The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Ashley Scott Meyers

The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast helps serious screenwriters sell their screenplays. We offer practical advice about how to market your script and get it into the hands of agents, managers, producers, and directors who can get your screenplay produced.

SYS Podcast Episode 523 – Tik Tok and Social Media For Writers With Jason Pargin

In this episode our host Ashley Scott Meyers talks with Author Jason Pargin. Our guest Jason Pargin is the author of novels such as I Am Starting To Worry About This Black Box Of Doom and John Dies At The End. Topics include how John Dies At The End was adapted into a movie in […]

SYS 522 – Writing An Action Thriller Starring Milla Jovovich With Doug Simon

In this episode Ashley Scott Meyers talks with writer Doug Simon. Our guest, Doug Simon talks about writing his latest Action/Thriller movie Breathe (2024) starring Milla Jovovich. Milla Jovovich is well known from movies such as The Fifth Element (1997) and Resident Evil (2002). Doug Simon goes into detail about how he wrote while keeping […]

SYS 521 – AI Filmmaking and Interview With Writer/Director William Eubank

In this episode of the Selling Your Screenplay Podcast, our host Ashley Scott Meyers tells us his thoughts on how AI tools like ChatGPT and Sora from OpenAI might change writing and filmmaking. Ashley then interviews filmmaker William Eubank, who’s credits include being the Writer/Director of Land Of Bad (2024), The Signal (2014) and Directing […]

SYS 520 – The Legal Side of Screenwriting With Joshua Lastine

In this episode of the podcast Ashley Scott Meyers talks with Entertainment Lawyer Joshua Lastine. Our guest, Joshua Lastine talks about how at a young age he knew he wanted to work in the movie and television industry, which led to being an attorney for Lastine Entertainment Law. Joshua Lastine talks about buying or optioning […]

SYS 519 – Building Relationships With Movie Distributors With Chad Ferrin

In this episode Ashley Scott Meyers talks with Filmmaker Chad Ferrin. Our guest, Chad Ferrin talks about his latest Horror movie Scalper (2023) which features Jake Busey and Bai Ling. Chad is the Writer/Director of that movie. They talk about that movie and how he has build relationships with Producers and Distributors over the years. […]

SYS 518 – From Police Officer To Filmmaker With Warren Fast

In this episode Ashley Scott Meyers talks with Filmmaker Warren Fast. Our guest, Warren Fast talks about how he from Law Enforcement and transitioned into writing and filmmaking. They talk about his latest credit, Roadkill (2024), an Action Crime movie he is the Writer/Director of. The podcast is available in iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher (for Android […]

SYS 517 – Look Books and Visual Outlining With Todd Bogin

In this episode, Ashley Scott Meyers talks with filmmaker Todd Bogin. Our guest, Todd Bogin is the Writer/Director of the Drama/Thriller feature Hidden Exposure (2023). Among the cast of that movie is Liana Liberato and Richard Kind. Todd Bogin talks about co-writing Hidden Exposure, how he worked with a sales agent and went to American […]

SYS 516 – Being a Parent of a Child Actor with Bryan Cantrell

In this episode, guest Bryan Cantrell talks about being the parent of an actor Ava Cantrell and how that helped him network with the entertainment industry. Bryan Cantrell tells us about Abigail (2023), a Horror movie he is an Executive Producer of which stars his daughter Ava Cantrell, who is known for her work in […]

SYS 515 – Making Sci-Fi Comedy With L.E. Staiman and Cheston Mizel

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with the filmmaking duo L.E. Staiman and Cheston Mizel. These guests talk about their new Sci-Fi/Comedy movie Love Virtually (2023) starring Cheri Oteri and Stephen Tobolowsky. L.E. Staiman is the Director/Co-Writer of the movie along with Writer Cheston Mizel. Topics also include how in a way, they did writing […]

SYS 514 – Writing For Al Pacino and Mickey Rourke With Mick Davis

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with screenwriter Mick Davis. Our guest Mick Davis is the Writer/Director of the Thriller Walden (2023), about a court stenographer who takes revenge against criminals who escape justice. Walden has an amazing cast including Emile Hirsch, Shane West and Tania Raymonde. They talk about that movie and how Mick […]