The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast

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By: Zipline Logistics

Welcome to The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast, starring Jesse Juett, Zipline Logistics Senior Director of Operations and Teddylee Knox, Director of Training & Development. Are you ready to learn, laugh, and get your freight on? With 10 action-packed years at Zipline under their belt, Teddy and Jesse bring unparalleled energy, creativity, and insight as they explore all kinds of hot topics in the logistics industry. Talking points range from the mental health of logistics professionals to real time market insights and everything in between.

32 | The 8 Most Common Logistics Pain Points and How to Solve Them
Today at 10:00 AM

What’s your problem? In this episode, Teddy and Jesse dive head first into the 8 most common logistics pain points that CPG shippers run into and how to solve them. The problems: Out-of-stocks Creating a solid supply chain strategy Understanding retail compliance Logistics team spread too thin Products damaged in transit  Little visibility and data  […]

Q2 Freight Market Predictions with Katie McGovern, Zipline Logistics Senior Director of Operations

Interested to know if the freight market will flip anytime soon? Your hosts, Jesse and Teddy, sit down with their friend and colleague of 12+ years, Katie McGovern, Zipline Logistics Senior Director of Operations for her insights on the state of the market and what shippers can expect over the next few months. Tune in!! […]

Dispatch Diaries with Carrier Sales Account Executive Jordan Francis: Carrier Partner Insights and Stories

Please welcome Zipline Logistics Carrier Sales Account Executive, Jordan Francis, to the mic! In this episode, Teddy and Jesse get the 411 from Jordan about his experience working with our carrier partners: how Zipline sources trucks for CPG brands, what kind of carriers we work with, and some crazy stories from Jordan’s time at Zipline. […]

Why Zipline Logistics Invests in Tradeshows Like Natural Products Expo West

We got President Andrew Lynch on the mic today!! In this episode, Andrew and your host Teddy discuss all things retail tradeshows: why to go, what you can expect, and how Zipline fits into this picture. Spoiler alert: Andrew also shares some funny memories from these shows. Are you a CPG brand looking to grow […]

LTL Freight Classes FAQ: Everything CPG Shippers Need to Know

There’s a LOT to know about shipping LTL, like freight classes, NMFC codes, and how rates are determined. If you’re not sure where to start, your hosts Teddy and Jesse are here to break LTL shipping down, step by step. In this episode of TRUCK YEAH!, you’ll learn: How the freight class of a shipment […]

6 Ways To Prepare Your Supply Chain for Holiday Disruption

During the holiday season, we usually see tighter capacity and slightly higher rates as shipping volumes increase. This can lead to service failures, lost sales, and retailer chargebacks. In this episode of The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast, Teddy and Jesse divulge are six insider tips on how to prepare your supply chain for peak holiday disruption. […]