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Redefining the 21st Century prepper. Promoting Self-reliance and Independence. Shows on all things survival, preparedness, homesteading, disaster response and the like. We will get you on or keep you on a road to disaster and emergency preparedness.

The Intrepid Commander On DGI And The Organic Prepper
Yesterday at 1:52 PM


The Last American: Socialist Beat Down
Last Saturday at 4:00 PM

Aden Tate takes on socialism in this breakdown of the methods and the means.

The Strange Truth Episode 24: The UFO Report Serious or Not
Last Friday at 4:00 PM

Another powerful hour with Karl B! Talking UFOs and a trip to Ithica! Oh yes. A man on his preparedness path, with his family doing what it takes to be Self Reliant and Independent!

DAC: Chicken Mites And Diatomaceous Earth
Last Friday at 2:47 PM

4th Of JULY Celebration, Coffee, Off Grid Tech, 24/7 PBN?
Last Thursday at 3:57 PM

Prepare yourself!!!

I AM Liberty: In the Woods and Such
Last Thursday at 12:05 AM

The Great Outdoors

DAC - How And Why To Have Rain Barrels
Last Wednesday at 2:24 PM

Surviving Seattle - The Next Generation Show
Last Wednesday at 1:01 AM

This week we delve into tsunamis, the effects after the chaos, and what people in the epicenter need to be aware of - and the people around the country depending on the location and the services provided....

Patriot Power Hour (143.5)
Last Wednesday at 12:55 AM

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 143)
Last Tuesday at 11:51 PM

DAC - Big Happenings At PBN
Last Tuesday at 7:33 PM

5 Minute Sadhana Om Chant
Last Tuesday at 10:52 AM

Follow along for your morning practice

Preppers LIVE with Butch from Hope For Survival!
Last Tuesday at 1:06 AM

You know we are always talking community here on PBN. Lets get his take!

DAC - NBC Guy's All Over The Place!

Prepping For The Good Life

The Last American Episode 7: EMP and Off Grid Living

Aden is back with his take on EMP this week and off grid living.

DAC - NBC Guy Says Thanks!

The Strange Truth Episode 23: Should Preppers Consider Insects and Lab Grown Meat as a Protein Source

What does the future of meat production look like in this nation and the world? For now, you are allowed to produce meat in your own backyard but what happens when that option is no longer your choice?

Are you ready for your first grasshopper burger? Chances are you are not. Here is Karl B's take.

The Gunmetal Armory: AK47 Care and Maintanence (REPLAY)

Dane at his best in this replay on AKs.

NBC Guy Asking A Favor

America Unfurling with I AM Liberty

Lets talk about the waking of America


Be there

Tips for a Tweaker Toolbox - The Next Generation Show

This week we look into the shady side of survival. That's right. Addiction has a strange place in society that we can avoid while we have law and order, but with a few minor catastrophies or legal battles we could be facing a time where authority stands at the doorstep. So are you ready to face this potential if it comes knocking in some form or another?

DAC - PBN Traveling Reporter

Cyberattack Shuts Down the Biggest Meat Producer in the World w/ Christian from The Ice Age Farmer

Christian from The Ice Age Farmer returns to PBN to tell us about another cyber attack. This is a big problem that needs to be addressed but I want you to use it as fuel to get prepared.

Preppers LIVE: Memorial Day Special!

Praise those who have given all!

DAC - NBC Guy Says Tune In Tonight!

DAC - Thanks For Listening Ryan

The Last American: Canadian Tyranny and BEYOND!

Aden Tate is on fire tonight with the COVID tyranny that is sweeping the nation. Ring your hands and sound an applause for The Last American.

Commanders Challenge

The Strange Truth Episode 22: Beware of Stimulus Check and COVID 19 Scams

Karl B has been such an incredible asset and he is going to lay down the law on stimulus check scams and other dastardly nonsense. The age of hacking is upon us and scammers are more equipped than ever before.

DAC - Memorial Day Weekend!

To Shot Or Not Too Shot That Is The Question?

The Gunmetal Armory: Combat Handguns (REPLAY)

Dane at his best in this replay.

DAC - NBC Guys Daily Audio Rant

I AM Liberty: Prepping a Child's Future

We know what we need to prepare our kids for today but what should we be doing to prepare them for 20 years from now?

DAC - Double Barrel Friday This Week

The Next Generation: Responsibility as Parents with Guns (REPLAY)

Such an important topic in this day and age.

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 142)

Nothing's New Under The Sun But Some Things Are Getting More Sophisticated - Censorship; Vaccines; BioWeapon Lab Leaks; Federal Reserve Repo Explosion; Brain-Scanning AI & More!

DAC: Cacking Crypto Wallets