Cliff and Kendall: Coast 2 Coast

40 Episodes

By: Cliff and Kendall

Cliff and Kendall are covering the topics others are too scared or possibly too busy to! There are countdowns, scripted specials, freaky facts, weird news, bad jokes, perfect pitch, best friends, special guests, and more!

Episode 697 - Epic Christmas Villains Countdown!
Last Friday at 2:07 AM

NAUGHTY ALERT! This week Cliff and Kendall are counting down the worst of the worst #Villains from everyone's favorite Christmas Movies and other media! Also, merry as hell segments such as WTFOOD and Clean Week. Don't miss this episode that sparkles like the lights around our tree! 

Episode 696 - The Truth (!!!) About Beavers & Eagles

Warning! Shocking truths about #Beavers and #Eagles inside!! Don't miss this show that dares GO THERE where beavers and eagles are concerned! So freaky and weird! (Your jaw may drop!) Also, segments like RU Talkin' 2 Me? and WWID?? Download now and stand in amazement! 

Episode 695 - The Weirdest Ancient Rituals Ever!

At last! Cliff and Kendall are laying out the weirdest and most #SHOCKING ancient rituals from around the world! (While respecting all cultures and countering with the fact that we all do some pretty wacko stuff!) Don't miss this jaw-dropping show that dares include segments like Hot Subjects and WTFood! Count your blessings that this episode exists! #GobbleGobble 

Episode 694 - The Strange But TRUE 5 Senses Show!

Finally! Hold onto your hats! Cliff and Kendall are spilling the beans on all 5 of the senses! Don't worry, none will be left out. In addition to the #BIZARRE and #FREAKISH facts about the senses, there are segments like RU Talking 2 Me and You Wanna Hear Something Weird? This is the one you've been waiting for. 

Episode 693 - Kendall‘s Disneyland 40th! (40, 40, 40)

All aboard for the happiest 40th birthday party on Earth! Kendall, 40, loves the Disney Parks so he insisted upon counting down the very best attractions on his big 4-0! Tune in to find out just how many he had to include! Also, #emotional discussions about mortality, Bad Jokes (and other Kendall-picked segments), themed costumes, short distance dedications, and more! It's an episode 40 years in the making! 

Episode 692 - Daughter of Hillbilly Willy 4: Conquest of the Demons

At last, the saga of the Daughter of Hillbilly Willy comes to a close! 

Cliff and Kendall are trapped in a time not their own and, no matter how groovy it might be, they want to get home! But in the present things are not as pleasant as they appear, when a trusted friend turns out to be a cult member in disguise! Don't miss this guest-star-studded Halloween special that dares answer the question, "Can Hillbilly Willie get anymore evil??" 

Episode 691 - Halloween Must Do List!

Don't let October pass you by until you do all the things listed in this week's show! Cliff and Kendall are spilling the beans on what must be done to ensure an #Amazing #ScarySeason! Also: a mini-countdown of under-appreciated Halloween movies! Also, segments like Bad Halloween Jokes and WWID? Don't miss this show, it would be TOO SCARY! 

Episode 690 - Epic Scary Breakdown Countdown!

Finally! Cliff and Kendall are talking about scary places to breakdown- and they're counting down the WORST and BEST of the scariest! Also, Mrs. Potterbutter Butterchurn has a chainsaw, segments like RU Talking 2 Me and Hot Subjects! If you should breakdown somewhere scary, download this show to keep you safe! 

Episode 689 - Mega #GHOST Show Boo-tacular!

This is the #Ghost Show with the #Most Show! Cliff and Kendall are haunting the internet with their countdown of the best #GHOST songs! Then, stick around for Ghost Stories, reclaimed furniture, and segments like WTFood and Busheltown Community Calendar. Don't #Ghost on this show, download now or it might #Haunt you forever! 

Binge Listen - Scary Horror Alert! Daughter of Hillbilly Willy 1-3

The harrowing Halloween saga of the Daughter of Hillbilly Willy concludes soon, catch up now with parts 1, 2, and 3! 

1. "Daughter of Hillbilly Willy" There's a new terror born in the woods while Cliff and Kendall experience what it's like to be far, far, far, far, far from home! 

