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Join Joe and Charles every week for a breakdown of all things American Football! They'll be discussing the latest action, news, rumours and analytics from across the league in a podcast made by fans, for fans.

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem
Last Wednesday at 7:00 PM

In this week's episode, Joe and Charles break down the key results from the NFL's first slate of matches, including the Buccaneer's close defeat of the Cowboy's and Green Bay's catastrophic loss to New Orleans. As always, they also look ahead to the most tantalising match-ups for the week ahead, keeping you abreast of all of the latest news, action and gossip you need to know. For more information visit:

Week 1 Preview and Competition Winner

Joined by a competition winner this week, Joe and Charles discuss the fate of last year's Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The guys also preview some of the key games in week 1 and what they will be keeping their eyes open for.

AFC Breakdown

Are the Chiefs still kings of the AFC? Which AFC team couldn't punt return more than 30 yards last season? Which AFC team looks like they've had the best off-season and which looks like they've had the worst? Listen this week to find out as we break down the AFC by division. For more info visit (

NFC Breakdown

This week we break down the NFC, taking in each division as well as considering the strengths and deficiencies of certain key teams. This should be a nice little recap as we get closer to the start of the season.

Tebowing Out

We cover a lot in our first pre-season episode of season 2, from Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews to Tebow, no taunting and the NFL 100. Joe also gives a run-down of the key takeaways from the first round of pre-season games. NFL is back!

Pre-draft special

It's good to be back! we kick off the new podcast season with a pre-draft special, discussing which positions are deep or slightly weaker this year. We touch on QBs, instant impact players and a few teams that could be interesting to follow. Football we've missed you!

Bonus Episode: Watt now?

As we wrap up season 1 we wanted to say a big thank you to all our fans for helping us to reach 1,000 downloads. We talk about some of the moves that have already happened this off-season and some things to keep an eye on before we return for the NFL Draft 2021.

Episode 32 - Super Bowl LV Preview

We talk about some of the key things to keep an eye out for this Super Bowl and also chat about QB moves, gatorade colours and snack helmets! It's nearly time for the big day

Episode 31 - End of Season Awards

We dive into the analysis from the weekend's Conference Final games and throw our votes in for some end of season awards we have created for some of the NFL's players/teams.

Episode 30 - The Chicken Walk

We look at the key moments from last week's divisional playoff games; including concussion, turf toe, the fumble through the end zone rule and special bits of kit. We also give you our predictions on the NFL Conference Final games, provide an update on our playoff bracket competition and announce next week's awards episode.

Episode 29 - Schott Through the Heart, O-line to Blame

We review the fantastic Wild Card Weekend and provide our thoughts on the next round of the NFL playoffs. Also, our competition update is briefly discussed. Enjoy!

Episode 28 - Wildcard!

Competition details can be found on twitter @playsheetsports Join us for your weekly update on the most recent topics as we talk firings and discuss the fallout of the final week of the NFL regular season. Also, we look ahead and give a rundown of the first round of NFL playoff games.

Episode 27 - The Ridiculous Six (TDs)

We discuss Kamara's big haul, which teams are still in the playoff hunt and what the off-season will look like for some of the NFL teams that didn't make the playoffs. Catch-up on all the action as we head into the final week of the regular season.

Episode 26 - Miracle on 3rd and 4

The Steelers continue to stumble. Join us as we talk playoff picture for some teams and dashed hopes for others in this unsatisfyingly festive-free Christmas episode. Find out more about our thoughts on Hurts, The Jets' first win and their subsequent loss (of their first round pick) as well as our usual predictions for the game ahead. Don't fight with family, instead watch us fight for the right to brag about who is the best NFL clairvoyant.

Episode 25 - Right In The Steels

A second straight defeat for the Steelers and a closer look at the surprise upset in Philly, Mahomes slinging interceptions and Newton getting benched for the second time this season. Join us for all your weekly NFL updates.

Episode 24 - The East Is Rising

Herbert's collapse, the Chief's divisional struggles, playoff wild card spots, prevent plays or the lack thereof and stopping the scramble are a few of the topics we look at this week so join us for some fun, informed chat as we reach the winter of the regular season.

Episode 23 - Play Call Me In The Morning

We take a look at some of the more sketchy play calling in the NFL, the no QB Denver show down, firings, player bans, thanksgiving touch down bonanzas, Taysom Hill going down hill and the Falcons blowing up the Raiders. Join us this week for your fix of NFL analysis and predictions for all the games in game week 13

Episode 22 - Can I Burrow An O-Line?

We chat about the Ravens slipping down the pecking order, Do the Riaders have a Blue Print for Kansas City? Tua getting benched and Burrow getting broken, as well as our predictions for all the game week 12 action

Episode 21 - The Hail Murray

We talk about the awesome Hail Murray in Arizona, Wentz's fall from grace, if Jamieson can man the ship while Brees is out and some of the closer playoff races in the tighter divisions. Join us this week for all your NFL analysis and chat.

Episode 20 - You Done Bucced Up

This week we take a closer look at the destruction of the Buccs, Tua vs Murray, Big Ben's troubles in Dallas and the Seahawks troubles in defence. And, as always, we give you our predictions for game week 10 - don't miss out!

Episode 19 - (Re)move The Chains

This week we look at Hines' corkscrew TD, The Steelers unbeaten start, Denuci's side arm throws, some fights, injuries hits and trades - join us to stay informed.

