The Mitch & Bake Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Tommy and Devonn

Tommy Mitchell and Devonn Baker have been friends since the day they met at Welbourne Nursery School in Winter Park Florida. On this podcast these two gentlemen will discuss everything from who will win the Super Bowl to adventures in parenting along with interviewing some very entertaining guest from every walk of life. Tommy and Devonn had similar upbringings but have had unique lives and experiences that will give the podcast a diversity of opinions.

Mitch & Bake Ep 14
Last Thursday at 12:21 AM

Mitch & Bake Podcast Ep 13

The guys hit topics including Bakes knee surgery, high school graduations (old & new), NBA Finals, and why is Hunter Biden smoking crack 

Mitch & Bake Podcast Ep 12

The fellas discuss the NFL draft, NBA playoffs, and Freaknik memories. 

Mitch and Bake Podcast EP 11

Mitch and Bake have not talked in a while so this is a extra long podcast. The guys get into from reviewing Oscar nominated movies, OJ Simpsons Death, NBA playoffs, to  where Bakes son will attend college.  

Mitch & Bake Podcast Episode 10

Tommy and Devonn chop it up about multiple topics including Club Shay Shay, NFL Free Agency, and March Madness.

The Mitch & Bake Podcast Episode 9

This episode the guys recap the Super Bowl and discuss the 49ers reaction to the loss. Mitch ask the question do you need a CHIP to be the GOAT and the guys chop it up about collage football head coaches leaving for "lesser" jobs.

The Mitch & Bake Podcast Episode 8

Super Bowl LVIII is coming and the guys give their thoughts on the how the Chiefs and 49er made it to the big game and who they think will come out on top.

The Mitch & Bake Podcast Ep 7

The guys recap the NFL wild card and divisional playoff weekends also touch on their thoughts on the Milwaukee Bucks firing coach Adrian Griffin after a 30-13 start and hiring Doc Rivers.

Mitch & Bake Podcast EP 6

On episode 6 Mitch and Bake talk about FAMU head coach leaving to be a position coach at Duke, CFP Championship game, and make their picks for the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs.

The Mitch and Bake Podcast Ep 5

In episode 5 Tommy and Devonn talk sports, sports, and more sports. Was the NBA in season tournament a good idea? How bad was it that Florida State was left out of the CFP? Both guys give their CFP and NFL predictions. In between all the sport talk the guys talk about their families and Thanksgiving holidays.