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Join us every week for a new episode as we delve into the paranormal with historians, authors, researchers, and investigators as we explore everything paranormal.

Smoky Mountain Mysteries and Disappearances with Steve Stockton
Last Wednesday at 5:01 AM

On this episode we welcome back friends of the show Steve Stockton! Steve is an author, researcher, and storyteller of the paranormal, supernatural, and high strangeness. We are chatting about the first book in his new series "National Park Mysteries and Disappearances: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park". We discuss the hauntings, weird weather, numerous plane crashes, and strange disappearances of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding towns and areas. You can find all of Steve's books on Kindle, Amazon, or anywhere fine books are sold (links below). Also check out more of Steve's stories on his...

Empaths and Paranormal 911 with Eve S. Evans

This week we are joined by paranormal author and podcast host, Eve S. Evans. Eve is the author of over 20 paranormal anthologies of witness accounts of ghostly encounters, the supernatural, and high strangeness. She is also the host of 4 paranormal podcast including "Forever Haunted", "The Ghost That Haunt Me", "A Truly Haunted Podcast", and "Bone Chilling Tales To Keep You Awake".

We chat about Eve's paranormal life as an empath and about her books on paranormal encounters of first responders. I even recount some of the odd experiences I have in my 20 years in the medical field...

Ghost, Doppelgangers, the glimmer man and more with author John Olsen

On this episode we have author John E. Olsen. We discuss how he came to write his "Stranger" series of books after growing up in the supernatural and high strangeness of Utah. John shares some of his own personal accounts as well as stories that he has collected over the past 25 years interviewing witnesses of strange phenomena.

Ghost Biker Explorations with Miranda Young

On this week's episode we have the Ghost Biker herself, Miranda Young! Miranda is a paranormal researcher, investigator, and host of the popular web series Ghost Biker Explorations. On her show she highlights historical locations and explores the history, folklore, and ghost stories as well as conducting investigations to find evidence of the paranormal. We had a great chat about the history, investigations, and evidence from some of her favorite locations. You can also find her on her weekly Facebook Live series, Ghost Biker Garage, featuring different guest to discuss all things paranormal!



Thomas House Ghost Pics and Time Slips with Medics 4 Paranormal

On this week's episode I sit down in studio with Lee and Paula of Medics 4 Paranormal to talk about our recent investigation with First Responders at The Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs Tennessee. We discuss our personal experiences and evidence that we captured and talk about upcoming events.

Evidence of Extraterrestrials with Author Warren Agius

On this week's episode we chat with UFO Researcher and Author of "Evidence of Extraterrestrials: Over 40 Cases Prove Aliens Have Visited Earth" Warren Agius. We discuss possible UFO contact, crashes, and sightings as well as government disclosure. We also chat about some well known cases and some not so well known cases.

Prisons, Axe Murders, and Ma Barker with Dr. Kristy Sumner of Souls Sisters Paranormal

On this episode we are chatting with paranormal investigator Dr. Kristy Sumner from Soul Sisters Paranormal! The Soul Sisters have investigated locations across the U.S. We discuss the history and hauntings behind some of these locations including Brushy Mountain State Prison, Hales Bar Dam, The Lizzie Borden House, The Villisca Axe Murder and more. We also discuss the way they approach paranormal investigating and the methods they use to investigate a location.

The Beast of Boggy Creek and more with monster hunter and Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn

On this week's show we are chatting with Author, Monster Hunter, and Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn! You may know Lyle by his signature black cowboy hat and his appearances on TV's "Monsters and Mysteries", "Finding Bigfoot", "Strange Evidence" and numerous other TV shows and documentaries. Lyle has written several books including "Sinister Swamps", "The Beast of Boggy Creek", and "Boggy Creek Casebook". You can find Lyles books and more info at the links below!

Paranormal Technology Investigations from Jonesborough TN

On this episode we are chatting with 3 team members of Paranormal Technology Investigations and East Tennessee Ghost Tours from Jonesborough Tennessee. PTI have been featured on several episodes of the TV show "A Haunting" and "Monsters and Mysteries in America". We have a round table discussion about their experiences and their approach to investigating.

Talking Shadow People with Mike Ricksecker

On this week's episode we are joined by paranormal investigator, ghostorian, speaker, and author Mike Ricksecker. Mike has authored numerous books including "Ghost and Legends of Oklahoma", "Deadly Heirs", "Ghost of Maryland" and he just released the 2nd edition of "A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People".  "A Walk In The Shadows" has been called the definitive guide to shadow people. We had an awesome chat about all things shadow phenomena and Mike's own experiences with it.

