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That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that give a fun look at video games, the industry and the culture surrounding it all. Join Zach Anderson, Shannon Moore, Justin Carter and (sometimes) Robby Steltenpohl each week as they dive deep into the video game landscape.

Episode 138 Nobody Cares About Your Pokemon Snap Pics
Last Tuesday at 2:24 AM

This week The usual crew talks about Microsofts Games With Gold for the month of May. Can anything rival Viscous Attack Llama? Also XBox series X and PS5s set new records in sales. So why can we find any on the shelves!? In our weekly Consoltation Zach and Justin play Pokemon Snap and try to sell Shannon why this game is so awesome. In our VR world Shannon played Super Hot VR and Battle Sister. No spoiler casts this week because... well... Zach decided to play Titanfall 2 again. Have a great week guys!

TPL Bonus! Mortal Kombat Spoilercast!
Last Friday at 11:10 PM

Enjoy this special bonus episode! Zach, Shannon, and Justin battle it out over how good this movie really is! Also we have a special guest joining us for the discussion. A fan Favorite Mr. Robert Steltenpohl!!

Episode 137 its Just Meh...

This week The guys talk about Capcom releasing RE4 on Oculus! Will Shannon be playing this game? In games we have been playing Shannon played Good Job, Zach played Rain on Your Parade, and Justin played Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion? We spoil the heck out of Invincible and Falcon and the Winter Soldier at 49 minutes! Have a great week and GET OVER HERE!

Episode 136 Godzilla Vs.Diddy Kong

This week in news, Sony gives into the Twitter pressure and continues to support the PS3 and Vita store servers. Indie World Nintendo happened and Justin fills us in on what happened and why 9 year old games are still cool. Finally Shannon drops the bomb that Godzilla vs King Kong was not a good movie. We Skip the Control chat this week because Zach had some PS5 issues. We do however talk about The Forest, Subnautica...and Fez? We spoil the heck out of Falcon and Winter Soldier at 1 hr 16 min and 22 seconds. Other than that have a great...

Episode 135 Double Dip!

This week our episode was so good we had to record it twice! Well, I mean there was something horribly wrong with the first recording and it was eaten by internet demons. There is no news this week so we can get an episode out to you. Worry not! There is still a lot of meat on this bone. We take our first swipe at Control. We made it to "the hotline" so be ready for game chat and some spoilers. We start talking about that at 36 Min in. Then we go into what we've been playing followed up...

Episode 134 Peeps and Poops

Thank you for hanging in there as we recorded a little late this week. Easter washed over us in a chocolate covered fury. Some of us spent the following day on the toilet. Others took their dog to the vet. Once we settle in the gang talks about Xbox adding MLB the show 21 to Gamepass, Sony's PS Plus games and the  new Loki trailer. 

It was aApple Arcade heavy week for Shannon and Zach. Threes, Wonderbox and Clap hands Golf will be talked about.

We go into Spoiler talk on Falcon and Winter Soldier at th...

Episode 133 Sweating to K-pop

On the show this week we talk about the new Suicide Squad trailer, Microsoft's Indi Showcase and more games getting delayed because of COVID! In games we have been playing Zach is still pretty deep into Miles Morales, Shannon played Monster Hunter Rise and Justin gets physical with Ring Fit Adventure.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoilers are rampant at the 1 Hour and 3 minute mark. 

Also, in an effort to provide a more robust experience we will be adding our Game of the Month segment. We choose a game to play and take a month l...

Episode 132 TPL Gets a Snyder Cut!

This week we take a look at the Video Game Hall of Fame candidates! Who knew that was a thing? Also COVID has added another game to its list of victims as Gotham Nights gets delayed. Will there be more delays in our future? Also, with the Justice League Snyder cut out the gang talks what video games would benefit from the same treatment.

In game was have been playing Zach has gone hard into Loop Hero, Justin played the Cyanide and Happiness game Freakpocalypse and Shannon finally cracks open his PS5 to play Sackboy!?


