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The Awesome Comics Podcast is a podcast where the best and brightest in the world of small press and independent comic books get their time to shine. You'll find out about books you've never heard of but you will love. Theres great informative interviews with creators, full of helpful tips for any aspiring comic book creator just starting out. Theres also a ridiculous amount of humour running throughout. Listen, laugh and leave us a review to let us know what you think!

Episode 429 - A Whole Bunch of Awesome Comics Talk!
Last Monday at 9:56 AM

This week the gang reunite to talk about comics, public domain, conventions, comics, publishing, legendary creators, comics and more comics! Theres irreverent chat and thought provoking chat about the medium we all love as well as tons of brilliant indie books to check out!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Jim Lafler, Baltimore Comic Con, NoBrow, Vern - Custodian of the Universe, Viz Comics, Graphic Gospel, Tribute Press, Now Thats What I Call Turning Tricks, Mike Aston, Merenda and the Golden Horns, Grim Wilkins, Masters Vol 1, Reckless Hero, Spread Love Comics, Atomic Books, Kill More, L...

Episode 428 - What are Comic Cons in the USA REALLY Like?

The ACP gang are seperated by timezones, but the comic talk cannot be denied as Vince and Dan talk to Tony while he does a Comic Con Tour of the USA! Well, Baltimore and SPX more specifically, but they get the rundown on the comic high points of two very different (but both equally amazing) shows! Plus there's also great books to check out, creators to discover and a whole bunch of Hawk the Slayer talk. Yes. That is what we said.

Great stuff to check out this week -  Baltimore Comic Con, SPX, Cliff Cumber, Matt St...

Episode 427 - Drawn Under the Influence of Comics!

This week the ACP answer questions on instinct, discuss nostalgia in comics and talk about the new charity 'Drawn Under the Influence' comics anthology coming soon! To do so, Eamonn Clarke (Mega City Book Club Podcast) joins the gang to talk about how this one came together, the future for the comic and more! Theres also great recommendations, informative reviews and a whole lot of comic book talk!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Eamonn Clarke, DUI #3, Mega City Book Club Podcast, Ian Ashcroft, NICE Con 2023, Gareth Hopkins, Baltimore Comic Con, SPX, No Brow Press, V...

Episode 426 - Crikey, it’s the VIZ Special!

Its a time for celebration as the ACP and Viz Comics meet for the first time ever! Graham Drury and Simon Thorp join the gang to talk about the long running comics institution that has been filling the newsstands with laughs for decades. From classic characters, hilarious letters, art process and the future for the comic, its a great interview thats not to be missed. PLUS there's a prize to be won if you know your stuff!

Great stuff to check out this week -  VIZ, Paper Medicine, Third Bear Press, Sussex, Foreign Press Comics, The United: G...

Episode 425 - Whats the Point of a Comic Book Crossover?

This week the three amigos of the ACP tackle the world of comic book crossovers. The characters, the stories, the good, the bad and the epic. Theres also talk of where the next Watchmen-level comic is coming from, fantastic books to check out and the pod gets its own HR department which goes about as well as you'd expect.

Great stuff to check out this week -  The United: Going Underground, ACP Recommends, Jonny Cannon, Blam and Glam, Cut Away Comics, Doctor Who, Boxes, Third Bear Press, The Cull, Kelly Thompson, Mattia De Iulis

Episode 424 - Enjoying Comics with a Curry!

This week the show loses a Butcher but gains a Curry, as Tom Curry joins Vince and Tony to talk about comic characters in the public domain, the punisher, social media in marketing and gives the show a reading challenge! Theres also great books to discover new and old, a quiz to play along with and find out where a mysterious VHS tape was discovered recently!

Great stuff to check out this week - Osamu Tezuka, Metropolis, Frankenstein Agent of Shade, DCs new 52, The United: Going Underground, Jonny Cannon, Global Comix, We Belong Anthology, Baltimore Comic Con...

Episode 423 - Time to visit Earth 2!