2. "Hillbilly Willie Lives: Halloween in Dimension X" Cliff and Kendall are stuck in a world not their own, can anything bring them back to reality? Also, demon possessed Monster Hillbilly Willie continues her reign of terror!

3. "Daughter of Hillbilly Willy 3: Escape from Dimension X" The North Bu...

Episode 688 - The Bonkers Truth (!!!) About Donkeys, Mules, and Eels!

You better sit down for this one! Cliff and Kendall are spilling the crazy beans about what #Donkeys, #Mules, and their unrelated relatives #Eels do in the dark! Also, segments like WWID and You Wanna Hear Something Weird?!? Before you strap a load on your ass, download this show! 

Episode 687 - Cliff‘s Top 40 at 40 (40, 40, 40)

When better? As he gracefully ages into another age entirely, Cliff is counting down his Top 40 favorite movies! Only Kendall can cut down the length of the show by guessing them all. Also, cool segments like Bad Jokes and others. Don't miss this show that soars like an eagle! 

Episode 686 - Epic Witchcraft Show!

Finally! Cliff and Kendall are bringing you the tips and hacks of modern #Witchcraft! Listen as they cast their sassy spell! Then stick around for a countdown of the best Witch songs! (Will your favorite be magical enough to make the list??) Also: insanely controversial Hot Subjects and more spellbinding segments! Download this show and listen when the moon is full while sucking on a dead man's toe! 

Binge Listen - Demon Destruction! Hillbilly Willy 8-10!

Welcome back to the All-Night Cliff and Kendall Halloween Episode Festival! This installment includes the HORRIFYING CONCLUSION of the original Hillbilly Willy saga! Don't miss what Cliff calls his two FAVORITE episodes: "Hillbilly Willy 9: Season of the Pig" and the 10th and final chapter "Hillbilly Willy in Space"! 

Binge Listen - Halloween Hell! Hillbilly Willy 5-7

Welcome back to the All-Night Cliff and Kendall Halloween Episode Festival! This installment includes possibly the most popular episode of all time: "Hillbilly Willy 5: Cliff and Kendall Go to Hell"! And then, there's no rest for a demon possessed pig farmer! Just because Cliff and Kendall moved to Busheltown doesn't mean the horrors are over! With Hillbilly Willy 6 and 7, you'll be in Halloween Heaven! 

Binge Listen - The Origin of Evil: Hillbilly Willy 1-4

Welcome to the All-Night Cliff and Kendall Halloween Episode Festival! In this first installment, we present the first four chapters in the Horrible Halloween Saga of Hillbilly Willy. Find out all about how Cliff and Kendall encountered the demon possessed pig farmer and the destruction that followed! Kendall says, "Don't miss two of my ALL TIME FAVORITE episodes: Hillbilly Willy 3: House of Demons and Hillbilly Willy 4!" 

Special Presentation - Cliff ”(In Parentheses)” [The New Album!]

Look out Top 40 radio, Cliff is here and he's brought the sound of today with a voice as timeless as time itself! It's the new "concept" album "(In Parentheses)" and its a special #Free #Bonus for the podcast listeners! Physical copies can be purchased at Mrs. Potterbutter Butterchurn's Butter Churn of Pottery and Butter and Kendall's Cabinet of Curtains in Busheltown. (Warning: Explicit Lyrics!) 

(On a) Busheltown Night [4:41] Torture (Torture) [8:24] I Am Dracula (The Vampire) [12:16] Nighttime (Makes Me Pee) [15:30] I Said I Would (But In Fact I Am Not Going To)  [19:14] Outta My Way (Green Acres) [22:40] (Put Me On...

Episode 685 - The Big #BALLS Countdown!

Which ones are the best? Don't hold back! Cliff and Kendall are counting down the best balls of all! Will your smooth round faves make number one?? Also, segments like Bad Jokes, WWID, and RU Talking 2 Me? To find the radius of this episode, multiply its diameter by PIE! 

Episode 684 - Mega "Nightmares and Dream Songs" Spectacular!

