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Join Glen James and John Pidgeon as they take a light-hearted look at money issues for millennials. Will they encourage you? Yep Will you be offended? Maybe Will they please everyone? No Follow my millennial money on insta :)

414c clarity call: Jess is considering renting her apartment out + buying a new property
Yesterday at 7:30 PM

Jess in the m3 team has a property conundrum to hash out so she hooked up a clarity call with John to talk it out. In this convo they chat through:👉where things stand currently and what Jess is considering👉🏿the areas of the process Jess isn't totally sure about and some possible options to move forward👉🏽the questions Jess needs to ask herself to really hone in on some clarity around what she wants to do
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414b sex, drugs & life insurance... death, TPD, trauma, income protection (part 2/2)
Last Tuesday at 7:30 PM

This is part 2 in our personal insurances series - this episode just focuses on the questions you sent in touching on:👉🏿whether it's worth getting cover for partners who might be stay-at-home parents or may not be the main income earner for the household👉🏻how the policies might shift if you're about to go on maternity leave or your work hours are likely to change👉how and when adjustments are made to your policies as your situation changes👉🏽why checking in regularly with the adviser who's set up your policies is important👉🏾times when your emergency fund would apply more than one of your personal i...

414 sex, drugs & life insurance... death, TPD, trauma, income protection (part 1/2)
Last Monday at 7:30 PM

Friend of the show Phil Thompson joins Glen to go deep about personal insurances! This is part 1 in a 2 part series really digging into:👉🏼Death Cover👉🏿Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover👉🏻Trauma or Critical Illness Cover👉🏾Income Protection (or salary continuance)👉🏼what underwriting is👉🏽the best way to think about personal insurances in comparison to other insurances you buy in life
Check out Glen's experience of claiming on his trauma insurance:
Check out Glen's blog covering all these personal insurances and outlining Glen's sound financial house:

bill hacks, relationships + money goals (with Georgia King from She's On The Money)

Georgia King is the co-host of the She's On The Money podcast and we're stoked to have her on the show to share a bit about herself! This chat touches on:👉a bit about her money perspective and goals👉🏿bill hacks Georgia uses to win at bills👉🏽relationship and money stuffs👉🏿some other fun chit chat about podcasting and margaritas woo
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413b Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), salary packaging + novated leases

What the heck is Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)? Scott Young from Altus Financial knows, let's ask him! In this episode Glen brings your questions to Scott, touching on:👉🏾Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) - what it is and how it works👉what salary packaging is vs salary sacrificing - what's included and how it's often managed👉🏻novated leases👉🏼the questions you sent in to ask Scott!
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413 mental health & spending, property vs shares for an inheritance, will negative gearing last, interest only mortgages, living off cash only + more

Welcome to the podcast today from the front of Glen's boat! This is perhaps a "beginner" level episode - so who can you forward it to?
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412b investing platforms, super asset allocations, to hedge or not to hedge + more (campfire chat with Glen James + Vince Scully)

You loved it so Glen and Vince have done it again - another deep dive campfire chat (2 hours baby!). These convos are pretty loose and involved Glen and Vince sharing their thoughts, hashing out ideas and touching on all that's out there in the investing space. Good fun if you're a little further along in your investing adventure.
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412 house or dog, pet insurance, how much to invest + Tesla shares (with guest host Joe Saul-Sehy, USA)

Joe Saul-Sehy is the creator and co-host of the Stacking Benjamins and Money With Friends podcasts, and a friend of Glen's! Joe was a financial planner for 16 years before turning his hand to teaching his listeners about personal finance. In this episode he helps answer your questions, including: 👉🏽Q1: Currently I’m a student attempting to save for a house. Currently my partner and I nearly have 10% of our deposit saved. Although this is our goal all I want is a golden retriever. When is the best time to buy a dog and what do you need to have to be finan...

