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Hello From the Other Side: Barnsley
Last Sunday at 9:28 AM

Ash sits down with Joe Beardsall from Red All Over Barnsley podcast to talk about the upcoming South Yorkshire Derby.

My Wednesday: Thomas Burton
Last Friday at 12:08 PM

Ash sits down to chat with Thomas Burton about his love for Sheffield Wednesday, A mad dash across France to see a cup Final and Thomas' kit Collection.

Pompey Sour Grapes
Last Thursday at 5:53 PM

There might be a fruit and veg shortage in parts of the country but there is plenty of sour grapes in Portsmouth

Si The Guy is Hosting, He is Join by Jon and Stevie who were sober watching at home and the Legend making her season debut Hollie

They chat Pompey, playing style, Darren Moore's 50th Win and there's probably a quiz.

Hello From the Other Side - Guy Whittingham

Fudge catches up with the other side and this time it's a very special guest in none other than starlett for both teams - Mr Guy Whittingham!

- Whats he reckon?

- Who's he scared of?

- What sweets is he bringing?

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My Wednesday - Gaz Robinson


A sound heard across all of our platforms of late, In our new segment we talk to the man behind behind the meme

Gaz tells Fudge of his love for the Owls and where it all started, Listen as he talks about how lockdown impacted his affection of the club and where the Famewo Song came from

Shirts and Sticks

Blair is somehow in the hosting chair,

The lads talk about Peterborough,

playing style and top of the league,

My Wednesday

...and there's an attempt at a quiz

Don't forget enter TWW20 at checkout to get your 20% discount at Manscaped

Beef with Llera

Fudge is hot off a heavy weekend alongside Stevie and Jon, also joined by a new "Weeker" in George making his podcast return

A great win at Charlton

The run extends

The quiz goes right on

En Route To MK

Ash takes the helm with Simon, Ben and Stevie.

Talking about our comprehensive win against MK Dons,

What happened to the promotion rivals this time round?

A quiz was attempted and Stevie gets his 5 mins about LP2

Hello from the Other Side - Charlton

Blair takes up the reigns this week talking to Louis from Charlton,

We find our opponents in a struggle for form this season, lets see what they've got to say about the upcoming fixture, in what Alex from the Star would surely call "the Katrien Miere Derby"

Morecambe for V. day

Fudge is joined by Stevie, Ash and Blair, talking about a good point at Ipswich, but unfortunate to drop points after being 2 up, followed by our sound beating of Morecambe

The run extends!

The quiz is back!

So is Ash's grumbling!

Fleetwood Slack

Fudge is back from literal camel riding and is joined by Simon, Ben and Jon, We also talk to Rossco from The Kings of Anglia podcast in our old/new segment "hello from the other side".

This week... we go top of the league,

Was it Offside?

Are we bothered about the cup anymore?

Fleetwood Back!

Simon is in the chair tonight as Fudge is literally on holiday again,

Today we talk about a poor deadline day, Or was it? and try to get excited about a poor cup draw

Fleetwood kack?

Fudge Is joined by Jon, Simon and Ben talking all things post-Fleetwood

Are we missing an entertainment element? or are the results more important?

Was the Cheltenham break what we needed?

Good luck to Jose Semedo in his retirement

Ash is Out of Rehab!

Fudge is Joined by Stevie, Blair and The Ashmaster general makes his anticipated return

Talking all things Wycombe

Do we have the depth?

Is George Byers badly injured?

Should Pato stay?

The quiz returns and we go Dutch


Fudge is joined by Stevie, Simon and Ben talking about our amazing 3rd Round tie against Newcastle,

After a brace from Josh Windass, Fleetwood await us in the next round

TRIGGER WARNING : The events of 1989 are discussed here

Kevin De Byers

(some audio issues this week)

The gang are back after Xmas, hungover and just as plump as they were before.

Fudge, is joined by Jon, Blair, Simon and Ben talking about the Christmas fixtures and of josh Windass' hat-trick.

Is Hillsboro quiet? Who's coming in? Is Moore the man?

Twas the Pod before Christmas

Vic returns to take host duties for this week’s festive episode and is joined by Stevie, Jon and special guest Joe Crann to talk about the Oxford game, thoughts on the return to the team of podcast favorite Cam Dawson and whether or not we should be happy with the season so far.

Case of the Ex-eter

Fudge is joined by Stevie, Jon and Blair talking all things, Exeter,

its all late rescues, Strike partnerships and promotion.

