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Maine Election Advertisements: Order Full-Color Custom Vinyl Banners In Bulk
Last Thursday at 1:00 AM

Winning over voters has as much to do with appealing imagery as stirring speeches. Big Daddy’s Signs creates vibrant banners that’ll bolster your campaign and have voters rushing to fill out their ballots in your favor!

This New England sign printer is ever-committed to providing election candidates like you with promotional materials that match your dynamism. Just look at the slew of signage options Big Daddy’s Signs produces: vinyl banners, teardrop flags, vehicle magnets, you name it - they’ve got it!

Its banners are brought forward in preparation for Maine’s autumnal w...

Needing To Replace Amazon Native Shopping Ads, AffiliNinja Created A Solution.
Last Thursday at 12:40 AM

In the early days of September, Amazon made a significant move by discontinuing their widely-used Native Shopping Ads, leaving their affiliates in a state of uncertainty. To compound the issue, Native Shopping Ads that were already active on affiliate websites suddenly ceased to function. Fortunately, one forward-thinking company anticipated this shift and devised a solution to address the problem head-on.

After six months of diligent development, AffiliNinja emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a fresh alternative to Amazon's Native Shopping Ads. The primary objective of AffiliNinja's software was to provide a seamless means for users to...

Accountants & Bookkeepers Main Service Differences FAQ Guide Available Now
Last Wednesday at 11:00 PM

What are the main differences between bookkeepers and accountants? How can you decide which would be the best option for your situation? These are the exact questions that Trustway Accounting is here to answer.

To do so, it has released a guide comparing and contrasting the services offered by bookkeepers and accountants. The guide discusses financial planning, budgeting, tax strategy, payroll, and other areas of financial management related to bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses like yours.

With a growing demand for bookkeeping and accounting services in the United States, it’s natural to be...

Birmingham, AL Future Home Designer Lists Essential Devices For Automation
Last Wednesday at 10:50 PM

No one knows what the future holds, but it's safe to say that the technology in homes will be far more advanced and ergonomic. At least, that's what Sphere Audio Video believes!

The Birmingham, Alabama company's new guide highlights some of the future-ready technologies that you can incorporate into your home to make it more efficient, smarter, and safer. The guide also looks at how automation and artificial intelligence will impact home design going forward.

In its new guide, Sphere Audio Video discusses four essential elements that homes of the future will possess. The first...

Target Lead Generation On LinkedIn: Use This Tool To Speed Up Sales Cycles
Last Wednesday at 10:40 PM

Seamlessly convert LinkedIn audiences and grow your business on autopilot with LinkGen Solutions!

Leveraging LinkedIn’s social network and global reach to develop prospect-converting business profiles, this platform can serve as an extension of your sales team, facilitating inbound marketing and helping you build credibility.

LinkedIn currently has 900 million members and is considered to be the top platform for B2B lead generation. With BeeSeen Solutions' LinkGen Solutions tool, your business can attract targeted customers and start productive conversations more easily.

Recent Hubspot data shows that leads who are exposed to brand messaging on...

Hoover, AL Agency For Outsourcing B2B Marketing Strategies & Increasing Sales
Last Wednesday at 10:30 PM

The art of delegation can be difficult for business owners but taking care of your digital marketing strategy has pretty much become a full-time job in itself. Do you really have enough time to dedicate yourself fully to the task? Or would it be better for your business growth to succumb to delegation? Outsourcing your digital marketing strategy has so many benefits and Trustway Marketing is here to explain them all.

Their new report provides you with a better understanding of how outsourcing digital marketing strategies can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency and additional business expertise...

Montgomery County Downsizing: Sell Your Home & Increase Retirement Income
Last Wednesday at 10:20 PM

So, you’re officially retired! Now you can start doing jigsaw puzzles, tutting at youths, and clacking your false teeth. Or… enjoying cocktails on the deck of a cruise ship in the Caribbean? Well, that depends on how well you planned your retirement.

