The Ryan Kelley Morning After

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The Ryan Kelley Morning After is the most listened to local sports talk show in the prominent position of morning drive. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn and Fox Sports Midwest’s Jimmy “The Cat” have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

10-22-21 Segment 3 Lisa Ann, Cuts, and EMOTD
Last Friday at 3:05 PM

Iggy warbles some sting. Lisa Ann joins us to talk it all over. Lisa addresses the 48-hour notice fiasco. Lisa takes two-part questions. Cuts of the Week. Last week on Ken. EMOTD.

10-22-21 Segment 2 Pizza Friday and Drops
Last Friday at 2:03 PM

Chilly out today. Pizza talk. Canadian Bacon. Is bacon overrated? Drops of the Week. Restaurants closing. 

10-22-21 Segment 1 We Are Pigs and Chappelle Takes
Last Friday at 1:35 PM

Doug likes trade proposals. Jewel update. Chatty board ops. TMA Wiki. Bowling HOF. StrodeCast. Warson Woods Warfare. Can you winterize a car? The most recent Chappelle special. Who pays on a dinner date? Dating advice. What women want vs. what men want. 

10-21-21 Segment 3 Danger She Wrote and EMOTD
Last Thursday at 3:08 PM

Iggy sings Head East. Float Trip music. Is anyone on the dais watching the ALCS/NLCS? Betting odds for the World Series. Abella Danger was at the Dodger game last night. Dillion. TNT hockey pre/postgame show. Interest levels in regular seasons of the 4 major sports. DH in baseball. EMOTD. 

10-21-21 Segment 2 Chair-gate and Iggy's DM's
Last Thursday at 2:08 PM

Gloria! Iggy cuts off Doug's hot take to give a documentary recommendation. Iggy talks about the chair thieves. Iggy said enough is enough. We have the audio of this encounter. Britney Murphy. Clueless. Audio from the Town Hall with a question from 'Ned Reynolds' about Iggy's involvement in the Rams relocation. Mad Dog audio. Toxic relationships in radio. Story time from days past in radio. Reading Iggy's DM's. A situation develops in the DM's. 

10-21-21 Segment 1 We All Have Holes
Last Thursday at 1:07 PM

Blues, looking strong. Vaccine rules at Blues game. StrodeCast under fire. Did it get to 80 yesterday? Jewel update. Jay is fired up about this FFF. 48 hours notice. Jackson details his 48 hour comment. Texters, who definitely aren't fat dorks, go after the young producer. Cuck definition. 

10-20-21 Segment 3 Dork Controversy, Gambling, and EMOTD
Last Wednesday at 3:06 PM

Iggy sings The Babies. Controversy over Iggy and Hrabe's next opponent. The term 'dork' is back and better than ever. Beercats joins the presentation to discuss the allegations. James Carlton comes in studio to promote his 10th anniversary party on Saturday in downtown Webster. Gambling. Yesterday's podcast. Mozeliak. EMOTD. 

10-20-21 Segment 2 Gabe DeArmond and Reading YouTube Comments
Last Wednesday at 1:59 PM

It's Halloween! Gabe DeArmond from PowerMizzou joins us to discuss Luther Burden. Gabe weighs in on the NIL factor. Gabe speaks on this level of recruiting and its sustainability. Gabe on the quarterback situation. Gabe on the post-game shows. Iggy has takes about recruits. Reading the comments from the fashion show video that has 13 million views. More comments from the FFF videos. 

10-20-21 Segment 1 Welcome Home Luther, Big Al From The Morning Show
Last Wednesday at 1:05 PM

Fan page issues. Luther Burden, welcome home. This has Tigers fans fired up. Name, Image, and Likeness factor. What will the domino effect be after this commitment? Iggy gives updates on Jewel. Iggy's Treehouse. Iggy's thoughts out loud. Umpiring in the Red Sox - Astros game. Ball writers. Caller Ellen joins the show to give praises to Doug. Pick 6. 

