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By: Helen Ngo

Across the US, from our kitchens, our boardrooms (even our bedrooms) women launch nearly 2000 new businesses every. single. day. They’re family women. Single women. Moms. Or not. They’re college graduates. High-school dropouts. Debtors. Bootstrappers. Multimillionaires. They’re women from every culture, community, and background. Now more than ever, they’re women of color, too. These aren’t the kinds of success stories you hear every day. But they should be. Helen Ngo, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, multiple-business-owner, money-and-empowerment coach for women entrepreneurs, knows the real questions—and doesn’t hesitate to ask. Hear the unfiltered answers, real-life experiences, lessons learned, and y...

How I Left My 9-5 to Become a Travel Blogger with Laura Chung
Yesterday at 8:00 AM

“I traded in money to have fulfillment in myself.”  Laura Chung

Isn’t it fascinating how some people make career decisions, especially when it comes to pursuing a lifestyle that is so radically different than the one they’re currently living?

Laura Chung was living what seemed to be the high life in NYC, working her high paying private equity job. 

From the outside, she had the wealth, the family, the friends, and all the things you may traditionally tie with success. 

On the inside, that “predictable” lifestyle was breaking her down physically...

Leaving Corporate Life for a Better Future with Lorrie Thomas Ross

“I was actually more uncomfortable being comfortable. Sure, the pay is good. The coworkers are nice, but I can’t do this anymore.” - Lorrie Thomas Ross

Wild Web Woman and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy®, Lorrie Thomas Ross, talks about leadership as an entrepreneur and growing a team.

What does “leaving the confines of corporate hell” look like? For many of us who have made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, leadership skills is the last thing on our minds in mastering - especially if you just work for yourself at the beginning. But stepping up to be a...

What happened When I Followed My Passion with Darin Wright

“If you’re doing something and it’s not really what you should be doing, you just don’t excel at it. You can be good at it, you could even be great at it. But if it’s killing you inside, I just don’t understand the point of it.” 

-- Darin Wright

Color expert and Elea Blake Cosmetics owner Darin Wright shares what it can really look like to follow your passion.

Few of us realize just how much color affects our surroundings: from the color on the walls of our homes to the co...

Owning Your Worth Starts with You with Ashley Paré

“I find the more clear we are, with what we want in our life, what we want in our business, and why, we start stepping into our confidence more easily.” - Ashley Paré

Own Your Worth™ founder and CEO Ashley Paré talks about the difference between worth and value, and how the way we define them can shape our career path.

The thought of negotiating a 5-figure pay raise is enough to make most people’s palms sweat. But it’s what Ashley helps her clients do every day. Women especially tend to struggle with attaching se...

Letting Go of Expectations with Kati Tatnall

“I want to make sure that my external dialogue isn’t just to please somebody else.” -- Kati Tatnall

We can easily get caught up in meeting others’ expectations that we tend to forget our own. 

And if you let it happen often enough and long enough, you end up forgetting about your goals. Your dreams. And what you make of yourself. 

We are trying so hard to serve others that we don’t take care ourselves – emotionally and physically.

I invited my college roommate, Kati Tatnall, to address the challenges of meeting int...

Prioritizing My Career, Family, and Self with ReShea Balams

“Something is going to go lacking. You can’t have it all.” — ReShea Balams

Does work life balance really exist? 

Helen sits down with ReShea Balams to answer this question. She runs her own law practice all while taking care of her two young children as a widow. 

Where does taking care of herself come into play?

Often, we feel so much pressure to grow our businesses as an entrepreneur, be the best parents to our children, be financially successful, and be the best at whatever else society tends to define for us. Bu...

Think Outside Your Box to Find Your Next Career with Nicole Amos

“I like to get people to think about what is possible for themselves.” - Nicole Amos

Career Coach, Nicole Amos, started The Career Oasis when her friends and colleagues told her she should start charging for the amazing career advice and strategy she was already providing. 

