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The show offers a new outlook on news with the help of award-winning journalist Lynda Steele. We’ve got more than just your daily news updates. Steele will report on the biggest headlines of the day while offering conversational insight into the issues making waves in Metro Vancouver.

The Full Show Podcast - May 5th, 2021: Wait, yet another tent city? No way!| Time to review and rethink hockey culture?| Staying on the gang activity in BC & more!
Today at 1:04 AM

Top stories today: Crab Park, again Is this the circle of Vancouver life? Take down an encampment, wait till the next one goes up, take that one down, and repeat? Seems like it. Problematic hockey culture Sexism, racism, and misogyny, are apparently the main ingredients that make up a large portion of hockey culture in Canada. Gang activity We’re going to continue to follow this story, and talk to community leaders about how to solve this situation.  Much more in the full episode! _____________ NAVIGATE THE PODCAST:  Chapter 1 Crab Park tent encampment, the sequel Just the same old story. Another enca...

Are road signs enough at the BC-Alberta border?
Today at 1:00 AM

Melody Ma doesn’t think so, and has started a petition to mandate checkpoints. See for privacy information.

Gang life in the lower mainland, and how to disarm it
Today at 12:30 AM

It’s not a new story. In fact, it’s a decades old story here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  It ebbs and flows, with varying rates of death, with the majority of victims being kids who are far too young for this life. We talk to wake up Surrey’s founding member, Gurpreet Sahota.    See for privacy information.

Examining problematic hockey culture
Yesterday at 11:58 PM

Or is it really all hockey culture that is problematic? Misogyny, sexism, racism. Is this commonplace in the hockey world?  See for privacy information.

Alberta-BC travel might be our next huge problem
Yesterday at 11:22 PM

Peter Milobar has major concerns about Alberta’s COVID-19 problem, and its potential impact on us in British Columbia.   Peter’s a BC Liberal MLA  See for privacy information.

DOXA: Previewing a film of interest to all of Vancouver, especially if you’re into crypto
Yesterday at 10:57 PM

Remember Gerald Cotten? Ever wonder what REALLY happened to him? A new documentary is trying to answer that question, and others that are lingering with QuadrigaCX. See for privacy information.

Lynda Steele announces her resignation
Yesterday at 10:25 PM

See for privacy information.

Crab Park tent encampment, the sequel
Yesterday at 10:19 PM

Just the same old story. Another encampment down, and another one goes up. It’s Vancouver whack-a-mole.    See for privacy information.

Hotel workers go on strike, industry decimated by COVID-19
Yesterday at 9:42 PM

Hotel workers have had a rough go of things over the past couple years, even before COVID-19. However, the pandemic has exacerbated the problems. We talk to Elisa Cardona, who is a laid-off employee taking part in the demonstrations, tells us about the strife that this is causing in her life. See for privacy information.

The Full Show Podcast - May 4th, 2021: Violence escalating further| Should we vaccinate all Surrey residents?| NACI adding to vaccine hesitancy & more!
Yesterday at 12:30 AM

The Full Show Podcast -  May 4th, 2021: Violence escalating further| Should we vaccinate all Surrey residents?| NACI adding to vaccine hesitancy & more! Top stories today:   Now, a shooting in a mall? What’s happening? Willowbrook Mall was essentially in lockdown for a short period of time yesterday, after another apparent targeted gang-hit.    Vaccinating all of Surrey This is the call from CEO of Surrey Board of Trade, Anita Huberman. Good idea?    NACI vaccine hesitancy NACI has offered some messaging around COVID vaccines that is sure to upset a lot of people who received the AZ vaccine. Much more in the full epi...

How we’re losing the battle against gangs in the Lower Mainland
Yesterday at 12:27 AM

More violence. More incidents where the public is literally caught in the crossfire.    What can be done? We talk to Karen Sidhu, who knows about this all too well. She’s the Executive Director of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society See for privacy information.

NACI adding to COVID-19 confusion around vaccines
Last Tuesday at 11:57 PM

Imagine getting the AstraZeneca vaccine, because you were told the best vaccine is the one offered to you. And then, hearing from a health authority that it might not have been the best vaccine. We hear from Alex Shiff, who is an expert on crisis communication with Navigator, their Senior Consultant. See for privacy information.

