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This is the official Podcast channel of All Things DnD which is dedicated bringing you the most entertaining Dungeons and Dragon stories this side of Faerun! Need ideas for your next campaign or are you interested in listening to epic tales and some epic fails? Well look no further, you've come to the right place. New stories are posted every three days!

When The DM Made Sure The Party Fails To Even Leave The Tavern | Narrated D&D Story
Last Sunday at 6:30 PM

This DM may just be the next Agatha Christie. Or not.

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D&D Story: How My Party's Incredible Luck Led To Death Of Their Strongest PC

Ever won a lottery but then end up poor again?

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How I Accidentally Uncovered A Kingdom-Wide Conspiracy In 5 Minutes | D&D Story

I almost feel a little bad for this DM

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D&D Story: When Rogue Used A Powerful Ancient Technique To Interrogate A Prisoner

This is excellent, lol

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D&D Story: Meet An Older Brother Who Is A Terrible DM & Even Worse Brother

What a horrible DM and an even worse brother.

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D&D Story: What Happens When The Party is 50% Edgelords

Just when I thought no one can be edgier than an edgelord...

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D&D Story: How It Feels To Lose Your First Ever Character

Losing a character you love can be so hard..

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D&D Story: When DM Butchered The Campaign With A Mile Long Ban List

I mean, why even bother?

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D&D Story: How Dare You Fight The Boss I Railroaded You To!

What was the point of even running the game?

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D&D Story: When A Dragon Learned The Treant's Bark is Worse Than His Bite

This was poetree...

Make your world now at​

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D&D Story: Dungeon Master Wants To Hook Up With A Player Who Is Also A Problem

Is this the craziest DM is nuts story you've ever heard?

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D&D Story: How The Dumb Barbarian ‘Accidently’ Created The Perfect Villain

Sometimes your players do all the work creating the perfect villain for themselves.

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D&D Story: When a False Hydra Broke a Ranger’s Heart & Mind

Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Or is it way worse if you know you loved someone but can’t remember anything about them at all.

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D&D Story: Why This Might Be The Last Time I Ever Tried To Be A Player

Was the OP being overly critical or justified in why he wants to not become a player again? 

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D&D Story: How To PROPERLY Be An Evil Necromancer

Arrogance leads to destruction. When will people learn? 

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D&D Story: How Teamwork Can Make Even An 'Unbeatable' Encounter 'Beatable'

This was an epic display of quick thinking and teamwork and I love it. If I were DMing I would have snuck a worg into that hedge maze to really make things intense

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D&D Story: How My Ex-Boyfriend Outed Himself As An Abuser Through DnD

People can be terrible. But people can also be great. Always remember that.

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D&D Story: Failed Edgelord Made A Cinnamon Roll After Messing Up An Edgelord Recipe

Has your character ever went down a totally different path because of the group you were playing with?

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D&D Story: That Time When I Became A God

Would you allow this at your table?

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D&D Story: How I Got Banned From Playing A 'Talker' Character In DnD

Have you ever played a “talker”?

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D&D Story: How A Goblin’s Epic Backstory Led To A War Between Gods

A great backstory is the difference between an okay character and campaign and an amazing one.

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D&D Story: How We Saved Someone From An Abusive Boyfriend Through DnD

If you ever experience anything like this please reach out and help them.

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D&D Story: Why Polymorph Is A Perfectly Balanced Spell With No Exploits

Why is it that barbarians, historically the characters with the lowest intelligence come up with some of the best plans? And then screw it all up.

The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

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D&D Story: How My Players Proved They Weren't Murderhobos

Have you ever bonded with an NPC companion in any of your campaigns?

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D&D Story: DM Tries To Get Revenge After A Girl Chooses A Player Over Him

Women don’t be discouraged there are some good tables out there.

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D&D Story: How The Brave Paladin Bluffed the Dragon, Twice

So have you ever bluffed a dragon?

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D&D Story: When An Edgelord Kid Took Edginess To The Extreme

Do you feel like the DM was justified in feeling the way he did about the kid?

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D&D Story: When I Realized Everyone Needs A Chicken Sidekick

Does Stabby retain the ability to talk to chickens? I think I may just borrow this idea for my next character.

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D&D Story: A Gentleman Lizard-Folk's Epic Roleplaying Makes The Party Question Their Morals

Do you agree with Veetor? Was what he was doing justified? Was he actually doing good? Or do you agree with Ora?

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D&D Story: The Single Best Use Of The Spell 'Darkness' I Have Ever Seen

If you were the DM would you have allowed it? How important is the “rule of cool” at your table. 

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D&D Story: How I Wiped Out 2000+ Zombies With A Single Attack

 I would think maybe 1d4 per tree. Max 1d6. I’ll give it to the player that it’s an awesome move and I wouldn’t have thought of it

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D&D Story: The Greatest Session Ever Where Everything Just Burned

This one is going to be a long and epic journey for you guys

D&D Story: Why No DnD Is Better Than Bad DnD

I cannot stress how important session zero is for establishing what people can expect from the game and the people

D&D Story: Why Talking To Your Dungeon Master Solves Every Problem, Literally

As a DM would you have held your ground and kept the items the same or changed them?

D&D Story: DM Kicks Me Out Because Apparently Creativity & Roleplay Don't Go Together

What is D&D if not a living fairytale?

D&D Story: The Jealous Harem Anime Protagonist That Rage Quit

Female NPCs don’t only exist to be swooned, you know

D&D Story: Wholesome Warlock Makes An Orphan's Unicorn Dream Come True

So who else is putting an unicorn in their upcoming DnD campaign?

D&D Story: Unorthodox Dragon Makes Everyone Cry Defying All Expectations

I’m not crying… okay, yes I am. What a fantastic story

I used to be THAT GUY, A Confession

It takes a big person to admit when they were wrong

D&D Story: Most Deranged and Disturbing Character That I Have Ever Played (Conclusion)

Will YOUR story surpass Xaldin’s? I don’t know, that was a pretty incredible story.