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The Awesome Comics Podcast is a podcast where the best and brightest in the world of small press and independent comic books get their time to shine. You'll find out about books you've never heard of but you will love. Theres great informative interviews with creators, full of helpful tips for any aspiring comic book creator just starting out. Theres also a ridiculous amount of humour running throughout. Listen, laugh and leave us a review to let us know what you think!

Episode 468 - We can be HEROES just for one day!
Last Monday at 8:30 AM

This week Vince and Dan get a call from Tony who, joined by the awesome Cliff Cumber to talk about their experience at Heroes Con in 2024. While they are there the gang also talk about what are their turn ons and turn offs when it comes to buying indie and small press comics. This 'international' chat goes everywhere from meeting your favourite creator, to the difference between cover and interior art. Plus there's great indie books to check out and an extra bit of audio from Doug Wagner, who might just find himself the target of the recommendation section!<...

Episode 467 - Being Scared by Steve Niles Comics!

This week Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, The Killing Hole) joins the ACP gang to talk about his latest work, his start in comics, the difficulties in writing reality-based horror, collaborating with artists and so much more! It's a great chat that horror comics fans and creator will not want to miss, and there's also tons of indie comics to check out, shows and crowdfunders to watch out for and of course lots of laughs. Plus we answer the question, what makes potato waffles so waffly versatile?

Great stuff to check out this week -  Steve Niles, T...

Episode 466 - The Storm King Arrives at Awesome HQ!

This week clouds form around ACP Towers in the form of the amazing Storm King Comics! Writer, Producer and CEO Sandi King (John Carpenters Asylum) joins the gang to talk about how the SK publishing journey started, working with collaborators from all over the world, comic book editing and their exciting new books coming out this year! Plus there's tons of indie comics to check out, info to learn, events and crowfunders to check out and of course plenty of laughs too!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Storm King Comics, Sandi King, John Carpenters A...

Episode 465 - What Happened to the ACP Reading Challenge?

Vince, Dan, Tony and the fourth Musketeer Tom Curry get together to talk about their adventures at the Lawless Comic Con 2024 and how they got on with their reading challenge. That means some chat about wonderful artwork, amazing creators and some absolute classic comics. All that and plenty of cool indie comic recommendations, upcoming crowdfunders and events to check out and of course the usual ACP chuckles!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Lawless Comic Con 2024, Mega City Book Club, Boys Adventure Comics, Lone Wolf and Cub, Usagi Yojimbo, Dark Horse Comics, Attack on Titan, L...

Episode 464 - Superheroes are Becoming a Laughing Stock!

This week the brilliant Matthew Schofield joins the ACP gang to talk about his superhero parody comic 'Steamroller Man'! Together the crew talk about creating comics, gags per page in a comic, crowdfunding, the Simpsons, the genius ideas of children and more. Its an inspiring talk about making a funny superhero book, and there's also plenty of laughs, great indie comic recommendations and if you stick around after the credits, some extra laughs from people who claim to be grown ups.

Great stuff to check out this week -  Matthew Schofield, Steamroller Man, Nick Gonzo, Stapled, Nexus: S...

Episode 463 - How Jeff Smith Started Self Publishing Comics!

This week the legendary self-published comics creator Jeff Smith (Bone, Rasl, Tuki) joins the ACP crew to talk about his journey into creating comics, his upcoming book releases, the importance of retailers and libraries and so much more! It's a wonderful chat and it will be impossible to not be excited about comics afterwards. Plus there's plenty of great indie comics chat, fun and regular awesome indie comics laughs you come to except from the ACP! 

Great stuff to check out this week -  Jeff Smith, Bone, Thorn, Rasl, Tuki, Cartoon Books, CXC Expo 2024, Scholastic, Neil Gaiman, Da...

Episode 462 - What the Hell is a Ghost Machine?

Ghost Machine has arrived! The new comics imprint from Image Comics and an epic line up of comic creators launched in April, and ACP take a look at the exciting launch titles and discuss them and the bright future for this new universe. Friend of the show Zak Cahill (No Second Chance) joins the gang to chat about the books, his own work and together everyone has a lot of laughs and talk about lots of great comics you should be checking out!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Zak Cahill, No Second Chance, Positron, G...

Episode 461 - What is the Point of Free Comic Day?

The first Saturday of May every year is Free Comic Book Day, and for the first time ever the ACP crew are talking about this epic yearly event, what it means to stores, what comics to look out for and if indeed the comics are any good! Then the focus shifts to vintage characters getting a new lease of life in the comic pages of the modern age, and the good, bad and maybe strange choices we get in these reboots. All that and tons of great indie comics to check out, events to put on your calendars and...

Episode 460 - The Lawless World of 2000AD!

With the 10th Anniversary of Lawless Comic Con about to take place in a few weeks, the ACP crew thought what better time to talk to the organisers about show, what to expect and the crazy good guest list they have this year! Plus there is a discussion about 2000AD and what to look out for if you want to start reading it, a special appearance from the one and only Pat Mills! Plus great indie comics to check out, crowdfunders to look out for (or be surprised at) and of course plenty of laughs!

Great stuff...

Episode 459 - Comics and Zines that will make you a Freak!

This week the one and only 'Zine Freak' Matt Simmons joins the crew once more to talk about small press comics, and his latest adventure - a small press and zine shop! From the origins of the idea, to the wide range of diverse titles, the joy of the public discovering zines and more, there will no be a more small press-centric chat all year! Plus there's talk about comic shop pull lists, another loss to the comics community and some fantastic comics to check out!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Matt Simmons, Zine F...