Tales of a Bumbling Idiot

10 Episodes

By: Sarah

Entertaining stories of dating in your 30's and all the bizarre happenings that occur as a result. Come along as our host, Sarah, chronicles the funny, weird, bizarre and always true, Tales of a Bumbling Idiot. The names are always changed, the cringe is always real, and the story is always worth it.

Last Wednesday at 7:32 PM

Richard! What's happening?!

This episode is slightly embarassing and fully entertaining. It's about the time I dated a lawyer for a little while for all the wrong reasons. Listen in and laugh with me as I encounter a unique situation and how I handled it. Right or wrong, this is what happened.


The military man, AKA "the army guy", AKA Sam. He wasn't in the army or named Sam, but it's not really about that. Listen to this short tale of a love that never did, except that one time in my kitchen. This one isn't as funny as some, but you need to know about it for when I reference it later. Listen and let me know what you think.

Kevin #3

Oh, the Kevins. This is the third and final Kevin in my dating experience thus far, and I have to say, I would hesitate to date another. There are so many reasons why this was not a love match, but unfortunately for me, I tend to stick with things longer than I should. Should I have broken things off sooner? Sure. But then this episode would't be as delightful as it is, and the story is really the prize, right? Enjoy this tale and let me know what you think!


This episode warms my heart because Jason is such a nice and friendly guy. We are still friends on social media to this day, but we had quite a funny start to our date. Listen in as we get to know one another and enjoy a meal.


This tall drink of water took me for a BLT and we had a fun and wholesome night together. The story ends with breakfast the next morning, but maybe not in the way some of my friends might assume. Listen as this cowboy spends the night and the silliness that ensues!


This was a sweet and short lived date with a cowboy from up north who got sweeter and sweeter the longer we spent together. Ultimately it was not a love connection, but the story is my prize. Listen along and let me know what you think!

Kevin #2

Am I proud of this part of my life? No. Do I wish I didn't have Kevin #2 on my record? Yes. Am I going to tell the story anyway? Of course, I am.

There were 3 men by the same first name whom I dated all within a few months of time. This is the second one, and arguably my biggest regret in my dating career. I'm sure he was sleeping with mulitple people when he was seeing me. He left me on read and disappeared just as quickly as he showed up. I have since seen him...


Oh, the short lived romance of a Christmas time meeting. Enjoy this sometimes disturbing episode and relive the cringe-worthy winter date I re-named Eric.


This episode is on the longer side, but mostly because there is so much to cover. I "dated" Stewart for about 5 or 6 weeks, most of which were lovely. Listen in to see why it didn't work and let me know what you think about how I dealt with the situation!


This is a fun and short one. Brian was a sweet boy and my first time at trying to date a 29 year old. I ultimately reject his invitation to go back to his dad's house and I think it was the right decision.