Comic book podcasts unite! This week the ACP are joined by Pete Watson and David Steele of the Earth 2 podcast to talk about comic book podcasts, golden age comics, multiverses, voiceovers and more. As well as the podcast chatter there are great books to check out and add to your wishlists!

Great stuff to check out this week - The Earth 2 Podcast, Mikes Amazing World of Comics, The United: Going Underground, Electric Chair, Adam Falp, Baltimore Comic Con, SPX, That Comic Smell, Blam and Glam, Knave of Hearts, Assteroid Belters, No Escape of Asta Ventura, Comic Expo...

Episode 422 - The Custard Episode!

The ACP are joined by a returning Sam Hardacre (Splorers) to talk about a variety of topics, from finding your mojo again, to reworking old work and finding time to make your comics! Theres also a big chat about event comics and Millarworlds 'Big Time', challenging stereotypes in comics and absolutely TONS of comics to check out!

Great stuff to check out this week - Sam Hardacre, Splorers, Big Game, Pat Mills, Doctor Who, Starbeast, Jonny Cannon, The Untied: Going Underground, Permanent Damage, SPX, Baltimore Comic Con, NICE, Assteroid Belters: Summer Slammed, Ian Ashcroft, Tribute Press, Earth 2...

Episode 421 - A Comics Reading Challenge!

This week the ACP return to their reading challenge (where they check out bigger comics they've never tried) and discuss titles from sci-fi classics to survival horror epics. Theres also discussion of some San Diego Comic Con announcements, Manga chat, Eisner winners and more. Plus as always great comics to check out!

Great stuff to check out this week - San Diego Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics, Zoe Thorogood, The Punisher, Star Wars, Darth Vader, The Walking Dead, Strontium Dog, Earth 2 Podcast, Adam Falp, The United: Going Underground, Bridlington Comic Con 2023, No Escape from Vida Futura, Knave...

Episode 420 - The Drugs Episode

This week Forpe (Hank aka P.H.U.R.) joins the ACP tackle a subject that has been many things in comics. Powerful, shocking, informational, hallucinogenic and more, drugs within the comic page have quite the history. From fictional to the all-too-real the conversation goes in many directions that are sure to provoke further conversation. Plus there's plenty of great recommendations and comics chat that you'd expect from the gang!

Great stuff to check out this week - Forpe, Tribute Press, Hooligans Haircut, Murder Falcon, Brendan McCarthy, Hunt Emerson, Knockabout Press, High Times, Teen Titans, Cole Henley...

Episode 419 - An Awesome 8 Years of Comics!

The ACP team up with Tom Curry and look back on the last 8 years of the podcast. Books and moments are revisited, recommendations are laid down and tons of fun is had as the pod prepares for the next chunk of comic making years!

Great stuff to check out this week - Tom Curry, Viz, Helen McCarthy, Leamington Comic Con, OK Comics, Mark Millar, Pat Mills, Awesome Comics, Infinite Kung Fu, Avery Hill, Follow Me In, Katriona Chapman, Breakwater, Porcelain, Snake Claws, Eternal, Outer Darkness, WIP Comics Anthology, Bette Noir, Andrew Clemson, Knave of Hearts, Sarah Webb...

Episode 418 - Big Projects and Facing the Challenges in Small Press!

This week Jason McNamara (Past Tense, The Rattler) joins the ACP crew to talk about the long, winding and satisfying journey of creating an original graphic novel! From the ups and downs of project managing, collaboration, pitching to publishers and working in genres, its an awesome comics process talk not to be missed. Plus there's great recommendations of books old, new and strange as well as the usual ACP natter!

Great stuff to check out this week - Jason McNamara, Ghost Band, Past Tense, Nocturnal Commissions, The Rattler, Tillie Waldon, Torpedo, Jordie Bernaire, Jonah Hex, The Hard S...

Episode 417 - Time for Comix to go Global!

This week the ACP gang find out more about Global Comix, a new publishing platform which is focused on the world of independent comics. Christopher Carter, one of the mega minds behind it, jumps onto the show to talk about the platform, the technical aspects, subscription services and more. Its a fascinating look at a new way to get comics into your hands, so of course the gang wanted to know more. Plus, there's great recommendations and plenty of sequential talk to fuel your day!

