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The Worn & Wound Podcast is a weekly discussion of watches. We cover the latest news and reviews on, bring you our first-hand account of watch events from around the world, and sit down with our friends and colleagues from the watch industry to get their take on the latest in watches.

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 272: New Releases, Including a Pair of Bond Watches and a New Chronograph from Baltic
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake Buettner, Thomas Calara, and Zach Kazan are back from a holiday break and talking about some of the recent releases that have made waves recently, including a pair of new Seamasters from Omega to celebrate a big Bond anniversary, and an IWC perpetual calendar that took us by surprise. There’s also a new Baltic chronograph to discuss, the much anticipated non-limited version of their Tricompax Chronograph.

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A Week In Watches Ep 25: The Return of the Murph
Last Sunday at 3:00 PM

This episode of a Week in Watches covers a lot of ground. First Hamilton shrinks the Murph, and then Atelier Wen alters our perceptions. Meanwhile, Oris’ new LE is proving very hot and Hanhart’s new chronographs pack a mechanical punch. All in all, some excellent releases.

This week’s episode was brought to you by If there’s one thing we watch enthusiasts like to do, it’s to look at and talk about watches. WatchCrunch is a new social media platform that helps us to just that. Like a mix between Instagram and a watch fo...

Time on Screen: Speed

Pop quiz, hotshot: what’s the 90s classic that gets mentioned on the Worn & Wound podcast more than we can possibly keep track of? It’s Speed, of course, and in this new episode of Time on Screen, Zach Kazan and Blake Buettner discuss the 90s action movie that isn’t just one of the best films of its kind from that decade, but an all time great watch spotting movie as well. 

If you’re a regular podcast listener, you already know that it’s hard for any member of the team to talk about the classic G-S...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 271: The Strange Appeal of the Meteorite Dial

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, we’ve got Blake Buettner, Patrick Marlett, Thomas Calara, and Zach Weiss talking about a wide range of topics. First and foremost, Patrick hasn’t seen The Big Lebowski, and the entire team needs to take a minute to adjust to this distressing new information. Watches are eventually discussed as well, including a new and very difficult to acquire Porsche Design chronograph, and the latest release from Massena LAB, a historically accurate tribute to the Mathey-Tissot Type XX. Then the conversation turns to a recent influx in watches with meteorite dials, and the...

A Week in Watches Ep 24: GPHG Awards, Japanese Chronos, and More

On this episode of a Week in Watches we cover a lot of territory. We start in Geneva with the GPHG, taking a look at a handful of this year’s winners, and then head to the UK to go offroad with Bamford and Land Rover. From there we go flying with Massena Lab and Matthey-Tissot, diving with the new Super Squale, and finally to Japan for the new Chronograph 1 Mk 2 by Kurono.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Whatnot, a live stream auction app where you can buy and sell unique items. Come join the Wind...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 270: The GPHG Awards

This week on the podcast, Blake Buettner, Zach Kazan, and Patrick Marlett discuss watches, gaming, a very fancy tourbillon with a Vantablack dial, and, of course, proper grammar. But the main topic for this episode is the GPHG awards, and the very idea of awarding watches at all. Should we really be pitting watches against each other? Is there a better way to recognize watchmaking greatness that we haven’t quite stumbled upon yet? It’s a surprisingly thorny topic and we dive right in on this episode. 

Did you follow the GPHG awards? Do they matter to yo...

A Week in Watches Ep 23: An Auction, A True GMT, and a Chrono Returns

Another week’s gone by, which means it’s time for A Week in Watches. On this episode we take a look at collaboration between A Collected Man and R.W. Smith, some new titanium watches from the ever-minimal Unimatic, a fantastic new GMT from Gavox, and Farer’s revival of one of my favorite models. Check that out below, and if you enjoy the episode, be sure to like and subscribe!

