The Self-Esteemed

10 Episodes

By: Tyreeck Makki

Self-esteem: The belief we have in our ability to effectively use our minds and our reasoning ability to choose our goals and purposes and to handle the challenges that come along the way.Everything depends on your self-esteem. The type of relationships you have, your career advancement, your physical and mental health all depend on this one thing.Saying positive affirmations will not give you the success you're looking for.No book on success-philosophy will give you the success you're looking for.Being "confident" will not give you the success you're looking for."Faking it until you make it" will...

The rich get richer and... Pt. 2 - Ep. 215
Today at 9:00 AM

The projection is real

The rich get richer and... Ep. 214
Yesterday at 9:00 AM

The poor get poorer, you’ve heard the statement and if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts you already know what I’m about to do. I’m about to tell you why this is a load of bullshit and you should reject it with every fiber of your being or risk actual poverty, like starvation and disease and homeless and all the bad things put together in a nice shit-sandwich for you!

You already have plans - Ep. 213
Last Sunday at 9:00 AM

If you don't have plans, someone will be happy to provide them for you!

Reason doesn't work - Ep. 212
Last Saturday at 9:00 AM

Reason hasn't failed, it's just that...

What to do with your time and money... - Ep. 211
Last Friday at 9:00 AM

IDK, but let's talk about the people who claim to know

How to speed it up! - Ep. 210
Last Thursday at 9:01 AM

Speed up what? IDK, whatever it is you want...

Luck and Neediness.... Ep. 209
Last Wednesday at 9:01 AM

The two claims used to bludgeon people and take their stuff.

The people who don't want to work... Ep. 208

Here's what'll happen if everyone did what you did...

Everything is programming! - Ep. 207

It truly is...

Sharing isn't caring - Ep. 206

It's actually the opposite