Great stuff to check out this week - Global Comix, Bad Egg...

Episode 416 - The Changing Face of Small Press Comics!

With the podcasts birthday just around the corner, the three amigos cast a look at the ever changing small press scene and talk about how its changed. The good, the bad, the ugly, the improvements and the setbacks and the losses - all get discussed alongside tons of great comic recommendations to check out!

Great stuff to check out this week - South London Comic and Zine Fair, Boxes, Bullet Adventures, Third Bear Press, Still Earth, Void Rivals, Klik Klik Boom, Dragons Claw, Monster Tinder, Desolation Bay, Kilgore Press, My Mum is Dead

Episode 415 - Why Should You Make a Webcomic?

This week the ACP are focusing on the ever-changing world of webcomics, and who better to talk about making them than Christina Major (Sombulus) who not only is a veteran webcomic creator and member of the Spiderforest Collective but is also a returning guest! Theres talk of starting a webcomic, which method is best for reading, audience responses and the benefit of being part of a community. Plus there's talk of podcasts, comic sales of times past, Vertigo comics, great events and books to check out and more!

Great stuff to check out this week - Spiderforest...

Episode 414 - What is going on with Comics in 2023?

The year 2023 is already halfway done, and the three amigos gather at the watering hole to talk about what's happened so far. Well, they talk about comics, small press, diamond, manga, the big 2 and the future of the industry.Plus there's more great indie comics to check out, tons of laughs and maybe, just maybe... some inspirational words of encouragement for creators out there.

Great stuff to check out this week - Jane McDonald, The Dirty Basement, Stone Cop, The Wicker Pasty, Kancir, Rough Comics, Alien: The Original Screenplay, The 51st State, Hippy, Finn Moxon, Griffin: Galaxies...

Episode 413 - Blam, Glam and Improving Your Comic Book Work!

The ACP talk to a new creator that landed on their radar this week, as the creator of the dystopian series 'Blam and Glam', Richard Morgan joins the gang! From getting back into creating art, taking inspiration from lockdown, creative process and more, the gang talk about all angles of comics. Its a fresh talk with a new comics voice, as well as the usual comic recommendation and ACP madness!

Great stuff to check out this week - Morgo Comics, Blam and Glam, Ashley Wood, Frank Miller, Drakovi, Andrian Caleric, ACP-Recommends, Never Iron Anything, The Dirty Basement...

Episode 412 - Zoop Dreams!

This week the ACP talk about Zoop, a new comics crowdfunding platform with one of its creators Jordan Plosky. Zoop is putting out some amazing books and spearheading a new way to crowfund and the gang want to know more! There's also great chat, comics to cake out and lots of shout out!

Great stuff to check out this week - Zoop, Jorge Molina, Nick Pitarra, Ron Marz, Des Taylor, Dan Panosian, Axe Wielder Jon, Comics for Ukraine, Dirty Basement, Tribute Press, Dead Good Media, Simon Russell, Madeleine, Gustavo Vargas, Nathan Kelly, Drexler, Bette Noir #1-5, Battle...

Episode 411 - A License to Make Comics!

Licensed comics have always been popular. From movies, toys, video games and more there's always a comic book to 'continue' the story and expand the universes. But are they any good? What are the value of them, and are they enjoyable to read? The ACP crew are joined by Kieran Squires to talk about all this and more, as well as taking the show off the rails and having fun. Theres also a dramatic reading of a story that has to be heard to be believed!

Great stuff to check out this week - Kieran Squires, Lava...

Episode 410 - Time to get Dystopian!

This week the ACP talks about the bleak future of comics, but fear not, its just the Dystopian genre they're discussing! Joined by Cliff Cumber (Tony Osmond is a Superstar), the chat goes off the rails pretty quickly and the laughs come thick and fast, and amongst that there is a fascinating discussion, great comic recommendations and the usual podcast madness!

