The Writing Coach

10 Episodes

By: Kevin T. Johns, author and writing coach

Author and writing coach Kevin T. Johns interviews the instructors, editors, coaches, and mentors that help writers and authors create their art, build their audience, and sell their work. If you enjoy podcasts like I Should Be Writing, Grammar Girl, and Writing Excuses, be sure to check out The Writing Coach. Interviews with Tim Grahl, Shawn Coyne, Cathy Yardley and more!

In Praise of Lists
Last Friday at 7:46 PM

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns explains how to-do lists, checklists, standard operating procedures, and calendars can help writers and artists get organized, stay motivated, track progress, prioritize tasks, and achieve a flow state easier.

The Doctrine of the Mean

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns explores Aristotle's "Doctrine of the Mean," and how it can help us understand why both living a virtuous life and writing a fantastic book are so difficult to achieve.

Stories Are About Change

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns explores the powerful role that change plays in storytelling.

What to Do When Enthusiasm Fades

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns covers what to do at that critical moment in the creative process when your initial enthusiasm for a project begins to fade.

Tomorrow Never Comes

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns explores time: how we use it, how to reclaim it, and when the right time is to take on a project like writing a book.

Just Follow the Protocols!

In episode 155 of The Writing Coach podcast, I dig deep into the concept of protocols and how they can help you write your book.

Should Writers Fear Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns tackles a hot topic in the world of writing these days: artificial intelligence (AI). Will AI writing soon replace human writing and should writers be fearful for the future of their livelihood? Find out in this episode.

Writing is Emotional Work

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns discusses how in creating their art writers can often stir up memories, traumas, and deep emotions within themselves.

4 Simple Tips for Writing Success

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns shares four simple tips writers can implement to help set themselves up for long-term success.

How to Benefit from Momentum with Your Writing

Writing coach Kevin T. Johns covers three techniques writers can use to create and benefit from momentum with their writing.