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Stories of people doing business and life well. We explore what it means and what it takes to do business and life well. I’m your host, Peter Wilson. If you’re like me, you’re intrigued by stories of common people who have achieved uncommon success in business and life. Join me as I interview fascinating people about how they got started, their successes and failures, their habits and routines, and what inspires them.

A Chat With The Founder Of College Movers – Ethan Vastbinder

Peter’s guest is Ethan Vastbinder, founder and President of College Movers. The company connects college students to local labor opportunities, primarily focused on residential moving and event staffing. He started the company in 2018 at the young age of 22. Since starting, the company has grown to nine locations with plans for many more. Ethan explains how he started the business and how he has managed to grow it so rapidly.

Need college student labor for a move? Visit
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SEO Hot Takes - Why Your Website Must Be Fast

Peter and Paul Lee's latest "SEO Hot Take" is how a slow website can impact rankings on Google search results. They discuss the factors that can slow down website performance and how to fix them.

For a Free Website Speed Test, send an email to with your website domain. We'll run a speed test and send you the results with a personalized video explaining everything.

Nathan Caddell - On Becoming An Ultramarathon Runner

Peter's guest is Nathan Caddell, a husband, father, friend, pastor, and an ultramarathon runner. Nathan shares how he got started, his motivation, and how he keeps going. For those wondering, an ultramarathon is defined as any running race longer than a marathon (26.2 miles).

Show Notes:
Book suggested by Nathan
North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail
by Scott Jurek

Nathan was selected to be part of “Becoming Ultra,” a coaching experience for first-time ultramarathoner’s.
Becoming Ultra – podcast

Follow Nathan Caddell on Instagram @caddelliano - The Origin Story & Lessons Learned After 10 Years In Business

Peter Wilson shares the origin story of and a few of the lessons he learned after 10 years in the business of marketing. Peter is interviewed by Emily Caddell,’s Director of Marketing. Peter founded the marketing company in early 2012 to help small businesses grow faster and win online.

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Big Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Websites feat. Chris Goldman

Want to know why your website isn't generating new business? Catch up with Pete and Chris as they discuss BIG mistakes businesses make with their websites and how to fix them.

Protecting Your Website From Hackers with Tim Hendershot

Worried about your website getting hacked? Learn the steps you can take to protect your website from hackers in this episode featuring Tim Hendershot,'s web developer. Peter and Tim discuss the most common website attacks and how businesses can defend against them.

Online Ads - What's Working Now With Emily Caddell

Peter and Emily Caddell,'s Director of Marketing, discuss the latest trends in online marketing and what's working now. They cover Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, and what types of ad campaigns are working on each.

How BNI Helps Businesses Connect And Grow with Chris Goldman

Business Networking International, BNI for short, is a 30+ year-old organization that helps business owners and professionals connect and refer to each other. In this  episode Peter discusses the benefits of BNI with Chris Goldman. Chris is's messaging expert and a member of BNI. Peter has been a member of BNI for the past 8 years. They discuss how BNI has helped grow year after year and how it can help you too. 

How Vocal Coach Sally Morgan Empowered My Voice – She Can Help You Too

Peter is joined by vocal coach, Sally Morgan, from Sing Like You Speak Academy. Peter and Sally discuss how to speak more confidently and with authority. Listen in to hear what lessons Sally has for Peter and hear his actual improvement.

Sally Morgan singer, songwriter, vocal trainer, author, director, speaker development trainer, keynote speaker, is on a mission. Her life purpose is to empower voices and lives by making the vocal arts accessible to everyone. Singing so simple it feels like talking to your best friend. Sally is a master at helping singers bridge that gap between...

An Introduction to Google Analytics for Small Business

Confused about Google Analytics and how it can help your business? Peter and his guest, Stuart Jenner, discuss the fundamentals of Google Analytics that every business owner should know. Peter and Stuart answer these important questions:

What is Google Analytics in laymen’s terms? How you can get started with Google Analytics? How many people visit your website each hour, day, month, and quarter? What type of device are they using; mobile, desktop, or tablet? How people found your website in the first place? What pages and content on your website are the most popular? Caution – You might be s...