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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 269:

Zach’s wrist check: IWC Chronograph Ceratanium

Green Hoyt Strap

Patrick’s wrist check: Grand Seiko SBGN027

Blake’s wrist check: Omega Speedmaster

Trafford Crossroads Review

Parmigiani TondaPF 36mm

Fears Brunswick ‘Pure’

Mr. Jones Watches

A Week in Watches Ep 22: Christopher Ward Chimes While Rolex Dives

Strap on your favorite watch, take a seat, plug-in your headphones and/or crank up the volume, because this A Week in Watches episode has some epic stuff. We start off with a playful collab between Louis Erard and Seconde Seconde with a slightly spooky theme, and then quickly descend to the deepest depths of the ocean with the first titanium Rolex. Next, we get overexcited by the new Anno 42 by Ochs Und Junior, and, finally, we head to the UK to discuss Christopher Ward’s incredible chiming watch, the C1 Bel Canto. As I said, an epic week.


Windup Watch Fair Panel: For The Love Of Gear (And Watches)

Should watches exist in their own space, or are they in fact just a small part of the broader world of gear? This panel, moderated by Worn & Wound’s Kyle Snarr, digs into the crossovers between watches and everyday carry products. Panelists include: Ryan Coulter of the James Brand; Jon Gaffney of Tornek Rayville; and Kat Shoulders of Worn & Wound.

Windup Watch Fair Panel: Redbar Live!

Doing the wrist check. Telling the story of your latest find. This panel, moderated by RedBar CEO Kathleen McGivney, explores how the love of watches brings people together, and what the future of staying connected—online or in-person—holds. From RedBar to WindUp, the watch community around the globe is formed from all walks of life, and there are a myriad of ways we explore this passion. Whether we’re creating content or memes, sharing wrist shots, or telling stories, there’s one thing we can all agree on: collecting watches is all about connecting people. Panelists include: Blake Malin, co-found...

Time on Screen: Contact

On the latest episode of Time on Screen, Zach Kazan and Kat Shoulders are diving deep into a wormhole on a journey to the heart of the universe. Contact, Robert Zemeckis’s 1997 follow up to Forrest Gump, is on tap this week. It’s a personal favorite among several Worn & Wound team members, and has an inherently time centered plot device (and some surprising connections to watch enthusiasm in general) that are worth discussing. 

Mostly, though, Contact is a lasting tribute to the ideas of the late Carl Sagan, who is the focus of much of the conve...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 268: Recapping the Windup Watch Fair, plus Tailgating in Green Bay with Zenith

This week on the podcast, Blake, Ed Jelley, and Zach Kazan recap the recently completed Windup Watch Fair in New York City, focusing on some of the biggest surprises of the weekend. Blake also talks about his recent trip to Green Bay, where he met a certain quarterback who happens to be a Zenith ambassador – we get a full cheese curd report. All that, plus Zach and Producer Josh reveal their true feelings about Halloween.

Thanks as always for listening to the podcast! If you attended any of this year’s Windup Watch Fairs, be sure to let...

A Week in Watches Ep 21: Stylish Seikos and Chiming Speedmasters

We’re back from a little (very little) rest after Windup Watch Fair NYC 2022 for episode 21 of A Week in Watches! This episode contains three stories, eight watches, and one epic movement. We start with a look at the new indie-minded Massena Lab Magraph, then to a rare triple-collab by Rowing Blazers, Eric Wind, and Seiko 5. Lastly, we are summoned to Switzerland by the chiming of a new and incredible movement by Omega.

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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 267: Bracelet Sizing, Humidity, and the Eternal Question of How Many Watches to Pack When Traveling

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake, Zach, Patrick, and Kat bring you a podcasting first: a live on air bracelet sizing. How did it go? You’ll have to listen to the whole episode to find out, but let’s just say Patrick’s recent acquisition (the unboxing was recorded, another first for the Worn & Wound podcast) inspired a long digression about bracelets, how to size them, and the horror stories that go along with this particularly thankless task. Other topics on this particularly loose episode recorded on the eve of the Windup Watch Fair in New York C...

