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Join Dave LaGreca and his rotating co-host chair that features two WWE Hall of Famers in Bully Ray and Mark Henry and ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer for the best pro wrestling talk out there. From the WWE and AEW to the independent scene and beyond, Busted Open covers pro-wrestling like no one else in the world! Listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern on SiriusXM Fight Nation channel 156 or On Demand anytime on the SiriusXM app.

'The Master's Class': Wrestling Walk Outs
Today at 5:00 AM

Following the biggest story of the week involving Naomi and Sasha Banks abruptly leaving WWE, our masters Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer and Mark Henry discuss some of the most notable walk outs in wrestling history, and their lasting impact on both the company and the individual..

Sasha & Naomi Suspended while The Bloodline takes the Gold!
Yesterday at 5:04 PM

An absolutely stacked Busted Open Saturday as we find out that Sasha and Naomi have officially been suspended from the WWE this past week.  Ryan McKinnell & Mark Henry break down the WWE's statements on the situation, and discuss whether it should be played out in public as it is.  Why wasn't this same reaction given to other wrestlers when they stepped away?  Also, the Bloodline captures the Tag Team titles thanks to the help of Roman Reigns.  And it was quite the week in pro wrestling - especially for AEW Dynamite!  

Tony Khan & the Sasha/Naomi Situation
Last Friday at 5:30 PM

It’s going to be explosive today on Busted as hosts Ryan McKinnell and Mark Henry first sit down with AEW CEO & President Tony Khan to preview tonight’s AEW Rampage and next week’s anniversary edition of Dynamite. Then, Justin Labar joins us to talk about the hot issues surrounding Stephanie McMahon, Naomi, Sasha Banks and all the turmoil in WWE. Make sure you’re ready for when The World’s Strongest Man Mark gives one of the world’s strongest takes on what he would do if he were in WWE.

Houston Dynamite
Last Thursday at 5:57 PM

On this edition of Busted Open, we’ve got full coverage of AEW Dynamite from Houston as our hosts break down all the big moments from a memorable show.  We cover the excellent segment with Wardlow getting ten lashes from MJF, the Serena Deeb promo that may not have put the champion Thunder Rosa in the best light, and the Jericho Appreciation Society having a war of words with the BCC.

The Walk Out Heard Round the World
Last Wednesday at 5:53 PM

On this edition of Busted Open, we continue to cover Sasha Banks and Naomi, and the ramifications of their walk out.  Our hosts Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer and Mickie James talk passionately about their own experiences and how they can relate to these two superstars.  Plus, Renee Paquette stops by, as she too shares perspective on the situation that has the wrestling world abuzz.  

Sasha Banks and Naomi Walk Out!
Last Tuesday at 6:08 PM

On this edition of Busted Open, we cover Sasha Banks and Naomi, who allegedly left WWE just minutes after Monday Night Raw went on the air last night. We hit this topic from every controversial angle, and the ripple effect it has on everyone involved in the situation. We’ll also have WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” on to give his perspective, and his comments are sure to have the wrestling world talking.

The Juice is Loose & "Young Rock"
Last Monday at 5:28 PM

On this edition of Busted Open, Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray are joined by actor Brett Azar, who plays the Iron Sheik on the hit TV show, "Young Rock". Plus, off the heels of NJPW's Capital Collision, the guys react and break down the main event where Juice Robinson defeated Jon Moxley, Will Ospreay, and Hiroshi Tanahashi to become the new IWGP US Champion.

"The Master's Class': Revival of Tag Teams

On this edition of Busted Open: "The Master's Class", our masters Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer and Mickie James dive deep inside the art of tag team wrestling. And joining them to do so is the best tag team in professional wrestling today, FTR! Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler also share their insights on the match they put together against each other on a recent edition of AEW Dynamite. There's a ton to be learned from 6-Star FTR.

The Rise or Ruin of Rousey?

Ryan McKinnell and Bully Ray have you set for this edition of Busted Open Saturday!   Ronda Rousey gets the title - but what does this really mean for her?  Will fans finally accept her? Do they already?  Plus what is next for The Bloodline and where does Roman Reigns sit as far as WWE greats?  And if it's a Saturday you know we have your Weekly Winner for the best show that was in wrestling this past week! 