Social Media Pitfalls Your Small Business Should Avoid with Emily Caddell

Peter is joined by's Director of Marketing and Social Media expert, Emily Caddell. They discuss five social media pitfalls that businesses need to avoid. Their advice comes from years of experience seeing businesses do it wrong and pay the price.

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DIY Marketing - Good or Bad? Featuring Marketing Expert David Kaufer

Should you do the marketing for your own company? The simple answer is, it depends. Peter is joined by David Kaufer, Chief Dynamic Officer at his marketing agency, KDMC. Peter and David discuss the pros and cons of DIY marketing. They also discuss the questions you should be asking prospective marketing agencies before you hire them.

Get In Touch
Peter Wilson, President of

David Kaufer, Chief Dynamic Officer at KDMC
KDMC Website

Is Leadership Coaching Right For You? Featuring Anne Garing

Leadership and Personal Coach Anne Garing is my guest. We discuss how coaching helps leaders get a better understanding of their goals and achieve them. Peter has worked personally with Anne and can attest to the impact she had on helping him.

Anne helps young adults, career professionals, and business leaders with career development and life changes. She has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and spent several years teaching psychology at the college level. For the majority of her career, she worked in a large not-for-profit healthcare system in Learning and Organizational Development. <...

How AI, Big Data, 5G & Blockchain Can Help Your Business Win

Artificial intelligence (a.k.a. AI), big data, 5G and blockchain are emerging technologies that will have profound impacts on how businesses operate in the future. Peter's guests David Cieslak and Eric Beyer discuss what these are and how they can be used in business to win.

SEO Hot Takes With Paul Lee

Peter and SEO Expert Paul Lee answer two frequently asked questions, "SEO or Google Ads, which is best for growing a business?" and, "How long does it take for SEO to work?" They also discuss how businesses should rank for keywords that are not on their website.

Here are two articles Paul wrote about these questions:
SEO or Google Ads, Which Is Best For Growing Your Business?
How Long Does SEO Take?

How We Use "The Ideal Team Player" By Patrick Lencioni To Build A Better Team

Peter and Emily discuss how the team at applied the lessons from "The Ideal Team Player," by Patrick Lencioni, to build a better team. They examine what Lencioni calls the "three virtues" of an ideal team player; humble, hungry, and smart. Peter and Emily also discuss how each of these virtues is exemplified in's weekly team meeting.

How Helped More Than 10,000 Businesses In 2021

In 2021, helped more than 10,000 businesses. Peter Wilson, President of and Kyle Rhodes, the company's designer, discuss how and why the company did it.

The tagline for is "We Help Businesses Win Online." One of the company's core values is simply, "We Help Businesses Win." This formed the genesis of a viral success as the company helped more than 24,000 in 2021.

Early in 2021, Peter met with his business coach, Anne Garing of Anne Garing Coaching to plan his goals for the next three years. One of his goals was to help...

What’s My Business Worth? Eli Neal Helps Answer That Question

“What’s my business worth” is a question most business owners ask themselves. My guest is Eli Neal, Founding Principal of 4 Corners Financial Forensics. He is a business valuation expert that helps businesses understand what their business is worth. We discuss why it’s important to get a business valuation, the various pitfalls of not having it done, and different approaches to valuing a business.

Read Eli’s blog post: “What is the process for a business valuation?“

Get in touch with Eli for a free initial consultation:
(425) 998-7690

Joe Sherman, MD - Helping Healthcare Providers With Burnout & Rediscovering Joy In Their Career

Burnout among doctors and healthcare providers of all types is an epidemic. Peter's guest is Dr. Joe Sherman, a a board-certified pediatrician with over 30 years of clinical practice experience who experienced burnout himself. He overcame burnout and rediscovered joy in his medical career. Now he is on a mission of helping other healthcare professionals rediscover the joy of practicing medicine through coaching, consulting, and workshops for individuals and organizations.