Great stuff to check out this week - Cliff Cumber, V for Vendetta, American Flagg, Department of Truth, Dream Master, Boning, Dirty Basement 1 & 2, Tribute Press, Lawless Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con, SPX, Transmetropolitan, Matt Strott, Prawn...

Episode 409 - The Current State of Comics Buying!

This week its the three amigos talking subjects as digital subscription comics, being self aware when reading comics, reading challenges, publishers business choices and there's also another classic vintage comics quiz! Add to that great shows and comics to check out, and you've got another ACP rant-fuelled classic!

Great stuff to check out this week -   Gosh Comics, Forbidden Planet, Lava Fist, Pound Shop: Decade, Santos Sisters #3, New York Ninja, Lanas Big Hard Thick Casebook, Sean Harrington, Lawless Comic Con, Plush, The Ambassadors, Mark Millar, Karl Kerschl

Episode 408 - The Power of Personal Stories in Comics!

Wolfgang Crowe (Fractures) joins the ACP this week to talk about his powerful debut book, the process of auto-biographical work, art as therapy and more. Its an important and thought provoking discussion about storytelling and trauma that needs to be heard. Plus there's lots of great indie comics recommendations, comic events to check out and more.

Great stuff to check out this week -  Wolfgang Crowe, Fractures, Collossive Press, Other Peoples Stories, Lighter Than My Shadow, Katie Green, Isaac the Pirate, Horny and High, Jordan Thomas, Lawless Comic Con 2023, Mahoneys #6, The Wicker Pasty, All Eight Eyes, Dark H...

Episode 407 - The Value of Original Artwork!

The world of original comic artwork gets the spotlight this week, and to join the ACP crew to talk about it is Alan Henderson (The Penned Guin). From big budget to bargains, from grail pages and covers to unique and personal sketches the chat is fun, entertaining and informative for those who don't know much about the scene! Plus of course recommendations, shout outs and plenty of comics fun!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Alan Henderson, The Penned Guin, Tom Curry, Drew Hird, Hull Comic Con 2023, Skaro Media, Lawless Comic Con 2023, Mahoneys #6, Tom Curry, J...

Episode 406 - Taking an Axe to Comics and Crowdfunding!

Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects) joins the ACP gang to talk about art, influences and his awesome new book 'Axe Wielder Jon'! Its a fantastic talk about the joy and journey of creating comics. The atmosphere in ACP towers is jubilant this week, so expect plenty of giggles and fun alongside chats about crowdfunding existing IPs, biscuits, bad jokes and fantastic recommends.

Great stuff to check out this week -  Nick Pitarra, Axe Wielding Jon, Zoop, Ian Laurie, The Manhattan Projects, Jen Gyllblad, Ero-Tech 2, Mahoneys 6, The Berg, Cabal Comics, Modern Life is Rubbish, Chris Askham, Chrome Sky, P...

Episode 405 - Making a Deal with the Devil!

This week the ACP sell their souls to the devil to talk about heroes from the fires of hell! They talk about the enduring popularity of the faustian pact as a story device, popular characters, the ups and the downs of such stories and more. Plus there's great recommendations, weird tangents, crisps, Jane McDonald, talking farts and more!

Great stuff to check out this week -  Bolt 01, Reynard City Chronicles, Lawless Comic Con 2023, Atu, Sam Glansman, The Ambassadors, Mark Millar, Nemesis, Plush, Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyard, Pete Doree, Stan and Jack #5

Episode 404 - Styling it Out in Comics!

This week the ACP are talking about styles of art. How do they evolve? Are they easy to break away from, and is a recognisable style a boon or a crutch? Cole Henley (You're Thinking About Tomatoes) joins the gang to talk about the subject that he inspired the gang to discuss in-depth, and also talks about his fascinating new graphic novel he is working on! Add in great comics, events and crowdfunding campaigns to check out, and its another classic show!

Great stuff to check out this week - Cole Henley, You're Thinking About Tomatoes, Ero-Tech...

Episode 403 - Are Comic Buyers Being Taken for a Ride?

This week the gang are discussing value for money, quality control and customer service in comics. From the product to the shop, what is the experience currently like? Plus there's great recommendations and an exclusive update on this years Lawless Comic Convention!

