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The Legion Project 28: The Lost Hero
Last Friday at 2:52 PM

It’s a whole lot of Star Boy talk as we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes 28: “The Lost...

Tales of the TLP: Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes

For the seventh Tales of the Legion Project, as chosen by the listeners, we discuss the 2011...

TDR 500

It’s the big Episode 500! (3:38:43)

TDR 499: Smallville season 2 part 3

The Daily Smallville Week Seven! Thoughts, observations and reactions to episodes 11 thru 17 of Smallville season...

TDR 498: Smallville season 2 part 2

The Daily Smallville Week Six! Thoughts, observations and reactions to episodes 6 thru 10 of Smallville season...

TDR 497: Smallville season 2 part 1

The Daily Smallville Week Five! Thoughts, observations and reactions to the first five episodes of Smallville season...

Tales of TLP: Legion of Super-Heroes Annual 2

For the sixth Tales of the Legion Project, we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #2 from 1986,...

TDR 496: Smallville season 1 part 4

The Daily Smallville Week Four! Thoughts, observations and reactions to the final six episodes of Smallville season...

TDR 495: Smallville season 1 part 3

The Daily Smallville Week Three! Thoughts, observations and reactions to episodes eleven thru fifteen of Smallville season...

The Legion Project 27: Going Home

Beginnings, endings & other mysteries for the Legion of Super-Heroes in issue 27, “Going Home”! Also, Booster...

TDR 494: Smallville season 1 part 2

The Daily Smallville Week Two! Thoughts, observations and reactions to episodes six thru ten of Smallville season...

TDR 493: Smallville season 1 part 1

The countdown to the 20th Anniversary of Smallville begins here with thoughts on the first five episodes...

TDR 492

Goodbye, 2020! And good riddance! Ending the year with a look back at the ten Comicbook Collector...

The Tower 39: Titans s2:e13

Titans season two comes to an end in episode 13 entitled “Nightwing”! (25:39) MUSIC: “Titans Theme” by Clint...

TDR 491: King in Winter

Quick thoughts on the first chapters of Marvel’s King in Black and DC’s Justice League Endless Winter!...

The Tower 38: Titans s2:e12

Thoughts and reactions to episode 12, “Faux Hawk”, the penultimate chapter of Titans season two! (17:07) MUSIC:...

The Legion Project 26: Illusion

The Who is Sensor Girl? mystery comes to a deadly confrontation in Legion of Super-Heroes 26! Plus,...

The Tower 37: Titans s2:e9 thru 11

Thoughts and reactions to episodes 9 thru 11 of season two of the Titans! (29:35) MUSIC: “Titans Theme”...

TDR 490

Catching up. (26:05)

The Legion Project 25: Revelation

In this episode we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #25: “Revelation”. While the Legion searches for Sensor...

Ronin Rabbit Color Classics 01

Presenting a rebroadcast of Ed Moore’s Ronin Rabbit Color Classics episode 1! (28:17) RONIN RABBIT PODCAST:

TDR 489: Plan Less, Do More…

The next chapter begins. (11:58)

TDR 488: Free-For-All Friday 4

A casual chat episode on comics, TV, Operation Rebuild updates and more! (34:09)

Operation Rebuild Comics For Sale!

Everybody Says Don't podcast

Braving the Bard podcast

The Tower 36: Titans s2:e8

The Titans first battle against Deathstroke is revealed in “Jericho”, the eighth episode of Titans season two! (13:27)

The Tower 35: Titans s2:e7

The truth behind what happened with Dick Grayson, Jericho, Deathstroke and the Titans is starting to be revealed in "Bruce Wayne", the seventh episode of Titans season two! (10:50)

TDR 487: Fundriosing… an Update!

An update on Operation Rebuild! And a whole lot of Thank Yous! (18:10)

The Legion Project 24: Suspicion

It’s two stories in one for Legion of Super-Heroes #24: The mystery surrounding Sensor Girl finally reaches a tipping point in “Suspicion”; and another Timber Wolf and Lightning Lass confrontation in “Togetherness”. Also, Legion connections in Who’s Who, Booster Gold and more! (2:26:10)

(6:01) Feedback
(16:04) Synopsis
(25:07) Cover discussion
(34:15) “Suspicion” analysis
(1:06:18) Subplots discussion
(1:49:25) “Togetherness” discussion
(2:07:16) Who’s Who and Booster Gold talk
(2:24:11) Outro

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic


TDR 486: Marvel Timeless Breakdown 5

The final part of the Alex Ross Marvel “Timeless” mural Breakdown. (29:27)

TDR 485: Marvel Timeless Breakdown 4

Part 4 of the Alex Ross Marvel “Timeless” mural Breakdown. (35:29)

TDR 484: Marvel Timeless Breakdown 3

Part 3 of the Alex Ross Marvel “Timeless” mural Breakdown. (33:37)

TDR 483: Marvel Timeless Breakdown 2

Part 2 of the Alex Ross Marvel “Timeless” mural Breakdown. (29:16)

TDR 482: Marvel Timeless Breakdown 1

A Breakdown of the Marvel “Timeless” Mural by Alex Ross. Part 1! (17:56)

TDR 481: Fundriosing

A test, an update, and a plea! (11:57)

The Tower 34: Titans s2:e6

Superboy learns about his origins and meets the Titans in "Conner", the sixth episode of Titans season two! (17:58)

MUSIC: “Titans Theme” by Clint Mansell & Kevin Kiner

The Tower 33: Titans s2:e5

Thoughts and reactions to "Deathstroke", the fifth episode of Titans season two! (19:17)

MUSIC: “Titans Theme” by Clint Mansell & Kevin Kiner

TDR 480: Year Nine Begins

Year Nine of The Daily Rios begins with topics including the Uncanny X-Men, Dave Cockrum vs John Byrne, podcasting (of course) and more! (28:23)

“We Need the Storm…”

"What, to the American Slave, is your 4th of July?" by Frederick Douglass, 1852. Excerpts read by James Earl Jones. (04:00)

The Legion Project 23: Back Home in Hell!

Mon-El has found himself “Back Home in Hell!” in Legion of Super-Heroes 23! Also, Steve Lightle returns, Who’s Who entries and more. (2:17:17)

(00:44) Preamble, Legion of Super-Heroes Animated DVDs announced, & more.
(14:21) Legion of Super-Heroes #23 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion.
(27:04) Main discussion on Mon-El, Tellus, the Phantom Zone, post-Crisis time travel, the return of Steve Lightle and more.
(1:54:23) Letter column reactions and behind the scenes information on the issue
(2:02:13) Legion appearances throughout the DCU: Who’s Who #16 entries on Mon-El, Mordru, Nemesis Kid & Night Girl; and Booster Gold #5.
(2:14:46) Wrap up and outro

TDR 478: An Invite…

An invite. (06:38)

“…We Are Here…”

Janet Mock. 2017 (04:16)