10-19-21 Segment 3 Iggy's Athletic Career and EMOTD
Last Tuesday at 3:51 PM

Iggy warbles The Moody Blues. Ryan Kelley joins the program.  Gareth will be in attendance at TMA Live. Iggy wants there to be a pumpkin pie eating contest. Turkey talk.  Paige Spiranic. Hrabe with an audio postcard about Iggy's athletic career. Beercats is hiding from the golf challenge. Warson Woods Wacko issues a challenge. 

10-19-21 Segment 2 Social Media and Journalism
Last Tuesday at 2:06 PM

Gloria! Jackson has a Indiana Pacers take. Doug's take on Mike Shildt. Shildt discussion. Article about an OnlyFans star not paying for dinner dates. Journalism discussion. Social media. Athletes choosing to speak out vs. staying out of it.  

10-19-21 Segment 1 This Show is a Mess
Last Tuesday at 1:09 PM

Iggy plans on trying some material out on Saturday. We give the hottest of hot takes. How many bowling halls of fame are there in St. Louis? We need to get Iggy an induction into the Bowling HOF. Texter warfare. Jewel update. Alena Mathews joins us to talk about Iggy's HOF career. Iggy has Blues takes. Succession. Squid Game. Larry Nickel joins the program for the WWE Wrestling Recap. 

10-18-21 Segment 3 Mike Shildt, Mozeliak, and EMOTD
Last Monday at 3:02 PM

Iggy warbles some Camel. Mike Shildt has a press conference at 11. Understandable curiosity from the fanbase about what happened to the former Manager. How will Shildt answer some of the questions Mo was asked Thursday? Doubtful that Mike will air out fully what happened last week. The fanbase's opinion on Mozeliak. EMOTD.

10-18-21 Segment 2 Warson Woods Warfare
Last Monday at 2:13 PM

Some kids have it, some kids don't. Recapping the dork hunt of 2021. Iggy/Hrabe took down the dorks. Pick 6 standings. Strode Family Game night. Biff joins the presentation. Biff bet the Blues. Biff talks about the strip clubs on the East side. Iggy's history with a stripper. A texter is sideways with Warson Woods. Where does the new money live? 

10-18-21 Segment 1 Truman Down
Last Monday at 1:20 PM

Audio issues, Go Tigers though. StrodeCast. Drink says he may have gotten the fanbase too excited. Really odd play calling down multiple scores. Tennessee radio host bans Pat Forde and will fight anyone who tries to get him on. Betting odds for World Series winner. Dodgers down 0-2. What will the Tigers do vs. Vandy? College Football Playoff. The Big 10 has a situation on their hands. 

10-15-21 Segment 3 Derrick Goold, Cuts, and EMOTD

No more... Mr. Nice Guy. Iggy expounds on the chair thieves. Cuts of the Week. Derrick Goold joins the program to discuss the dismissal of Mike Shildt. The dais break's down Derrick's call. EMOTD.

10-15-21 Segment 2 Movie Talk, Playoff Baseball, and Banty Listeners

We really need Jewel to be at TMA Live, for Jay's sake. Back to Curb quickly. Dork hunting season. Fan page logistics. Sopranos movie takes. Game of Thrones. Iggy's Drops of the Week. Gabe Kapler on the Giants loss last night. Unfortunate and odd to end the series on a check swing. Caller Adam joins the conversation. Banty AF. Replaying the legendary email that Frank O. Pinon read. Who would Tim want to get as a guest on the podcast? 

10-15-21 Segment 1 Breaking Down Mike Shildt's Dismissal

Freezing in the studio this morning. Shildt has been let go, so naturally, we kick it off with Natty Nate. The dais reacts to the canning of the Cardinal Skipper. Hrabe has a take, a takey take at that. Internal candidates. A lot of speculation today. Did Mike Shildt want a contract extension? The boys speculate on what the reasoning could be behind the move. Quality ball talk. How does the winning streak factor into this move? Highly doubtful that we will know the full story here. 

