Made of Magic: The Podcast

40 Episodes

By: Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth

Made of Magic: The Podcast is a space to amplify the magic within every single one of us. We spark raw, real, vulnerable conversations. We say what needs to be said. We connect. We go in. Host Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth, Intuition and Ascension Coach, is determined to change the idea that the magic is somewhere outside of us. Smashing the idea that women have to fit into some tiny little mold in order to be magic and sacred and worthy. The magic is within you. Take a look. Creating community and impacting massive change.

EP.162: PEP TALK on creating a life that feels magic to YOU.
Last Tuesday at 4:00 PM

Big flashing spirit messages: Perspective & making your life magic for YOU. These are the two big energies I'm feeling right now. The need to zoom out and ground into your own energy so you know what is actually true for you AND ALSO the need to figure out what actually feels magic to you and your life and moving from there!!! Let's talk about it.

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EP.161: PEP TALK on understanding and honouring YOUR magic.

There is some big big big collective searching energy rn. We're all looking for the thing that's going to leave us feeling grounded, abundant, at peace, and filled with magic. The thing you're searching for is YOU. Let's talk about it.

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EP.160: PEP TALK on how to REALLY hear yourself and your own intuition.

There's so much noise around how to tap into your own intuition and we make it so much more difficult than it's supposed to be. You are NATURALLY intuitive. Let's talk about how the human stuff we avoid "blocks" you from hearing yourself and your own intuition and how the human side is how we actually tap in!!!

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EP.159: COLLECTIVE ENERGY UPDATE on waiting, grounding, and trusting + a bonus card pull!!

BIG COLLECTIVE ENERGY UPDATE!!! In today's episode, I'm doing a little collective energy update/card pull to feel into the energy we're in right now. Themes: Ground, Wait, Hold the vision. Let's chat about it.

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EP.158: PEP TALK on the solidness you feel AFTER doing the work to build a relationship with YOU.

We talk so much about DOING THE WORK. But let's talk for a minute about what happens after you have done the work. That foundational unwavering is EVERYTHING. Things are different now. You are different now. It is safe to relax. Let's chat about it.

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April Theme: You are Magic.

EP.157: PEP TALK on making your life one big juicy ritual!!

We get so stuck in the human space of thinking that it'll all click into place WHEN it's already clicked into place. We'll feel happy WHEN, joyful WHEN, in love WHEN, abundant WHEN. But it doesn't work that way. Let's chat about how you can create that energy NOW by making your life one big juicy ritual.

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EP.156: You are on the brink of MASSIVE change. Keep going!!

If you're feeling uneasy, unsettled, a little bit shaky then this episode is for YOU. The times when it feels HARDEST to fully trust yourself and your intuition is probably the time that you need to most. In this episode, we're diving into that on the edge feeling when our human side wants to pull all the way back when we are REALLY ready to take the leap.

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EP.155: COLLECTIVE ENERGY UPDATE + PEP TALK on the exhaustion and energetic restart we're feeling right now.

A year into the pandemic and we are collectively exhausted at a human and soul level. What do you actually desire? What do you actually need? What are you really seeking? It's time that we ask the questions required to change not only our energy but the energy of the collective. It matters BIG TIME!!

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EP.154: You are Human AND Soul. Activate and pay attention to both.

SO often in the spiritual world we focus only on the Soul/Spirit side BUT you can't fully activate or step into that juicy magic energy if your human is neglected. You have to nurture and take care of your human side in order for your Soul be safe to come forward. Let's dive in.

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EP.153: PEP TALK on the energy of Manifesting Everything you desire and then some.

I felt super pulled to share a little piece of the Manifest Everything Masterclass I hosted in December because I've seen so many people struggling with manifestation because of the tools we've placed so much weight on. Manifestation is your NATURAL state. You're always doing it. Let's get back into the energy of magic and miracles and watch it all unfold.

Want to dive deeper??