A Week in Watches Ep 20: Live from Windup Watch Fair NYC 2022

This week on A Week in Watches, we’re out of the studio for Windup Watch Fair NYC 2022. I apologize for publishing a bit later than usual, but we had a hectic weekend! In this episode, I take you through several watches released at this year’s Windup Watch Fair NYC from a killer new GMT from Nodus to a rugged new military diver from MKII. You’ll also get a peak inside of Windup Watch Fair NYC, which was an absolute blast. There were over 60 brands in attendance, so this only scratches the surface of what was on displa...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 266: The One Watch Draft

This week on the podcast, Kat and Zach K. are shamelessly stealing a great idea from our friends over at The Grey NATO (maybe you’ve heard of it). This is our version of the “One Watch” draft, where we choose one watch at various price points that could serve as our only watch if we were to embrace a single watch lifestyle. It’s a fun thought experiment for two people who have way, way too many watches, and a worthwhile exercise in figuring out what you truly value in the watches you choose to own. All credit to TGN f...

A Week in Watches Ep 19: It’s a Me, TAG Heuer

On episode 19 of A Week in Watches we take a trip around the world without leaving the studio. We start out in Germany with Nomos, which gave me another opportunity to try to say Glashütte, then we head to France to check out Serica’s latest drop. Afterward, we head to Singapore to see BOLDR’s new GMT, and finally Switzerland with a touch of Japan, by way of the TAG Heuer x Mario Kart chronographs. Next week, we head to Windup Watch Fair NYC, so stay tuned!

This week’s sponsor is William Wood Watches. The Bri...

Time on Screen: Bullitt

The Time on Screen podcast is back! This week, in celebration of the newly released Benrus Series #3061, Zach Kazan and Kyle Snarr are diving deep into Bullitt, the 1968 classic starring Steve McQueen as a San Francisco detective trying to get to the bottom of a mob conspiracy. 

Bullitt is mostly remembered these days for its incredible car chase sequence through real San Francisco streets, but it’s also an important film in nailing down the iconic style of its star, and that certainly includes the watch that McQueen wears throughout the film. In this episode, Zach and Kyl...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 265: New Releases from Urwerk and Omega, a Huge Selection of Affordable GMTs, and a Preview of Windup NYC

To kick things off on this week’s podcast, Blake is joined by Worn & Wound co-founder Blake Malin and, making her W&W podcast debut, Nelly Calhoun, Worn & Wound’s events manager. They’re here to give you a preview of all things Windup Watch Fair, which is fast approaching and moving to a new location in New York City. Not only will this Windup see more brands than ever before, but we’ll have dedicated spaces for breakout sessions and panels, a lounge and bar, giveaways, and more!

Then, Blake talks to Zach Weiss, Patrick Marlett, and Thom...

A Week in Watches Ep. 18: Live Long and Wear Seiko Divers

This week on A Week In Watches we’ve got a fairly diverse group of releases. Our first stop is some Seiko Prospex divers made out of titanium, then we head to an Ollech & Wajs with a cool bezel, from there we’re off to space with Urwerk and their new, nerdtastic 120, and finally, we’re back to Germany for some old-school crafts by Benzinger.

We’ve got two (house) sponsors this week. The first is Windup Watch Fair NYC! Yup, it’s October, which means that Windup Watch Fair NYC is right around the corner, Oct 21 – 23. This year’s...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 264: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Norqain Wild One

This week on the podcast, Zach Kazan joins Blake and Thomas to talk about one of the most unexpected releases of the year: the Norqain Wild One. Zach was in Switzerland for the launch of the Wild One, which employs a proprietary carbon fiber material called Norteq that makes it incredibly lightweight, robust, and can even be colored. Zach shares his thoughts on the watch and the rollout, and talks about the experience of interviewing the one and only Jean-Claude Biver. 

Later in this episode, the team chats about what it’s like to turn on non-watch peo...

A Week in Watches Ep. 17: A Speedmaster for Beyond the Moon

This week on A Week in Watches we take a look at a few new tool watches that came out. There’s a watch built for Martians by Omega, but you can use it too. Then, Christopher Ward updates the three original watches in their Military collection. Lastly, Mühle Glashütte, builds off of their beloved SAR line with a new watch rendered in my favorite metal, titanium.