Episode 18 - Goodness Gracious Eyeballs On Fire

We talk the Todd Gurley accidental touch down, the delayed press conference because of Tabasco in the eye, Daniel Jones the speedster and plenty more as we review game week 7 of the NFL and give our predictions on the game week 8 set of matches

Episode 17 - Fitz a Kind of Magic

This week we discuss the benching of Fitzmagic, tanking for Trevor Lawrence, why Mike Nolan still has a job and look back at some Game Week 6 analysis and ahead to our Game Week 7 predictions

Episode 16 - Never Tell Me The Odds!

We have a bumper episode this week, full of analysis including the Raiders' playoff hopes, the bad maths of win probabilities, Dru Samia and his mission to stink, the Cowboys defence and the 49ers injury woes, not to mention some god stats and anlysis around QB success this week.

Episode 15 - Right Guard, For The Win

This week we explore the dark arts of Patriots defence, talk guards; good and bad, discuss the rise of Herbert, the continue decline of the Dallas Defence and Dru Samia gets a beat down.

Episode 14 - Steer Clear of The Titans

The return of Covid for the Titans and Mitch Trubisky makes way for the vetran Foles. We cover all of this along with our usual breakdown of the upcoming games and our fantasy pick of the week (outside top 10 ADP)

Episode 13 - Hospital Pass

After a week of carnage in the NFL, Chaz and Joe survey the remnants of rubble. Which teams have been hit hardest, and for who does this open the door of opportunity? We'll also be breaking down last weeks games, and giving our predictions for the week ahead

Episode 12 - Maybe I'm just a System Kicker...

Charles and Joe do a quickfire breakdown of Week-1's results, and give their predictions for the week ahead. Joe was tragically close to correctly calling overtime for the Bengals - Chargers match-up last week, will any of their more outlandish preictions come in this time?

Episode 11 - Football, uh, Football Finds a Way

Its early September, and football is back!!! Just in time for the new season, we breakdown every game from week one and give our predictions.

Episode 10 - Pin Your Colours to the Wall, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

One week to go until the start of the season and it's onto the NFC. Division winners, conference losers, yardage leaders and more!

Episode 9 - Pin Your Colours to the Wall, Part 1: First Blood

With only two weeks to go until the season starts, we'll be discussing our predictions and hot-takes for the AFC. Division winners, Yardage leaders, and more!

Episode 8 - Fly like a Steagle

With the pre-season lull in full-swing, we take a step away from current news (or lack thereof) and focus on a unique time in the NFL's history - World War II. It turns out that Charlie DOES surf, so while he catches waves down in Cornwall, this episode is brought to you by Joe on his lonesome.

Episode 7 - Put me in Coach!

Today we talk Head Coaches in new jobs - Joe Judge at New York Giants, Ron Riviera at Washington Football Team, Mike McCarthy at Dallas Cowboys, Matt Rhule at Carolina Panthers, and Kevin Stefanski at Cleveland Browns.

Episode 6 - The Mexican Standoff

Here to help you get through the dog days of the off-season, this week's episode focuses on the fallout from the past week's opt-outs, musings on whether this season will "have-an-asterisk" and why OBJ is a hypocrite.

Episode 5 - The Wrong Chris Godwin

In this week's episode we discuss the latest effects of Covid-19 on the League (00:25), Jamal Adams' trade to the Seahawks (06:52), Twitter beef between Keenan Allen and Mike Evans (19:46), as well as a quickfire discussion on a few players' prospects for the season ahead (28.49).

Episode 4 - So fresh it still has the tags

Welcome to the latest episode of The Play Sheet Podcast, brought to you by Joe and Charles. Following the passing of this year's franchise tag deadline, we'll be looking at those players who have been tagged for the upcoming season: Dak Prescott (08:00), AJ Green (15:55), Shaq Barrett (21:55), and Derrick Henry & Kenyan Drake (27:55).

Episode 3 - The Good, the Bad and the Sneaky

Welcome to the latest episode of The Play Sheet Podcast, brought to you by Joe and Charles. Today we'll be focussing on those teams we think are this season's "The Good": The Ravens (00:59) and The 49ers (09:58); "The Bad": The Bears (18:01) and The Raiders (26:20); and "The Sneaky": The Colts (33:00) and The Giants (38:07)

Episode 2 - Off-Season Moves and Covid-19 Blues

Welcome to the latest episode of The Play Sheet Podcast, brought to you by Joe and Charles. Today we'll be discussing the biggest non-QB Off-Season moves: DeAndre Hopkins & David Johnson (00:25), Todd Gurley (12:29), Austin Hooper and the Browns TEs (17:12), Stefon Diggs (22:55), NFC South Receivers (29:55) and DeForest Buckner (34:32). We'll also be giving our thoughts on the ongoing Covid-19 situation and its impact on Pre-Season (40:09).

Episode 1 - The Camton Menace

Welcome to The Play Sheet Podcast, a brand-new show where we'll be breaking down all the latest NFL action, news, rumours and analytics. Today we'll be discussing big off-season moves: New England's signing of Cam Newton, and the Buccaneers capture of Tom Brady. We'll also be delving into the draft strategy of the Green Bay Packers and taking a quick look at the Cincinnati Bengal's season ahead.