Shawn Spears & Tony Khan

On this edition of Busted Open, we bring on two incredible interviews from the world of AEW. First, Shawn Spears joins hosts Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry to talk about his ongoing issues with AEW’s fastest-rising star, Wardlow. Spears is very outspoken in his dislike for the man who has become so popular. Then, it’s Tony Time, as AEW CEO & President Tony Khan reacts to Wednesday’s Dynamite from Long Island, and previews tonight’s Rampage.

Dynamite on Long Island

On this edition of Busted Open, we discuss all the big stories from AEW Dynamite including MJF and Wardlow.  Hosts Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer actually get some perspective of MJF from someone who knows him better than anyone else in the world, his own mother.  Plus, we talk about the upcoming AEW World Heavyweight Championship match between CM Punk and “Hangman” Adam Page, for the rights not only to the title, but also to be come the face of AEW.

Mickie James’ Backlash & Tony Khan

On this edition of Busted Open, we get Mickie James’ take on the incredible I Quit Match featuring Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey from WrestleMania Backlash in which a new Smackdown Women’s Champion was crowned.  Plus, Mickie, Dave LaGreca & Tommy Dreamer interview AEW CEO & President Tony Khan for the first time as a trio prior to a stacked week of AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage.

Raw & Adam Cole… Bay-Bay!

On this edition of Busted Open, we react to Monday Night Raw from last night which featured Rhea Ripley officially joining The Judgement Day with Edge and Damian Priest.  Hosts Dave LaGreca and Hall of Famer Bully Ray discuss her first promo and her need to stick to this new persona.  Plus, AEW’s Adam Cole joins us to talk about how much he is enjoying being a part of AEW, as well as working with his closest friends and loved ones.

WrestleMania Backlash

On this edition of Busted Open, we react to WWE’s special live event, “WrestleMania Backlash”. Hosts Dave LaGreca and Hall of Famer Bully Ray discuss the incredible night that was including Cody Rhodes taking on Seth “Freaking” Rollins in a rematch of their WrestleMania classic. Plus we breakdown head of the table Roman Reigns and the rightful place he has ascended to with the annals of WWE.

'The Master's Class': 80s Influencers

On this edition of "The Master's Class", our masters Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer and Mark Henry discuss which wrestlers that plied their trade in the 1980s had the greatest influence, and gave the best advice to each one of them. Some of their selections may surprise you!

Scorpio Sky's Role & The Bloodline's Next Challenge

We have another Saturday edition of the Busted Open podcast with a new duo Andreas Hale and Mark Henry! First the hosts discuss the developing role of Scorpio Sky. Is he on the edge of being a babyface? And what's the latest on The Bloodline's feud with RK-Mc-Bro? Find out how the guys see this feud playing out at WrestleMania Backlash. Plus, Weekly Winner! 

A Real Episode

This edition of Busted Open definitely keeps it real. First, hosts Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry discuss the real change in attitude in AEW Champion “Hangman” Adam Page and why this new tone is appropriate for the fans to hear. Plus, no one is more honest in pro wrestling than “The Real One” nZo, he talks with the guys about his life, the life of a young friend who passed away, and the life-saving events of one of his closest friends, W. Morrissey.

Wardlow & The Snake

On today’s Busted Open, hosts Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer react to last night’s AEW Dynamite by talking about their biggest star in the making, Wardlow.  Plus, continuing 80s week, we bring on Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts for a in-depth look inside the mind of one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

Mickie James' Busted Open Debut

We’ve got a new host and exciting guests!  On today’s Busted Open, we welcome in the bone-breaker, the heart-breaker, Mickie James as one of the new hosts of our show!  And to greet her, we bring on the best tag team in the world, FTR, for a revealing and instructional interview on tag team wrestling.  Then, we’ve got one of Mickie’s arch-rivals, Deonna Purrazzo, who shares some insight on how far along her career has come.