💥Underquoted property listings + what to do with a hot market 🔥 and Jess a FHB bid on a property that went for $200k more than the guide 😱

Glen is joined by John Pidgeon and Emily Wallace (from my millennial property) to talk about the wild times that are out there for first home buyers.
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411b from Zimbabwe to Australia: Zandile's amazing personal + money story

Zandile has an amazing story - seriously! In this episode she joins Glen to share a bit about herself, touching on:👉🏿what it was like growing up in Zimbabwe and how she came to be in Australia👉her experience of money growing up, and some of the cultural differences with money between Zimbabwe and Australia👉🏻what she studied and the field she's been working in👉🏽the incredible life lessons she's learnt throughout her life - setting boundaries and staying focused on her goals
Check out Zandile's charity Immployment Connect:
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411 moving overseas and your money (expat Q&A)

A bunch of our listeners are expats living overseas, and knowing what to do with your money can be a challenge. So in this episode James Ridley from Atlas Wealth joins Glen to talk through some listener questions around Aussies residing and working overseas. The convo touches on:👉🏻Q1: I'm hoping to be an expat in the future, how would it work if I own an investment property in Australia?👉🏿Q2: Is there a way to set up a business in a tax free haven?👉🏼Q3: Should we keep contributing to Australian investment accounts or find an overseas broker?👉🏾Q4: I'm a dual citizen of Au...

410b ETFs, shares, micro-investing, platforms & brokers (campfire chat with Glen James + Vince Scully)

Strap in folks! Vince is back and with Glen they share a campfire chat about ETF's and investing, going deeeeeep (1.5 hours deep hehe). The convo touches on:👉🏿what ETF's are, how they came about, the overall concept and the basics of how they work👉🏽some of the terminology you'll hear thrown around in the space and what they mean👉🏻the many options available to you out there, and how to start thinking about which one is right for your situation👉🏾questions around ETF's from the m3 community including:👉Q1: how diversified should you be with your ETF investments?👉🏿Q2: what platforms and brokers can you use...

410 invest house deposit or not, ensure you're paid right as a woman + superannuation risk profile

Friend of the show and financial adviser, Amanda Cassar, joins Glen to answer your questions!👉Q1: how can women keep up when we often make less?👉🏼Q2: I've saved almost $80k and I'm looking at buying my first investment property and first property in general. I've also had the opportunity to invest into a managed fund, which I've been following for a while, and I trust the people managing it, their process and fees. I'm wanting to invest $10k into the fund but I'm worried about how this will affect my borrowing capacity. They are also increasing their fees so I'd like...

409b being influenced by emotions, cognitive bias, lying with numbers + more (with economist Tim Harford: Cautionary Tales podcast & his book How To Make The World Add Up)

Tim Harford is an economist, journalist, author and podcaster - and Glen is a HUGE fan! Very exciting and such an honour to have him as a guest on the show. In this episode they chat about:👉🏿his Cautionary Tales podcast:
👉cognitive bias and how we perceive facts, events and situations👉🏽how statistics can be bent and shaped to support certain perspectives👉🏾the importance of checking ourselves and ensuring we're considering all angles before digging our heels insome of the interesting examples Tim refers to on his podcast and in his books - cigarettes, Mars' orbit, Florence...

409 Jess did Frugal February - how did she go?

We're celebrating International Women's Day a little longer, so in this episode the Jess's from the m3 team have taken over as hosts! One of the Jess's did Frugal February so together the ladies talk through how it went, what worked and where things could be done better in future. The chat touches on:👉🏻the 35 hacks Jess used to help achieve more money-saving:👉🏽a little breakdown and analysis of the areas where Jess was able to save money👉🏾the sneaky hacks Jess used to save cash - specific to her situation👉🏿how important it is to know why you're ch...

