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Minnesota Bound is more than just a hunting or fishing program. We find characters that have a story to tell. We seek out destinations and explore out what makes them special. We share the love of outdoors and those that enjoy it.

The outdoors is for everyone!
Yesterday at 3:52 PM

Laura Schara has a conversation with Minnesota's DNR commissioner, Sarah Strommen. They discuss the free DNR webinars available for adults and kids from getting started fly fishing, foraging, take mom fishing, and more. Also, women who hunt & fish continue to increase and the DNR is there to support them with the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program and others.

Ron Schara talks turkeys

On today’s show, Minnesota Bound is all about wild turkeys. Did you know the bird represents one of Minnesota’s greatest conservation achievements? And did you know hanging out with wild turkeys in the springtime is a most addicting pastime? Ron shares his passion for hunting wild turkeys.


Laura Schara chats with Fungi fanatic Mike Kempenich on how to get started foraging for MN mushrooms! Find out when you can find them (this may surprise you), health benefits and classes available, and more. Tune in to improve your hunting skills and health with mushrooms!

Ontario Border Crossings to Fish

Bill Sherck talks to Ontario Fishing Lodge Owner Harald Lohn about the latest changes to the US/Canada border closure. Will you be able to fish in Canada this year?

MN River Fishing

Ron Schara chats with Eric Olson, a Red Wing, MN river rat, and walleye fishing pro. Eric first honed his fishing skills on Old Man River. He also learned that fishing for walleyes in rivers was unlike chasing walleyes in lakes. Eric explains the differences and offers a few tricks of the trade.

The Beez Kneez

In this episode, Laura Schara chats with Kristy Allen, owner/founder of "The Beez Kneez". From managing her 150 beehives, extracting the honey via peddle power, to teaching beekeeping classes at her "Camp Beez Kneez" she is a big advocate for healthy bees as that equals healthy lives. Kristy shares her insight on honey bees, tips on what we can do to support honey bee populations as well as what you need to get started beekeeping.

Maple Syrup?

The sweet sound of spring! Maple sap drips into tin buckets as maple syrup season starts. Bill Sherck trades tales with small-time producer Ryan McCabe.

Sleeping in the Woods at -34!

Aaron Achtenberg joins Bill Sherck to talk about their latest adventure into Voyageurs National Park in severe, sub-zero temps. Bill and Aaron share their sleeping tips for dangerously-cold weather.

All Things Turkey Hunting

With Turkey season approaching, Laura Schara is joined by James Burnham of the Minnesota DNR, to discuss all things turkey! James gives some tips and tells some stories from the field.

Night skiing at Golden Eagle Lodge

Bill Sherck shares the story of one of Minnesota's rarest winter trail adventures. Ruth Wagner of Golden Eagle Lodge sheds historic light on nighttime cross-country skiing.

Calling all wild game cooks!

Laura Schara chats with Laurie Crowell owner of The Golden Fig Fine Foods in St. Paul talking about her unique spice blends that she batches weekly.

The Caribou Lake Adventure

Always Expect the Unexpected! Bill Sherck and Photographer Aaron trudge off the grid and into one of their sketchiest winter adventures in search of a Caribou Lake remote winter camp.

Minnesota’s State Parks

On this week's podcast, Laura Schara chats with Rachel Hopper with Minnesota DNR on our beautiful State Parks! Considered the "crown jewels" of Minnesota, Rachel gives us some insight on the history of our state park system and what makes them unique; as well as information on where to camp, rent a yurt or cabin, hike and explore for all seasons!

Ice Fishing Update on MN Lakes

Tony Roach might be Minnesota's most-season ice fishing guide. Tony joins Bill Sherck to talk about his favorite ice fishing spots and even gives away a few secrets to his winter success!

Ice Climbing

Laura Schara has a conversation with Tony Vavricka, owner/guide for Hard Water Sports, about Ice Climbing in Sandstone, MN.

Winter Camping Shelter Options

Bill Sherck sits with winter camping guru Dan Cooke to talk through camp shelter options during the winter months.

Feeding Birds with Carrol Henderson

Ron Schara gets bird feeding tips from Carrol Henderson, the now-retired director who established the Nongame Wildlife Program of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Bill Meets The REAL Santa Claus!

Bill Sherck travels with photojournalist Aaron Achtenberg to meet the real Santa Claus in his hometown of Rovaniemi, Finland.

