Jordan Grupe Horror

10 Episodes

By: Reel Radio

Welcome to a new series of Horror stories for all you Horror fans.

I DIED Today While Robbing a Bank - Here's Why You Don't Cut in Line for Judgement
Today at 4:00 AM

My Best Friend had a MONSTER for a FATHER
Yesterday at 4:01 AM

I'm Being Recruited to Work for a Mysterious Foundation
Last Sunday at 4:00 AM

We Explored a Haunted House in My Hometown
Last Saturday at 6:00 AM

My Sister Went MISSING Last Month - Someone Sent Me Her JOURNAL
Last Friday at 6:00 AM

We Accidentally Created a VAMPIRE MYTH
Last Thursday at 6:00 AM

The Thing in My Bed is NOT a Sleep Paralysis Demon
Last Wednesday at 6:00 AM

My Brother is a Night Shift Security Guard - There are Monsters Beneath the Mall

FOUR HOURS of Horror Stories to Scare You to Sleep - Volume 9

My IDIOT Mobster Husband Just KILLED The Wrong Guy