Our guest Marlee Silva for International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day! Sending big love and vibes to all the women out there who make this world what it is! In this episode Marlee Silva joins Glen to share her story. Marlee is a born storyteller, a proud Gamilaroi/Dunghutti woman, podcaster, writer and all-round creative. They chat about:👉🏾what she has planned for her podcast this year (subscribe link below ⬇)👉🏽the dreams she had for her life and how they've unfolded👉🏿the opportunities she's had and how she navigated them👉her experience with money growing up - and how that's changed over time👉🏻what it was like finding and using the se...

408b mindset, mental health, burnout + performance

How are you performing in all areas of your life? Are you burning out or slaying? In this episode Vanessa Bennett from Next Evolution Performance joins Glen to answer some community questions, including:👉🏿Q1: how do you cope with burnout?👉🏻Q2: how to find mental health support on a low income?👉Q3: how to address when a co-worker is overworking themselves to the point it sets an unspoken precedence for the rest of the office? i.e. future deadlines set to tighter deadlines as projects are being delivered ahead of time👉🏽Q4: how do you set boundaries?👉🏾Q5: how do you perform well on your fi...

408 buying Afterpay & Zip Pay shares, using equity to buy a 2nd property + maximising your money

Glen hosted the first my millennial money meet up for the year on the sunny Gold Coast! In this episode live audience members asked the following questions:👉Q1: What are methods for sharing finances with a partner?👉🏾Q2: How do you withdraw and use equity from a 1st property to buy a 2nd?👉🏼Q3: What are some of the tax deductions you can claim on an investment property? + what is depreciation and a depreciation schedule?👉🏽Q4: Is it worth buying shares for businesses like Afterpay & Zip Pay?👉🏻Q5: Is it worthwhile using Afterpay & Zip Pay if you do have the money upfront but...

407b rentvesting a first home + leaving the city - how did they do it?

Friends of the show Nath & Cal share a bit of their story with Glen touching on:👉🏻Nath's nomination for the 2020 Telstra Ballet Awards (the easiest way to vote is to text ‘Nathan’ to 0484 BALLET (0484 225 538) or go to and follow the prompts)👉🏽what it was like building their own home from scratch, and the grants and concessions they capitalised on to do that👉🏾why they loved having the help of John Pidgeon and their mortgage broker👉some of the trade offs and considerations they made to craft together their home👉🏿how they combine and manage their money
Get in...

407 this episode is not for you (it's for your mum or dad)

Share this with your mum/dad/aunty/uncle/older person in your life - it's all about money stuff for over 55s. Marc Bineham, the former president of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), joins Glen to answer the questions you sent in on behalf on your parents/older contacts, touching on:👉Q1: How do you actually access super and what do you do with it when you retire?👉🏽Q2: What are some good reasons for both spouses or partners not to retire at the same time? Any tips for a staggered retirement?👉🏿Q3: I'm a Boomer and finally taking an interest in...

Facebook giving the eff you to Aussie news pages + media bargaining code... what's it all about?

Glen chatted with Natasha Gillezeau from the Australian Financial Review about this current issue of Facebook banning Australian news outlets.
*Correction, Glen recorded this on Friday 19th Feb 2021. He thought it was the 20th at time of recording.

406b creating a passive income + quitting the rat race (Pat Flynn, USA)

Pat Flynn (USA) is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 60 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. Wow. In this episode Glen chats with Pat about:👉🏼making the move from corporate life to entrepreneur - the fears, the leaps you'll need to take and how to look forward👉his personal story - the lessons he learnt, the fears...

406 money goals, pros + cons to strata property, inheritances + P&I loans vs interest only

Host of the gen z money podcast, Azaria, jumps on the show with Glen to answer your questions!👉🏿Q1 how do you afford big holidays while paying off a mortgage?👉🏻Q2 what are the benefits and potential issues with buying a place that has strata fees?👉🏼Q3 what do you do if you receive an inheritance? What should you focus on?👉Q4 what happens when your family deliberately liquidates your deceased parents hedge fund, and you only discovered about your inheritance after they dissolved it into the family fund after you turned 21?👉🏿Q5 what are the benefits of an interest only loan vs principal + in...