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EP.152: Making your life + your business magic {sneak peek of the soul activation crash course}!!!

On today's episode, catch a sneak peek of module one of Stephanie's brand new course Make Your Life {+ your biz} Magic: A Soul Activation Crash Course!!!! This Crash Course is for the ones who are ready to take their life and business to the next level. It doesn't matter where your starting point is. MYLM will guide you to FULLY activate your Soul in Life + in Business. If you've wanted to make EVERYTHING more intuitive and in flow then THIS is for you!!!! It's time to do what you're here to do. To make your life and...

EP.151: PEP TALK on grief, loss and coming back to each other.

This has been the most unimaginable (almost) two weeks of my life. Last Monday, we lost my cousin (who was more like my little sister) suddenly. I have felt so out of my body. Like this couldn't be real. But I've felt more connected to myself, my Soul, Spirit, the people around me, and the collective than ever. 

2020 really required all of us to go into our own little bubble to cope and get through. Now is the time to come back to each other.

Let's chat about it.

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EP.150: PEP TALK + LOVE NOTE on courage, rage, and rebuilding trust within the spiritual community.

This week's episode is a mix of pep talk and love note to the spiritual community on repairing what we've broken, using rage to fuel change, and asking the questions on who wins when we remove ourselves from this space. There has been so much damage done but I'm hopeful that now is the time to repair and rebuild. There's big healing in that.

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EP.149: 2021 COLLECTIVE ENERGY UPDATE + The Year of the Soul

2021 COLLECTIVE ENERGY FEELS SO MUCH DIFFERENT THAN 2021!! And that's not to say that all is now well and we just move on from last year like it was nothing. Then we'd miss the entire point of 2020.

2020= The Year of the Human
2021= The Year of the Soul

In todays episode, we're chatting all about how different the energy of this year is and how you can USE the energy of the Soul to activate and make magic within your own life and within the collectively.

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EP.148: PEP TALK on releasing the pressure of Winter Solstice + the Great Conjunction and creating magic every single day.

Let's talk about how putting major emphasis on certain days and energies cause MAJOR pressure to show up and be perfect. Yes, these days are juicy...but so is every day. You can literally manifest everything ANYTIME because you are the magic and you have the power.

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EP.147: GUIDED MEDITATION + MANTRAS for the rest and release we all need right now!!

On last week's episode we talked all about the collective exhaustion we're experiencing right now. This week I'm guiding you through a meditation for rest and release. We're taking some time to review the past last year, to release what needs to be released, and to fully surrender into rest.


And let me know what comes up for you.

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EP.146: COLLECTIVE ENERGY UPDATE on the call to slow down, surrender, and fill your own energy back up!!

I love love love talking about the Collective Energy because it really allows all of us to take a deep breath knowing that we are not alone in what we're feeling. And if you're feeling a little burnt out, uncomfortable, confused, and frustrated then this episode is for you!!!

There is NO POINT in pushing when what you really need to do is REST.

Let's talk about it.

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EP.145: PEP TALK on integrity within the spiritual world + how important it is to take responsibility for yourself.

There is a lot of noise right now!! It's tempting to shut down, lash out, blame, and seek the answer or the reason out there. Which is normal and human and okay. BUT in the spirit of tapping into your own magic, your own knowing, and your own Soul purpose we're talking about how important it is to take responsibility for yourself and your own energy now. PLUS I'm breaking down integrity (or lack thereof) within the spiritual world and what I've seen happening lately.

Let's chat.

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EP.144: PEP TALK on ungrounded energy, conspiracy theories, and why you need to ground into yourself now!!

It's been awhile since we've collectively experienced grounded energy which means there has been a lot of fear, a lot of noise, and a lot of chaos. Now is the time to ground into your own energy so that you can clear it all out to get to the core of YOUR truth, YOUR intuition, YOUR identity, and YOUR knowing. That's the magic. Let's talk about it.