But first, I go a little more in-depth than usual for this week’s sponsor as it’s a launch of a new series of watches from a brand we...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 263: New September Releases from Norqain and Habring2

This week on the show, we’ve got Blake, Thomas, Zach and Patrick in the studio to talk about some of the more interesting recent releases to come across our desks. Norqain’s new Wild ONE is at the top of mind, and the gang puts on their materials scientist hats to ponder the pros and cons of carbon fiber, and wonder what this new Norteq material is all about. The team also discusses the latest release from Massena and Habring, which is a gorgeous perpetual calendar chronograph, and in the course of the conversation we learn that at leas...

A Week in Watches: Ep 16 Do Crickets Even Buzz?

We’ve made it to episode 16 of A Week in Watches. That’s four months! A quarter year! Crazy. Anyway, this week we cover the news from Norqain (including a potential interpretation of how the first conversation between Jean Claude Biver and the board at Norqain went), the return of the Vulcain Cricket (with a debate on what sound crickets really make), some new Farers, and a perpetual monopusher chronograph from Habring2 that has a very tangential relationship with medieval dancing plague. Yeah, it was quite a good week in watch news, so check that out below.


Time on Screen: The Watches of The Abyss

Today, we’re continuing our run of watch spotting in movies in a new series we’re calling Time On Screen. This new Worn & Wound podcast series will focus on the intersection between watches and movies, covering everything from classics, box office hits, and lesser-known titles that we think are worth discussing. Today, it’s all about the watches of The Abyss, James Cameron’s 1989 underwater sci-fi thriller. In the episode, Zach Kazan and our own Kyle Snarr record their thoughts on the film’s watches, Cameron’s filmography, and what makes for good watch casting in films in general. 

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 262: Enthusiast or Collector? The Eternal Debate

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about the age old question that has been plaguing all of us: are you a collector, or an enthusiast? Blake wrote about this conundrum in self-identification a few weeks ago, and we thought it would be good fodder for a slightly deeper dive. So enjoy this chat with Blake, Zach Kazan, Kat, and Patrick covering the finer points of what it means to collect versus…enthuse? Let us know in the comments if the collector/enthusiast distinction means anything to you personally, and what category you’d place yourself in.


A Week in Watches: Ep 15 Ultra Apples + Black and White Cookies

This week’s episode of A Week in Watches starts off with a little catch-up after Geneva Watch Days. We go from the Apple Watch Ultra to the Monta Skyquest and then to Grand Seiko in a quick sweep of releases. Then, we’re off to some newness from Timex x Todd Snyder and Longines, and finally a question from the audience!

It’s been a minute since I’ve taken a question from the audience, so I was excited to do so. Though a straightforward question, it let me delve a little into a topic I find exc...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 261: The Apple Watch Ultra, and Some Favorites from Geneva Watch Days

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake and Zach are talking about the just announced Apple Watch Ultra. It’s Apple’s most advanced smartwatch to date (and the largest) but is it a tool watch? It’s a question we’ve seen bandied about in all of the usual places, and we get into it here. Then, it’s off to Switzerland to chat through some of the key releases from Geneva Watch Days, from a dramy MB&F to a much more accessible Doxa.

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A Week In Watches: Ep 14 Geneva Watch Daze 2022

Well, last week I got distracted by a certain dive watch by a certain brand (it was Tudor) and didn’t get to my coverage of Geneva Watch Days 2022. So, this week, I highlight five releases from GWD that were of interest from brands ranging in style and price from Doxa to Frederique Constant to MB&F. Sit back and enjoy a little trip to Geneva.

This week’s sponsor is the Windup Watch Shop, which recently added the newest iterations of Seiko’s Save the Ocean dive watches. Based on iconic divers from Seiko’s archives, this tri...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 260: Diving into the new Tudor Pelagos 39, Including Your Official Pronunciation Guide

It’s a full house today on the Worn & Wound podcast, so brace yourselves for a spirited discussion on the watch that broke the internet last week: the all new Tudor Pelagos 39. Everyone’s got a take on the new, smaller Tudor diver, and we’re no exception. What do you think? Is this a must have dive watch? Will you be buying one? And, be honest: were you pronouncing “Pelagos” correctly before Tudor’s immediately iconic video dropped?

We also take a moment to talk about the new Grönefeld 1969 Delta Works, the first sports watch from the inde...