"Skijoring in Norwegian means to "Ski-drive"

If you want to learn more about this Scandinavian sport we talk to two-time National Skijoring champion Tyler McKean about it and how he found his canine teammate Buddy on Craiglist years ago! Tune in for dog training tips, where to skijor, and what you need to give it a try!

Favorite Stories of a Photojournalist

Minnesota Bound Photojournalist Eric Andersen shares his favorite stories from the road. Discover tricks of the storytelling trade.

The Shug Retires!!

Winter hammock camping authority and iconic Minnesota entertainer Sean "The Shug" Emery shares big news with Bill Sherck. The Shug also waxes about his favorite moments in the north woods.

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Laura Schara goes over a list of gift ideas from people featured on Minnesota Bound or things found in the MN Bound log cabin. Please support small businesses during this holiday season.

Versatile Hunting Dogs

We're talking hunting dogs on today's podcast. Founder/Owner of Autumn Breeze Kennel in Isle MN, Ed Erickson, is our guest. For over 20 years he's been training versatile hunting dogs. Find out what is a versatile hunting dog and why these breeds are great pointers, retrievers, swimmers, and scent tracking companions to have in the field! Plus he gives pointer training tips for you to try at home.

Deer Camp Traditions

Bill Sherck gets you ready for the 2020 Minnesota Gun Deer Opener with his favorite (and most-emotional) story from deer camp. Better have tissues ready....

Brian "Bro" Brosdahl

Ron Schara is joined by Pro Fisher and Northern Minnesota fishing guide, Brian Brosdahl. They talk about preserving Bluegill numbers, ice fishing, how Brian got a nickname from Ron, and much more!

Minnesota's Ghost Hunter - Eric Moen

Eric Moen joins Bill Sherck to remember a few of his ghost hunts in the land of 10,000 lakes. Just in time for Halloween!

Her Wilderness

Laura is joined by MacKenzie Kroll to talk about Her Wilderness. Her Wilderness provides experiences that encourages more women to get outside and help them #OwnYourWilderness. From hunting and fishing trips, foraging outings and cooking classes they aim to create exciting & laughter packed trips, connect with other like minded women and conserve our wildlife and habitats.

Hooked Up! The Wrong Way!

Bill Sherck's young sons find themselves in a bind while fishing Lake Superior Pink Salmon. A hook buries in one brother's face! How did they get out of their pinch?

Hunter Bill Worth

Many Midwestern hunters head west to chase Elk. Hunter Bill Worth shares some of his secrets to help you get started hunting public land in the West! He also knows how to do it affordably!

Minnesota grasslands and climate change

Ron Schara is joined by Greg Hoch of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. They discuss Minnesota’s grasslands, and how they affect climate change.

Fall muskie Fishing

Fall muskie fishing is happening! Laura talks with Muskie guide Josh Stevenson, of Mighty Musky Fishing Guide Service.

Cartrell Cooper

Going over puppy tips/training your puppy, and getting dogs ready/for hunting with Cartrell Cooper, Owner/founder Big D's Dog Training".

Dave Dybsand of Eagle Hang Gliding

Dave Dybsand soars with Minnesota's bald eagles. Now you can too. Dave talks about his most-unusual glider built to take people up with the birds

Ron Schara and Laura Schara

Fair is not happening/School is starting- It's still SO important to get your kids in the outdoors- It's lessons they can use for a lifetime! Ideas to help your kid get introduced to the great outdoors. There's a reason Ron Schara used to sign off his show's with this tagline

Rapala's Matt Jensen

Rapala's Matt Jensen joins Bill Sherck to talk about how you can introduce a kid to fishing!

Jeff Troldahl

Jeff Troldahl is an outdoor artist and star in the Rock and Roll business. Bill talks to Jeff about the follwing behind his fishing hats and his love of life on the road with the biggest names in music!

Wild on the Water - Keith Ballard

A Minnesota hockey icon talks about his passion for the outdoors now that his NHL career has wrapped up. Just what do professional athletes give up to chase their dreams?

Life and Times of a BWCA Icon

Dorothy Moelter was one of the last wilderness heroes to live in Minnesota's BWCA Bill Sherck remembers the life and times of the Root Beer Lady!

Life on the Island

Brian Bergson is part of the last legacy on Isle Royale. His family still owns a cabin on the National Park land. Brian shares his stories of life on Isle Royale.

Update on Ontario Border Crossing

Harald Lohn, owner of Ontario's Kabeelo Lodge, talks about the current border crossing restrictions and offers a timeline for when It might open to US anglers.