CWC Dive Deep

30 Episodes

By: Christ Wesleyan Church

In this interview-style podcast, our Spiritual Formation Director, Caleb Swartz, hosts a weekly conversation digging deeper into the Sunday morning message.

Intimacy in Prayer
Last Wednesday at 4:19 PM

Pastor Branden and Pastor Mike discuss how our gendered understanding of intimacy can effect our prayer life and how unconfessed sin can keep us from intimacy with God.

Listening in Prayer

Pastor Branden and Pastor Mike discuss how hurrying and being busy can keep us from drawing closet God through listening in prayer.

God is Yeshua

As Pastor Branden and Pastor Mike look back on our God series, they discuss faith in the unseen and what it means to let go of the sins of our...

God is El Roi

Pastor Holly and Pastor Mike discuss how Hagar’s story touched Holly personally and how we can find our worth in a God who sees us.

God is Jehovah Shalom

Pastor Branden and Pastor Mike discuss practical ways to seek after God’s peace and how we can exude peace to people in need.

God is Jehovah Mekoddishkem

Pastor Eddie guest hosts a discussion with Pastor Branden further clarifying what it means to live a sanctified life and share stories of how just your actions can make God’s...

The Power of Prayer

Following our special Get Out and Go Sunday, Pastor Branden and Pastor Mike debrief their experience of being out in the community to pray and what it means to petition...

God is Jehovah Jireh

Pastor Mike and Pastor Caleb discuss Jehovah Jireh – God our provider – though the lens of finance, Lord of the Rings, and psychology.

God is Jehovah Rapha

Pastor Mike and guest host Cameron discuss the the complexities of seeing God as healer and get a glimpse into the future of our online campus.

God is El Olam

Pastor Mike and Pastor Branden discus what it means for them personally that God is in control at all times and how we can have hope even when things are...

God is El Shaddai

Pastor Mike and Pastor Branden discuss the importance of our personal responsibility as they dive into God Almighty – El Shaddai.

God is Adonai

Following his hard hitting message, Pastor Branden continues to challenge us with view Jesus not just as our savior, but also as Lord.

God is El Elyon

Pastor Branden gives more context for his sermon on God Most High.

God is Yahweh

Pastor Mike guest hosts a candid conversation with Pastor Branden about how seeing God as Yahweh changes how we relate to him.

God is Elohim

Pastor Branden specifies ways in which seeing God as Elohim — our creator — changes the way we live and how we understand him.

Go – Jesus Final Command to His Church

Pastor Ken shares about the legacy of missions in the Wesleyan Church and challenges us to specifically go to reach people we feel are opposed to us.

We Go

Pastor Mike explains more about how living with a giving mindset goes beyond our finances and starts in our hearts.

You Keep Us Accountable

Pastor Branden and Pastor Kyle give an inside look at how the Wesleyan Church is structured and how you as a congregation keep us accountable.

What Is A Disciple?

Pastor Kyle share his earnest thoughts on the difficulties facing the church with discipleship and why small groups are so important to the church.

The History of Church Gathering

As we begin our new series “I Love My Church,” Pastor Branden outlines the important first step of committing to regular gathering.

Childish or Childlike

Pastor Eddie and Pastor Chris join the podcast to speak to how we can be examples to the next generation by living out a mature, yet childlike faith.

Called to Gather, Grow, Give, & Go

As we wrap up our series on Called, guest host Cameron and Pastor Kyle reflect on what it means to be called and take a look at the identity of...

Easter: Run and Tell

As Pastor Branden and Pastor Kyle discuss our Easter weekend, they remind us what a powerful tool our own testimonies can be in making an impact in others lives.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

As Pastor Branden’s current series urges us to takes steps to share our faith, Pastor Branden and Pastor Kyle discuss the importance of keeping our schedules (and our lives) open...

A New Nature

As we start our new series Called, Pastor Branden and Pastor Kyle lay down the foundational basics evangelism and some simple steps we all can take to reach out to...

I Love You Enough

Pastor Billy and Pastor Kyle discuss how building trust and loving restoration are necessary for us to truthfully, lovingly, and correctly judge fellow Christians.

Am I In The Correct Posture of Prayer?

Pastor Branden shares stories of how prayer impacted the recent missions trip to Guatemala and practical tips for how prayer and fasting can effect our spiritual lives.

The Weight of Worry

Pastor Mike and Pastor Kyle discuss practical ways to evaluate what is captivating us in terms of worry and how to let go.

Reconciliation & what comes next

Pastor Branden and Pastor Kyle set down for a very open discussion about what was going on in their hearts leading up to this past Sunday and a deeper explanation...

Jesus and The Law

Pastor Kyle and guest host Cameron discuss how living in accordance to the law as presented in the sermon on the Mount is a matter of the heart.