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The History and Hauntings of Jackson TN with D.N. English

On this week's show we are talking to native Jacksonian and author D.N. English. Ms. D. is the author of many books including "Ghost of Downtown Jackson". We discuss the history and the hauntings of this small West Tennessee town.

Spooky Tales with D.C. O'Rourke from Hauntingly Yours: A Podcast For The Paranormal

On today's show we are talking to paranormal investigator, storyteller, Host of "Hauntingly Yours: A Podcast For The Paranormal", D.C. O'Rourke! D.C. has had a life of high strangeness and the paranormal. He currently gives ghost tours of Colonial Williamsburg and describes himself as an old soul and renaissance man of sorts. Check out the links to his show and more below!

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Vampires, Witches, and Demons, OH MY! with Michelle Belanger from "Portals To Hell" and Paranormal State

This week's guest is Psychic, Occult Expert, Vampire, and Author Michelle Belanger! You may know Michelle from TV's "Paranormal State", "Portals To Hell" or many other television appearances. Michelle has authored over 30 books from various topics on the paranormal, occult, and supernatural. We discuss modern day witches, vampires, demons, and how to protect yourself against them! For more on Michelle Belanger and what she has going on, check out the links below!

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Alien Pancakes, Wendigo, and Midwest strangeness with Chad Lewis

On this episode we welcome paranormal author, researcher, and lecturer Chad Lewis! We discuss all the high strangeness of the Midwest from UFO encounters to cryptids. Chad is the author and co author of many books including "The Road Guide To Mysterious" creature series, "The Road Guide To Haunted" locations series, and his newest book " Wendigo Lore: Monsters, Myths, and Madness" to name a few. 


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Haunted St. Augustine and St. John's County FL with Elizabeth Randall

On this week's episode we have a fun chat with author Elizabeth Randall about her books "Haunted St. Augustine and St. John's County" and "Women in White: The Haunting of Northeast Florida". We dive into the haunted history of St. Augustine Florida! We discuss the Castillo De San Marcos, St. Augustine Lighthouse, The Love Tree Cafe and much more!

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The Spirit's Way Home with Investigator, author, and Medium Natalie Fowler

We have another great guest this week! Natalie Fowler is a paranormal investigator, psychic medium, and author of the new book "The Spirit's Way Home: Inspiring Stories From A Psychic Medium'. In "The Spirit's Way Home" Natalie recounts her journey as a medium and investigator as she helps spirits find peace, cross over, and tell their stories. We discuss Natalie's journey to discover her psychic gifts through paranormal investigations and she tells some of the amazing stories of the spirits she has encountered!


Natalie Fowler - Author, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant

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Indie Pods United Live interview with A&E's Ghost Hunters Brandon Alvis

This interview is from Indie Pods United Virtual Podcast Summit 2020 and was recorded on 11/29/2020. I had a great conversation with paranormal researcher and investigator Brandon Alvis. You may know Brandon from A&E's Ghost Hunters. We discuss his research, Ghost Hunters, and the state of paranormal investigating. Ghost Hunters Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari have a new book coming out in 2021. Check out the links below for more info on Brandon and the exciting things he has going on! 


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I'd Rather Talk to Dead People with Kitsie Duncan from Oddity Files

On this episode I had a fun chat with paranormal author, researcher, investigator, and TV personality Kitsie Duncan. We discuss paranormal investigations, her show Oddity Files on Amazon Prime, and her new book "I'd Rather Talk To Dead People". Kitsie describes her new book as " a love letter to paranormal investigators".  It is a great read about some her favorite and strangest cases of investigating the paranormal. Check out Oddity Files Podcast and you can find all 3 seasons of the Oddity Files TV show on Amazon Prime!



Dog Men, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, and more with Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard

On this episode we are talking to author, TV personality, and Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard! Ken is a field researcher for The Centre for Fortean Zoology and a fellow of The Pangea Institute. He has authored several books including      "A Menagerie of Beast" and "Encounters with Flying Humanoids" to name a few. He is a widely recognized cryptozoologist and you may know him from his TV appearances on Monster Quest, Ancient Aliens, as Co-Host of Missing In Alaska, and featured in The Real Wolfman on The History Channel.

