The Greek Current

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By: The Hellenic American Leadership Council

A podcast on Greece, Cyprus and the region brought to you by The Hellenic American Leadership Council and Kathimerini. Hosted by Thanos Davelis.

Visiting the oracle: Delphi Economic Forum IX
Today at 8:27 AM

Last week thought leaders, politicians, experts and the business community gathered in Delphi in Greece for the 9th Delphi Economic Forum. The Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) had an important presence there as well, leading discussions on the role of the diaspora, the importance of Cyprus, the Middle East post October 7th, and the future direction of American foreign policy given US elections in November. Endy Zemenides, HALC’s Executive Director, joins Thanos Davelis to recap the main takeaways from last week’s Delphi Economic Forum in Greece.

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Planned flotilla from Turkey to Gaza could spark a new crisis
Last Friday at 4:30 PM

Reports indicate that a new flotilla to Gaza is being prepared out of Turkey. 14 years ago we saw a similar move take place, when the attempt to send the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza led to a diplomatic crisis. Rich Goldberg, a senior advisor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies with a deep expertise in sanctions policy who previously served on the White House National Security Council, joins Thanos Davelis to look at why we need to be paying attention to this new flotilla set to depart Turkey, which has the potential to spark another diplomatic crisis.


The ISIS resurgence in Syria and Turkey's role in it
Last Thursday at 5:12 PM

Years after its collapse in Iraq and Syria at the hands of a US-led coalition, it looks like ISIS is making a comeback. As reports indicate, ISIS has been expanding its presence in Syria, attacking regime soldiers, civilians, and the US-backed Kurdish-led SDF. An underreported element of this story is Turkey’s role in the revival of the Islamic State. Nadine Maenza joins Thanos Davelis to look at what a resurgent ISIS means for the region, particularly in the autonomous zone in north east Syria, and break down why we need to put the spotlight on Turkey’s role in t...

Greece to protect its seas with two new marine parks
Last Wednesday at 5:30 PM

Greece’s government just announced the creation of two new marine parks – in the Ionian and Aegean seas. The move comes a week before Athens is set to host the 9th Our Ocean Conference on April 16 and 17, which will see key stakeholders not only put a spotlight on issues related to the protection of the seas, but also present a series of concrete proposals. Giorgos Lialios, a journalist at Kathimerini covering issues related to the environment, joins Thanos Davelis to talk about the new marine parks Greece is creating, look into the upcoming Our Oceans Conference, and more.


Turkey, Israel, and Erdogan's post-election challenges
Last Wednesday at 8:10 AM

Turkey announced it was restricting exports on a wide range of products to Israel on Tuesday, in Ankara's first significant measure against Israel after six months of war. The decision comes after Turkish President Erdogan’s party suffered a historic defeat in the municipal elections, a result which experts Sinan Ciddi and Steven Cook argued in Foreign Policy could provide a first glimpse into what a post-AKP Turkey might look like. Sinan Ciddi joins Thanos Davelis to look at why Erdogan is taking these measures against Israel now, and break down how it fits into the broader post-election narrative.


Thucydides, NATO, and the new era of great power politics

The last decade Thucydides has moved to the center of the discussion, with concepts like the “Thucydides trap” debated in policy circles in Washington, DC when looking at how to navigate US relations with a rising China in what appears to be a new era of great power competition. So what can Thucydides tell us about our world today? This was the focus of a recent event in Athens at the Institute of International Relations featuring Professor Andrew Novo, a scholar of ancient and modern Mediterranean history and strategic studies. Andrew Novo joins Thanos Davelis to look at the less...

Cyprus calls for EU help amid migration crisis

Migration is top of the agenda this week in Cyprus, with President Nikos Christodoulides calling for the EU to step in to help Cyprus deal with a surge in arrivals on its shores. Cyprus is pressing Brussels to designate parts of Syria as safe for returns of migrants, and also to condition EU aid to Lebanon on its preventing migrants from departing. Nektaria Stamouli, the deputy editor in chief of Kathimerini’s English Edition and Politico’s Eastern Mediterranean correspondent, joins Thanos Davelis to discuss the migration crisis unfolding in Cyprus, and look at how it is impacting the agen...

How Greece is overhauling its wildfire response plans ahead of the summer

Greece is ramping up its firefighting efforts, with authorities betting on a host of preventive measures - from the deployment of firefighting aircraft to increased staffing in specialized forest firefighting units - as temperatures touched 30 degrees Celsius in late March and wildfires already broke out weeks earlier than expected. On top of multi-agency exercises and drills, Greece is also fast-tracking a 2.1 billion euro program to upgrade its fleet of firefighting aircraft and create an AI-driven sensor network to detect smoke in the early stages of a fire. Derek Gatopoulos, a correspondent for the Associated Press who has been covering...

The far-right in Greece - A rising threat ahead of EU elections?

With the EU elections on the horizon, one party in Greece, Greek Solution, is seeing a notable surge in support. The rise of this far right nationalist party also mirrors broader trends in the far right across Europe, and many are beginning to ask whether this resurgent far-right is here to stay. Dr. Georgios Samaras, an assistant professor of public policy at King’s College London, joins Thanos Davelis to look into the rise of Greek Solution and its leader Kostas Velopoulos, breaking down what this could mean for Greek politics ahead of European elections in June.


Greece's visa program for Turkish visitors and the ongoing efforts to maintain calm in the Aegean

Greece has just opened a new vacation visa terminal for Turkish visitors this week as part of a diplomatic effort to ease long-standing tensions between the two countries. The move follows the signing of a series of agreements between Greece and Turkey during President Erdogan’s meeting with Prime Minister Mitsotakis in Athens in December, most notably the Athens Declaration. Vassilis Nedos, Kathimerini’s diplomatic and defense editor, joins Thanos Davelis to look into this latest initiative, and explore where it fits into ongoing efforts to maintain calm in the Aegean.

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