In any case… those empty bedrooms can be a burden. Is it time to turn them into cash?

If you don’t want to be very tired while you’re retired, perhaps it’s time to get rid of those extra square feet that require weekly cleaning and annual property taxes. Marc Cormier, an...

Data Analytics Bootcamp For Analysts With IIBA PD Hours; Improve Productivity
Last Wednesday at 10:10 PM

Ready to take the next step in your career as a data analyst?

The 12-week online Data Analytics Bootcamp from Adaptive US has everything you need to move up a level!

If you're an aspiring or current business analyst involved in working on data analytics projects, the program helps improve your ability to visualize, interpret, and apply data across a range of contexts.

The Data Analytics Bootcamp takes place virtually and you'll need a working command of the English language, basic knowledge of business and IT, computer with mic and speaker, and high-speed...

Alerta Laser Hair Removal Course For Clinic Professionals Building Connections
Last Wednesday at 9:10 PM

If you’re not happy with your current career, it’s time for a change. The medical aesthetics field has come a long way, and it’s open to eager learners. If you have a passion for helping others and changing lives, consider studying with Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy.

Your journey starts here! Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy is ready to make cosmetic technician roles more accessible. That starts by removing the need for extensive industry experience or college diplomas. If you want to learn, you already meet the main criteria.

In fact, its courses are open t...

Top-Rated Park City Florist Offers Custom Floral Arrangement For Themed Weddings
Last Wednesday at 8:10 PM

Looking to exchange your vows under a floral canopy straight out of a fairytale? Jennifer Hansen is here to make your floral fantasy come to life.

With the expertise of Jennifer Hansen and her team at Botanical Eden, you can elevate your wedding ceremony with custom-made floral designs that complement your theme or color scheme.

Given her 20-year background in floral design, Jennifer Hansen can help you set the mood for your engagement party, ceremony, or reception with custom floral designs. The top floral designer also offers on-site setup and take-down on the day of...

Best Eugene, OR Cataract Treatment For Sharp Vision With Artificial Lens
Last Wednesday at 6:40 PM

With cataracts, surgery is the only option if you want to see more clearly again. Pacific ClearVision Institute offers the best treatment in Eugene.

The team will work with you to create a plan that fits your schedule and walk you through the options available. You'll be seeing more clearly in no time!

Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque. This prevents light from properly passing through to the retina, resulting in blurred and impaired vision. While cataracts tend to form slowly over time, they eventually require treatment.


Easy Packing Guide For Apartments: Cut Mover Costs & Get Free Quotes In Yonkers
Last Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Did you know that one of the factors that will affect the cost of your next move is how many boxes you have, and how much they weigh?

So I guess it's obvious that one of the easiest ways you can save money on your next move, is by moving less stuff. The only problem is, what do you keep, and what do you toss?

This new free guide from Movers dot com explores professional decluttering strategies and packing techniques to help you lessen the load - and an easy way to estimate the overall...

Easy House Moving Checklist & Rate Estimates 2023: Hire Edison Top-Rated Movers
Last Wednesday at 4:50 PM

Do you know how many "strongest man in the world" competitors it takes to screw in a light bulb?

It's 4, plus a volunteer.

The volunteer holds the bulb, while the contestants pick up the house and spin it around them.

Now, if you've already got those big strong men there - you may not need this free guide I want to talk about, because they could just carry the house to your new location for you.

Jokes aside though - moving a house is a serious task, and it requires a...

Fast Apartment Decluttering Strategy: Reduce Mover Costs & Get Free Quotes, NYC
Last Wednesday at 4:40 PM

Take a look around your home, right now, and tell me - do you need all of this stuff?

No, that's not quite the right question, I mean, do you want all of this stuff?

I'm not trying to suggest that you should start throwing stuff out all willy-nilly - but did you know that getting rid of some of those knick-knacks could actually save you a bunch of money?

