The Biggs & Barr Show

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By: Chris Biggs, Jason Barr & Pastey Jamie / Frequency Podcast Network

Chris Biggs, Jason Barr & Pastey Jamie Invite You In For A Listen. Three Husky Humble Fellas Who Are Probably Less Offensive Than You Might Think… Maybe

Irish Road Bowling | Bread Huck Results| The Juice Is Dead
Last Friday at 9:51 PM

What Memory Do You Want To Forget? | Jamie's Joke Of The Week | Like An Absolute Rocket | DUGY Hates Buttons | OttaWHAT? | Palm Leaves Rescue | Bread Huck 2024 Results | Joke Text! | The Juice Is Dead | DUGY Wants Covers On Drive Thrus

We Should All Feel Shame! | Paternity Test Jerks! | A Pat On The Back Helps
Last Thursday at 2:10 PM

Climbin' Rope | DUGY | OttaWHAT? | A Pat On The Back Helps & A Grocery Vigilante | HOT BUTTON: BREAD HUCK 2024 | Knife, Fork or Spoon | A Sinister Paternity Test Company | We Collectively Failed A Man And We Should Feel Shame

Testicle Eclipse | Run Everywhere or Yell All The Time? | An New Episode Of Tipsy Talk
Last Wednesday at 2:36 PM

Run Everywhere Or Yell All The Time? | A Man REALLY Loves This Car | OttaWHAT? | Testiclipse & Scrabble For Dummies? | An Episode Of Tipsy Talk!!! | So Many Loser Having Sex On Walls! | Taken Home From The Bar Drunk Tale

Well, People Looked At The Sun | Mayor Doesn't Apologize | Scams Abound
Last Tuesday at 2:05 PM

How Far Can You Huck Bread? | Weatherman Super Excited About The Eclipse | Sausages Will Bring Us Together & Scams Abound | Cicada's Are Loud | OttaWHAT? | Top Google Search After The Eclipse | The B&B Show Debut Of Ottawa's Mayor, Mark Sutcliffe.. He Doesn't Apologize | Can The Sun Be Overrated?

The Eclipse Is NOT A Conspiracy | Jamie Gives Free Haircuts | The Mighty Obscuration!

It's Eclipse Day.. Also Free-clipse Day | Please Don't Look At The Sun | OttaWHAT? | A New Mighty Poem About The Eclipse! | Jamie Gives Free Haircuts To Brave Souls | The Eclipse Is NOT A Conspiracy

Asking For Fries Is Annoying | Wives Getting Duped | March Madness Of Small Towns WINNER!

How Many Fries Is Annoying? | Jamie's Joke Of The Week Gets Mixed Reviews | The Duping Has Only Just Begun | DUGY Is A Tad Upset | OttaWHAT? | The Science Of Toast & Quite The Deathiversaries | We Announce The Winner Of Our March Madness Of Small Towns | DUGY Doesn't Like His Wife's Tartar Sauce

A New Capital Of Canada | Lower Price Is A Good Thing | Jet Pack Suits Are Wild

Mouths Agape | Weather Is Dumb | Grim Reaper Funeral | DUGY In The Dog House? | Don't Get Mad @ A Lower Price | We Have One Final MAYOR OFF!! | Copy & Pastey | A New Capital Of Canada 

Do Milkshakes Really Bring Boys To The Yard? | Don't Be So Judge-y | Overpriced But Worth It

How Much Do You Give? | What Is The Nut Mobile? | DUGY Lines | OttaWHAT? | Do Fish Drink Or Breathe | Chris Wants To Know If Milkshakes Really DO Bring The Boys To The Yard | Things Get Sticky | Over Priced Things That Are Worth It | Don't Be So Judge-y

Zoom First Dates | Ever Been Near A Cow? | Record Plank

How Many Owls? | Eclipse Is Cominnngggg | Ever Been Near A Cow? | DUGY Doesn't Like The Rebate | OttaWHAT? | Video Dates Are In! | Can Jamie Plank For 4 Hours?.. No | New Contest: How Long | World Autism Day

April Fuels Day! | Smoking In Cars | Flying Blades

It's April Fuels Day! | Don't Make Fun Of A Cop's Junk Size | Smoking In Company Vehicles | Who Sells Sea Shells? | Watch Out For Flying Blades! | Biggs Whales