Great stuff to check out this week - Lawless Comic Con, Ass-Teroid Belters, Burn with Me KS, Standing at the Station Sweating, The Nice House on the Lake, Local Man, Tony Fleecs, Pink Coffee, Adam Falp

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Let us k...

Episode 402 - Comics, Kaiju, Luchador and SpandEx Comics!

Giant monsters, wrestling and superheroes are always popular in comics, and this weeks guest Ross Radke (SpandEx, Stomped) has made comics about all of them! The conversation rangers from storytelling, Neil Adams, kickstarters and creating a comic for WebToons and will end with some new favourites being added to your wishlists! Theres also great indie comic shout outs and recommendations, laughs and the usual ACP comics chatter!

Great stuff to check out this week - Ross Radke, Stomped, SpandEx, Malegro, Andre Diaz, Gris Grobus, Harsh Prospect, Lawless, The Berg, Dogboy, Simon Roy, S.C.I. Homecoming, It...

Episode 401 - The Dawn of VYPER!

This week the gang talk to the creator of the adrenaline-fuelled, pulse-pounding 80s-tastic action comic Vyper: Crimson Dawn, the one and only Dan Butcher! The comics chat is so relaxed and casual its almost like he's one of the hosts! From there, there wonderful comic and creator recommendations and fun comic-focused chat.

Great stuff to check out this week - Dan Butcher, Vyper: Crimson Dawn, Vanguard, Michael Moorcock, Sarah Harris, Tony TShirt, Cliff Cumber, Burn with Me KS, Strangers Fanzine, Lawless Comic Con 2023, 11 O'Clock Comics, 2Morrows Comics, Magic Powder, Tyrell Cannon, Game Over Man, The Route List

Episode 400 - The 400 Special Edition Show!

We made it to 400, and decided to let some listeners join in the celebratory fun. Theres comics, questions and a special appearance by the one and only Pat Mills!

Great stuff to check out this week - Pat Mills, Steve Lafler, Dogboy, Comics Fair, Lawless Comic Con, James Blundell, Predators, Madelleine, Nemesis Reloaded, Mark Millar, Ground Hammer

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Episode 399 - Whats the Deal with Comics these days?

The ACP gang head over to the red light district of comics and discover the wonderful comics world of Chad Bilyou (Chad in Amsterdam). They have a great conversation about comics, culture, art, travel and dealing weed that will put you in a great mood! Plus there's also top recommendations and plenty of fun in the last episode before the show turns 400!

Great stuff to check out this week - Chad Bijou, The Re-Up, Chad in Amsterdam,Jared Boggess, Juliette de Wit, Dennis Icorn, Hot Stuff, Harvey Comics, James Blundell, Predators, Nine Lives, Lawless 2023, Dave...

Episode 398 - The Zine Scene!

This week the gang look once again at the Zine and Small Press scene with the great folks of Colossive Press! Theres talk of creativity, personal stories, zine creation, collaborating through cartography and even more. Plus there's talk about the upcoming episode 400 and tons of recommendations!

Great stuff to check out this week - Colossive Press, Croydon Spaceport, Things My Dad Saw (But Never Bothered Mentioning), Colossive Cartographies, Vince, The Colossive Manifesto, Bungalow World, Fractures, Tony the Comics TShirt, Madeline KS, Lawless Comic Con, James Blundell, Predators, Bullet Adventures 1-3, The Gentlemen Ghouls, Matt Strott, Th...

Episode 397 - Comics International!

This week the ACP talks about some comics from all over the shop - and by shop we mean world! From bande Desiree to Manga, its all for the love of the sequential medium. Theres also talk of the comic mart, a kickstarter debate update, the downfall of Valiant and of course great comic recommendations!

Great stuff to check out this week - One Punch Man, Lucky Luke, Excelsior Comics, Thorgul, Cinebook, Black and Mortimer, the Yellow M, Elric: The White Wolf, Titan, Last of the Atlases, #DUI3, Alexandro Jodorowsky's Screaming Planet


Episode 396 - Angoulême and the Culture of Comics!

