The Garner Andrews Show with Bryce Kelley

40 Episodes

By: Garner Andrews & Bryce Kelley

A couple of guys who barely graduated high school, talking about the intricacies of daily life. If you like hearing people talk in detail about things like… the best apple, boxes, and wigs, then this is the podcast for you.

Ghosts and Finding Money
Last Thursday at 6:00 PM

Garner and Bryce continue to hear your tales that make people say "I dont believe you, bro." They range from encounters with ghosts, to finding fat stacks of cash.

I Don't Believe You, Bro
Last Wednesday at 6:00 PM

Do you have a story that everyone doubts is true? Something that happened in your life that causes people to say 'I don't believe you, bro'? Garner and Bryce hear your stories.

Tales of Epic Returns
Last Tuesday at 6:00 PM

Today Garner and Bryce are hearing epic return tales. Stories from people who have bought something, and then returned it. Maybe it was pants that didnt fit, OR maybe it was a rug you used for 15 years and then took back....successfully. 

Warnings For Movies

When you see a movie, we often see warnings for things like swearing, violence and nudity...but should we have other warnings? Garner and Bryce break suggest a few new ones, like snakes. Garn would love to know whether there is a snake in the he can properly avoid it. 

More Secret Lives....Exposed!

Garner and Bryce continue to hear from people spilling their secret lives. They have a normal 9-5, but once they get home...the secrets begin. SO JUICY.

Your Secret Life

Do you have a secret side that not many people know about? Garner and Bryce talk about your mysterious side. 

Sink Holes And Treasure Hunts

Garner and Bryce are always on the lookout for a good side hustle. Would panning for gold being a good option? They discuss that. They also chat about a big sink hole that recently captured Edmonton's attention.

Being Called The Wrong Name

When you are called the wrong name, do you correct them...or just roll with it? Garner and Bryce have lots of experience with this, but  how about you?

Sending A Text To The Wrong Person

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Garner and Bryce are talking about that time you made a whoopsie! 

Life Rules And Witnessing Crime

Garner and Bryce finish off the week talking more about the life rules you have for yourself. They also talk about what (if anything) you would do if you witnessed someone stealing from a store.

Hard and Fast Rules For Living

Do you have any rules for yourself? Garner and Bryce talk about the little rules we all have for ourselves that we use to guide ourselves through this crazy thing we call 'life'.

The Variety Pack

With all the wild things in the headlines, today Garner and Bryce carve out time to talk about what really matters........variety packs. There is always 1 lame option in a variety pack, right?

Drama At The Self Check-Out

Have you ever had drama at the self check-out machine at the grocery store? Bryce witnessed a nice hissy fit yesterday. He and Garner break that down. They also talk about super Canadian foods!

People That Are A Mystery To You

The world is a place of mystery. Today Garner and Bryce talk about the people we see everyday that leave us with more questions. Like the people who will get gas, when the station across the street is clearly selling it for less. Why not get the cheaper option? 

Questions You've Always Been Afraid To Ask

We all have curious minds, but is there any questions that has been burning a hole in your brain...but you've been too afraid to ask? Garner and Bryce want to hear it, and maybe even have answers! I doubt it, but maybe!

The September Refresh

Is it just us when the calendar flips to September, you treat it like new years? You decide now that summer is over, its time to knock off some bad habits and clean things up? 

The Standing Ovation

Garner and Bryce are back! They return from their vacations talking about *checks notes* standing ovations? Sure. Standing ovations always start off nice, but after a certain amount of time it just gets awkward. Right?

Spotting A Celebrity In The Wild

Have you ever been out in public, minding your own business, when you suddenly spot a celebrity? Garner and Bryce hear your wild celeb encounters. 

Paying For A Strangers Meal

Have you ever had a stranger pay for your meal in a restaurant or in a drive thru? Or maybe you were the one buying the goods. Garner and Bryce talk about 'paying it forward.'

The Evolution Of The Kids Birthday Party

Remember when you were a kid, and you had awesome birthday party's? Garner and Bryce talk about kids party's and how much they've changed over the years.

The Music Vault

Norway is building a vault to save the greatest songs of all time, to keep them safe incase the world explodes. Garner and Bryce talk about what songs should and should NOT be invited into the vault.

Kijiji Power Moves

If its one thing Garner loves, its Kijiji. Today he and Bryce talk about power moves that can be pulled when buying something off of Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. They also learn there is a Hide and Seek club in town. Who knew?

The Worst Roommate Ever

Have you ever had a really really weird roommate? Garner and Bryce hear your tales, and it includes everything from sleep walkers, to underwear stealers!!

Too Many Roommates

Garner and Bryce try to answer an age old question: How many roommates is too many? They also break down the game film of the most recent documentary about Woodstock '99.

Spending Money On Things Nobody Notices

Have you ever had to spend mega money on something that nobody will ever notice? Like new tires on a car, or a new hot water tank? Garner and Bryce talk about these deeply unsatisfying purchases.

Cats on Leashes

Garner and Bryce continue to talk about weird neighbours. Maybe its you?!!? This leads to them talking about people who take their cats out for walks with leashes. Turns out, lots of people do that!

What Makes You The Weird Neighbour?

We have all lived near weirdos at some point, but do you do anything that makes YOU the weirdo neighbour? Garner and Bryce talk about the strange things you do.

The Worst Financial Decision You Ever Made

Are you good with money? Us neither. Garner and Bryce talk about the worst things you've ever done with money.

The Thing You Learned Later In Life

Is there a skill or hobby you didnt pick up until later in life? Maybe it was drums, or baking, or skateboarding? 

The Weirdest Rumour You've Ever Heard....About Yourself

Garner and Bryce are talking about the weirdest rumour you ever heard about yourself. Some are positive rumours, but most arent......oh my.

Have You Ever Been Given A Car As A Gift?

Garner spotted someone getting a car as a gift recently. Giant bow on the hood and everything. Have you ever been given a huge gift like that? Garn and Bryce also talk about the worst rumour you've ever heard about yourself.

The Lost Art Of The Garage Sale

Have you noticed the quality of Garage sales is going down? Garner sure has. He and Bryce talk about this important decline. They also talk about that time you got fired.

Hey, Why Did You Get Fired?

Have you ever been fired? Garner and Bryce are talking about that time you totally got canned.

Real Life Plot Twists

Have you ever had something happen in your life that seemed like something out of a soap opera? Garner and Bryce talk about your real life plot twists!

The Car Features You Can't Live Without

Garner and Bryce are talking about cars today! Just manly men, talking about engines and wheels......ok, they are actually talking about the features you have in your car that you can't live without.

Living Thrifty & Pickle Juice

With the cost of everything being sky high right now, what are you doing to save some coin? Garner and Bryce also talk about pickle juice, its a thing and it seems everyone loves it.

Are You A Hoarder?

Are you a hoarder? Do you collect things? Garner and Bryce talk about the things that you just can't seem to throw away. Garn also talks about the cat he is pet-sitting. 

Everyone Hates Paper Straws

Everyone hates paper straws, right? Like, we all know they are better for the environment than plastic straws...but they still stink, right? Garner and Bryce take things to a new level with Straw Chat.

Competitive Eating

After watching the annual 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest in the USA, Garner and Bryce talk about the foods that you could eat competitively. 

Your Ultimate Nerd Flex

Do you have a nerd flex? Have you ever done something SUPER nerdy, but did it at a very high level? Garner and Bryce talk about it. They also break down the greatest shower a person can have: The post-camping shower.