A born networker, Nicole started climbing the corporate ladder by finding creative ways to “be in the room” with the people making decisions. When co-workers began to take notice, they came to her asking for advice on how to make the same happen for them. Nicole realized she had a gift fo...

Find Personal Growth by Sidetracking with Andrea Strauss

“It wasn’t part of my dream. It was part of other people’s dreams. So I was really unhappy with myself.” --Andrea Strauss

Have you ever been worried that you’d be judged if you pursue another career or job that’s outside of your college major or original career path? How would you perceive someone who’s a photographer, doula, restaurant owner, William Sonoma employee, and celebrity chef?

Well, that’s Andrea Strauss. She’s filled all those shoes, sometimes simultaneously. On the surface, you may judge her for “not knowing who she is and that she’s ju...

Wanting More vs. Deserving More with Mary Grace Allerdice

“You have to start big if you’re going to go big.” - Mary Grace Allerdice

Mary Grace Allerdice, Founder of Be Well Studio,  explains how she got sick and tired of telling herself she couldn't afford a $2 coffee or even groceries at times! Budgeting and prioritizing is of course important, especially when you're starting up a new business. But sometimes habits die hard - and we come to realize that "affording" things we want or need isn't always as simple as being in the black or red. 

Over the next year we're chronicling the ins and...

The Downside of Saying ‘Yes’ Too Often

We are so good with our ‘yes’ scripts. We don’t work hard enough on our ‘no’ scripts because saying ‘no’ to someone feels like we are rejecting them.”   – Helen Ngo

Have you become a “Yes Woman” without even realizing it?

You’re saying ‘yes’ to clients who you know are going to bulldoze right through your boundaries. ‘Yes’ to projects that aren’t in alignment with your business goals. ‘Yes’ to PR opportunities that will require hours of your time without much return for your bottomline. 

I’ve identified two common business scenarios where I’m almost always tempted...

Knowing When Its Time to Move On with Mary Grace Allerdice

Success in this day and age includes failure. The people who will succeed are the ones who are fragile enough to hop around and figure out what works until it works.

--Mary Grace Allerdice

If you ask any business owner, the first two years are the most grueling.  It will break you down to your core. Almost every day feels like a battlefield of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Had a bad day? Well, guess what? Those bills still have to be paid. Where’s the next dollar going to come from?

You fee...

Why I Gave Up My Mercedes Benz Lifestyle with Stefanie Jewett

“What’s more important to you now? Driving a Benz now to look a certain way or pursue the thing you love most at all costs?” -- Stefanie Jewett

Starting your own business is difficult by design; that’s why it’s not meant for everyone.  But this notion that starting your own business is difficult doesn’t deter our guest this week, Stefanie Jewett, Founder of Activvely, a social app that helps individuals find workout partners.

She went from collecting a comfortable salary at CNN, driving around town in a fancy Benz - to leaving her j...

Juggling It All To Have It All with Ashley Williams

“I loved investment banking, and I loved New York. But I knew I didn’t want to do it for the rest of my life.”

Serial entrepreneur, Ashley Williams, shares her experience leaving a 6-figure job (right out of college!) to tackle marriage, motherhood, and the uncertainties of being an entrepreneur.

Juggling all the things that life as a wife, mother, and business owner brings is enough to make most people’s heads spin. And while she’ll tell you she’s far from having mastered it, Ashley does a phenomenal job at navigating it all graceful...

High-End Sales for a High-End Life with Merel Kriegsman

“You must fall in love with the constant challenges of running a business.”

--Merel Kriegsman

Merel Kriegsman is the founder and CEO of Merel Kriegsman Media. She provides high-end mentorship to women business owners, plus runs a conversion copywriting agency.

While Merel is now on the verge of her first 7-figure year (in less than 5 years in business!), her story starts with: being in debt and underpaid, and scrubbing toilets to make ends meet… while 8 months pregnant.

Helen and Merel talk about the unique relationship between power and money and why women...