On this weeks show we get a bit of a report about the 2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival, which leads to a discussion about comics, culture and publishing. Theres also an extra bit of audio from the festival, and of course plenty of great comic book recommendations for you all.

Great stuff to check out this week - Angoulême International Comics Festival 2023, Spiru, Asterix, Bilal, Le Terre Vagabonde, Elfs, Hoka Hei, Leo, Croafunding, Adam Falp, Tribute Press, Lawless Comic Con, Bullet Adventures KS, Alfie Gallagher, The Gentlemen Ghouls, Aces Weekly, Re Up, Chad Billionaire, Cha...

Episode 395 - Writing about the Dark Side of Comics!

This week the ACP talk to Doug Wagner (Plush, Vinyl, Plastic) to talk about his new series Plush and writing twisted characters for comics. Its a fun discussion about creating dark characters and over the top comics that are still relatable, as well as the importance of research! Theres also discussion about digital comics, great recommendations and of course, plenty of comics chat!

Great stuff to check out this week - Doug Wagner, Plush, Vinyl, Plastic, 12 Gauge Comics, Avery Hill Comics, Adam Falp, Bullet Adventures, By the Horns, Scout Comics, Bubbles 15,  Shadows, Dan Harris, The L...

Episode 394 - What does AI art mean for comics?

This week the crew take some time to discuss the repercussions of A.I. art in the comics world. To do so, first they get more informed about the technology and what it can actually do. Then they talk about their thoughts and what they think it means going forward. As well as that, there's tons of comic chat and great books to recommend and look out for! 

Great stuff to check out this week - JWC, Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors, Gareth Hopkins, Project Naosis, Negative Space Comics, Kia Wordsmith, Ian Ashcroft, The Exile, Erik K...

Episode 393 - Ghost Writing in Comics!

This week Cavan Scott (Titans United) and Nick Brokenshire (Star Wars) join the gang to talk about their new independent horror series Dead Seas! Theres talk of collaboration, zoom calls, horror and there's even a musical moment that will live on in the memory for some time! Plus there's great indie comics to check out and plenty of comics banter that almost gets out of hand.

Great stuff to check out this week - Cavan Scott, Nick Brokenshire, Dead Seas, IDW, The Ward, Dark Horse, Shadow Service, Vault Comics, Wolfgang Crow, Laydeez Do Comics, Collosive...

Episode 392 - What would make an Awesome comics year?

The ACP trio look forward to what the year 2023 may have in store when it comes to comics! Hopes, dreams and all the rants in between - this shows got it all. As well as a batch of silliness, laughter and good old fashioned comic book chat!

Great stuff to check out this week - Paying for It, Dead Seas, Cavan Scott, Nick Brokenshire, X-Cutioners Song, The Book of Human Insects, Azamu Tozuka

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Episode 391 - An Awesome Office Party!

Join us for an Awesome Comics Podcast End of Year party like no other. Laugh, drink the eggnog, play along with us and see out 2022 in style!

Great stuff to check out this week - Wizard, Gareth Hopkins, John Ottoway, Frank Miller, Mark Millar, Frank Cho, Joe Madureira, Alan Davis, Art Brute, Nightmare Fist, Bulletproof Chuckles, Expose My Truth

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Episode 390 - Looking back at 2022 on the ACP!

The year that was gets highlighted in the usual ACP way as the gang talk about what they liked in 2022!

Great stuff to check out this week - Manga Month, Mark Millar, King of Spies, Edison Neo, Martin Simmonds, Steven Appleby, Dez Skinn, Paul Kupperberg, Christian Wildgoose, Fables, QVention, Cliff Cumber, BAM! Comic Fair, Akira, Gosh! Comics, OK Comics, Tribute Press, Strangers, Eleven O'Clock Comics, Heroes Comic Con, DUI #2, Stray Dogs, Do a Powerbomb, Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done, White Ash, Scout Comics, Ghosts in Things, Gareth Hopkins, Patrick Sparrow, Tom Stewart, That Co...