At least, if you're planning to move soon it can - especially if you're hiring a professional moving crew.

That's because...

Orange County Property Manager Provides Free Consultation To Improve Cash Flow
Last Wednesday at 4:30 PM

Are you making the most of the strong rental market in Southern California? Find out by booking a consultation with Vista Property Management!

With this move, the company can provide a quick assessment of your rental property and offer initial advice on how to improve its cash flow. Vista Property Management places a particular emphasis on tenant marketing to keep vacancies low, thus generating consistent revenue for you.

Representatives say this service provides you with a preview of the property manager’s expertise with no risk or cost on your part. It also gives you an...

Celebrate the Ring of Fire Eclipse in Fredericksburg with GLOWFEST
Last Wednesday at 4:00 PM

On October 14, 2023, the Ring of Fire Eclipse will cross over Fredericksburg, TX. To celebrate, Firefly Resort is hosting GLOWFEST - A Burning Ring of Fire. This special event will feature live music, family-friendly games, foodie-approved vendors, and more.

Firefly Resort in Fredericksburg, TX is the place to be this October 14th. The Ring of Fire Eclipse will pass directly over the resort, with a partial eclipse at 10:23 a.m. and a full solar eclipse from 11:52 a.m. to 11:54 a.m. After the eclipse passes, the resort will kick off its GLOWFEST - A Burning Ring of Fire...

'Happy Mushrooms': A Year of Relief from Major Depression
Last Wednesday at 3:50 PM

In a groundbreaking development, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine have unveiled promising results from a study suggesting that a certain compound found in "happy mushrooms," could provide significant and long-lasting relief from major depressive disorder. The study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, builds on previous research indicating that certain compounds in 'Happy Mushrooms' can alleviate depressive symptoms for up to a month. Now, the findings indicate that these benefits may extend for at least a year for many patients.

You can learn more about what 'Happy Mushrooms' are doing for people who suffer from depression by...

Sept 2023 Annoucement of Exchange XT.Com for YesGo, Memetoon & CTEX Tokens
Last Wednesday at 3:40 PM

The Exchange XT.Com Announcing Listings of YesGo Memetoon & CTEX Tokens

XT.COM Exchange was established in 2018 and registered in Seychelles. Its operating headquarters are located in Dubai. It has operation centers in Singapore, Europe and other countries and regions, and its business covers the world.

The platform owns the global top-level domain, and currently has more than 6 million registered users, more than 500,000 monthly active users, and more than 40 million users in the ecosystem.

XT.COM is a comprehensive trading platform that supports 800+ high-quality tokens and 1000+ trading pairs. It has...

Best Reception Space For Holiday Parties North Houston Does Full Event Planning
Last Wednesday at 3:30 PM

If it’s your job to organize the annual Christmas party this year, whether just for your extended family or for the entire company, The Bell Tower on 34th is here to make your life a whole lot easier!

With the holiday season now approaching, The Bell Tower on 34th is now taking bookings for holiday parties, including for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Whether you are hosting a private or corporate event, The Bell Tower on 34th has opened up their November and December holiday booking calendar and is confident that they are the perfect destination fo...

Best McAllen Damage Claim Specialists Target Truck Accident Injury Compensation
Last Wednesday at 3:20 PM

Hurt on the road? Get the compensation you’re owed. When you call for legal help, Reyna Law Firm answers.

We’re in the midst of a period reflecting high vehicle accident rates across the state, with Texas frequently placed among the most dangerous states for motorists. Statistics show that common causes for statewide traffic collisions include driver drowsiness and recklessness. As a result, Reyna Law Firm positions itself to assist those wrongfully injured in such circumstances.

Its services are designed in line with the needs of victims, providing accessible routes to expert legal strategies. Thro...