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth:
Made of Magic:

EP.143: PEP TALK on what to do when you can't quite see a vision for the future and you don't feel tapped in.

There is a VERY interesting thing that happens when Spirit wants us to focus on the NOW -  when our energy is needed here, in this moment, focused on where we can be "of service". Things can get a little muddy and it FEELS like we're not tapped in...but it's not that. Let's talk about it.

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EP.142: UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL AND HEALING with Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Juliet Obodo.

Juliet Obodo is a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who believes that hypnosis is the key to unlocking your potential through mental alignment & inner child healing. Her work with FWRD Institute offers Collection Brain Trainings, Kindred Leadership Programs, & Conscious Culture Trainings.

In this conversation, we talk about the conscious vs. subconscious minds, the power and necessity of healing right now and how important it is for us and the collective to take a very big breath!!

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EP.141: PEP TALK on taking responsibility for your energy and not settling for the bare minimum.

Spirit is coming in LOUD AND CLEAR this week with two big messages: take responsibility for your own energy and actually do the things you know you need to do AND do not settle for the bare minimum. Not for your life, not for your country, not for the world, not for the collective. What you demand right now matters.

Love you!!

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EP.140: PEP TALK on realizing how NOT normal this is and counting yourself in to change it.

I saw a meme this morning that said "Millenials after getting through 3 major economic crisis and a few major catastrophic events all before hitting 35" and it smacked me in the Soul.

This is the reality of our world right now...but it's not normal.

And it's up to us to count ourselves and our Soul's in to be a part of ACTUALLY changing it.


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EP.139: RELIGIOUS TO SPIRITUAL AND THE POWER OF BEING BELIEVED + a conversation all white spiritual leaders need to hear with Energy Coach and Psychic Alea Lovely!!

I am so so so excited and honoured for you to listen in on this conversation with Alea Lovely. Alea Lovely is an Energy Coach and Psychic who helps people discover and move past their blocks through empathetic energy healing, mediumship, channeling, writing, and mentorship.

In this conversation, Alea shares her journey from religion to spirituality, her own awakening story, what it has been like to build her own community, and the power of being believed. We also talk about her experience as a Black woman within the spirituality world and what white men and women really...



Emily the Medium & I are breaking down the biggest most harmful conditioned myths of Ascension + Psychic Development!!

HINT: We are ALL psychic AND ascension as nothing to do with a rising above to new levels.

Questions asked and answered: What's the difference between being psychic and being a medium? Why would I want to be psychic if I don't want to be A psychic?? What even is Ascension?? Are there levels we have to reach?? Are there people who truly know more than anyone else?? How can I...

EP. 137: PEP TALK on allowing yourself to soften into divine love, believing that it's possible, and a little love note to my favourite person.

Tomorrow is Justin's Birthday!! SO, I wanted to do a little episode dedicated to him, to love, to all the juicy magic that is our relationship. His love has transformed and healed so much within me and I'm grateful every single second that I get to do life with him!!

Let's talk about divine love, giving and receiving, believing it's possible, and rewriting the beliefs we all hold.

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EP.136: PEP TALK on the difficulty of being Human right now and how to live with your Soul turned on.

The energy this week is a little bit intense for Humans with their Soul Turned On!!! Let's talk about it. How can we use this energy and integrate the Human AND Soul parts of ourselves?? An important conversation individually and collectively.

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EP.135: PEP TALK with Justin + our own Uncomfortable Conversations on being in an interracial relationship.

Justin is back on the podcast!!! In this episode, we're diving into what it has been like over the past few months (and in general) being in an interracial relationship and how important it is to have the uncomfortable conversations regardless of whether or not you know what to say. Your silence is so much more painful.

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EP.134: PEP TALK on turning OFF autopilot and turning ON your soul as things are rapidly changing.