Episode 131 No one wants to be Michelangelo

This week you may have noticed we have a new Intro! Big thank you to Melanie Daringer for working on some fresh tones for your ear holes! If you like what you heard and want to hear more of her music, head on over to YouTube and subscribe to her channel! it can be found at

This week the guys talk about Microsoft closing the deal with Bethesda. What does this mean for the major titles Bethesda has? Will they be Xbox exclusives? What does that mean...

Episode 130 WandaVision and a Ship named Theseus

This week in gaming news not much happened. Microsoft is finalizing their acquisition of Bethesda and  Epic games bought Mediatonic. Also, the Ratchet and Clank updated game on the PS4 is downloadable for free until the end of March. In games we have been playing Shannon finally eases into Bravely Default 2, Justin revamps his whole island in Animal Crossing, and Zach plays Maquette. WARNING! at 56 min and 15 seconds we spoil the last episode of WandaVision! Hope you all have a great week!

Episode 129 Right place Right time

This week Zach and Justin review the Pokemon Direct. What remastered games will they be buying this time? Also Playstation had a State of Play event and unveiled some FFVII news. Major WandaVision Spoilers at 1 Hour and 22 min!! Also in games we have been playing Shannon and Zach talk about their experiences with the Outriders demo. What is this game exactly? Why does the camera shake all the time? whats up with those cut scenes? Also What's Justin playing? Thanks for listening and have a great week! So long suckers!

Episode 128 You Could Play Diablo 2 Again, But Why?

There was a lot of news this week and the guys do their best to give you all the details. Nintendo had their first direct in 15 months. Did they hit the mark? Or are people happy playing old games with new polish? Blizzcon launched with a preview of the rogue class in Diablo 4. Also Diablo 2 is getting a major graphical update that has two of the three hosts ready for another run through a game. We spoil the hell out of WandaVision at 1 hr 28 min. In games we have been playing Zach gushes over his new PS5 and Astrobot...

Episode 127 Love is in the Air... Maybe...Probably not

So we finally got our hands on some Mountain Dew Major Melon. Naturally we had to talk about that and all the other sodas we've had through our lives. In news we talk about the Mandalorian dumping one of its stars. CD Projekt Red continues to have problems related to Cyberpunk and E3 tried to make a comeback! In games we have been playing we talk Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury and Concrete Genie. Warning! at 1 hour and 9 minutes we talk WandaVision spoilers. Have a great week. Mike don't hate us because we dont care for Major Melon<...

Episode 126 The Circle of Life

This week in news E3 was dead and now its back! well, maybe... Warner Brothers reveals they have patented their "Nemesis System" and Google says no more first party development is happening for Stadia. In games we have been playing the gang finally all got to sit down and play some Gears of War 5! Oh, and we spoil the crap out of WandaVision at 52 minutes into the show. 

Episode 125 House of (Magic) Cards

This week the guys talk about the Playstation Plus line-up for February, stonks galore and who wants to bone Keanu? In games we have been playing  its all MTG Arena baby. WandaVision spoilers at the 59 min mark! have a great week and be awesome guys!

Episode 124 Justin Ruins Everything

WARNING! WANDAVISION spoilers at 1 hr 14 min to the end of the show!

Just throwing it out there. When you're in a group text talking about video games, it might be a good idea to look at who is in the thread before you give away MAJOR SPOILERS! I'm looking at you Justin! This week Microsoft was also in the doghouse with Justin as they doubled the price of their Gold membership. Then immediately changed their minds when Twitter erupted. Resident Evil VIII had a demo you could play as long as you had a PS5 to play...

Episode 123 Blunder Woman

This week we talk about Pokemon Snap!, Resident Evil Village and WW84. Did anyone like that movie? MAJOR MOVIE SPOILERS 38 min to the 1 hr 14 min mark. This week Shannon boards the Monster Train hype, Justin talks trading cards and Zach contemplates playing RE7 again.