TENS Unit To Relieve Chronic Fibromyalgia Pain; Nerve Simulation Device
Last Wednesday at 2:50 PM

If you're one of the four million Americans who suffer from fibromyalgia, you're probably always on the lookout for new and more effective ways to manage your pain. Head on over to the Desk Jockey web store and check out the iTENS wireless pain relief machine – taking nerve stimulation and pain management into the future!

The iTENS nerve stimulator provides a safe and self-administered treatment as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief. The device is the world's first FDA-approved wireless TENS unit and is controlled via a Bluetooth connection with a companion smartphone app.

The ma...

Folding Squat Rack Inventors Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary in the Home Gym Space
Last Wednesday at 2:00 PM

Owning a home gym can be a game changer for anyone looking to level up their fitness. Just think about all the time and money you’d save by skipping the gym commute and ditching that membership fee. Once you add it all up, investing in a home gym starts to make a lot more sense.

With that said, one of the biggest issues that people face is limited space in their homes. Most people just don’t have the extra room for a complete home gym setup.

That’s where Brian Brasch and Erik Hopper...

Best Group Fitness Training Studio & Cold Water Therapy in Newmarket, QLD
Last Wednesday at 11:40 AM

Finding the time to exercise regularly can be hard, particularly with all the demands of everyday life. When the last thing you want to do is work out, joining a group fitness class can provide all the motivation you need to hit your fitness goals. And who knows... you might even make a few new friends in the process!

Why not try PrimalThenics' Primal Warrior class? This session uses Exxentric flywheels, dumbbells and a range of other PrimalThenics exercises to develop your overall function and performance. Using in-depth coaching techniques, the company’s Primal Warrior group class te...

Book A Group Exercise Class At This Newmarket, QLD Studio To Build Muscle
Last Wednesday at 11:30 AM

Have you noticed that your body doesn't function quite like it used to? Maybe you've started hearing a crack in your knees every time you stand up or noticed that you suddenly get out of breath walking up the stairs. It's time to get up, get out, and get moving with others!

Group training classes can be a less intimidating option for those new to fitness or re-committing to an exercise plan after an extended break. To encourage more people to work out, Brisbane gym PrimalThenics is offering fitness classes available at its studio. Each class is...

Top Newmarket, QLD Group Fitness Coach Offers Flexible Studio Membership
Last Wednesday at 11:20 AM

Always sweating about how to stay fit amidst your busy schedule? Not to worry, this experienced coach has just what you need!

With over 20 years of experience in clinical muscular rehabilitation and coaching, Coach Chris of PrimalThenics combines ancient primal principles with modern mobility, strength, and cardiovascular training to help you improve your physical fitness. You get to choose from a variety of studio memberships that fit your schedule and needs.

The flexible membership programs combine in-person workouts in the studio in Newmarket with access to a custom fitness app with over 200 on-demand virtual sessions...

Toronto Family Lawyers' Buddhist Divorce Meditations Help Clients Handle Stress
Last Wednesday at 8:30 AM

You don't need to be a victim of divorce. Mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy can help you avoid unnecessary pain and grow through separation. In their new guide, the family lawyers at Ivan Steele Law share tips to help you through these difficult times.

The first tip in the guide is to let go of your relationship expectations and pressures by practicing non-attachment. Remember: your pain and your thoughts are not you. Other advice revolves around staying in the present, sending loving thoughts and practicing compassion, acting with integrity, and recognizing that everything is impermanent - and...

NFT Automated Content Marketing For B2B Startups With Blockchain Mining & DeFi
Last Wednesday at 7:30 AM

Ready to increase your reach and boost client confidence in your brand?

Crypto Zing can bounce you to the top of the pile with their multimedia marketing campaigns!

The company helps your small business or startup gain publicity, attract attention in the digital world of web-based software, and build higher levels of client trust in a fluctuating market.

In an uncertain digital landscape, the company's services provide a point of entry and stability while increasing your brand's visibility and profit margins in the areas of cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse, blockchain technologies, and decentralized finance...