It's a dream come true! This show is all about what your brain does while you sleep. First, Nightmares also come true when Cliff and Kendall discuss #NIGHTMARES! Then, it's no dream! There's a mini-countdown of Dream Songs that will make you forget all your worries! Also, segments like Hot Subjects and Host Match will have you wondering if this episode was all a wonderful dream. Spoiler alert: This show is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep! 

Episode 683 - The Private Lives of Hippos and Crickets

Finally! Cliff and Kendall are spilling the big wet beans about HIPPOS! and their tiny unrelated relatives CRICKETS! Which one would you rather have on your hearth? They get weird! Also: segments like U Wanna Hear Something Weird? and Bad Jokes! Don't miss this fantastic show that dares to be everything you ever wanted. 

Episode 682 - Super "Feel Good" Show!!

Finally! Cliff and Kendall are spilling the beans on how to #FEELGOOD! They've got tips, hacks, and SO much more! Also, a mini-countdown of songs that inspire inspiration in us all! And: a Nielsen update, a dating setup, and segments like WWID and What the Kidz R Saying. Don't miss this cool show that will make you smile from the inside out! 

Episode 681 - The Epic "It's Easy Counting Down Green Things" Countdown!

Finally Cliff and Kendall are calling out the #TRUTH about what the BEST Green things are! What is #1? Is it celery? Is it mold?? Find out! Also: we talk "Life With Lucy," a Poobah is installed, and segments like #BADJokes and Songs U Should Know! Don't miss this show that will fill you in on why every day is better than the one before! 

Episode 680 - Sewage and Sun Songs

The boys are back in the sewage treatment plant talking what goes down the drain! Then there's a mini-countdown of Sun Songs! Also, segments like WWID and You Wanna Hear Something Weird?? Don't miss this show that dares to GO THERE! 

Episode 679 - Cancel-palooza!

This week there's a sign on Cliff and Kendall's door that reads "Gone Cancelling!" (Not really) They're in the booth and on the hunt for things that must be cancelled! What annoying phrases, cultural trends, or bodily functions will be on the chopping block?? Will Cliff have to use any vetoes? Don't miss this uncancellable episode of the uncancellable show that also delivers RU Talkin 2 Me and Host Match. And stay tuned for the end, it's Cliff's new single "Bow Down (God's Perfect Voice)"!

Episode 678 - The Glory and Majesty of Cockroaches and Mosquitoes

Cliff and Kendall are finally doing a show about #Cockroaches and #Mosquitoes. Find out the wondrous facts and shocking truths about these Earth creatures! Also, Kendall's big opening, beloved segments WWID and You Wanna Hear Something Weird?? and #MORE! Enjoy this episode which was made especially for you. 

Episode 677 - Scary Foods to Eat in the Dark!

This week Cliff and Kendall are letting you in on the #Scariest Foods on Earth! Will the one you fear most make the list?? Also, #GHOST #STORIES around a hot campfire in the (not North) Busheltown woods! Don't miss this show that will chill your spine in the middle of summer! Also, Cliff's new single "(Put Me On) Unsolved Mysteries," segments like RU Talkin' 2 Me? and Songs U Should Know, and more round out this "gem in the rough of an episode," hidden like a ghost in the closet! 

Episode 676 - Epic Summer FOOD Extravaganza!

Finally and who better, this week Cliff and Kendall are talking Summer Food #Hacks that you must know! Also: fun at the pool, a Food Song mini-countdown, and segments like WWID and more! Don't miss this show that will make your watermelon sugar high! 

Episode 675 - Shrimp, Shrews, and Bigfoot!

WARNING: This one's a shocker! Cliff and Kendall are sharing the most SHOCKING Shrimp facts and the Truth about the #PsychoKillers known as Shrews! Also, hunting for #Bigfoot, segments like WTFood and What the Kids R Saying. Download now or forever live in the dark! 

Episode 674 - Breakfast, But NOT at Tiffany's

Where would you eat #Breakfast? Cliff and Kendall are talking the places to #Breakfast before you die! Also, cool segments that have pleased many: U Wanna Hear Something Weird, Songs U Should Know, and More! Don't miss this show that would never dream of missing you. Download now, huckleberry friends! 