A plea to vaccinate all Surrey residents
Last Tuesday at 11:24 PM

That’s right, not just frontline workers. Everyone!    Is this the right move, with vaccine supply increasing? See for privacy information.

Former VPD Superintendent on gang violence across lower mainland
Last Tuesday at 10:28 PM

His name is Andy Hobbs, and he led the creation of a VPD gang task force. He also served for over 35 years.  See for privacy information.

The Full Show Podcast w/ George Affleck - May 3rd, 2021: Gang activity steady across lower mainland| Chaos across Alberta| BitCoin’s impact on the environment & more!
Last Tuesday at 12:54 AM

Top stories today:   Gang activity in B.C. It’s been a particularly deadly couple of months here in B.C. when it comes to gang activity. We talk to a professor of criminology who has some insights into what might be happening.   Chaos in Alberta While people had spent months complaining about the situation here in B.C., it pales in comparison to what’s happening in Alberta.   BitCoin’s carbon footprint We can point to lots of culprits when it comes to the state of the climate. But, BitCoin? We try and understand the impact BitCoin actually has.  Much more...

SpaceX returns to Earth
Last Tuesday at 12:47 AM

What will the long lasting impacts of this mission be? Dr. Aaron Boley CRC in planetary astronomy Associate Professor UBC Physics and Astronomy has some thoughts on this. See for privacy information.

Bitcoin has a huge impact on the environment
Last Tuesday at 12:30 AM

Add this to the list of things you didn’t know about BitCoin. For more we touch base with Alex De Vries. See for privacy information.

How do politicians react to social media toxicity?
Last Tuesday at 12:21 AM

It’s Mental Health Week, the perfect time for this conversation.   We talk to Emile Scheffel See for privacy information.

Spring is here and it’s time to spread those seeds
Last Monday at 11:58 PM

Do you want to get into the gardening game but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect segment for you. A full half hour with Wim Vander Zalm. President of ArtKnapp, and author of Just Ask Wim, answers to 100 of the most asked gardening questions. See for privacy information.

Chaos in Alberta
Last Monday at 11:38 PM

Speaking of Jason Kenney, what has been transpiring in Alberta under his watch has the whole country concerned. Heather Yourex-West Global National Alberta Correspondent, gives us an update. See for privacy information.

Eye On Ottawa: Alberta in turmoil
Last Monday at 11:23 PM

A few things we connect with Tom Korski on, including the planned in person G7 meetings, and what is unfolding under Jason Kenney’s watch.   Tom Korski is managing editor of Blacklocks Reporter, independent newsroom in Ottawa. See for privacy information.

What’s happening with Manchester United? Former Whitecaps star weighs in
Last Monday at 11:09 PM

We touch base with Carl Valentine. If that name sounds familiar, its because he once led the Whitecaps to a championship. He’s a current Whitecaps ambassador. See for privacy information.

Gang violence continuing to plague the lower mainland
Last Monday at 10:39 PM

Is it finally time for law enforcement and our criminal justice system to step up and put a stop to these brazen shootings? They’re putting regular, innocent people at risk even if they’re targeted.   For more insight, we touch base with Rob Gordon, Professor of Cirminology at SFU. See for privacy information.

Travel restrictions. More clarification needed?
Last Saturday at 1:01 AM

Well, we had just the man for the job on the show today.   Mike Farnworth, BC’s public safety minister. See for privacy information.

Those signs along the sea2sky highway, how do you say them?
Last Saturday at 12:49 AM

Eric found out by speaking to Aaron Williams, a language project specialist at Squamish Nation Language and Culture Affairs   See for privacy information.

The PNE yearning for Provincial support
Last Saturday at 12:24 AM

Mayor Kennedy Stewart held a virtual conference along with some members representing the PNE/Playland, on the dire need for financial support for one of the tourist hallmarks of this city.   We chat with Keith Baldrey, who is Global BC’s legislative bureau chief now, but was once a carnie! See for privacy information.

Restrictions apply to the double-vaccinated, why?
Last Saturday at 12:15 AM

Is this what the science suggests we stick to? Dr. Brian Conway has some suggestions as to the answer to this and more. See for privacy information.

