Don & Sheryl's Cocktail Conversations

3 Episodes

By: Donnie Lansdale

Don and Jan looked forward to retirement with plans to travel and see the world. Sheryl and Gene couldn’t wait to have time to spend with their children and grandchildren. But it didn’t work out like that. Jan & Gene passed away and left Don and Sheryl rudderless as they entered their retirement years. Overcome with grief, each sought the support of the same bereavement group, and quickly became friends. Over time, they began to plan a life together, and now, five years later, they are deeply committed to each other, but they’re still figuring it out. Join Don an...

Barbecue & Beer

Don & Sheryl talk about moving, retiring and Memorial Day Weekend

Margarita Party

Don & Sheryl talk about retirement and the price you pay. 

Who Moved My Bourbon?

Boomers Don & sheryl tell it like it is for 70 plus adults. Relationships, sex and closet space .