Can Social Media Affect Your Self Worth? with Amber Dee

"Don’t tie your self-worth in with how many ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ you have." 

--Amber Dee

Do you ever get slightly jealous when you look at someone’s social media page and see that they have more followers than you?

It’s natural to feel this way. Actually, there’s a term for it in psychology and they call it the Social Comparison Theory . It states that “we determine our own social and personal worth based on how we stack up against others we perceive as somehow faring better or worse.”

Social media is great...

Overcoming Financial Shame & Guilt with J

“When you are able to overcome financial guilt, you will be able to accept yourself and celebrate yourself.” -- J.

Have you ever felt guilty about spending money on yourself?  As if, you don’t deserve to buy that “one thing?"

What we tell ourselves we deserve financially is shaped by our upbringing and childhood.

What we grew up with, has so much influence on who we become, all the way down to how we spend money and what we tell ourselves we deserve.

Growing up in poverty, J shares her personal...

Removing Toxic People from My Life

“Removing more responsibilities off my plate also meant I had to do the hard job of removing people who no longer serve me in a positive way.” 

-- Helen Ngo

Who you surround yourself  with either raise or lower your standards. You don’t become great on your own. The people around you who make you even better than who you think you are... they’re the ones who genuinely have you in their best intentions, always wanting to uplift your spirits and see you succeed. But also being the toughest on you when you need a rea...

What Would Happen If You Pursued a Career Outside Your Degree? with Awilda Rivera

“I realized I needed to define success for myself, not for someone else.” Awilda Rivera

You ever thought to yourself: what would happen if I did something else?

Something that you weren’t trained to do in school or use your degree.

Perhaps we set those ideas and dreams to the back burner because we’re afraid of being judged by others. Perhaps we will even judge ourselves for being financially irresponsible.

In this episode, you’ll meet Awilda Rivera. She went into $100k+ of student loan debt to earn her law degree...

Letting Go to Find Success with Judith Winfrey

“Women need to believe in themselves and trust themselves. We have internalized so much misogyny. We have internalized so much doubt that’s projected on us that becomes self-doubt.”   – Judith Winfrey

8-figure serial entrepreneur and founder of PeachDish, Judith Winfrey, shares the valuable lessons she’s learned from starting five businesses in under 15 years.

Most of us don’t think beyond our own personal health and nutrition when it comes to the type of food we buy and where we buy it. But Judith sees the broader effects that choosing to support local farms can have on the e...

Doing Something Greater Than Myself with Jazmin Addy

“I can’t leave this earth without doing something bigger than myself.”

-- Jazmin Addy

Founder and CEO of Proximity Partners, Jazmin Addy, started her business as a means to creating a better life for her children and leaving something greater for them than just the basics.

With a long-term view of building generational wealth at the forefront of her mind, Jazmin made more money in her first year of business than she earned at her corporate job, a rare feat any seasoned entrepreneur would know.

For her, starting a business meant...

Design Your Career to Live the Life You Want with Kim Bennett

“I’m just going to figure it out and live the life I want.” 

--Kim Bennett

How do you choose the kind of life you want and then design how you’re going to live it? 

Where do we even begin to answer that?

Kim Bennett and I address both simultaneously in this episode.

Our answer: examining our personal failures.

In life, we have to fail in order to know what we want, what we’re good at, and what we need to design our own lives -- and do it...

Don't Let Your Finances Get in the Way with Molly Freeman

“When your finances get in the way of you being able to offer your gifts to the world, you’re not really serving anyone.” - Molly Freeman

Why is it hard for many of us to talk about how much money we make? Are we afraid to try to put a number on how much we're "worth"?

Maybe we're fearful others may judge us. Or maybe we're unsure of what we deserve?

My guest, Molly Freeman, and I discuss why suffering financially hinders your creativity and how it can limit what gifts you are ab...

From Full Time Mom to Full Time Business Owner with Deepshikha Sairam

“What keeps me going is that my fear of failure is less than my desire to succeed.”