Contact Dr. Joe Sherman

Sarah Rivera - Her Equine Assisted Learning Helps Women Find Harmony In Their Lives

Sarah Rivera is the founder of "Women Take The Lead," an equine assisted learning experience where the horse is the life coach. She is a Certified Facilitator through Equine Connection. This unique program marries together her two passions: her love of horses and her desire to help people.

Learn more about Sarah and her company

Jon Hall - Your Business Needs To Be Using Mobile Messaging Now

Jon Hall is the founder of Switchbird, a mobile messaging platform that makes it easy for businesses to communicate with their customers via SMS text messaging and other forms of messaging. Peter and Jon discuss the value of text messaging for businesses and how to get started.

Contact Peter at if you're interested in a demo of the Switchbird platform.
(425) 835-3412 or schedule a meeting with Peter - Calendar Link

Check out Switchbird's website if you want to research the service directly. Be sure to mention this podcast if you reach out...

Chris Chavez - How Videos Can Help Small Businesses Grow

Chris Chavez is a videographer and storyteller that produces videos for businesses and organizations. Peter and Chris discuss how videos can help small businesses better connect with potential customers through storytelling.

Get in touch with Chris Chavez and learn how video can help your organization:
Chavez Creative Co. website
Instagram - Chavez Creative Co.
LinkedIn - Chavez Creative Co.

What's The Right Way To Do SEO For Health & Wellness Providers

Peter and SEO Expert Paul Lee discuss how to do SEO the right way for health & wellness providers such as dentists, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, naturopathic doctors, and more.

See our blog post on this topic here: SEO For Health & Wellness Providers

Katlyn Ferguson - Is A Virtual Bookkeeper Right For Your Business?

Have you ever considered using a virtual bookkeeper for your business? Katlyn Ferguson, owner of Citizen Virtual Business Services, is our guest. Her company provides virtual bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses. We discuss the benefits of using a virtual bookkeeping service and the types of businesses that may benefit the most.

You can learn more about Citizen Virtual Business Services and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the needs and wants of your business at her website: Citizen Virtual Business Services

Paul Lee - Can I Do My Own SEO For My Business?

Peter and SEO Expert Paul Lee answer the frequently asked question, "Can I do my own SEO for my business?" In short, the answer is "yes," but you probably shouldn't. They explore three pitfalls of doing SEO on your own and offer SEO tips along the way.

SEO is one of those things many business owners are tempted to do themselves. You might say, “Do I even need professional SEO help? I can do this myself!” You read about it online, do a little research, maybe even subscribe to a few tools or tracking services, and then BOOM...

Mike Hlavaty-Laposa - How Evolving Cyberthreats Impact Businesses

Peter’s guest is Mike Hlavaty-Laposa of TeamLogic IT. We discuss how evolving cybersecurity threats can impact businesses. Mike shares some interesting insights into just how sophisticated these attacks have gotten lately and the extent of the impact they can have on a business.

Mike is the owner of TeamLogic IT North Seattle/Eastside. His company provides managed IT services, cybersecurity & compliance, data backup & recovery, connectivity and cloud services to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. His office is also part of the greater Team Logic IT network which provides IT services to businesses throughout the United St...

Rachel Morgan - How To Sell Without Sounding Salesy

If you're in business, like it or not, you're in sales too. The idea of "selling" makes some people break out in hives...but it doesn't have to. Rachel Morgan and I discuss her six tips on how to sell without sounding "salesy." 

Having worked in retail for +12 years, Rachel cultivated long-term relationships with her customers, developed raving fans, increased repeat business, and built a word-of-mouth army. For 5 of those years, Rachel worked as a Retail Store Manager in fine jewelry, personally coaching a team to hit 9 record sales months. During her time as a...

Emily Caddell - How To Build Your Virtual Team Through Engaging Meetings

Emily Caddell, Director of Marketing at is Peter's guest. They discuss how has built a high performance virtual team through engaging and fun weekly team meetings. They discuss each agenda item and how it grows trust and collaboration among each team member. The team is truly virtual with Emily located in Boston and others located in the Seattle area.

