The Powerful Man Show

10 Episodes

By: Tim Matthews & Doug Holt

The Powerful Man is a show for married businessmen looking to improve their relationships, their health, their businesses, and themselves. Your hosts, Doug Holt and Tim Matthews have decades of experience helping married businessmen step into their power, live up to their potential, and live a life they love. The Powerful Man Show tackles conversations and topics designed to help men become better fathers, lovers, husbands, and leaders in their communities. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to subscribe and also head over to for more information.

Anniversaries Unveiled: Transform Your Milestones into a Masterpiece of Love
Last Saturday at 12:30 PM

Episode #809

Are you ready to transform your anniversary from an overlooked date to a masterpiece of love and surprise? How can you ensure that this special occasion leaves both you and your partner eagerly awaiting the next?

In this episode of "Anniversaries Unveiled," Doug Holt dives deep into the heart of celebrating anniversaries not just as a date on the calendar, but as a landmark event in your relationship. He shares personal anecdotes and practical tips that can turn your annual celebration into an unforgettable experience.

Doug discusses the importance of planning ahead...

When Your Libidos Don't Match: Bridging the Desire Gap in Marriage
Last Thursday at 12:37 PM

Ever wonder how mismatched libidos can impact a marriage and what you can do about it?

In this episode of the TPM Show, Doug Holt delves into the common but rarely discussed issue of the "desire gap" in relationships. Discover how differences in sexual desire between partners can strain a marriage and the practical, actionable strategies that can help bridge this gap.

Doug shares personal anecdotes and professional insights on the dynamics of desire, revealing why connection is crucial for intimacy. He discusses the impact of schedules, stress, and biological rhythms on sexual health and...

Love is a Battlefield: Turning Conflict into Compassion in Your Marriage

Are you and your partner battling more than bonding? In today’s TPM Show episode, we dive into the age-old question of how to turn marital conflict into a catalyst for compassion and connection.

In this episode, Doug Holt discusses the common but challenging issue of conflict in marriages. He opens up about his own experiences and shares insights on navigating disagreements to strengthen rather than strain relationships. With a focus on fighting for your marriage, not in it, Doug introduces practical techniques such as the "hidden motives technique" and the importance of validation and empathy in co...

Is your phone stealing your spouse? Reconnect in the screen-saturated world

Episode #807

Is your relationship suffering in our screen-saturated world? Are digital devices becoming a third wheel in your marriage?

In an age where technology often competes with intimacy, this episode dives deep into the heart of relationships amidst the digital chaos. Discover how to reclaim the connection that screens have slowly eroded away.

In this episode, Doug Holt addresses a critical issue facing couples today: the battle for attention in a world dominated by screens. He shares personal anecdotes, humor, and actionable advice on navigating digital distractions to foster deeper connections. Listeners will...

Beyond the Material: Making Your Woman Feel Seen, Heard, and Desired

Episode #805

Welcome to another episode of the TPM show, where we dive deep into the essence of truly meaningful relationships. This time, Doug Holt explores the unparalleled gift every man can give to the woman in his life: the gift of being seen, heard, and desired. Beyond material possessions and superficial accolades lies a profound understanding of a woman's intrinsic needs that, when fulfilled, can elevate a relationship to extraordinary heights.

In this episode, Doug shares personal anecdotes and insights from his own life and marriage, revealing how acknowledging and acting upon these three fundamental...

Grow Together by Growing Apart: Personal Development as the Key to Saving Your Marriage

Episode #804

In a world where routine and monotony can wear down the strongest of bonds, "Grow Together by Growing Apart: Personal Development as the Key to Saving Your Marriage" presents an enlightening perspective on rekindling the spark in your relationship. Doug Holt sheds light on an often-overlooked aspect of marriage—personal growth.

In this episode, Doug delves into the crux of marital stagnancy and the transformative power of self-improvement. With compelling anecdotes and practical advice, he navigates the journey of self-discovery and the ripple effect it has on one’s partner and the marriage as a wh...

Love's Battlefield: Navigating Disagreements Without Losing Connection

Episode #803

Dive into "Love's Battlefield: Navigating Disagreements Without Losing Connection," where Doug Holt delves into transforming relationship conflicts into opportunities for intimacy. This episode is a lifeline for anyone trapped in the endless cycle of arguments, offering a fresh perspective on partnership dynamics.

In this episode, Doug shares his journey from enduring weeks of disconnection to resolving conflicts in seconds, spotlighting the transformative strategies that can change the course of any relationship. He emphasizes actionable steps and introduces techniques like the hidden motives technique to foster understanding and connection.

Listeners will come away...

Public Put-Downs: Turning Humiliation Into Harmony

Episode #802

Ever found yourself on the receiving end of a put-down from your partner in a public setting? It's more common than you think, and it's definitely not a reflection of your worth. In this insightful episode of the TPM Show, join Doug Holt as he delves deep into the delicate dynamics of public embarrassment and criticism within intimate relationships. With humor, empathy, and expert guidance, Doug unpacks why these painful interactions happen and how you can respond powerfully and respectfully to rebuild respect and understanding.

This episode is not just about navigating the waters...

Scale or Fail? Overcoming the Growing Pains of Business Expansion

Episode #801

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Have you considered the importance of reviewing your performance and conducting thorough audits?

In this podcast episode, Tim and Doug delved into the critical aspects of scaling a business effectively. They emphasized the significance of reviewing game tapes, akin to how sports teams analyze their performances, to identify areas of improvement and ensure effective leadership delivery.

Additionally, they highlighted the necessity of conducting audits to plug potential holes in the business that may hinder scalability.

In this...

Beyond Roommates: Rediscovering Your Partner As Your Soulmate

Episode #800

Are you looking to enhance your daily mindset and improve your relationships?

Wondering how small daily practices can lead to significant positive changes?

In this enlightening discussion, discover the power of acknowledging daily wins and cultivating a positive perspective. Join us as we delve into the importance of focusing on the things that are going right in your life and how this mindset shift can impact your interactions with loved ones.

In this episode, you'll learn about the transformative practice of writing down five wins each day and its profound...