The Real Estate Sessions

10 Episodes

By: Bill Risser

Interviews with real estate industry leaders, hosted by 25-year industry veteran, Bill Risser. The Real Estate Sessions was selected as the 2019 Inman Innovator Award Winner for Video/Podcast Show. Unlike many shows in the real estate space, Bill does not focus on investing, sales and marketing, or any specific topic. He focuses on his guest and does his best to get their backstory. Bill is curious by nature and finds the backstory of our industry's leaders fascinating. He has discovered lenders who were ballerinas, Chief Creative Officers who managed bands, and CEOs who sold vacuum cleaners (and not very well...

Real Estate Sessions Rewind - Russell Shaw - Russell and Wendy Shaw Realty, Realty One Group
Last Tuesday at 9:30 AM


In this podcast episode, Bill Risser and Russell Shaw delve into the fascinating world of real estate and career success. They explore the evolution of Phoenix real estate, from a small town to a bustling metropolis. Shaw's unconventional career path from selling life insurance to comedy and then real estate is also discussed. The concept of "carte blanche" is explored, emphasizing the importance of freedom and authority in one's career. Effective communication skills are highlighted as crucial for success in the industry. The evolution of real estate advertising is examined, with an emphasis on understanding consumer...

Episode 388 - Short Cuts with Eric Sachs, VP/co-Founder - Breakthrough Broker

Eric Sachs, the President and co-founder of Breakthrough Broker, champions the significance of maintaining consistent contact with one's sphere of influence to stay top-of-mind for real estate opportunities. Under his leadership, Breakthrough Broker utilizes innovative AI technology and high-quality content to help real estate agents engage their networks effectively. Sachs believes that automated marketing tools are essential for agents to navigate market challenges and showcase their expertise, especially during uncertain times. By leveraging services like Breakthrough Plus, which offers automated marketing features and MLS integration, agents can remain competitive and secure more business opportunities even in a landscape increasingly...


Dani Vanderboegh, the Service Editor at Inman, is a dynamic force in real estate journalism, deftly managing content to make industry news accessible and valuable for readers. With nearly a decade of experience at Inman and a unique personal journey marked by resilience, she brings a distinctive perspective to her work, particularly through her contributions to the "Real Tea" project. Vanderboegh finds joy in exploring the intersection of real estate and reality TV, appreciating the lighter yet equally important topics this project allows her to discuss. She underscores the significance of creating engaging, trustworthy content and effectively promoting it...

The Real Estate Sessions Rewind - Annette Anthony, Vice President, Technology Engagement, EXIT Realty

Annette Anthony, the vice president of technology engagement for Exit Realty, is a seasoned expert with over 15 years in the real estate industry. Known for her hands-on approach and energetic demeanor, Annette is particularly passionate about video communication as a means to connect and build relationships. She believes that videos can convey emotions and messages more effectively than traditional communication methods, and she is dedicated to helping agents overcome their fear of video by providing guidance, accountability, and encouragement. Annette's focus on the personal touch and human connection in video communication underscores her commitment to empowering real estate professionals...

Real Estate Sessions Rewind - March 2023 - Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer

Kurt Uhlir is a man of many talents with an extensive tech and entrepreneurship background and unconventional experiences in high-angle rescue operations, scuba diving, and stunt work. As he transitioned to real estate, he brought a wealth of knowledge and skills, such as spatial data analysis, website creation, gaming, and targeted advertising, giving him a unique approach to the industry. Uhlir's perspective on transitioning to real estate revolves around the idea that agents should see themselves as representatives of brokerage and independent business entities. He underscores the importance of agents owning their website, a central hub for their marketing...

Real Estate Sessions Rewind - Craig Grant, Founder talks AI at the High Tech High Touch Summit in Buffalo New York - October 2023

Craig Grant is a distinguished speaker who has expertise in the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the real estate sector, among other things. Grant's insights, which are specialized in fact-checking and legal compliance in AI-generated content, result from his nationwide exposure and participation in high-profile events such as the High-Tech and High-Touch Summit. Grant's perspective on AI's influence on real estate encompasses a transformative shift, believing it will revolutionize every facet of the industry, including communication, marketing, property search, and transaction processes. His unique viewpoint is shaped by his conviction that AI will give birth to a new...

Episode 387 - The Real Estate Sessions Short Cut - Alicia Berruti, Director of Agent Engagement - Fidelity National Financial

Alicia Berruti is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, having spent more than eight years at Bomb Bomb before transitioning to Fidelity National Financial as the Director of Agent Engagement. Alicia believes the real estate industry has a substantial opportunity to rebuild consumer trust, especially in light of the ongoing commission lawsuits. Her perspective is shaped by her experience in the industry and the belief that real estate agents can demonstrate their value and protect consumers throughout the real estate process. This viewpoint suggests a proactive approach, with agents showing up stronger and emphasizing their professional value...

Episode 386 - Bill Risser - Fidelity National Financial - The Sequel

Transition in the real estate industry, such as incorporating advanced technologies, is a fascinating topic that highlights the industry's adaptability and future prospects. Bill Risser, a veteran in the real estate industry, sees this transition as a testament to the industry's resilience and ability to evolve. Risser has weathered numerous changes in his 25 years of experience, including market crashes and booms and the recent shift towards virtual operations spurred by the 2020 pandemic. His career trajectory, from embracing new technologies like Zoom back in the day for training sessions to joining innovative startups like RateMyAgent, showcases his adaptable, forward-thinking approach...

Real Estate Sessions Rewind - Sharran Srivatsaa, President – Real Brokerage, LLC

Sharran Srivatsaa, President of REAL Brokerage, LLC, is a distinguished real estate entrepreneur and advocate for employee ownership, who has a unique perspective shaped by his personal journey from India. His perspective on real estate entrepreneurship, mindset, and employee ownership is deeply rooted in the power of partnership and collaboration, as evidenced by his strong alignment with Tamir, the founder of REAL. Sharran believes in creating a career-based financial incentive system for agents, rather than solely focusing on sales, to foster a deeper bond between the company and its partners. This approach, he believes, can lead to long-term success...

Real Estate Sessions Rewind - Ron Shuffield - CEO/President - BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOME SERVICES EWM REALTY

Ron Shuffield is a respected figure in the business industry, recognized for his contributions as the founder of the Beacon Council and his leadership roles at the Chamber of Commerce and the Coral Gables Community Foundation. He views his career journey as a continuous learning experience, underlining the importance of mentorship, aligning with individuals of integrity, and the transformative power of personal growth within the industry. Shuffield's perspective has been shaped by his commitment to ethical business practices, such as trust, integrity, and longevity, and his belief in engaging in community roles. His guiding principle revolves around having respect...