10-14-21 Segment 3 Julianna Margulies, Curb, and EMOTD

Iggy warbles some Rarebird. Jay Jr is fired up for the FFF coming up at TMA Live, October 28th. Iggy may bring condiments out for this one. Mark Hannah joins us to counsel the listeners. Article about Julianna Margulies 'gay experience'. Previewing Iggy & Hrabe v. Dorks. Succession. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Chappelle special. EMOTD.

10-14-21 Segment 2 Holden Kurwicki on the NFL/STL Lawsuit

Truly a segment for the ages in the 7 o'clock hour. Holden Kurwicki from KSDK joins us to discuss what happened in the courtroom yesterday with the submissions of financial documents from several NFL owners. The dais breaks down the interview and digs deep into the case. StrodeCast. Iggy and Hrabe are going dork hunting. Big Al joins us with a question about an expansion team/monetary settlement. 

10-14-21 Segment 1 Rich Gould Joins Us and Town Hall Recap

Full dais, baby. Rich Gould will be with us at 7:30. Holden Kurwicki, who was covering the comings and goings at the courthouse yesterday, will be with us at 8. Dear Deidre to lead us off. Town Hall recap from last night. Information about the lawsuit. Rich Gould joins us, already loaded for bear. Rich bringing absolute heat ahead of his final sportscast. Rich recaps The Fan Show. Rich tells stories that are out of this world.  

10-13-21 Segment 3 Radio Students Trolling Iggy, Schefter, and EMOTD

Iggy warbles some John Mayer. Is the Lindenwood radio station trolling Iggy? Gabe's postgame shows. Adam Schefter. Leaking emails. Journalist building relationships. EMOTD. 

10-13-21 Segment 2 Banty Listeners, Barstool, and Radio Practices

Zachary Taylor, not the kid from Home Improvement. Listeners are banty for no apparent reason. Tim will be on a virtual Town Hall meeting on Conduct Detrimental Podcast. 11am and 9pm central.  YP may be in studio on Friday. Call Her Daddy and their success. Having the rights to your IP is critical. Howard Stern and the Sirius XM app. Current radio practices. Ratings vs. Downloads. 

10-13-21 Segment 1 We Stan Junior Spivey

Morning, boysss. Pick 6 tonight. How are the standings looking? Recapping the Nicola interview. Iggy's social media presence. Who is Iggy following? Lana. Why does Iggy follow Junior Spivey? Back to chair theft. StrodeCast. Iggy gives bold predictions. Deep Diving Eminem's 'Stan'. Halloween costumes. Rap Mt. Rushmore. Gangster Pete crying during Blues interview. Missouri uniforms. Drinkwitz. 

10-12-21 Segment 3 Nicola Brings Heat and EMOTD

Iggy sings THE Los Lonely Boys. Iggy wants Nicola to call in. Who the hell is Nicola you ask? Well, she used to work at Hedo and it's her birthday. Micro-cheating. Nicola joins us.  Nicola breaks down what it was like with Ken down at Hedo. The text inbox lights up Iggy. Uhh Doug's Work Husband. EMOTD. 

10-12-21 Segment 2 Fruit Loops and Tales from The Islands

Ryan Kelley joins us. Larry Nickel joins for the WWE Recap. Larry's interview with 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase. Another chair story from Iggy. StrodeCast predicting rain this week. Cardinals offseason talk. Jay hates Halloween. Iggy wants to dress as Lady Gaga for Halloween. Deidre article about poor wedding night sex. Iggy gives a birthday shoutout. Fruit Loops. Iggy's live broadcast at Hedo. Tales from Bermuda. 


10-12-21 Segment 1 Stallions, We Hardly Knew Ye

Doug won't be much good to us. Rough weekend for place kickers around the league. What did people watch more? MNF or playoff baseball? Texters upset Iggy talked about the Monday Night game. Jay is excited about the prospect of suckling upon toes at TMA Live. Iggy's career as a radio host. Insight on the 1993 NFL expansion. Shoutout Buck Swope for the articles. 

TMA 10-11-21 Seg 3 College Football Talk. Mental Health Discussion.

Gabe's post game show goes off the rails again. National Championship talk. Mental Health discussion. EMOTD.