--Deepshikha Sairam

Socialique Groupe founder and Instagram lead-gen expert, Deepshikha Sairam, shares how she got started in her business and the valuable lessons she’s learned about investing wisely.

There is so much focus on growing your social media following, but few focus on what happens after you gain new followers. You might have over 10,000 followers, but does that number even matter if no one is buying from you? 

Deepshikha is helping women business owners...

Defining Wealth and How to Claim It with Mystery Millennial

“There’s that cringing feeling of not wanting to open your bank account on a Monday.” — Mystery Millennial

In this final installment with Mystery Millennial, we find out what's new in her financial journey and how she’s navigating towards financial confidence and freedom. 

Particularly, we challenge the notion of whether making more money makes us greedy.

 What we tackle in this episode:

What it means to be fluid vs rigid with money Defining wealth, its value, and how to claim it How our relationship with money runs in our subconscious Facing financial pr...

How My life Changed After Paying Off All My Debt with Mystery Millennial

We catch up with Mystery Millennial. In Episode 5, she talked about her love-hate relationship with money.

In just 3 months since that episode was recorded, she paid off more than $15,000 of debt! 

Feeling financially liberated, Mystery shares how her life completely turned around after paying off that much debt.

Did she finally treat herself to that $75 yoga mat for meeting such a major milestone? 

Have a listen to find out.

What we tackle in this episode:

Why we tend to want to spend versus save money How being debt fr...

My Love-Hate Relationship with Money with Mystery Millennial

“Money. You love it when you have it. You hate it when you don’t.” 

- Mystery Millennial

Do you love or hate money?

Love and hate are strong emotions. But money, on its own, isn't good or bad. At face value, there's nothing too exciting to love or hate about a piece of paper or the number of zeros printed on your bank statement. 

Yet, money has the power to control our emotions, decisions, and life…

...if we let it.  

This episode kicks off a special 3-part series...

You Can’t Write Off Your Gucci With Ronica Brown

“Don’t take tax advice from your friend. Just because your friend wrote off something doesn’t mean you can too.” – Ronica Brown, CPA

Have there been times when you paid for something and wondered: “Can I run this through my business?!”

Groceries as “office supplies”? Nails and makeup as “uniform”? Vacations as “business travel”?

Worse yet, your CPA – whom you thought knew what he/she was doing! – told you that you can write off your Gucci handbag as a “uniform?” Certainly, it may apply in some industries, but you may want to get a second opinion on the type o...

Why Are You Working So Hard for the Money? With Sydia Bell

“I’m not willing to go broke and not enjoy my life. If we are more clear on what brings us joy and work really hard for that, you’re then making a very clear intention for why you’re working so hard for that money.” — Sydia Bell, owner of The Everyday Creative

Have you stepped back and asked yourself why you’re working so hard? Why is it that you’re wanting to make more money?

Is it really for that house, car, or vacation? Or have you been working hard to buy things that only fulfil...

How to Become Financially Independent With Kiki Roeder

Live to work or work to live? 

Either way, being financially independent - and not relying on your next paycheck or your “emergency” savings - is a goal well-worth striving for.

Having the financial freedom to remove money as a concern, and just go about living your life is a powerful thing. And, thankfully, it isn’t something that’s just reserved for folks in the 60+ club with a successful retirement plan.

Meet serial entrepreneur, Kiki Roeder. She breaks down what it means to be financially independent and how anyone, regardless of her age or ho...

Welcome to the Live and Earn Podcast

Welcome to the Live and Earn Podcast!

My name is Helen Ngo and I’m a corporate dropout and former stockbroker turned CEO and Founder of an investment management firm. Over the past decade, I have worked one-on-one with over 300 individuals and families, and through this, I began to notice something.

Every woman I worked with faced the same struggles regardless of her income level, whether she makes $50,000 a year or $1MM a year. She faces the challenge of having a sense of not BEING enough, not living up to her fullest earning potential.