Episode 673 - Stuck in the Elevator With WHOM???!?!?

Finally! Cliff and Kendall are counting down the fictional characters that you'd most want to be stuck in an #Elevator with!! Will your 'fave' make this cutthroat countdown?? Also, new singles, clowns, and segments like Bad Jokes and others fans can't get enough of. Don't miss this show or you will REGRET IT FOREVER! 

Episode 672 - Cliff and Kendall Experience Nature

Finally! Who better?!? Cliff and Kendall are giving out #LIFE #CHANGING hacks for being in the Outdoors/Nature! Also: a Nature Song countdown, WWID, and fan-favorite segment Get Happy! Don't miss this show that finally reveals what to do about nature! 

Episode 671 - Epic Chubby Movie Star Salute!!

This week Cliff and Kendall are saluting the Biggest Talents to ever grace the Big Screen! (They're also at a Movie Premiere!) It's a #Celebration and all-around #SALUTE to the Chubby Movie Stars of Today and Yesterday. Will your favorite make this crowded list?? Also you'll receive segments like RU Talking 2 Me?! and Shout Outs! Don't miss this tons-of-fun show that dares celebrate normal sized people! 

Episode 670 - The Shocking Incident at Jehovah Park

This week Cliff and Kendall are doing an #EPIC countdown of the best Furniture Ever! Also, the gang checks out a new theme park and things turn DEADLY! Then you'll get segments like #BAD Jokes, WWID, and 1st Impressions- who could ask for anything more?? Don't sleep on this ACTION-PACKED show! 

Episode 669 - Salute to TV Neighbors!

Ding dong! Knock, knock! It's those neighbors from TV that everyone loves! Cliff and Kendall are counting down the wacky, the mooching, and the bespectacled characters from your favorite shows that aren't the stars, but they live close by. Also: segments such as Bad Jokes and more! Don't slam the door in this episode's face, download now! 

Episode 668 - The Extreme! Wild! Horse Trilogy

Horses! Seahorses! Horseflies! Together at last! Tune in as Cliff and Kendall shovel the facts and #HAIR-RAISING truth about #HORSES and the other two. Also: Mrs. Potterbutter Butterchurn has jury duty, segments like WWID and more! Don't miss the show that dares ask the question: Horses? Yay or Naaaayyyyyyy? 

Episode 667 - Epic Money Moola $how

Cash in on this episode all about that Money Honey! It makes dollars and cents to hear the #BIGMONEY hacks and high value Money Song countdown that are #FREE today only! No money down, zero percent interest on segments like U Wanna Hear Something Weird?? and more! Finally an episode that PAYS off! Download now, because you've hit the jackpot! 

Episode 666 - Flamin' Hot Devil-Satan-Hell Countdown!

Finally, the devil gets his due: a Satanic countdown of all the best #Devil and #Hell related things courtesy of Cliff and Kendall! (Warning: You will go to hell if you skip this episode.) Also in this show: segments like Bad Jokes and RU Talkin' 2 Me!?!, Satanic panic, and classic rock. This one will have you screaming "Hail Satan" or "Save me Jesus"! 

Episode 665 - Vaccination Nation and a Childhood Toy Countdown

Hop in the overweight way-back machine, as Cliff and Kendall relive their childhoods by counting down the best #Toys from way-back when! In addition to the nostalgic regression, you will also find #vaccinations and COOL segments like a second round of First Impressions , WWID, and a look at the Busheltown Community Calendar. Whether you're a He-man lover or someone who prefers building their own tables- this show's for you! 

Special Presentation - Long Distance Dedications

Casey Kasem could never! Tune in for a mind-expanding series of top hits (from today and yesteryear), all dedicated from long distances! This isn't a traditional "show," but you can still #download and listen now!  

Episode 664 - Epic Spring Spectacular!

Thaw out with Cliff and Kendall as they celebrate the season of #SPRING! They've got Spring Cleaning Hacks that will rock the world of teens and boomers alike, AND a mini Countdown of Spring Songs! Will your faves make the list?? Also, segments you love and a MYSTERIOUS BRIEF CASE.