Massive Wildfire Announcement

On today’s show, we’ve got an incredible announcement regarding a new host of Busted Open, Mickie James! She’ll be joining our show permanently on Wednesday’s, and she joins hosts Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray to talk about it.  Plus, we bring on Tommy “Wildfire” to reminisce on the good old days and share his insane stories from the 80s.

Beefcake & Birthday Cake

On today’s Busted Open, hosts Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray are joined by WWE Hall of Famer, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake for a first time ever on the show to talk the upcoming 80's Wrestlecon event. Also, the guys celebrate The Rock today on his 50th birthday by discussing their top favorite Rock matches and moments. In true fashion when it comes to Dave's Power Rankings, he and Bully don't always meet eye to eye...

'The Master's Class': Master's Draft

On this episode of "The Master's Class" our hosts Dave LaGreca, Mark Henry, Bully Ray, and Tommy Dreamer each pick a male, female, tag team and young gun wrestler that they would want if they were starting their own wrestling territory.

Big Changes for the Tag Team Titles

Ryan McKinnell & Bully Ray have you covered for today's Busted Open Saturday!  RK-Bro will now be part of a 6 man tag team unification match for the titles -but why did WWE suddenly change from what the original plan was just a few weeks ago?  Also the WWE has released more wrestlers - Bully gives them advice as to how they can still compete and get another opportunity at a different organization or promotion.  Plus, your Weekly Winner for the best Wrestling show of the week!

Serena Deeb & Tony Khan

On today’s Busted Open we’ve got two interviews from the world of AEW.  Serena Deeb joins hosts Dave LaGreca and Hall of Famer Mark Henry for the first time to discuss her recent Philly Street Fight on Dynamite as well as who she has influenced on the rest of the roster.  Then, it’s “Tony Time” as AEW CEO & President sits down with our guys to reflect on this week’s Dynamite and look ahead to tonight’s Rampage.

Happy 13th Birthday Busted Open!

It’s our 13th birthday and we’re in a celebratory mood!  Hosts Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer discuss their favorite memories and how far the show has come over the last 13 years.  Plus, we look back at last night’s AEW Dynamite and review the main event: The ladder match which produced a new AEW TNT Champion!

Tony Khan & Tag Team Turmoil

On a fun-filled Wednesday, Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer break down which tag teams had the best rivalry of after a split, in anticipation of FTR facing off against each other on Wednesday’s Dynamite, as well as the breaking news that IInspriration has decided to indefinitely retire from in-ring competition.  Plus, we bring on AEW CEO & President Tony Khan who fills us in on what is sure to be an unforgettable edition of AEW tonight.

Orton’s History & The Return of Asuka

Reacting to last night’s Monday Night Raw, hosts Dave LaGreca and Hall of Famer Bully Ray hotly debate Randy Orton’s place in history as well as the big question:  Who is the rightful all-time World Championship record holder? Plus we react to the return of Asuka, and how she used in her return facing off with Becky Lynch.

Power Rankings Outrage

Coming off a fantastic week of wrestling, Dave LaGreca has a weekly power rankings list that Tommy Dreamer has an issue with, and the result as usual: arguments and pure entertainment. Plus, we welcome Tom Hannifan to Busted Open. Tom was on the call of Impact’s “Rebellion” on Saturday night, and gives his reaction to an amazing card as well as what he has unlearned in his time away from WWE.

'The Master's Class': Lord of the Ring

When you think of a "master' of professional wrestling, one of the first names that should come to mind is William Regal. On this edition of "The Master's Class" our hosts Dave LaGreca and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry sit down with the legend to discuss the kinds of intricate details of this incredible lifestyle that you can't get anywhere else.

The Viper's Incredible Legacy

Ryan McKinnell & Mark Henry host this Saturday edition of Busted Open - where the two have plenty to talk about!  First up, Ronda Rousey - what is her future?  Mark says that WWE creative needs Ronda to just be Ronda and allow her to talk as she wants, with what she wants to say and to let her just be herself.  Also, the Viper himself, Randy Orton celebrates 20 years of an incredible wrestling legacy within the WWE and beyond.  Where does he stand amongst the all time greats?  