After Strathcona decampment, what happens next?
Last Friday at 11:33 PM

Tricia Barker, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner, has some thoughts on this process.   See for privacy information.

How do you kill time right now?
Last Friday at 11:28 PM

We chat with Andy Baryer, Master of various hobbies, and he’s also a technology and DIY expert Speaking to us from Surrey See for privacy information.

Dissecting Vancouver’s homeless encampments now that they’re (hopefully) over
Last Friday at 11:25 PM

We walk back in time, over the past few years, around how we got to this point. See for privacy information.

The Full Show Podcast w/ George Affleck - 4/30, 2021:1 on 1 with Mike Farnworth| Strathcona finally decamped| How to kill time right now & more!
Last Friday at 10:38 PM

Top stories today:   Farnworth clarifies, again BC’s Public Safety Minister has had the very fun job of continuously clarifying what restrictions that are currently in place, actually mean. He did it again, live on the show.   Strathcona encampment finally comes to an end And, by all accounts it went relatively smooth. We look back at this tent encampment journey in Vancouver, and whether or not this is truly the end.   Killing time How do you personally kill time during this frustrating period in history?   Much more in the full episode! _____________   NAVIGATE THE PODCAST:  CHAPTERS Chapter 1 Travel restrictions. More clarification needed? ...

The Full Show Podcast - 4/29, 2021: Pop-up vaccine craziness|Drinking in parks actually might happen| Rocking them crocs & more!
Last Friday at 1:12 AM

Top stories today:   Pop-up vaccinations There have been a couple days of complete mayhem when it comes to vaccinations in B.C. Two pop-up clinic’s took place, and they both were a complete mess.   Drinking in parks Yeah it’s the neverending story about the right to drink in parks. It might be happening, soon!   But, it’ll never happen.    Rock them crocs Do you like crocs? Why?    Much more in the full episode! _____________   NAVIGATE THE PODCAST:  CHAPTERS Chapter 1 Pop-up clinic’s causing major problems There have been a couple of pop-up vaccination spots in the last 48 hours that have left people...

Are you rocking them crocs?
Last Friday at 1:05 AM

That’s right. It’s been a couple years in the making but croc’s are making a comeback. See for privacy information.

Canadians seeming to feel pretty good about vaccine travel certificates
Last Friday at 12:29 AM

That is according to a new IPSOS poll. We check out the results and ask you what you think. See for privacy information.

How can the Province do better on homelessness?
Last Friday at 12:03 AM

A question we seem to be asking every few weeks. They’ve just received a D report card from one advocacy group.   Anna Cooper joins us, she’s a staff lawyer at Pivot Legal. See for privacy information.

Drinking in parks, a bridge too far?

There MIGHT be hope on the horizon!    We talk to Park Board Chair Camil Dumont. See for privacy information.

The Political Panel: ‘We’ll do better on communication’

That is the latest directive coming to us from BC officials in regards to the pandemic.  Today’s panel includes former Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, and Sandy Garossino, Former Crown Prosecutor and contributor for the National Observer. See for privacy information.

Many homeowners actually own more than 1 home

Does this grind your gears extra hard as someone who wants to get into the housing market?   Urban Planner Andy Yan shares his insights on this issue. See for privacy information.

Pop-up clinic’s causing major problems

There have been a couple of pop-up vaccination spots in the last 48 hours that have left people bewildered and angry.    Dr Baldev Sanghera shares his thoughts about this mayhem, who is a family physician and member of the South Asian Covid-19 Task Force See for privacy information.

The Full Show Podcast - 4/28, 2021:Coming to Canada| Rich Coleman testifies!| Where’s my playground? That & more!

Top stories today: The journey into Canada, during a pandemic How does one subvert health rules and restrictions, and get into Canada when they shouldn’t?  It’s… actually quite easy. Rich Coleman faces the music But, will anything come of this? We talk to Sam Cooper about this historic moment in this long journey of investigating money laundering in the Province.  Be careful what you wish for, you might get a playground you can’t access A North Vancouver mom is livid. For years, she had been yearning and urging officials for a playground in North Van.  Well, she got it!   ...