Things are changing QUICKLY!! We're shedding layers, learning lessons, and seeing what we need to see at a pace that we never really did before. Pay attention. Turn off autopilot and turn on your soul. Use this energy intentionally.

Let's dive deeper!!

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EP.133: PEP TALK on changing your mind + deepening your knowing.

SO!!! Remember last week when I said that Ascension School was now open? It's now on pause until August for a September start. In this episode, I'm telling you why and also chatting about how important it is to allow yourself to learn, change your mind, and deepen your own knowing of what is true and in integrity for YOU.

How does that feel?? Come over to Insta:  & let's talk about it.

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EP.132: PEP TALK on Ascension + the role you play in your own life.

In this episode, I'm diving into ascension, what it is, and how important it is to shed the layers of who we've been conditioned to be in order to get back to who we're actually here to be. It's time to ask: what role have you played?

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EP.131: PEP TALK on being in an Interracial Relationship, becoming actively Anti-Racist, and the mistakes I've made.

In this episode, I'm talking about being in an Interracial Relationship with Justin and the mistakes that I've made attempting to be an ally. I'm sharing what I've learned, how I'm showing up, and what your role in the revolution is.

This is an actively Anti-Racist space where Black Lives Matter.

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Amy is a speaker, coach, facilitator, and podcaster. She supports women to navigate anxiety, depression, and stress using a spiritual mindset approach so they can bring more light, joy, and ease into their lives. Amy teaches women how to connect to their intuition and deepen their self-love through a blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies including meditation, quantum physics, and neuroscience. She is the founder of the New Moon Collective, a community of women in San Diego who gather every new moon to connect in sisterhood and honor the cycle of the moons. Amy is also the host of...

EP.129: PEP TALK on spiritual leaders who have nothing to say about anything and why it is your JOB to speak up.

Today should have been Ahmaud Arbery's birthday but he was murdered by a white supremacist father and son. In today's episode, I'm talking about the JOB we have (especially as white women in the spiritual realm) to learn and take action. It's no longer optional. It never was. But now it's REALLY not.

LEARN: Workshops by Rachel Ricketts are a good place to start

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George Lizos is a Lightworker Mentor, Psychic, and Bestselling Author of Lightworkers Gotta Work. In this episode, George guides us through how to tap into your life purpose as a lightworker and ACTUALLY do the work you're here to do. We chat about overwhelm, feeling different, and how to integrate both your masculine and feminine energy in your work and your life.

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EP.127: Couples in Quarantine episode with Justin!!

We're not actually personally in "quarantine" BUT Justin's been working from home for a month now and the only time we go out is for groceries SO in this episode we're chatting about the 5 things we've noticing and learned during this time together.

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EP.126: MASTERING YOUR OWN ENERGY with Transformation Leader and Celebrity Coach Christy Whitman.

Christy Whitman is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All. She has appeared on "Today" and The Morning Show and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program.

In this episode, we chat about how you can begin to master your own energy in order to release yo...

EP.125: PEP TALK on honouring your anger and trusting all of your emotions.

To say the past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement!!! In this episode, I'm talking about what your anger, annoyance, irritability etc etc etc are here to show you and how you can start to honour all of your emotions now. Listen in for journal prompts!!

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Ep.124: PEP TALK on how to pause and ground in the midst of fear, uncertainty, and chaos + a special oracle card reading!!!

The past few weeks with COVID-19 have caused a ton of fear and uncertainty collectively. In this episode, I'm talking about how you can pause and take a breath in order to ground into your OWN energy right now. At the end of this, things will be better than ever. Let's get you there.

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EP.123: PEP TALK on COVID-19, what we're all feeling right now, plus a special collective energy Oracle Card reading!!

I know we're all feeling it right now and I wanted to pop in to chat about COVID-19, how we're all feeling, perspective on what's next, and how we can tap into that knowing that eventually, things will be better than ever. PLUS I wanted to do a special oracle card reading for you BECAUSE I love you & I've got you.

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