The Accrescent: Bioenergetic Healing

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By: Leigh Ann Lindsey

ac·​cres·​cent | Definition of accrescent: growing continuously; continual growth Inspiring and enabling physical, emotional, and spiritual growth through expert interviews, client case studies, and solo episodes with Host and Founder Leigh Ann. Current Show Schedule: New Episodes on Fridays.

Nadine Zumot - The Subconscious of Wealth: Unpacking the 'How to Get Rich' Netflix Series
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

Welcome back to The Accrescent! Nadine Zumot joins Leigh Ann this week to discuss the Netflix series, 'How to Get Rich.' They share their thoughts on the show's content, particularly its lack of in-depth exploration of trauma-informed perspectives around money management. The discussion highlights the importance of understanding individual motivations for money habits, the role of subconscious beliefs and emotional wounds in money management, and the potential pitfalls of focusing solely on symptomatic solutions. Leigh Ann and Nadine also discuss the experience of different guests on 'How to Get Rich,' highlighting the varying ways people perceive and...

Claudia Gilani - Holistic Healing: A Journey to Authentic Wellness

In this episode, Leigh Ann chats with Claudia Gilani, founder of the platform 'Healing the Source'. Claudia shares her journey from traditional Western medicine to her current holistic-minded approach. She touches on her struggles with chronic health symptoms, the impact of clean diet, and the effects of emotional wellness on physical health. In particular, Claudia discusses her experiences with inner child work, the power of affirmations, and the process of neural rewiring. She also explores the challenges of implementing lifestyle changes in respect to social acceptance. You’ll also hear Claudia’s experience using mirror work, a self-care exercise invo...

How a Daily Baseline is Key to Breaking Ruts & Building Success

Welcome back to The Accrescent! In this solo episode, Leigh Ann shares her method of achieving holistic wellness by establishing a daily baseline in key areas of life. The daily baseline is not rigid, but consists of broad categories like movement, sunshine, hydration, nutrition, emotional wellness, education, and connection. Within each category, individuals can choose activities that suit their daily needs, providing a roadmap for the day that is achievable and flexible. This baseline structure serves to meet minimum daily wellness requirements that fuel and achieve overall success. Leigh Ann also talks about how this helps to combat patterns...

Diana Mendoza - Everything We DIDN’T Achieve Last Year, Why & How We Pivoted

Diana Mendoza joins me to reflect on the big goals we had set for 2023, revealing why we did not achieve them and the lessons learned from it. We share how the unmet goals often stemmed from us being unaligned with their passions and sense of purpose. Moving into 2024, Diana and I are approaching each goal with flexibility and are creating monthly goals related to specific pillars of their lives such as health, and businesses, enabling them to stay in tune with their evolving emotions and feelings throughout. This conversation with Diana emphasizes the importance of not holding onto rigid...

Podcast Re-Launch + How Excitement Can be Dysregulating to the Nervous System

Welcome back to The Accrescent! It feels so great to be back and sharing episodes with you all. I’m excited to share with you what is to come with the podcast and what to expect for future episodes. Afterward, you’ll hear about how excitement can lead to a state of dysregulation in our nervous systems and the challenges I’ve had with it in recent situations. I share the impact of past and present emotional experiences and offer some coping strategies that have helped me to stay calm and composed.   

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Intermission - Relaunch Early 2024!

I'm taking an intermission from the show, but don't worry, it will be back and even better come early 2024! With a full client-schedule, it has been outside of my capacity to keep up with all components of running a podcast. I am on the hunt for a podcast editor and producer to bring onto the team to allow me to produce episodes (even more episodes) consistently each week! Stay tuned for updates and a major upgrade to The Accrescent show :)

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Dr. Galit Atlas - A Look at Dissociation, Repressed Memories & the Journey of Trauma Healing

In this second conversation with Dr. Galit Atlas, we discuss how the mind can repress traumatic memories and how my own childhood trauma led me to living in a state of dissociation for most of childhood. We also touch on the complexity of sexual abuse and the different layers of healing that we may need to go through in overcoming the effects of trauma.

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Podcast: Ep. 98 Dr. Galit Atlas on Emotional Inheritance

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Dr. Galit Atlas: Website

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2 Signs You Should Be Doing Subconscious Work, Soothing vs. Solving™

Today I'm sharing the 2 signs that subconscious work might be right for you. I also share my framework for emotional work and break it down into two categories: soothing work vs. solving work. I talk about why both are important, the difference between the two and how to begin incorporating both into your everyday life.

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Podcast: Dr. Patrick Porter – BrainTap Technology for Brain Fitness & MeditationArticle: What is EVOX?EVOX: Read EVOX TestimonialsSchedule: Book an In-Person or Remote EVOX

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Dr. Patrick Porter - Elevate Your Mind: How BrainTap Technology is Revolutionizing Brain Fitness and Meditation

Dr. Patrick Porter joins Host, Leigh Ann Lindsey, today to share how BrainTap is revolutionizing the brain fitness and meditation worlds. He explains how the BrainTap headset utilizes sound, light, frequency and vibration therapies to dramatically uplevel the benefits of meditation. He mentions multiple studies BrainTap have completed proving the physiological benefits of their technology and meditations.

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BrainTap Discount Code: 2211LALIArticle: What is EVOX?EVOX: Read EVOX Testimonials

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Website: BrainTap

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Client Conversations - Clearing Fear, Self-Sabotage & Overwhelm

Today I am sitting down with one of my amazing clients! We dive deep into the patterns of self-sabotage, overwhelm and anxiety that she had experienced for years. We map out how these patterns were keeping her small and the dramatic shifts that she experienced after just 4 weeks of EVOX.

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Cancer Conversations: From Patient to Practitioner w/Leigh Ann LindseyPodcast: Ep. 135 Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, My Patient Story, EVOX Therapy & Why Emotional Work is Vital for Cancer PatientsPodcast: Boost Your Emotional Wellness Using This Powerful Tool, with Guest Expert Leigh Ann Lindsey!