405b being a full-time influencer with almost a million followers

Friend of the show, business owner and social media influencer, Nathan McCallum, came back on the show to chat about money and how that intersects with being an influencer:👉🏿what talking about money was like growing up👉🏽how he thinks about his money now - what he prioritises and how money happens when you're an influencer on social media👉some of the perks of his work👉🏾some tips for how to think about saving money👉🏻a bit about his business and how they tackled COVID-19👉🏽his podcast - The Milestone Strength Show:👉not caring about anyone else's opinion👉🏾and some questions f...

405 pay your mortgage off sooner, sharing expenses with a partner + saving for holidays

Friend of the show, financial adviser and podcaster Katherine Hayes, joins Glen to answer some great community questions, including:👉🏻Q1 what's the best way to set up a mortgage and pay it off quickly when you're buying your first property in your late 40s? (2:35)👉🏿Q2 how do I split shared expenses with a partner and keep some financial independence at the same time? (7:03)👉🏽Q3 what's the best way to save for a holiday while dealing with rent/everyday expenses? (10:38)👉🏾Q4 what steps should you do to get ahead when you're on a minimal wage and still studying? (17:54)
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404b Paige paid off $36k in debt in 17 months

Paige paid off $36k worth of debt in 17 months!!! After reading her story on the m3 Facebook group Glen HAD to get her on the show to talk about how she did it. The chat touches on:👉🏽what her debts were and how she prioritised paying them off👉the system she used to get her spending under control, then start fast tracking debt repayments👉🏾tips and tricks that helped increase her income for the repayment time👉🏿challenging the default to consumerism and needing the latest and greatest products all the time👉🏻ways she cut back on expenses
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404 tracking your net worth, living on a low income + credit card balance transfers

Glen road tripped to Canberra and gave listener, Laura, a mic! They chat a bunch about tracking your net worth (see below for links) and some listener questions:👉🏻download the net worth tracker to figure out your net worth➡➡➡Excel version:➡➡➡Numbers version (MAC):➡➡➡watch this video to help you use the net worth spreadsheet:👉🏿Q1: Are the interest free credit transfers a good idea?👉🏽Q2: My investment property is bleeding money and when I looked to sell, I realised I would make a $...

GameStop (NYSE:GME), short-selling and Robinhood explained (campfire chat with Glen James & Vince Scully)

We chat about GameStop.
Article referenced Washington Post: referenced Wall Street Journal:

403b Cornell Professor Robert H. Frank (USA): economics, financial peer pressure + investing in green tech

Robert H. Frank is the Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management and Professor of Economics at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos - an incredible guest to have on the show. Glen had a chat with him about:👉🏽how to think like an economist👉🏿a bit about his work - his teaching, research and written works👉trends and culture that affect the way we live, and the way economics moves as a result👉🏾how personal finance trends have changed👉🏼some interesting illustrations to help understand economic ideas and concepts👉🏻the wealthy 1%, taxation, luxury cars and trends that have led to...

403 using equity to build, when to borrow money + saving as an entrepreneur

Glen and John answer some more great questions from the m3 community, including:👉🏼Q1: Can I build a house on my vacant land using the equity from it?👉🏾Q2: Credit and lending. What's important? Who does it well? Can you ever borrow money strategically? Should you borrow for everyday things?👉🏿Q3: I'm 30, have 2 properties, one with a stack of equity from a reno. I have a small share portfolio (<$15k). Am I better to recycle some of the equity into the stock market in the current environment, or save it for another property bargain?👉🏻Q4: Saving when you're an entrepreneur. I have onl...