A Week in Watches: Ep 13 Tudor Crashes Geneva Watch Days

This week I try and fail to cover some Geneva Watch Days highlights. You see, right in the middle of everything, Tudor had to go and release the Pelagos 39. Not just a variation of an existing watch, the Pelagos 39 is likely to become the new “go-to” model by the brand. I go over where the Pelagos came from and what makes this new model different.

And then… I still fail to talk about Geneva Watch Days because Fratello teamed up with Minase to make a new collaboration with the brand using a case that was previously only for sa...

Casual Friday: A Special Bonus Episode of the Worn & Wound Podcast

It's Friday!! And we don't really know what to do with ourselves so we recorded a podcast for you! Kat, Zach Kazan, Patrick, and Thomas all joined in on this bonus Friday episode's possible a drink or two was had. Let us know if you enjoyed this bonus episode. We love getting feedback from our listeners and if you love it, we'll continue recording them. Enjoy!

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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep 259: Leave it to the Professionals

Today on the podcast, Blake Buettner, Zach Weiss, Zach Kazan, and Patrick Marlett are in studio to discuss a question that's come up a lot recently: what's with all these "pro" watches? Did it start with the Speedmaster? Should we consider our own professions before committing to buy something like a Black Bay Pro, or the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer GMT with a similar designation? What's in a name, anyway? Is it all just clever marketing or does a "Pro" watch have a meaningful functional advantage? We tackle the tough questions on this week's episode. 

To stay o...

A Week in Watches: Ep.12 We’re All Professionals

On this week’s episode of A Week in Watches we check out two new watches that are built for pros. A new GMT for TAG Heuer, and a trimmed down diver from Christopher Ward, both quite excellent looking. We also head to Geneva (well, in spirit) to check out an upcoming auction of some truly historic watches by George Daniels.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Labor Day Sale currently going on at the Windup Watch Shop. Get up to 15% off select watches, straps, accessories, EDC, and more through 9/7/22. Head to

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 258: A Conversation with Lorenzo & Lauren Ortega of Lorier

This week on the Worn & Wound Podcast, we sit down in our studio with Lorenzo & Lauren Ortega of Lorier. We chat about why they got started in the watch industry, their love for acrylic crystals, and why bracelet designs are so important. As always, we thank them for coming by the studio and be sure to check out their booth at the next Windup Watch Fair! 

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A Week in Watches: Ep. 11 Chronos, Chronos, and More Chronos!!!

This week’s episode of A Week in Watches is all about chronographs. I like them, you like them, and we had just enough stories in a week to dedicate a whole episode to them. From Bravur’s bike racing-inspired model to Baltic’s first Tricompax, it’s nothing but stop, start, and reset from beginning to end.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop, which recently added the new Citizen Promaster Diver Fujitsubo Automatic, a titanium diver based on an iconic model from their archives. Check that out and more at Windupw...

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 257: Citizen Promaster "Fujitsubo", Titanium Watches, Day Lume, and Attempting to Get a Rolex at Retail

This week on the Worn & Wound Podcast, Ed Jelly joins Blake Buettner, Zach Weiss, and Patrick Marlett as they discuss the new Citizen Promaster "Fujitsubo", titanium watches, getting the perfect day lume, the new Parmigiani GT Chrono's, and the struggles of buying a Rolex at retail. 

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And if you like what you hear, then don’t forg...

A Week in Watches: Ep. 10 The Ultimate Sleeper Watch Returns!!!

Episode 10? Already? I guess time flies when you’re recording A Week in Watches. In this episode, we’ve got a whole bunch of watches from Grand Seiko, a vintage-styled Tissot, and the return of the ultimate sleeper watch.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop, which recently added a collection of vintage pieces curated by Wind Vintage. Check that out and more at

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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 256: In-House? Big Deal. Manufacture Movements, Timezone Functions, & More

On this weeks episode of the podcast. Blake, Zach, Thomas, and Patrick discuss the hot topic of In-house movements and what signifies it's importance so much amongst watch collectors. We also welcome Thomas to the East Coast and chat about why more brands aren't using the timezone function complication. 

This week's episode of the Worn & Wound Podcast is brought to you by Bulova, celebrating their long relationship with Ol’ Blue Eyes with the new Frank Sinatra Collection.

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