Episode 122 Chaos

This week the cat is away so the mice will play. Thats right it's a Shannon and Justin show! We talk about all the cool stuff. Anime, Lucas Arts Games, Magic the Gathering Arena heading to mobile, Monster Train and poop. So pour yourself a drink and settle in with your homies. 

Episode 121 New Year, New You, New Games!

This week we talk about all the games that have release windows in the new year! Stick with us as we talk about what we are excited about in the year to come! Yes, yes Justin we all know there is another Mario game coming out soon.. go back to playing Bugsnax... Zach played Monster Train. Will this card game similar to Slay the Spire capture the attention of another host of the show? Finally, Justin and Shannon cast some shade over Wonder Woman 84. Have a great week everyone! Be great! Lets GO!

Episode 120 GOTY 2020

This week we have an all-star line up on our GOTY show! Zach " You're never going to play that" Anderson, Justin " I swear Dead Space is coming out this year" Carter, Shannon " 30 minutes is good enough" Moore, Robert "MGSV was robbed" Steltenpohl and Jordan "I platinum everything" Daringer recap their picks for the best game of 2020. Get ready for this spoiler heavy episode! I would have put in time stamps but I've been bouncing between locations this week. Happy New year!!

Episode119 Disney dump

What's up peeps? This week the gang jumps into the Disney presser. What Marvel news peaked your interest? Are people tired of Star Wars spin offs? Is Disney Plus a better platform for all this content?

Also this week we briefly talk about the video game awards before going into a discussion about the release of CyberPunk 2077.

 In games we are playing, Zach played Call of the Sea and Justin played Monster Sanctuary.

Episode 118 Cyber Punked

Its the Holiday Season! Kets make a list!

- Justin talks about his new Playstation 5!

- We talk about our favorite and not so favorite Holiday movies!

- WB going rogue on movie theaters?

- SPOILER ALERT at 1hr 35 min we talk the Mandalorian

- Justin talks Godfall, Demon Souls and Bugsnax

- Shannon talks about Immortals: Fenyx Rising


Episode 117 Redux

This week Justin and Zach have free reign to talk about whatever they want. Who am I kidding, I really dont pull that much weight around here. I ( Shannon) was not able to make the podcast this week so we decided to do a mini episode! Enjoy! I hope your holidays were great and your black Friday snags were epic!

Episode 117! Time to Overeat and Play Games!

This week we put on the stretchy pants and sit down to talk about what foods we dive into at the Thanksgiving table. Also we talk "turkeys." The games you love but are admittedly not the best gaming has to offer. Justin FINALLY plays Hades and Shannon dives into the discount bin on Nintendo's E-shop. Also, we finally finish the MCU movie rankings! Stay safe out there this holiday season!

Episode 116 FOMO!!

This week the gang talks about their console buying woes. Granted they all had a snowballs chance in hell of getting one, but they feel they've earned the right to complain. Also this week we talk video game news, give some early runners for GOTY and we talk some more Mandalorian. Justin plays some indie game and talks about it, Shannon recants his take on Pokemon Shield and Zach goes to the movies to watch a 20yr old movie. 

Episode 115 Y'all Got Them Next Gen Systems

This week Mike Miller makes an appearance to talk about (Gloat) about the X Box Series X! Also a ferret eats Justins microphone while he scarfs down his dinner on the Skype call. If that isn't enough for one show stick around and see what else the group talks about. Lord knows no one else is making bacon this week. Also what the heck is up with Baby Yoda? 

Episode 114 Green Eggs and Bacon

This week the gang is back to talk about their Halloween activities. We catch up on Video game news, mainly Cyberpunk 2077 getting delayed... Again. Also, how long is too long for bacon to be in your fridge? Shannon bought an Oculus Rift 2 so you get to hear about that. Finally we talk about Truth Seekers and other shows we've been watching.

Episode 113 Ghosts n' Stuff

Get your costumes on and listen as the gang gets their Halloween on! We welcome Steve Wittkamp aka @MrAlarm to this weeks podcast to talk about horror movies and scary video games! What games made you sleep with the lights on? What movies are so bad they're good? Which ones did Zach Nope right out of? Does Justin talk this episode? I dont know, listen to find out! 