402b mms: divorce, breast implants + property investing

Natalie was Community Member of the Week way back in February 2020 and so much has changed in her life since then, so Glen had a chat to hear her story! The conversation touches on:👉what her situation was pre-covid, and what changed when covid dropped👉🏽her experience with divorce and how that's changed how she shares money with partners moving forward👉🏼the surgery she had for breast implants, then had reversed, and the effect it had on her money👉🏾her property plans and plans to have a clarity call with John to work out her options (get in touch if this is something you...

402 money mindset + discipline with saving + a goal of 3 properties

Welcome to our new episode format! On Tuesdays we'll be answering the questions sent in from the m3 community. The questions answered in this episode are:👉🏿Q1: I'm not math minded. Will I ever get a good grasp on money issues?👉🏼Q2: A long term goal of mine is to own 3 investment properties, what would be the steps one should take to achieve this goal?👉Q3: What’s the best way to stay disciplined with money? I feel the more money I make the more I spend and it’s almost impossible to save. I think I have the answer which is, I’m not p...

FIRE without the RE with Paula Pant

Paula Pant (USA) is passionate about personal finance and runs her own podcast called Afford Anything. In this chat with Glen, Paula shares her thoughts on:👉🏽the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early)👉🏿how she saved for her own travel goals👉🏻the idea of being able to afford anything, but not necessarily everything👉debt and how she views different types of debts👉🏼mindset around investing, saving and how you think about your money - simple is key👉🏾accumulation vs preservation phases - what these phases are about and how they're applied throughout your life👉🏻her experience in property investing - the challenges, the upsides and how she...

401 reimagine your 2021

Starting your year right starts NOW. No better way to start this new year than by setting your direction, and turning up your determination. In this episode Rohan Dredge (Executive Leadership Consultant, Coach and keynote speaker) came back on the show to bring you some super practical tips for achieving your goals this year, touching on:👉how to set your direction and dial up your determination to see your success achieved👉🏾how some people achieve their goals while others don't👉🏼being ready for the challenges ahead - being determined to put the effort in👉🏿the Master Model Rohan has created to illustrate how pla...

summer series: money skills taught in school + managing a rental in a rural area

Hope your summer break is going well! In this episode Glen and John answer some more m3 community questions touching on:👉🏿the basic money skills to teach young people before they start earning money👉🏻options for managing a rental in a rural area - keep or sell?
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summer series: your risk profile + selling a rental property

Glen and John answer some more juicy questions from the m3 community touching on:👉🏾how to determine your risk level for investment, and how to change it👉how to develop your investing strategy around your risk profile👉🏽investing your super and ways you can tailor it to you👉🏻considerations for selling an occupied rental property - tenants rights and ways you can go about it👉🏼options for re-angling your investments if a rental property investment isn't working out as planned
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Is Bitcoin going to the moon 🚀 (tldr: don't put money in stuff you don't understand)

My (Glen James) current commentary on bitcoin.
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summer series: choosing a bank + paying for renos

Glen and John love hearing questions from the m3 community, so over the break they're answering some of them! In this episode they talk about:👉🏽features and aspects to consider when choosing a bank👉🏾how you might want to choose a lender for a mortgage👉🏼whether you can build the cost of home renos into your mortgage👉what loan to value ratio (LVR) is
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summer series: how Tash invests in shares and property, + maximises her income

This is the final my millennial story for the year, featuring Tash! She shares with Glen:👉🏾what is was like living with her family in Australia and overseas👉how she bought an apartment and her plans for it moving forward👉🏽whether she's a spender or saver👉🏻her perspective on cash and investing and how she manages it all👉🏾how she manages her jobs to maximise income
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351 Christmas farewell + census results

Well, we made it guys. The end of 2020. This is our last episode of the year where we chat, we wrap the year and we share what's ahead in 2021, touching on:👉the results from the recent m3 community census (check out the results in the Facebook group)👉🏾some highlights from 2020👉🏻some of the wins the m3 community had in 2020👉🏿some exciting things coming up in 2021 (including a new podcast - my millennial health:
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