and start to put them into a system for his clients to use and understand


Don't get this mixed up if you are on the bench

It is so easy to get caught up in the minutes that you played, or didn't play

But is that the most important thing?

JJ thinks that something else is more important than the minutes that you played

Do you agree?

Jamie Carragher on Ravel Morrison lacking the mindset to be a top player

When asked about Ravel Morrison on Sky Sports Off Script Jamie Carragher said that you can't say someone should have been a top player but wasn't due to lacking the mindset to be a top player

Carragher believes that the mental side of the game is something that is required to be a top player and if you don't have it you can't say you should have been a top player... do you agree?

Are you uncertain around today's match?

One of the last things you want to be heading into a match is UNCERTAIN

Listen to this episode to find out how you can go from being uncertain to certain ahead of today's match with a simple change in focus

Drop the Instagram page a message with how you get on in today's game

Neil Lennon, Asda and coming back from injury

JJ talks about his 1st encounter with then Hibs boss Neil Lennon in an Asda car park

To get to this point he has never shied away from getting uncomfortable in regards to who he introduces himself to and where

Also, he answers a question that came in on Instagram about not falling behind the 1st week back at training after an injury

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Film Recommendation...You must WATCH THIS!

If you need to be convinced about just how powerful the mental side of your game is in relation to your performance, watch this film!

You will get it free on amazon prime (at the time of this pod going out)

If you don't have amazon prime or it has been removed, you can purchase the film from apple


Why as a professional footballer you should think in ink

JJ insists that all his clients have and use a notepad whilst working with him

In today's episode, he explains why that is and how it can help your performance

Do you have a notepad and if so what do you use it for?

Luis Saurez - Use other people's doubts to fuel your success

After 13 trophies and 198 goals for Barcelona, Luis Saurez was told that he no longer had a future at the club

What has he done since then?

Helped his new club Atletico Madrid to the top of La Liga by scoring 17 goals in 22 games

Why can't you use other people's doubts to fuel you just like Luis Saurez does?

Do you need to enjoy the process to be successful?

Playing under pressure, dealing with expectations, travelling to games

These are things that not a lot of players will enjoy but they are essential for any footballer to be successful

Today JJ asks do you need to enjoy the process in order to be successful?

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What is your best 5 a side team?

JJ thought he would take the pod in a different direction in this episode and give you his best 5 a side team that he has watched

What do you make of it?

What is your best team? Make sure you tag the Instagram page with your choice.

Whatever it is JJ is confident he ahs the beating of you!

INTERVIEW: Recovering from injury part 2

In follow up to Episode 72 where Kenny Hall spoke about doing his ACL twice

JJ has him back on to see how his recovery is going now and what he has learned since the last episode 

What’s your takeaway from this episode?

Email as he would love to know

Zinedine Zidane nearly knocked me down!

What is your claim to fame in life?

JJ reveals his in today's episode

Not everyone can say that Zizou nearly knocked them down outside the Santiago Bernabeu can they?

Does who you are lead you to playing poor on a Saturday?

It is so easy to get caught up in what you need to do on a Saturday

Analysis, tactics, technique etc

But is that really your problem come 3pm on a Saturday?

If not, find out what is by listening to episode 102 of the FM podcast

INTERVIEW: Stephen Manson - Stepping up to train with the 1st team

Success leaves clues...

If you are a footballer trying to make the step up from the academy to the 1st team this is an interview not to be missed!

Open and honest, Stephen Manson talks about some of the highs and lows that he experienced throughout his football career and what he would do different if he was to rewind the clock back and start out on his journey once again.


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