Episode 112 Shannon " Chew a little" Moore

This week the gang talks about the new UI for the Playstation 5. Also we take a break to talk about Shannon gnawing on his finger. The Marvel movie list gets an update and we haven't played much so here is some more Mario Sunshine that Justins been playing...

Episode 111 Zach Doesn't Count

This week the Gang begins talking about what will be on their game of the yer lists. What have they played, what still needs to be sampled before the judging begins? Stick around and find out!

Episode 110 Does Size Matter? Asking for a Friend

This week in video game news the gang talks about the size of the PS5 and wonder if size really does matter. Also we talk about our game night with Among Us and our love of all things Hades. Also this week we tackle more of the MCU hierarchy. Buckle up, there is a lot of meat on this bone!

Episode 109 X-Doh!

This week the guys talk about the X-box release woes and gets back into the Marvel Rankings! Also we talk a little Fall Guys, Hades and whatever the heck Justin is playing. Probably some crappy Mario rom...

Episode 108 Finally Sony gives us the Deets!

This week we go deep into the Sony Presser. What did we think? What games really stood out and most importantly what did we think of the price! Also why does Justin like Mario Sunshine so much? Shannon thinks that game is just the worst.

Episode 107 Micro-soft? Not this time...

This week there is so much news the guys decided to put the Marvel rankings on hold to talk about Microsoft and their Xbox series S. Will this console compete with Sony? Is there still a console war? Does Microsoft even care? These questions will all be answered. Also What does Sony price their new console at now that Microsoft has set the bar. Dont forget Nintendo did some things since the last time we recorded! Its a juicy episode of hot takes and according to Zach and Justin, Shannon's  Shi**y ones.

Episode 106.5 Bonus level!

This week California is burning down around 2/3 of the hosts. Luckily we were able to get some bonus material recorded. Robby, Justin and Zach go into spoilers for Umbrella Academy season ! Also we start our ranking for all the Marvel movies! If you're looking for a long episode man this is the one for you! Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Episode 106 Who Watches the Watchmen? Not Shannon

This week Shannon takes a back seat so that Robby can jump in and lend his savant style expertise to the DC movie tier debate. Gamescom happened, what did the guys think of the two hour long conference? Games will be talked about and I am sure and there will be some major shenanigans. Hope your butt is ready cause I think this is one of the longest episodes to date. If you're working out while listening to this please take a break to hydrate in the middle. 

Episode 105 NBA Jam Has Nothing on This Fire

This week the gang talks about the DC Fanfest that happened this wee, Has DC finally gotten it together? or did things just fall apart. Also this week we begin putting all the DC movies in the place among our ranking system. From "God Tier" to "Awful" we start wading through the mess to put things in perspective. Also this week Shannon and Zach talk about "Spiritfarer", Justin breaks down Nintendo's Indie presentation and talks about "Takeshi and Hiroshi". Have a great week everyone!

Episode 104 So Hot Shannon Forgot His Shirt

This week the Gang talks about Apple and Rare fighting it out over V-bucks. Zach and Justin gush over Season two of the Umbrella Academy. We get excited for The Boys season two as well! Shannon leaves half way through to put his son to bed. Then Zach and Justin talk about what they're playing and things get weird. I'm just kidding I wasn't there. Stay cool and safe everyone! 

Episode 103 State of Lame, am I right?

This week The gang talk about Playstation's State of Play. What games got us excited? Also we talk about Fall Guys, Paper Mario, Picross and Carrion. In other news we get sidetracked by "Umbrella Academy" season 2 as well as the new season of "The Boys". Have a great week!

Episode 102 So Stephen King walks into Tony Hawk's PS2

This week the Gang talks about that THPS2 soundtrack and talks about the last CD they ever bought. We also ponder what Stephen King movies are the best. Also this week Lego sets its sights on the video game market, but did it set the price too high? Paper Mario is still running strong through our group and Zach talks about Carrion!