This Day Trading Mentorship Network Offers Private Coaching On Risk Management
Last Wednesday at 6:50 AM

Finding day trading tough? You're not alone! Join a network of fellow enthusiasts in My Investing Club's global chatroom and education hub. Learn from millionaire mentors and get on the fast track to financial freedom! Now with new risk management coaching.

The platform can help you offset potential losses with a variety of proven strategies, teaching simple but effective ways to consolidate and protect your market gains. MIC provides a comprehensive syllabus whether you're a complete novice or a more experienced trader.

MIC is rapidly becoming one of the web's leading education platforms for people...

Columbus Chiropractor SEO Company Helps Boost Your Local & Google Map Visibility
Last Wednesday at 3:00 AM

If you’re looking for effective chiropractor SEO services to help grow your practice, you’re in the right place.

Luckily, ChiroReach works with small and big chiropractic clinics in Columbus, offering full-stack visibility packages that are designed to build your online credibility and drive more qualified leads to your practice.

Its services include proven local area marketing strategies, such as GMP optimization and targeted reputation management, to help you appear on the coveted Google Map Pack and in the top spots of the organic search results.

According to a report on Inc. com...

Actor Christopher Atkins to Serve as Celeb Ambassador For Caterina's Club Gala
Last Wednesday at 1:40 AM

Sir Bruno Serato has announced that Caterina’s Club 18th Annual Gala will be held on Sunday, October 15 at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. Among this year’s honorees will be His Royal Highness Emmanuel Philbert, Prince of Venice, Prince of Piedmont, and Heir to the Royal House of Savoy. Also honored will be Jay Burress, president and CEO of Visit Anaheim; Robert “Red” Ramsey, owner/founder of First American Petroleum; Tinamarie Squieri, director of the Smart & Final Charitable Foundation; and Kyle D. Kring, founding partner of the employment law firm of Kring & Chung. Serving as celebrity ambassad...

NYC Graffiti Art & Street Mural Images On Premium Cotton T-Shirts: Artist Gifts
Last Wednesday at 12:40 AM

Are you passionate about outsider art, graffiti, and creative designs?

If the answer is a big, fat YES - you'll love the new collection of graffiti-inspired cotton t-shirts from Sarah James Jazz Merch!

The collection is part of the company’s efforts to raise public awareness about outsider art and graffiti, highlighting the skills and creativity of New York City’s diverse street artists.

With a selection of art designs featuring graffiti from around the city, much of which has already been painted over, the long-sleeve t-shirts from Sarah James Jazz Merch are made...

Customer Reactivation Marketing With Automated SMS & Email Service
Last Wednesday at 12:20 AM

If you're a gym owner, you will know firsthand just how hard it is to hang on to loyal customers.

Let's face it... us humans get lazy, and keeping up that gym membership often falls to the wayside, particularly in the winter months. But do not fear because, before you know it, January will arrive, bringing with it the famous #NewYearNewMe. It's time to reignite those sleeping clients with Sonfu Digital Solutions' customer reactivation system.

The tool is designed to re-engage your customers who may have discontinued business for a variety of reasons. Through its...

NewBSuite: All-In-One Social Media & Marketing Platform For Engagement
Last Tuesday at 11:50 PM

When you’re a creator, entrepreneur, or startup founder, being able to quickly and easily create stunning assets is a superpower.

NewBSuite by Neil Napier is a powerful tool for designing logos, Facebook advertisements, landing pages, and more. You can make social media graphics, YouTube thumbnails, and templated ads, and gain traction faster with your audience engagement and conversion.

One of the primary uses of the bundle is to design eye-catching landing pages. Gitnux research shows that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds browsing the page - so the content needs to engage customers and dr...

Philadelphia: Hyperlocal Content Marketing Service Improves Local SERP Rankings
Last Tuesday at 11:40 PM

Have you ever been browsing the search results page, and wondered what it takes to get your brand listed at the top?

