Mommy Millions

2 Episodes

By: Taylor Jones McClellan

A podcast all about being brought in real in the mom world, and in the business world!Taylor is a 7 figure boutique owner with 6 years of advice in the fashion industry. Taylor is also a first time mom dealing with all the punches motherhood is bringing!

I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore | EP1 S1
Last Tuesday at 3:00 PM

This episode Taylor talks about what its like trying to find your purpose. Not the JB song and album but really what your WHY is. How hard it was for Taylor to find who she was and her identity after having a baby. The "TINY TAY" everyone thought shr should be. When really she just needed to be Taylor.  

Last Tuesday at 2:00 AM

Not sure what I'm doing but we are doing it! Ep1 S1 is here and we are just getting started!