The Happy Medium Jonna Kay

On this episode I talk to psychic medium Jonna Kay. Jonna had a spiritual awakening 20 years ago and started helping people with her gifts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows and SiriusXM as well as providing readings to crowds large and small all over the U.S. We talk about her life as a medium and I ask about her insights on different aspects of the paranormal. I also receive an unplanned, very personal message from the other side.


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"Ghost and Haunts of Tennessee" with author Christopher K. Coleman

On this episode we are talking about haunted Graceland and the ghost of Elvis, the haunting and legends of Reelfoot Lake, and lots of other famous haunted Tennessee locations with history and paranormal author Christopher K. Coleman. Christopher is a prolific author of history, the Civil War, the paranormal, and unexplained events. He has written numerous books on the supernatural and paranormal including "Dixie Spirits" and "Ghost and Haunts of Tennessee". Check out his website and books with the links below.


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The Late Unpleasantness: A Civil War Bl...

The Haunted Natchez Trace with author Bud Steed

On this episode we discuss "The Haunted Natchez Trace" with author and paranormal investigator Bud Steed! Bud has written 7 paranormal titles including "The Haunted Natchez Trace", "Alabama: The Haunted Heart of Dixie", and "Ozark Ghost and Hauntings" just to name a few. He has been a paranormal investigator since 1978 and has had numerous encounters with the unseen. We discuss everything from the death of Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis and Clarke fame, to America's first serial killers, The Harpe Brothers. All located along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway.


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Introduction to The Unseen Paranormal Podcast

Mustafa Gatollari of A&E's Ghost Hunters

On this episode we have a great conversation with paranormal investigator, researcher, and historian Mustafa Gatollari from TV's A&E's Ghost Hunters. We discuss his personal paranormal experiences, his favorite investigations, some of his experiences on the show, and his new book with Brandon Alvis that will be available in 2021. Please like, rate, review, share, and subscribe!

The Unseen Paranormal Presents: Paranormal Encounters

One this special Halloween show, I am joined by guest narrators Brandon Hall of Music City 911, Allen Sircy of Southern Ghost Stories, and Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast to tell spooky stories just in time for All Hallows Eve! Sit back, relax, and be entertained with stories of the seen and



Talking paranormal with The Scream Queen Laura Meadows

On the this Halloween Eve Bonus show we are talk to actor Laura Meadows. Laura is The Scream Queen and has been called the real life Jessica Rabbit. We talk about her career as an actor, artist, and her paranormal life. Laura tells some incredible stories of her encounters with the supernatural and unexplainable!


"Haunted Battlefields of the South" with author Thomas L. Freese

On this week's episode we are talking to author, storyteller, artist, and art therapist Thomas L. Freese. Thomas has written numerous books on the paranormal and collected hundreds of first hand accounts of hauntings and the supernatural. Some of his titles include "Haunted Battlefields of the South", Eerie Encounters In Everyday Life", and "Angels: True Tales from Kentucky and Beyond". We discuss different stories from his books and his encounters with children that experience the paranormal.


Haunted Harriman TN with East Valley Paranormal Society

On today's episode we are talking to Kim from East Valley Paranormal Society. We discuss some of her favorite investigations while living in Arizona, evidence and investigating in Tennessee, and the haunted history of Harriman, TN. East Valley Paranormal operates ghost tours throughout the month of October and host Haunted Harriman Tours at the old post office in Harriman, TN all year long.


Halloween Bonus show with "The Hills Have Eyes" actress Suze Lanier-Bramlett

   On this special Halloween bonus episode we are talking to actress, musician, photographer, and original Scream Queen, Suze Lanier-Bramlett. You may know Suze as the lead character Brenda Carter in Wes Craven's 1977 horror classic "The Hills Have Eyes". We discuss the making of the iconic horror movie, as well as her music career, and upcoming projects to be on the lookout for!



The Haunted South with Dr. Alan Brown

   On this weeks show we another great guest. We are talking to English professor and folklorist Dr. Alan Brown from The University of West Alabama. Dr. Brown is an author and researcher of southern folklore, ghost stories, and legends. He has authored over a dozen books on ghost and hauntings. He is affiliated with The American Folklore Society, The American Ghost Society, and Birmingham Paranormal Society. We discuss his latest book "The Haunted South". You can find his books on Amazon and other online retailers.

