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05/26 Hour 1 - Hopkins Cut & Kelly Iko From The Athletic
Last Friday at 8:04 PM

05/26 Hour 2 - Who Said It & Former Astro You Liked The Least
Last Friday at 8:03 PM

05/26 Hour 3 - Do You Believe James Harden Is A Good Teammate?
Last Friday at 8:03 PM

05/25 Hour 1 - Astros are 7 Games Over .500 after 59 Games
Last Thursday at 8:20 PM

The Killer Bs talk about how the Astros are 49 Games in and are 7 games over .500. The less prominent players are producing for them + Possible Rocket reunions? Do we like the idea of Patrick Beverley coming back? What are we willing to give up for a Ime Udoka Jaylen Brown reunion? 

05/25 Hour 2 - Is Nick Caserio the worst GM in the NFL?
Last Thursday at 8:15 PM

In hour 2, The Killer B's talk about how they hate lists and Texans GM Nick Caserio is dead last on the GM rankings list. Would Rodgers still be a Packer if they never drafted Jordan Love? Does Davis Mills have any chance to be the Houston Texans starting QB? The B's don't think so...they also believe that he would be somewhere else if someone offered a 4th round pick or better for him.  To wrap up the hour, The B's ask the question "Could hockey succeed in Houston?". 

05/25 Hour 3 - Bad Take BLVD & Clowney or Harden?
Last Thursday at 8:07 PM

The Killer B's talk about if the Heat can put away the Celtics tonight or does Boston still have a chance? They also answer the question of "Would you rather have Harden to Rockets or Clowney to the Texans?". Do we like the new NFL Kickoff rule?

05/24 Hour 1 - Why Are People Worried About Mills Starting?
Last Wednesday at 8:08 PM

05/24 Hour 2 - What Astros Contract Would You Amnesty??
Last Wednesday at 8:06 PM

05/24 Hour 3 - Weird Take Wednesday & The Lance McCullers Plan
Last Wednesday at 8:02 PM

05/23/2023 Hour 1 - The Astros are Officially Back!
Last Tuesday at 8:15 PM

The Killer B's discuss how the Astros are back! Jalen Green's uncertainty about James Harden coming back to Houston next season. Will it hinder Green's development in the league? Does the new James Harden fit the new Rockets? Will this change the future goals for the Rockets in the next few years??

05/23/2023 Hour 3 - Keep the Astros Name Out Your Mouth!
Last Tuesday at 8:10 PM

In Hour 3, The Killer Bs have their hot take segment of Cash it or Trash it. Also, the NFL can now flex Thursday Night Football games. Additionally, Nathaniel Lowe talks trash about the Astros and the bottom of the hour caps off with the question, "what food to cater at a wedding?" . 

05/23/2023 Hour 2 - Would you Accept Chris Paul in Houston?
Last Tuesday at 8:10 PM

In the second hour The Killer B's talk about Chris Paul's future in Phoenix and the possibility of him coming to Houston + answer your phone calls about overrated players. OTAs begin for the Texans. Will Davis Mills be QB1? Can John Metchie stay healthy?? DeMeco Ryans is confident in the new Texans and doesn't think about past seasons. 

05/22 Hour 1 - Astros 7-Game Win Streak & Sweep the A's

The Killer B's the Good, Bad, and the Ugly, Framber Valdez complete game and Jose Altuve's return.

05/22 Hour 2 - How Important Will the Run Game be for the Houston Texans?

The Killer B's discuss how the Texans will use the run game in 2023 and Dameon Pierce's fantasy value. 

5/22 Hour 3 - Mailbag Monday and the Future of Drew Gilbert

The Killer B's answer your questions during mailbag Monday, how quickly Drew Gilbert can make the big leagues. Will the Astros be in first place by the end of the month?

05/19 Hour 1 - Jose Aluve RETURNS!

05/19 Hour 2 - The Rockets & James Harden Rumors Are Getting Louder

05/19 Hour 3 - Who Said It & The Rivalry Eulogy

05/18 Hour 1 - Astros Sweep The Cubs With Walk Off Win

05/18 Hour 2 - When Do Jose Altuve & Drew Gilbert Play For Astros At Same Time?

05/18 Hour 3 - Bad Take BLVD & Wheelhouse vs Bench Round 2

05/17 Hour 1- Rockets Legend Mario Elie Joins The Show.

Mario Elie shares his thoughts on Harden's potential return to Houston and much much more. Is there concern that the Texans don't have any players on the Top 25 Under 25 list?

05/17 Hour 2- Altuve's Return Could Be Sooner Than We Think. Yankees Drama Continues.

What will the Astros lineup look like when Altuve returns to the team? The Yankees are cheating again! Can a bottom tier hockey team survive moving to Houston?

05/17 Hour 3- Weird Take Wednesday and Granato vs Jake

Has Pat McAfee gone corporate after signing with ESPN + show on show violence. What is the next move for the Rockets? 

05/16 Hour 1 - Montero Gets A W & Abreu/Bregman Wake Up

05/16 Hour 2 - One Good Thing The Texans Did This Offseason

05/16 Hour 3 - Cash It Or Trash It & Yankees Are Cheating??

05/15 Hour 1 - Have the Astros started to figure things out?

The Astros win the weekend series against the White Sox!
What stats will some of the Astros players end the season with?

05/15 Hour 2 - Is Harden coming back the right decision?

James Harden struggled again yesterday for the 76ers in a game 7!
He is still heavily linked with the Rockets, should we pursue him?

05/15 Hour 3 - Mailbag Monday and Astros kick off series against Cubs!

Weekly Mailbag Monday!
The Astros start off the series against the Cubs today, which leads to our segment of La Liga Player or Cubs Player? 

05/12 Hour 1 - Texans schedule is now released!

The schedule for the Texans was released last night, and they were one of the few teams to not have a Primetime game!
Did the Texans deserve a primetime game or will they get flexed into one later in the season?

05/12 Hour 2 - Is there reason to be optimistic with the Texans schedule?

How many wins will the Texans get this season?
Vegas has the Texans odds going up after the schedule release, will the Texans see success this year?

05/12 Hour 3 - Who said it? / How the Texans can win 9 games!?

Our weekly segment of "Who said it?" featuring some of the best quotes of the week
Even more Texans talk wrapped up with how they can finish the season with more wins than expected.

05/11 Hour 1 - There's no I in team

Jose Abreu continues to struggle this season playing for the Astros as his stats says it all. Will Dusty step in?

05/11 Hour 2 - Let's just wheel out of this embarrassing injury

Anthony Davis took an elbow to the head from Golden State Warrior's player Looney. Was wheeled out in a wheelchair but got right back up. Was he just soft? 

05/11 Hour 3 - Jose Abreu Theory up for Discussion

Could Jose be hiding an injury? Abreu doesn't seem to be the same player we know according to his stats and a possible limp?

05/10 Hour 1 - Framber Dominates & Not Great Brantley News

05/10 Hour 2 - Who Do You Want The Texans To Play Week 1??

05/10 Hour 3 - Weird Take Wednesday & What Would You Sacrifice For Wemby

05/09 Hour 1 - Tuna Gate has been solved but The Astros problems haven't!

The Astros lose again to the Angles last night to fall below .500! 
Will the injured Astros be able to turn this around?