Of course we have another Quiz which Blair may or may not have oversold

Let's all get hyped about the nil-nil

Would you have taken a draw before the game? given our performances at Pride Park? Could we have won

Fudge, Stevie, Jon and Blair talk it out, and of course there;'s a quiz which we fail at... badly

Mansfield Bitter?

Ben, Simon Jon and Stevie look back at the win against Shrewsbury, discuss the performance against Mansfield in the FA Cup and consider whether or not Newcastle at home is a tie we should be looking forward to. With Derby on the horizon, there are also some stats dropped that aren’t for the faint-hearted!

The one with the Chris McClure

We catch up with Chris McClure to talk about his love of Wednesday, singing brother and Sunday league sensation Steve Bracknall. And let’s not forget the most famous fag break of a generation.

Yeah But....

Fudge is joined by Simon Ben Stevie and Jon talking about Saints and Accrington also we try and solve the contracts issue... warning, it's a messy one

Spare Room Like a Snowglobe

Jon, Stevie and Ben join Fudge with Blair relaxing in the gentleman's way

Talking about rovers, Heneghan and Burton

Martyn sends us a Quiz that stumps the most of us

2 Points Lost or 1 Point Gained?

Is the glass half full or half empty? can we win them all? Were everyone's shoes on the wrong feet ?

Fudge is joined by Vic, Si, Jon and Blair to make sense of it all

Job done right?

Fudge speaks with Stevie, Jon and Blair talking about Cambridge and a tiny bit about the Pizza trophy.

We have the return of the quiz with Blair in the hot-seat - probs gonna be a mess ;)

Game of Threes

Fudge is joined by Stevie, Blair and Jon talking about our three Goal of the month contenders IN ONE GAME!!

Darren Thanos Moore

In one moment anything can happen, in this case it was the 73rd minute

Fudge and the gang talk Plymouth, Vale and substitutions

Build a Dome over Waverly

A very ill Fudge is joined by Stevie, Blair, Jon and Simon talking about our very comprehensive win against The Chairboys,

Who's your POTM and how do you think we'll fair against Port Vale?

All LP2 aren't' we?

Vic takes the host seat as the gang discuss beating Morecambe, the ever special LP2, team of the week and give predictions for Ipswich. There’s also another one of Blair’s games that will have you screaming at the speakers before ultimately falling asleep. Is Saturday do or die? Will Gregory find the net again? Will Stuart Ripley be in the starting 11?

You Can't Win Em All

Fudge is joined by Stevie, Jon, Simon and Blair talking about the dropped points at Hillsboro'

Was it complacency, did DM get it wrong? or are we all overreacting?

No Pizza Party?

Ben takes the helm this week and the gang discuss the recent outgoings, the recent games and the LP2 masterclass

Also will the owls ever give us a day at Wembley for a pizza party?

Worldies in Motion

Fudge is joined by Stevie, Jon and Blair talking Bolton, Rochdale and absolute Rip-snorters from the lads

Also who's making the trip down to the south coast?

100kg Bench press

Ben is in the chair today to review our win against the Black Cats, A workmanlike performance against Charlton, an abundance of options in the midfield and the fallout from that night Peterborough

Post MK reaction

Fudge is joined by Jon, Stevie and Blair,

Tonight we talk about Stockdales grasp on the number one jersey, the performance as a whole and Fudge does another new accent, so that's nice int it

Post Pompey point win

Did we drop 2 points or were we happy to take home a point from a hard fought game?

All the talking points are here, Missed headers, Midfield woes and Lionesses (of course)

Pre season 2022/23

New signings, new kit, new team

Who's going to be our keeper?

What formation we playing?

Let's see what the gang think of how we will fare in the upcoming season

End of Season review

What a roller coaster!

Fudge and the gang review the months and the games. What made you cheer? What made you cry?

Lets all do it together in this bumper episode!

Like Rod Hull and Emu

We review the heartbreak that was the Play-Off semi finals. Always a pleasure, right?

It all started badly when Ash didn't get a pie at Sunderland and had to climb Mount Everest, Hutch had the weekend from hell and the dreaded torches came out at a 1-1 draw. Will we ever learn? Will we ever escape League One?

Enjoy a cheerful penultimate show for this season before our big fat review - if you have anything you want us to talk about next week - @TWWCast is the Twittoooor account.

Holyfield Vs Tyson in the Car Park

Fudge is joined by Jon, Stevie and Blair, celebrating our emphatic win against Pompey, cementing a tricky tie away at Sunderland

We Don't Talk About Bruno

Fudge is joined by Hollie, Ash, Simon and Vic picking up the pieces of Wycombe and Fleetwood and obviously having "thoughts" about Lee Gregory