KXC Podcast

10 Episodes

By: King's Cross Church

A church in central London seeking to serve God's purposes to make all things new.

Parables – Love and Forgiveness – Emma Heddle
Today at 9:22 AM

Emma continues our series on parables talking about love and forgiveness.

Parables – Introduction – Pete Hughes

Pete Hughes begins the series on the parables, beginning with Matthew 13.

An Encounter with Jesus – Karl Martin

Guest Karl Martin preaches about an encounter with Jesus.

Teach Us To Pray-Spiritual Warfare-Pete Hughes

Pete concludes the series speaking on spiritual warfare and deliverance.

Teach Us to Pray · Broken World · Ruth May

Ruth May continues our series.

Teach Us to Pray · Pentecost · Emma Heddle

Emma speaks on Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.

Teach us to Pray · Unanswered Prayer · Pete Hughes

In the next part of the series, Pete talks about praying from the heart and unanswered prayer

Teach Us To Pray · Awakening · David Thomas

To kick off our new series ‘Teach Us To Pray’, David Thomas talks to us about how and why we should pray for an awakening in our surrounding culture.

The Practice of Reverence | Joshua Luke Smith

Joshua Luke Smith speaks on the practice of reverence.

All In | Vision Sunday April 2024

Pete Hughes casts vision for the year ahead for KXC.