Scott D'Amore & Tony Khan

Hosts Ryan McKinnell and Tommy Dreamer are privileged to be joined by two Presidents on today's podcast! IMPACT EVP Scott D'Amore talks all thing IMPACT Wrestling ahead of their big "Rebellion" pay-per-view airing this weekend. Also, AEW's President and owner, Tony Khan, hops on for his weekly 'Tony Time' segment following his announcement of the NJPW/AEW PPV and previews what we'll be seeing on AEW Rampage tonight.

Kyle O’Reilly & Josh Alexander

We’re coming at you today with two exciting interviews with hosts Ryan McKinnell and the innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer. First, AEW star Kyle O’Reilly joins the show to reflect on his enormous win over Jungle Boy on AEW Dynamite. Then, we welcome Josh Alexander to Busted Open, as we look ahead to the biggest match of his career for the Impact World Championship at “Rebellion”.

Raquel Rodriguez & Rob Van Dam

We’ve got two incredible interviews on today’s “Busted Open”. First, Friday Night’s newest superstar, Raquel Rodriguez joins Hall of Famer Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer for an in-depth look at the path her career has gone to get to Smackdown, and where it is going. Plus we bring on Mr. Monday Night himself, Rob Van Dam, to educate us on this happy occasion of April 20th, and share some special memories of his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Cody’s Big Night & The New Brood?

On today’s “Busted Open” Podcast, hosts WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer breakdown everything from last night’s Monday Night Raw, which include more big matches and moments for Cody Rhodes. They also dive deep on the new faction that includes Edge Damian Priest and discuss the connection with Star Wars, and potential formation of a new brood.

AEW Battle of the Belts 2

On today’s Busted Open, hosts Ryan McKinnell and Hall of Famer Bully Ray break down the big matches from Saturday’s “Battle of the Belts 2” event from AEW, including Sammy Guevara turning heel and becoming TNT Champion for a third time, as well as an excellent promo from “All Ego” Ethan Page. Plus, we talk about Jonathan Gresham and Dalton Castle’s exciting battle for the ROH World Championship and the post-match appearance from the lightning rod known as Satnam Singh.

'The Master's Class': Breakout Moments

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Following the breakout performance from Wheeler Yuta recently on AEW Dynamite, our master's; Dave, Bully, Tommy, and Mark discuss the reasons behind their favorite breakout moments, and share their personal experiences on the time they finally "made it".

Charlotte Flair Deserves More

Ryan Mckinnell & Bully Ray have you ready to go on this Saturday edition of Busted Open. Charlotte Flair has become the top female wrestler in the world - what's next for her?  Also will Ronda Rousey get someone to step in and help her on the microphone - almost in a managerial Paul Heyman type role? AEW Rampage does a Texas Death Match - did it go over on the crowd though after just having one a few weeks ago?

Toni & Tony

On today’s Busted Open, we have two can’t miss interviews. First, hosts Dave LaGreca and Hall of Famer Mark Henry talk to AEW’s Toni Storm about life after WWE and how she ended up leaving the promotion where she became famous. Plus it’s Tony Time as AEW President and CEO Tony Khan joins Busted Open to discuss the upcoming weekend’s AEW cards, and also looking back at a mistake he made on AEW Dynamite that left everyone shaking their heads.

QT Marshall & The Good Brothers

On today’s Busted Open, we have a couple of excellent interviews. First, hosts Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer talk to AEW’s QT Marshall about his career path and how hard he’s had to work to attain his goals. Then our hosts welcome The Good Brothers live and in-person, for a hilarious appearance that is not to be missed!

25th Anniversary of “ECW Barely Legal”

Happy 25th Anniversary to ECW’s 1st ever Pay-Per-View, “Barely Legal”! Our hosts Dave LaGreca, along with ECW Originals Tommy Dreamer and Hall of Famer Bully Ray break down the inner workings, and some never heard before stories from the historic and groundbreaking event. It’s a terrific listen as Bully and Tommy take you behind the scenes of a moment in time that almost never took place, and one which still inspires professional wrestling today.