The Paranormal, Supernatural, and High Strangeness with Steve Stockton

   On his episode we talk to author, paranormal researcher, podcaster, and veteran outdoorsman Steve Stockton! Steve grew up in East Tennessee in the Appalachian Mountains and has experienced the paranormal and high strangeness his entire life. We discuss Missing 411 cases, black eyed kids, the shimmer or glimmer man phenomena, and a lot more! Check out Steve's YouTube channels "Missing Persons and Mysteries", "13 Past Midnight", and "Monster Madness" to hear more stories of the paranormal, supernatural, and high strangeness. You can find his books "My Strange World" and "Strange Things In The Woods: A Collection of Terrifying Tales" on

Halloween Bonus: Horror Movies and More with Pat Jankiewicz Part 2 of 2

   On this Halloween month BONUS episode we discuss horror movies and more with Pat Jankiewicz. Pat is an author, a writer for various publications around the world including Fangoria Magazine, beloved thespian, and walking IMDB! We dive in and discuss behind the scenes of some of your favorite movies and some you may never have heard of. Check out Pat on "The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen" available on Amazon Prime Video and head over to IMDB to find some of the many films that he has appeared in!

Halloween Bonus: Horror Movies and More with Pat Jankiewicz Part 1 of 2

   On this Halloween month BONUS episode we discuss horror movies and more with Pat Jankiewicz. Pat is an author, a writer for various publications around the world including Fangoria Magazine, beloved thespian, and walking IMDB! We dive in and discuss behind the scenes of some of your favorite movies and some you may never have heard of. Check out Pat on "The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen" available on Amazon Prime Video and head over to IMDB to find some of the many films that he has appeared in!

Parapsychologist and Investigator Jean-Pierre Giagnoli

   On this episode we are heading to the west coast to speak to Jean-Pierre Giagnoli! Jean-Pierre has a doctorate in Parapsychology and has done around 800 investigations as the Lead Detective and founder of his paranormal team, Southern California Paranormal Detectives. We discuss his experiences on The Queen Mary, his investigations of the Manson murder locations, haunted Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and other locations, as well as his UFO encounter and how his team uncovered some possible government conspiracies. 


Fang: The Movie Writer and Director Richard Burgin

   On this Halloween month BONUS episode we are talking to Richard Burgin, writer and director, of the upcoming indie horror feature Fang: The Movie.

In this original and terrifying new film, Billy Cochran, an autistic janitor, starts to believe that he is transforming into a giant rat after being bitten by a rat in his Chicago apartment. Then the fur appears! Starring Dylan LaRay, Jess Paul, and horror icon Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, Cat People).


Personal Paranormal Stories with Tina Marie

On this week's episode we speak to Tina Marie from The Psyche-Delic Podcast about her personal paranormal experiences and Filippino folklore! Host Eric shares some of his personal experiences as well!


Mark Walsh with Rutherford County Paranormal

Our guest this week is Mark Walsh, the founder of Rutherford County Paranormal, from Murfreesboro,TN. We discuss some of Mark's paranormal experiences and investigations over the span of his 30+ years as a paranormal investigator, as well as old vs. new technology and how both can benefit paranormal investigating. I recently had the pleasure of investigating side by side with Mark at The Lotz House in Franklin,TN and got to see him in his natural habitat. We had a great conversation that I think you all will enjoy!

Check out Rutherford County Paranormal on Facebook for...

Psychic Medium Artie Hoffman

On this episode I talk to Artie Hoffman. Artie is a nationally renowned psychic medium, speaker, healer, and radio personality. He has performed his spiritual show throughout the U.S. His clients include some of the top personalities from movies, music, television, and sports. Artie's weekly show "Angels and Answers" gives listeners a chance to connect with him and discuss love and relationships, careers and finance, or to communicate with deceased loved ones. For more information or to connect with Artie Hoffman visit him on Facebook or at

Mike Sears with Volunteer State Paranormal Research

On this episode I speak with Mike Sears. Mike is the Founder and Director of Volunteer State Paranormal Research. He has been a guest on multiple TV programs including Tennessee Crossroads and Travel Channels "Most Haunted Places In America" and various radio shows including " Midnight in the Desert". Mike has several published articles in Visions, Chat is Fate, and UN-X News magazines about his experiences with the paranormal when he was young. We talk about the incredible experiences that Mike has had in his life and many of his Middle Tennessee investigations.

Historic Rose Mont with Eli Geery

 On this episode I speak with Eli Geery, the Site Director of Historic Rose Mont in Gallatin, TN. We discuss the history of this beautiful 1800's plantation home and the paranormal claims that come with such an extensive past. Find out more on Rose Mont and their upcoming events at