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What R U Watchin?! - “Hella Air Horns"
Last Friday at 2:00 PM

This week we're hella excited to host two special guests....que the air horn!!

Corona Chronicles - "Tit For Tat"
Last Thursday at 7:42 PM

Come hear ya Zuncle talk about vaccine incentives, Tarlo-isms where he discusses showing titties as a friend, The Corner where we praise Black Girl Magic in Teyana Taylor and Simone Biles and Tweets & Tidbits.

The Mo & Lo Show - "Hello My Loves"

Join Mo and Lo as they discuss the inevitable, Mo'Nique and this whole bonnet situation. The duo also discuss texting vs talking on the phone while dating and whether or not a child should have the man's last name. And last but not least, the trash song breakdown of the week.   Trash Song Breakdown of Week Link: linktr.ee/moandlo IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network

What R U Watchin?! - “Is It Grey or Gray?!"

Ashley's back!!!! This week we're back loving Netflix and trying to mind our Black business.

Corona Chronicles - "Y'all Ain't Hood"

Join ya Zuncle as he discusses why people say J Cole is "boring" and why they're stupid, TRS: Verzuz and Exodus edition, and Tweets & Tidbits including Big Draco doing everything first.

The Mo & Lo Show - "Don't Be A Bird"

Join Mo and Lo as they release a new segment "Do You Concur?". The duo also discuss if dating outside your type will make you happy and if it is ok to reach out to an ex for help when you're in a relationship. And of course, the trash song breakdown of the week! Follow us on socials! IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network   Link for the trash song breakdown: linktr.ee/moandlo

The I Mean Podcast - "You Should Swallow Some Soap"

This week on the I Mean ? podcast, Jake and Anthony get deep while discussing race, cancel culture, and misogyny. Is Kanye west deserving of Billboards “Gospel Artist of the Year” award? Find out which teams Jake and Anthony pick to win the NBA Finals. All you have to do is press ▶️

Corona Chronicles - "WTF, Waffle House?!"

Join ya Zuncle as he discusses an interesting Rona side effect, Waffle House acting up in this edition of Tarlo-isms, The Corner returns, and Tweets & Tidbets including President obama being black af.

What R U Watchin?! - “Is That Velvet?!"

This week we have a special cohost as we chop it up about this, that, more stuff and TV things.

Notoriously Problematic - "Surprise! Issa Funeral Pt. 2″

On the season finale of Notoriously Problematic, K.Hall is joined by his ex wife to finish the series on Healthy Co-Parenting. The two go in depth about their divorce, the aftermath and how they made it to a healthy place.

The Mo & Lo Show - "Steel Reserve Conversations"

Join Mo and Lo as he reveals a dating confession this week. The duo also discuss appropriate Mother's Day gifts, how to approach a weight loss conversation with your significant other and last but not least, the trash song breakdown of the week.

IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network

The I Mean Podcast - "You Got My Number"

This week on the “I Mean ?” podcast. Jake and Anthony talk about Joe Rogan, Tory Lanez and Chris Brown, and do a deep dive on LeCrae’s contribution to hip hop. Will Jake finally get Anthony to laugh on the joke of the week? Will Anthony guess the record? Tune in and find out!

What R U Watchin?! - “R U Afraid of the Dark"

This week we’re discussing going to the movies…again, maybe…and scary flicks!

Corona Chronicles - "Let's Ass-ess The Situation"

Join your Zuncle as he brings on guest host Mo, from the Mo and Lo Show, to discuss what's happening in these 'Rona Streets. They also talk about the Porsha and Falynn situation.  TRS: J Cole - The Off Season Edition.  Tweets and TidBits IG: CoronaChronicles Podcast  FB: UC Podcast Network

The Mo & Lo Show - "Who Rockin' The Joint Account"

Join Mo and Lo as Mo reveals her dating confession. The duo also discuss whether or not you are single until you are married and whether or not it is acceptable for a committed/married man to comment under a woman's picture. And lastly, our favorite, the trash song breakdown of the week. Link to the trash song playlist below. Follow us on socials: IG: TheMoandLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network

The I Mean? Podcast - "I Hit It Again"

“On the inaugural episode of the I Mean ? podcast, Jake and Anthony discuss everything from bunions to J Cole’s brand new project. They were joined by Loke Wavy and discussed his new album “Sounds from the Flipside” 

What R U Watchin?! - “Hella PTO"

This week its "All That" and all about the 90s 

Corona Chronicles - "Smokey & The Bandits vs Sisters With Thighs"

Join Zuncle as he discusses the Verzuz, Will Smith bringing out "dad bods", TRS: Invincible edition, and Tweets & Tidbits.

Notoriously Problematic - "Surprise! Issa Funeral Pt. 1"

This week is part 1 of a two part series on Effective Co-Parenting. PHNX BLK and MeMe join to discuss how they Co-Parent their son, they also give advice on how to heal from past hurt and effectively communicate with each other. Plus K.Hall shares a Misadventure that will be sure to leave you wondering....."Why would someone do that"? 

The Mo & Lo Show - "Anger & Chill"

Join Mo and Lo as Lo gives us another dating confession. The duo also discuss closure and whether or not it is a scam and if opposites really attract. Lastly, your favorite, the trash song breakdown of the week. Included in the bio, is a link to a playlist of all previously featured trash songs. Follow us on social media! IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network

Trash Song Of The Week Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2cFMGDCQmS1EOoThhdUwx5?si=QgQBmgS-Tz-AJLkg5-H_9Q&dl_branch=1&nd=1

Road Map And Street Signs - "Episode 46"

What's up Indie Artists across the globe!  I'm so excited to interview lofi jazz artist, Edgar Villagme, all the way from Mexico!  Come hear his story and feel his music. It's amazing.  Follow him on YouTube Edgar Villagme 

What R U Watchin?! - “Is It Really Real?!"