Our Weekly Agenda Outline:

High tide -

This is a time for everyone to share one positive thing that happened during the week. Delighted or Disappointed - ...

How To Write Blog Posts That Show Up In Google Search Results

Our SEO expert, Paul Lee, is my guest in this deep dive into the best way to write blog posts that show up in Google search results and build trust with potential customers. Get our free .pdf download “A Blog Writing Guide For SEO”

What Is Google My Business And Why Should I Care?

If you search for your business name and your city in Google, you’ll likely see a version of your businesses Google My Business listing in the search results. Peter and's SEO expert Paul Lee discuss everything business owners need to know about Google My Business.

What if I told you that there’s one thing you could optimize that might result in a huge boost to your local search rankings? This one thing accounts for around 33% of all the ranking factors that Google takes into account to figure out where you rank. You might have...

Is Your Website Outdated? Here's How We Can Help

Peter is joined by's web designer, Kyle Rhodes. They discuss three symptoms of an outdated website. Peter and Kyle also discuss the design and build process employs for creating new websites.

Marci Taylor - What Is Clubhouse And Why You Should Try It

Marci Taylor is business marketing consultant. We discuss the new audio-based social network, "Clubhouse." Marci shares how to join and best use the platform. We also discuss how Clubhouse fits in to the bigger picture of social and professional networking.

Anthony Langdon - Asset Roofing - Focusing On The Next Indicated Step

Anthony Langdon, owner of Asset Roofing, discusses how he lead his company through the difficulties of 2020. He safely grew his company 4X while others were closing. Anthony describes a mindset of doing "the next indicated step" which he learned as a U.S. Marine.

Dr. Lindsey Harding - Providing Care Through A Pandemic

My guest is Dr. Lindsey Harding. She is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor providing general medicine services with an emphasis in mental health, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. She practices at Positive Touch Medicine, a Naturopathic Medicine clinic located in Seattle, WA. We discuss how the challenges of 2020 changed how she provides care to her patients.

Kevin Schmidt - Finding Contentment In Work And Beyond

My guest is Kevin Schmidt. We worked together at a "dot com" business in the late 90's. Kevin has always struck me as a man of contentment. Calm and focused, even when the world around was not. We recently reconnected via Instagram so I asked him for an interview. We cover a multitude of topics including contentment, meditation, gardening, the world of work, and poetry.
Kevin's Instagram: @kevineschmidt

Jessica Brookes - Cross Generational Communications - Is There A Sweet Spot?

In this episode Jessica Brookes and I explore the question, "cross-generational communications, is there a sweet spot?" With four or five generations of workers in today's workplace, this question is highly relevant. We recorded this episode several months into the coronavirus crisis. With many of us using video conferencing for most of our work meetings we discuss techniques for getting the most out of these meetings and the joys of meeting in person.  

Jessica is currently in Community Operations with Amazon. She has a deep experience in multinational Fortune 100 brands developing content strategy to increase impact through e...

Using Customer Surveys To Improve Your Marketing

Chris Goldman joins Peter Wilson as they discuss the benefits of using customer surveys to improve your company's marketing and services. They discuss how to get started, the kinds of questions to ask your customers, how to setup a survey, how to recruit customers to provide their opinion, and what to do with the data once you've collected it. Chris describes his experience with Alaska Airlines customer surveys and why he usually responds to them.

Getting More Positive Reviews For Your Business - Small Business Survival Guide

Peter is joined by Chris Goldman. They discuss how businesses can get more positive online reviews and why all businesses need to take control of their online reputation.

Using Google Ads To Grow Your Business - Small Business Survival Guide

Peter shares how Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads work. He discusses Paid Search (Keyword) Ads, Banner Ads, Remarketing Ads (Retargeting) and Google new Smart Ads. You'll learn which are best for your type of business and how to get started.

Local SEO Strategies That Work - Small Business Survival Guide

Webinar #4 - Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that work with SEO Expert, Paul Lee.  SEO is how to improve how well your business appears in Google search results when a potential customer of yours (that is local to you) searches for the products or services you sell. Learn WHY local SEO is important for every business and three ways you can get started improving yours today.