The Hockey House

22 Episodes

By: Mackenzie Murphy

A club hockey podcast produced by three current ACHA players looking to share stories from across the league.

Hockey House Episode 22: Chad Moore & Carson Andreoli

In an episode dedicated to Patrick Romano and his family, the boys welcomed Niagara sophomores, Chad Moore & Carson Andreoli. Niagara head coach, Tom Mooradian makes a quick appearance, becoming the first coach to join the show. The boys talked about the support they've received from the hockey world and how much Patty meant to the Niagara ACHA team.

Hockey House Episode 21: Joe Caprio

The boys welcome on former Illinois defenseman Joe Caprio on to the podcast to talk about his time playing for the Fighting Illini. After graduating from Illinois Joe founded the JOG ACHA Prospects Showcase as a way to help potential ACHA players find teams to play for. Joe talks about the upcoming showcase which is being held in Chicago in April.

The Hockey House Episode 20: Joshua Strong

To celebrate our 20th episode we welcomed our first non-player on to the show. Former Minot State photographer Joshua Strong joins the show to talk about his time working in the ACHA. We also break down the Jersey Madness Bracket and talk about the most basic Instagram captions that hockey players use.

The Hockey House Episode 19: Luke Grossman

The boys take a more serious approach to the podcast as they welcome on Luke Grossman, the president of the Slippery Rock Hockey team. Luke explains the current situation at Slippery Rock and the suspension that has been handed to them by the University.

The Hockey House Episode 18: Joe Longo & Baptiste Vernieuwe

The boys from West Virginia hop on the pod to talk about what it's like playing college hockey in Morgantown. Baps shares what it was like coming to the United States and playing in the ACHA while Longo shares some stories from between the pipes.

The Hockey House Episode 17: Brett Vacarelo

The boys welcome Brett Vacarelo from the trenches of ACHA Division II. Brett talks about his first season at Millersville and how they're keeping busy with the off-ice activities this year. The guys also discuss the latest ACHA news including an update on the location of the national tournaments this season.

The Hockey House Episode 16: Brendan Pepe & Robby Lockwood

The boys are joined by Stony Brook defenseman Brendan Pepe and goaltender Robby Lockwood. Peps and Robby talk about their team's trip to Vegas last season and what it is like playing college hockey at Stony Brook.

The Hockey House Episode 15: Bronson Moore

The boys welcome Arizona State goaltender Bronson Moore onto the pod. Bronson joins the guys from Minnesota where he is traveling with the NCAA team as a backup goalie. Bronson gives the guys an inside look at what it's like playing college hockey in Arizona and training with guys like Austin Mathews and Connor McDavid.

The Hockey House Episode 14: Nick Flanders & Brendan Manning

The boys welcome Nick Flanders and Brendan Manning of the UNLV Rebels on to the show this week. Flandy and Manny give the guys a behind the scenes look at what it is like to play college hockey in the Sin City.

The Hockey House Episode 13: Cam Francis

The boys are back! After a two-week break for the holidays, the boys welcome Cam Francis to the show. He's joined by a former guest of the show, South Carolina's own, Ben Smith. Cam explains what it is like playing club hockey in the Northeast at Roger Williams.

The Hockey House Episode 12: Kyle Waronker

The boys welcome former NJCAA player and Weber State defenseman Kyle Waronker onto the show. Wanks talks about his experience playing at SUNY Broome and moving out West to play for Weber.

The Hockey House Episode 11: Riley Johnson

The boys welcome NC State standout Riley Johnson to the podcast to talk about how the Icepack are a program on the rise. Riley gives an inside look at what it's been like to play during the pandemic as well as what it's been like playing at their new rink. The guys ask Riley about the rivalry with UNC and his Svechnikov goal against Wake Forest.

The Hockey House Episode 10: Dante Raposo & Tyler Fyfe

In celebration of the tenth episode, the boys experiment with having two guests on the podcast. Dante Raposo and Tyler Fyfe join us from Adrian's ACHA DI team and give an inside look at the college hockey factory that is Adrian College. The boys talk about their rivalry with Liberty and what it's been like to play during the pandemic.

The Hockey House Episode 9: Tyson Brouwer

The boys welcome Jamestown goalie Tyson Brouwer for the last episode before the Thanksgiving break. Tyson gave an inside look at what it is like to go to be apart of a new program as well as what it is like to build an outdoor rink. The guys talk to Tyson about the environment at Jamestown and what it is like to play at a small school that takes its hockey very seriously.

The Hockey House Episode 8: Ryan Minkoff

The boys welcome on Ryan Minkoff, a former University of Washington standout. Minkoff went on to play in Finland following his career in the ACHA. During his time in Finland, he began reminiscing about his hockey career to the point where he wrote his own book.

The Hockey House Episode 7: Technical Difficulties

The boys had an interviewed line up for this episode but like we've come to expect in the club hockey world, things don't always go as planned. The interview didn't save and so the guys take a break from interviewing to share some personal stories from the club hockey world. The episode also includes an ACHA update, an update on WVU's Jake Mitchell, and how to recruit kids on TikTok.

The Hockey House Episode 6: Stephen Bressi

After a one week absence, the boys begin the show by covering some news around club hockey. Stephen Bressi joins the guys for an interview where he recaps his career at Syracuse. Bressi talks about the big playoff run 'Cuse went on in 2019 which included three straight come from behind overtime games. Steve finished his interview by giving a tutorial on how to steal a sorority composite. To cap off the episode, in the spirit of Halloween, the boys share their spookiest stories from the ACHA.

The Hockey House Episode 5: Christian Schurmann-Colicchio

With the ACHA back and running the boys recap a couple of games and take a look at the upcoming schedule. Murph brings addresses the situation with St. Norbert's ACHA team who has started a petition to save their team. The boys then welcome on Indiana hockey legend Christian Schurmann-Colicchio, or Schurms as the boys call him. Schurms talks about his path to Indiana and how he chose the ACHA route over playing Division III. Schurms then talked about his time at IU before diving into how he got his pro hockey career started. The boys end the episode...

The Hockey House Episode 4: Forrest Hines

The ACHA is back! The boys talk about the upcoming games going on in the club hockey world. In the NHL Draft spirit, the boys discuss ACHA legend, Daniel Walcott, a prospect for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Forrest Hines becomes the first goalie to be a guest on the podcast as he tells the boys all about playing D3 at the University of Delaware. His most famous story includes a broken cage and a late-night trip to the ER in Connecticut.

The Hockey House Episode 3: Ben Smith

The boys welcome Ben Smith to the Hockey House to discuss playing hockey for South Carolina. Ben talked about the rivalry with Clemson, running the team's social media, and road-tripping to other SEC schools. In the end, Ben explained why Cock Hockey left the ACHA and what it means for the future. The boys wrap up the episode by debating whether or not it is okay for club hockey teams to post signing/commitment graphics.

The Hockey House Episode 2: Ford Hatchett

The boys welcome Ford Hatchett to the podcast to discuss what it was like to play at Syracuse. Ford talked about meals on the road, driving the team U-Haul, and playing in muddy jerseys. With the Stanley Cup finals in full swing, the guys discuss whether or not they'd rather play club hockey in Texas or Florida. The show wraps up with talking about the biggest blowouts and the best PA announcers.

The Hockey House Episode 1: Welcome to the Show

Murph, Glik, and Fitz introduce themselves and drop the puck on The Hockey House, a podcast made for club hockey players. The boys talk about their "Welcome to the ACHA" moment and the teams they hate to play against the most. The show wraps up with some club hockey news which includes talking about some conferences that are leaving the ACHA for the 2020-21 season.