TMA 10-11-21 Seg 2 Rams Lawsuit News and Iggy Has a Big Week Ahead

Mike Florio has more news on the Rams lawsuit. Hrabe joins the show. Iggy calls out listeners and wants to take them on in golf. Iggy has a big week ahead. Listeners don't want Skip Berkmeyer to help Iggy with his putting.

10-11-21 Segment 1 Retirement and Mizzou talk

Rock off, Jackson on the 1's and 2's and Iggy in charge of uploading podcast. Tell em good luck. Rich Gould retiring. Doug now longest tenured sports anchor. If Iggy retired, his days would not change. Mizzou talk. Japan has vending machines that sell used panties. Iggy tells awful lawn chair story. 

10-08-21 Segment 3 Lisa Ann, Cuts, and EMOTD

Iggy serenades Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann joins us to take two-part questions. Lisa talks Urban Meyer. Edge season. Cuts of the Week. StrodeCast. EMOTD. 

10-08-21 Segment 2 Downtown Discussion and Drops

I'll be your Boy Foy. Randy Arozarena swiped home last night. Sure wish he hadn't livestreamed that speech by Shildt. Cardinals, Blues, and Dogs are attempting to shape the downtown area. Talking about STL Downtown. Stadiums Downtown vs. Maryland Heights or other parts of the county. Can a residential downtown St. Louis be a possibility? Drops of the Week. Steve in Wildwood joins the discussion. 

10-08-21 Segment 1 The Score Has Been Settled

High School recruiting talk to kick us off. Mizzou uniform. Bring back pennants. Iggy v. Hrabe, let's get into it. We go hole-by-hole. Hrabe delivers an inspiring message. Iggy's ball hydroplaned. Country clubs. Iggy used to catch crawfish at OWCC as a kid. Hot step-dads in the Glendale area. Iggy challenges all people who says he sucks. 

10-07-21 Segment 5 EMOTD

Iggy's sings his man crushes tunes. Iggy vs. Hrabe preview. EMOTD.

10-07-21 Segment 4 Rebecca and John Sheehan with Light the Night at Forest Park

Rebecca and John Sheehan join us to promote Light the Night at Forest Park on Saturday, October 16th. Go to for details. If you can't join in-person, you can join the virtual event on October 19th, at 6:30. 

10-07-21 Segment 3 John Mayer & RiRi and A$AP Jayce

Iggy warbles and freestyles. Mark Hannah joins us. Working at a buffett. Jackson's links. John Mayer and Rihanna. 

10-07-21 Segment 2 Cards Offseason, Fan Page, and Batwing 7's.

Audio from Mo about the offseason. Hot takes galore on the show before us. Hrabe vs. Iggy stakes. Mo on the take away of the 2021 season. Cardinals betting odds last night. Dodgers with a backdoor cover at -1.5. Fan Page talk. Secret fan page. Micro-transactions on video games. Golf rival talk. 

10-07-21 Segment 1 The Cardinals Are Leaving, Tra-La, Tra-La...

Cardinals-Dodgers breakdown. Who should be fired? Neither team were hitting the ball very well. Reyes. The Dodgers are REALLY good. Mad Max. Dodgers bullpen is sick. Would you have put Flaherty out there? Waino audio after game. Waino embraced Reyes after the game. Iggy v. Hrabe preview. Prop bets. 

10-06-21 Segment 3 Zoltar in Iggy's Closet and EMOTD

Split Enz bring us back with some straight fire. Iggy's doppler is very similar to Zoltar from Big. Article about Stags, Vixens, and Cucks. Iggy the Bull is born. When was the last time Iggy was at Hedo? EMOTD. 

10-06-21 Segment 2 NFL/STL Lawsuit and Hrabe Validation

Colby Rasmus and his neck beard. We may go topless on the Postgame show tonight. News on the NFL/STL Lawsuit. Hrabe gets co-signed by Timmy Tom Tom. Charlotte Rae. Beach volleyball tournaments with Ben Bishop and Sunny Leone. Brief TMA State of the Union.