This week we're in our "Auntie" bags as we discuss reality shows.

Corona Chronicles - "Release The Malcolm Cut"

Listen to Ya Zuncle discuss the Rona vax, billionaires divorcing, Tarlo Reviews Sh-t: Without Remorse edition, and a format change with Tarlo-isms as I wonder about the iconic Malcolm X photo.

The Mo & Lo Show - "Like a Good Dater, Stay Over There"

Join Mo and Lo this week as Mo divulges her dating confession. The duo also discuss their dating red flags and whether or not a relationship is over if a man proposes and the woman says no. Finally, our favorite segment, the trash song break down of the week. Follow the duo on socials! IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network





What R U Watchin?! - “Don't Make Me Over"

This week we're discussing remaking classics and the current state of Blackness. RIP Shock G.

Arroz & Oxtails - "Episode 1"

In our inaugural Episode, hosts Q and The Godfather explore the aftermath of the most recent Jake Paul Sideshow boxing execution.  From there, the subject of ring entrance music is explored, along with who they would play certain tracks for in the final moments before a fight.  From there, homage is paid to both DMX and Black Rob as we mourn their recent passing, and the subject of health in the minority community is briefly examined.

Corona Chronicles - "Clinch Your Booty Hole, B****!!"

Ya Zuncle talks about a much needed win for Black ppl, RIP Black Rob and Shock G, taking a village of Black ppl, and keeping Kanye Azealia- free.

Notoriously Problematic - "Pumps And A Bump...On The Head"

This week we discuss if a woman can date a man who makes less than her ex and if a man can date a woman who isn't as talented in the bedroom as his ex. Also K.Hall explains why the songs Weak In The Knees & Pumps And A Bump reminds him of an ex on this week's Misadventure. 

The Mo & Lo Show - "You Hungry Ain't Ya?"

Join the Mo and Lo as Lo reveals his dating confession this week. The duo also discuss what's more important, looks or personality. Jayceon Taylor also blesses us (insert eyeroll) with another relationship topic to discuss. Lastly, Mo calls an audible for the trash song breakdown of the week. Follow us on IG and FB. IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network

What R U Watchin?! - “Dumb A** B****"

This week we discuss Black horror movies as it relates to trauma. We also have our first guest. 

The Mo & Lo Show - "Just Be Good To Me"

Join Mo and Lo for Mo's dating confession...is she petty or nah? The duo also discuss the difference between women lusting after Ronald Isley and Lil Duval lusting after Chloe Bailey, and a dating post from Jayceon Taylor. And of course, the Trash Song Breakdown of the week! Remember to like, rate, and subscribe. IG: TheMoAndLoShow FB: UC Podcast Network 

Road Map And Street Signs - "Episode 46"

What's up Amazing Indie Artists across the Globe!! Today we hear from OG Reek Deek.  He's a rapper from Augusta GA doing some awesome things locally and abroad. Listen to his heartfelt story and hear his latest track, Better dayz! 

What R U Watchin?! - “Doin All The Things"

Description: This week we're discussing actors who are musicians and musicians who can't act. We also take a beat to remember Earl "DMX" Simmons

Corona Chronicles - "The Dangers OF Being Black"

A heavy week as Zuncle discusses the Derek Chauvin trial, the murder of Daunte Wright, and Lt. Caron Nazario vs. two dirty Windsor, VA cops. But a touch of levity with Nobody Asked Me, But...., and Tweets & Tidbits.

Notoriously Problematic - "The Panties Collector"

K.Hall returns this week with Mo & Lo, Joe aka Smalls, Melissa and Jamika to discus a wide range of relationship topics. Is flirting cheating? Are you ok with your mate keeping stuff from their ex? And who has an Infinity Gauntlet made of women's underwear?! That and more on this week's episode of Notoriously Problematic!

The Mo & Lo Show - "I Don't Want to Be Your Little Secret No More!"

Mo and Lo have a joint dating confession this week! The duo also discuss a man paying for his girl and her friends at dinner, justifying a second date after a bad first date, and the people's favorite, the trash song of the week.

Road Map And Street Signs - "Episode 45"

What's up Indie Artists across the GLOBE!!! This episode was done on FB Live with the Prolific Rap Artist, Truez.  Take a listen at his amazing story and get a sneak peek at his upcoming album. @Truez

What R U Watchin?! - “Sleep Peacefully Maurice White!"

It’s Easter Monday and we’re recapping Cat Daddy and the crew vs Verdines pearls and nem.

Corona Chronicles - "Hair Coochie Verzuz"

Uncle is joined by K.Hall as we discuss the latest Verzuz between EWF and The Isleys, Paul Pierce getting fired for living his best life, Tarlo Reviews Sh*t: Godzilla vs Kong edition, and Tweets & Tidbits

Talk That Talk - "THE COOKOUT: Cosby, Kanye, Kelz & Cube"

Episode 2: THE COOKOUT: Cosby, Kanye, Kelz & Cube   With all of the trauma Black people have experienced it seems that Blacks still remain the most forgiving race on the planet. This episode we dive into some of  the complexities of some our cultural icons and greats who have found themselves uninvited to the cookout and cancelled.   Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @Smallcitylegacy