I can tell you how most brands do it - they buy a "sponsored ad" space at the top.

If you've been around the internet though, you already know that there's nothing customers hate more than annoying ads, that are getting in the way.

In fact, some customers hate them so much, that they've started swearing to avoid brands with annoying advertising - and that's why I want to talk to...

Companies Achieve Google Search Visibility & Organic Sales With This Agency
Last Tuesday at 10:00 PM

How can you grow your business if potential customers can’t find your pages online? Position your services in front of leads and watch the sales flood in with BeeSeen Solutions’ SEO strategies!

Leveraging the latest trends and marketing insights, BeeSeen Solutions crafts results-driven SEO campaigns on behalf of your company. SEO is considered to be the most powerful and cost-effective visibility strategy for small businesses looking to scale their operations since it engages online users who are already in the market for your products and services.

According to Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient data, over 75% of c...

Orlando Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency: Small Business Services Updated
Last Tuesday at 9:50 PM

In order to compete in today’s world small businesses need a strategic approach to marketing. It’s difficult to go head to head with the competition unless the business has a large budget. With a strategic marketing plan it can be low risk and low cost.

Without a digital marketing specialist in your corner, trying to rank online can feel impossible. The good news is that DMA Consulting specializes in working with small business owners like you.

Forget chucking out the occasional social post, trying the odd video, and hoping a blog gets more than...

This Fairfax, VA Med Spa Offers HydraFacials For Problem Skin & Acne Sufferers
Last Tuesday at 9:40 PM

Looking for a deeper kind of exfoliation and the ultimate skin cleanse? Try HydraFacial at Gentle Wellness Center – Fairfax, VA's favorite med spa!

This state-of-the-art microdermabrasion therapy is suitable for all skin types. HydraFacial treatments combine exfoliation with suction – to remove impurities – and the injection of nourishing, specially formulated serums.

The center harnesses the latest advances in aesthetic technology to offer you effective alternatives to invasive cosmetic surgery. HydraFacial has proved effective in improving the texture, tone, and appearance of aging or problem skin. It could work for you too!

First developed in 1997, this t...

Aspiring Aestheticians In Regina Can Get Certified Training At Top Beauty School
Last Tuesday at 9:10 PM

The wide world of dermatology isn’t closed to new technicians, it’s very much open. Today, there’s a higher demand for medical aestheticians than ever before - and Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy believes that you’re perfect for the field.

With cosmetician services and treatments continuing to surge in popularity, Dermysk provides a platform for women like you to attain viable qualifications. Now’s the time to get onto the lucrative ladder of medical aesthetics - these courses offer an entry point into an industry that promises to grow.

The advent of innovative technology...

Jeep Wrangler JK & Unlimited Parts For Off-Road Enhancements & Suspension Lift
Last Tuesday at 9:00 PM

When you’re behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, you mean business. But you could mean more business. How? Thanks to the upgrades and modifications available through Jeep Freak!

You’ll find everything from tubular half doors and side mirrors to four-inch lift kits with shocks. Want to hit the trails? No problem. Looking for a budget-friendly lift kit? They’ve got that, too.

Luxury SUV vehicles accounted for 62% of all cars sold in 2018, according to Unity Marketing. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the manufacturer's most popular offerings, selling 181,490 units in 2022 per a recent...

Odessa Injury Attorneys Support 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Victims: Expert Help
Last Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Reyna Law Firm is well versed in the dangers of the road as well as it knows the risks in Odessa oilfields. After an accident in either setting, call its attorneys at 432-232-5183 for expert support.

Injuries from accidents take many forms, which is why it’s essential that personal injury lawyers are familiar with all kinds. Reyna Law Firm has a track record of successfully litigating oilfield disasters, traffic collisions, and more over the course of its award-winning work, which should demonstrate that its team can handle any serious case with confidence.

The fi...