Silence is a Superpower

3 Episodes

By: Hedi de Vree

Meditations to accompany Superpower training.More information:

Clouds in the Sky
Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Awareness of thought helps us know the true nature of mind: clarity. 
7 minute instruction
12 minute silent practice
1 minute closing
Like clouds passing through a clear blue sky, thoughts are a temporary fluctuation passing through a calm clear mind. This practice will guide you into awareness of thought and help you not take the ramblings that occur within the space of the mind so seriously.

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Finding your seat in meditation

Taking a little time to settle into body awareness brings you into the present moment. Use this seven step instruction to find your seat and continue with whatever practice suits you. Alternatively use this audio as a guided mini meditation. 

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Test episode

Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re